Congratulations Universal Medicine – Well Deserved Acknowledgment For a Stellar Business

I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to Universal Medicine for its second consecutive win of the People’s Choice in the Lismore Business Excellence Awards.

I have no doubt that the Lismore Chamber of Commerce and Industry would have received a flood of nominations for Serge Benhayon and his global business founded in the quiet and unassuming suburb of Goonellabah.

I came across the business some years ago and use its services regularly to help me maintain a consistent feeling of vitality, spark and overall wellbeing.

I’m yet to come across another complementary clinic that meets Universal Medicine’s warmth, professionalism and deep care. The employees are all profoundly committed to their various professions and the overall environment of the clinic is superbly relaxing and rejuvenating.

Before utilising Universal Medicine I was constantly tired, somewhat depressed and stuck in a pattern of behaviours that left me physically bloated and often led me to zone out on various forms of entertainment. The support of these complementary sessions has led to my current healthy lifestyle. Quite frankly, I don’t feel I could meaningfully fulfill my extremely busy professional role as an educator without the support provided by Universal Medicine’s practitioners.

Although I have personally recognised the high quality services that Universal Medicine provides, I was surprised as I began to see more and more people travelling not only from interstate but internationally to seek its services. Having watched this steady yet substantial growth I have no doubt that Universal Medicine will continue to thrive and expand. I find this fantastic, as any business drawing so many visitors to our gorgeous home tucked away in the Northern Rivers deserves acknowledgement.

Congratulations on the win again Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon, it’s well deserved.

By Heidi Baldwin

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410 thoughts on “Congratulations Universal Medicine – Well Deserved Acknowledgment For a Stellar Business

  1. And they just keep winning … because of their warmth, professionalism, deep care and integrity. I am really looking forward to one day being able to visit the Universal Medicine clinic in Gonnellebah.

  2. Universal Medicine sets very high standards in the way the clinic is run and is presented. But it’s the quality of the care you receive from booking in, the reception through the treatments that sets it apart. This is why so many Australians (known for our apathy) are willing to get online and vote.

  3. Actually the services of Universal Medicine are spreading around the globe: with no marketing done. It is the way of life many people are seeking, and find within the services of Universal Medicine.

  4. Every time I attend the clinic I not only experience the deep care of the practitioners but also the admin staff. They are also, like the practitioners, have an equal amount of focus and dedication to the quality of the holding when I attend the clinic. All the staff have the same purpose – this is what I love about Universal Medicine – anchoring brotherhood back into society.

  5. It needs to be noted too that Universal Medicine also contributes significantly to the local economy by regularly drawing travellers from interstate and overseas who use accommodation, car hire, and local shops and businesses. Universal Medicine is truly an amazing business, since 2012 I have used their services and attended many workshops, courses, and other events and received amazing benefits. Their quality of care and excellence in service is always consistent and a joy to receive. Universal Medicine has supported me in so many ways which is reflected in a profound turnaround in my health and wellbeing since I began using their services.

  6. Universal Medicine has a business model that truly works, if you were to study the integrity and professionalism of this business you will discover the level of support and love they consistently bring.

  7. An outstanding organisation that will one day set the standards for all businesses world wide. Thank you Heidi, a great blog on the virtues of what can be found in the city of Lismore, and there is no reason why centers like this that are already establish around the world that they will also get similar recognition once the communities around the world realise the true value of health.

    1. This is a remarkable example provided by Universal Medicine showing the potential of every single business. Love, care, integrity and support of people is actually the true foundation of any business. This is so beautifully reflected by this excellent organisation.

  8. Yes, well-deserved congratulations all the way to Universal Medicine. Not only for offering an incredible service that focuses on supporting people in our community far and wide, but also for showing us that love, integrity and hard work can be sustained at the same time within a workplace. A model for the way any business can be conducted, and also how we ourselves can be at work.

  9. Universal Medicine is a stellar business, offering great support on a global scale, and on top of that running as a business dedicated to having immense integrity for how they care for their staff.

  10. Universal Medicine offers the true role model for businesses now and in the future – it is all about people first and working together in harmony in a way that brings equal-ness to all, whether a company director or the cloakroom cleaner.

  11. Universal Medicine offers much more than services that support us to heal ourselves. They offer a business model that does way more than tick boxes, as it is genuinely all about people and the ‘success’ naturally comes from this. If we got this we wouldn’t need all the theories and business coaches, it would just be the way it is.

  12. It is so beautiful to allow yourself the space to just feel the care, love and joy that are present in this clinic.

  13. Everything Universal Medicine does is a joy for me, every service, every event, every workshop, every product – they are leading the way and this award is a reflection of how many people treasure this business!

  14. Universal Medicine is the business of Gold – leading true care and true love within business and supporting the wellbeing of not only the clients and participants but of their stuff too. A beautiful healthy organisation who lives the talk and is transparent in its fullest. Showing us all how love works in business.

  15. My vitality levels have sky rocketed since attending Universal Medicine presentation, not because I have been told what to do, but instead because I have been inspired to self-care and yes self-love. It is one amazing organisation and I will be patronising it for years to come, no doubt.

    1. I’m the same Samantha, I will be using the services of Universal Medicine for the remainder of my life, they are quite simply that amazing!

  16. ” Although I have personally recognised the high quality services that Universal Medicine provides, I was surprised as I began to see more and more people travelling not only from interstate but internationally to seek its services.” I am one of the international people who visited Universal Medicine clinic and I am not surprised that they received the peoples choice award for they provide a beautiful loving services thank you.

  17. Universal Medicine is an amazing business model that many business’s world wide could gain much wisdom from. It is a business built on love and equalness for everyone, those who walk through the door as clients and those who work there.

  18. It is great to see local businesses recognised in this way for doing the extraordinary work they do. This business I have watched closely over the years and have seen the steady growth and also the ongoing support they have for every client. People are not only walking out of this business a different person they are continuing to grow and build on these changes ongoing. This shows the ‘after hours’ support that is there and it’s not reliant on the business doing something for them. The true and genuine support for people is unsurpassed.

    1. Hi Ray, from my own experience I too agree with your comment about Universal Medicine, that their “The true and genuine support for people is unsurpassed.”

  19. When I lived on the Gold Coast I used to plan healing sessions at least once a month at Universal Medicine. I would devote a day to me and drive down to be treated by second to none quality healing treatments under many types of modality services. It needs to be said that this healing clinic is the best in the world for what it provides in services and business. Is there an award for Global Business of Excellence.

  20. Universal Medicine definitely deserves all the awards it has won, I am one of the many who travel from across the globe to partake of its amazing services, it is pure delight to be within its clinic.

  21. Absolutely, I have not known any other complementary health business like Universal Medicine, what stands out to me most is the absolute integrity and consistency. Their service is always caring, loving and respectful. They really bring their all to it and you feel deeply held and respected in every encounter, be it at the reception, at a session or via email. It is all the same amazing quality of service.

  22. Of course, this is so on the spot. Universal Medicine has been my greatest support, really, deep mega support in my life, and I know for many hundreds if not thousands of people. That the world , in this case a town in Australia, is starting to acknowlegde that is very good – so that the award will be used in true purpose – making Universal Medicine more known in the world, eventually the whole of Australia, the whole of India etc.etc. In this way awards truly support, but not when it is about individualizing a company for production, glamour or other needs that do not truly serve people.

  23. I agree Heidi this award is well deserved to Universal Medicine, it is rare to find a business that makes it about people first and that consistently provides truly loving and supportive customer service to everybody.

  24. In truth these awards should not come from competition. Actually there is a living appreciation possible that in fact if we tune in what that truly is and means to life, we come to understand that this is enough, and in fact we do not need any of the awards or games played as the appreciation is a daily matter.. For business can be recognised for the truth and the magnificence they bring – but never at cost of another that is no love.

  25. Well said Heidi. I have travelled from both Brisbane and Melbourne to attend events run by Universal Medicine and have had several sessions with practitioners at the Goonellabah clinic both in person and via Skype. I would love to book in more but there is always a long waiting list! A truly remarkable business that deserves every accolade it receives.

  26. Well deserved indeed and I am grateful too for having such a truly supportive business that not only brings enormous change to matters of health but all areas in life.

  27. Thank you Heidi for your commendation of Universal Medicine. I have also experienced a deep level of care from this business, and their services have helped me to transform my health and wellbeing on many levels. I used to travel a few times a year from Victoria to New South Wales to access their services, but 2 years ago I decided to move into this area so I could visit the clinic more regularly. That is probably the biggest recommendation I can give them! A truly amazing organisation that definitely deserves this award. I’ll be looking at how to vote for them this year.

  28. Universal Medicine offers us and society a great blueprint of how a business can be run to fully support the customer, it is built on love and equalness for everyone who walks through their doors, and for the whole community they engage with.

  29. It is the sense of personal care that comes through the receptionists at this clinic as well… Not just through the practitioners… There really is a sense of being looked after that is profound and deep… And rare.

  30. A heartfelt recognition and appreciation of a truly superb business who’s success is a testament to the incredible quality of service and care they offer

  31. The before and after examples of people involved with Universal Medicine is testament of the truth, integrity, awareness and love that the organization is based on.

  32. Thank you Heidi for sharing how Universal Medicine supports you to be a very active member of your community which I can really relate to having spent years in a cycle of exhaustion and infections that meant I was not contributing at work and in the community in the meaningful way that I am since being lovingly supported by Universal Medicine practitioners to turn my life around.

  33. It sounds like Universal Medicine is having a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of the region as much it is on the lives of individuals and their families. That’s just gorgeous.

  34. It is a stellar business model… shared openly (rather than surrounded in trade secrets) so others can learn from its success. They are simple but incredibly strong values like consistency, making it all about people, and ultimately putting love at the centre of everything they do. This award will promote these values further afield to the benefit of all.

  35. What winning this award does is raise awareness of a really good business model that can be replicated anywhere and by anyone should they choose. The bonus of this business model is that, regardless of your business, it addresses key health benefits which can lower some of the most preventable lifestyle illness we are challenged with today in both staff and management which ultimately benefits everyone.

  36. I have met people travelling from all corners of the globe to attend Universal Medicine workshops, and one thing has been so apparent is that underneath the exterior differences of cultures and countries and race, we are all the same, and all want the same thing, and that is to be loved… and the courses at UM have presented that we have all the love we could ever wish for inside, and that connecting to that love allows us to bring that out for all…. the UM practitioners are living walking breathing examples of the truth of this observation.

    1. Annie what a beautiful comment and true for me too in my observations of Universal Medicine and all of their staff. That is why it’s so inspiring dealing with the staff and practitioners of Universal Medicine because they are living examples of what love and brotherhood looks like when it’s truly lived. They show that this is available to all too to also live if they choose so.

  37. Well said Heidi. With their unwavering integrity and absolute commitment to true healing I too have ‘no doubt that Universal Medicine will continue to thrive and expand.’

  38. I fully support Universal Medicine for being the winner in this category, I agree that other businesses do amazing things also for their customers, but Universal Medicine have a level of quality and care that is practically unheard of. They simply show another way forward, that makes it about people first, and then profit follows. easily.

  39. Universal Medicine continues to rock and grow in popularity and growing testimonials in both the local area and around the world. Currently the voting is open for the 2016 People’s Choice Lismore Business Excellence Awards, but I have just heard the rules do not permit a business to win this category of awards more than 2 consecutive years so Universal Medicine cannot be entered. I have no doubt it would win again this year is the rules allowed for it to enter.

    1. There are many wonderful businesses in this region so Universal Medicine being such a winner is not a reflection of any other business not being great, but of the deep care, service, quality and integrity that Universal Medicine provides and the great love and appreciation the customers and clients of Universal Medicine have for it and all those that work there and offer their services.

  40. I agree Heidi, Universal Medicine is well deserving for the “People’s Choice in the Lismore Business Excellence Awards”. I am one of those visitors that travel many times a year from interstate to be blessed and inspired by this organization. I will continue my travels too. Life is either healing or harming, through Universal Medicine I have had a lot of healing.

  41. Thank you Heidi for a great article I have found when entering the building, a deep sense of care and nurturing, a feeling of being held in love, and this is reflected in the loving care the staff hold themselves in and their loving service to humanity.

  42. On a regular basis I congratulate myself for having found Universal Medicine! It is always a pleasure to walk into the clinic and to be treated with great care and love. The professionalism of the practitioners and the admin staff is obvious. In this day and age it is reassuring that there is a business like Universal Medicine around.

    1. What is interesting to me Elizabeth, is that Universal Medicine can win the People’s Choice in the Lismore Business Excellence Awards for 2 years running, and yet there are a few internet bloggers that will tell the world a different story about the same company? This shows me that these bloggers do not represent the local community at all!

      1. It also highlights the negativity of the media and the lies they peddle when they printed the falsities of cyber bloggers, instead of the truth about how much the local, interstate and international community love this business and why they won this award. Universal Medicine is an awesome organisation supporting people to make amazing changes in their lives, why don’t the media pick that up and any one of the incredible before and after stories?

  43. Absolutely Heidi, the service that Universal Medicine offers to all its clients is second to none. I have been attending the Universal Medicine clinic for over 10 years and have always been impressed by their high quality of service and true care – they are truly leading the way with a business for all to be inspired by.

  44. What is interesting to note, is how dedicated the staff of Universal Medicine are to providing a consistent level of care and to maintaining quality in all of their relationships, not only with eachother and their clients, but with the whole of the local and wider community they are a part of. This is unique and an incredible business model for this modern era where businesses are under constant pressure to expand without very much support in quality of care and relationships.

    1. I visited the Universal Medicine clinic in Gonnellebah some years back and I was blown away by the level of integrity and professionalism of all of the staff. Something I will never forget… so a very well deserved award and I am sure many more to come.

  45. The way that Universal Medicine runs their business is an absolute inspiration for the world. Wherever you go to a Universal Medicine clinic wherever it may be you know you are getting a quality and service that is out of this world.

  46. I too was not so healthy when I met Serge Benhayon – I was on the way to get asthma. Through the healing courses and the amazing help through the esoteric practitioner and through choosing a healthier life style my asthma didn’t expand and disappear. This was a miracle for my doctor but not for me because what I learned and experienced through Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon gave me the possibility to re-connect to a part of me which I thought I had lost. The way how Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine are running their business inspired me deeply and I have never seen something similar.

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