Preparing For an Interview – Is There Another Way?

The normal practice when looking for teaching jobs and attending interviews is to prepare yourself as much as you can by collecting as many possible questions which may be asked, practicing your answers by writing them down, having mock interviews to prepare you for what might come, and to have the ‘perfect’ observation lesson planned.

But what if there was another way? What if preparing for an interview was about every choice we make and how we live each day – the way in which we care for, love and nurture ourselves?

I recently had a job interview and chose to prepare for it in a very different way to what I would have done in the past. This awareness to make a different choice has come from being inspired by the presentations of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, who have shown me there is another way – a way to live and be that is truly loving and caring of me and my body.

The week before the interview I was very aware that everything, all the choices I made, from when I went to bed to what I ate, would have an impact on the day.

With this, I chose to focus on being very present with my body, in how I expressed myself through every action, word and thought. For example:

  • How I chose to walk – gently and with joy.
  • The way in which I dressed – I honored what I felt to wear and how I put the clothes on my body.
  • The way in which I drove my car – in presence, focussed on the driving, my body and the road, with no thoughts about anything else.
  • How I cooked and ate my food – making sure I chose and cooked food that was lovingly prepared and nourishing for my body.
  • How and when I went to bed – preparing for sleep by allowing myself to let go of the day.
  • Making sure I honored my body – when I felt to stop and take a rest, be it at work or home.
  • Not getting involved in conversations or discussions that I knew were there to try and make me doubt myself and my choices.

With this I allowed no space for self-doubt, anxiety or stress. If any of these did try to sneak in, I would stop, say no, and make a more loving choice, which allowed no room for these self–doubting thoughts.

I prepared my overnight bag a few days before, taking care how I placed everything in it. I made sure I had early nights in the days before so as to prepare for the long drive ahead. I packed the car in the early evening the night before, to leave room and space in the morning for my normal routine, and not allow any anxiety or rush to sneak in. I then prepared lunch and drink for the long journey, and made sure I wound down and very lovingly and gently got ready for bed.

There was not one part of my day or night that was not included in my preparation for this interview. I also learnt to trust myself, by choosing the lesson to teach for my interview that I knew within me was the correct one for exactly what was needed that day, even if it did go against the grain and what other people said. I listened and trusted what my body so clearly shared with me.

So as the day came, I left to go to work in joy; there was no worry, stress or overwhelm, and it was no big deal that I had an interview coming up. It was simply just another part of my day that I would equally be me in, no more or less to any other day.

On the drive up, I made sure I drove in joy and gentleness, appreciating each moment and appreciating the care I had taken with preparing for the interview. I stopped along the way to take a break, stretch my legs, have a drink and enjoy speaking to the people I met.

I didn’t push myself to get there or worry about the time as I knew this would have an impact on the next moment and the next day.

As I arrived at my accommodation for the night, I could feel a little part of me went, “oh no”, as it did not look as good as it did in photos, but immediately I made the choice to not let this expectation I had affect me. I made the room as loving and supportive as I could, then went for a walk to allow my body the space to unwind from the drive and the day.

I could feel there was a little more I wanted to prepare for the interview lesson, but knew I was tired, so instead of rushing and stressing before bed as I would have done in the past, I chose to honour my body and go to bed, knowing I would have space the next morning to do it then.

The next day I went to the interview with not one ounce of anxiety or stress, nor any need to get the job. I was there to be seen, and to express all of me, without holding back who I am, and to have fun with it as well.

The day was amazing and I felt so much joy. Everyone I met was lovely and open and such a joy to be with.

I didn’t prepare any questions or answers, as I trusted myself and my body in the knowing that because of the way I had chosen to prepare for the interview, everything I needed would be within me to answer any questions asked.

I trusted that the answers would come from a knowing in my body, from my truth, my lived experience and not from trying to say the ‘right’ things in my head. There was not one ounce of me that held back that day.

I was offered the job, but honoured my body, as the job and where it was did not feel true for me. This was also part of the process, knowing I didn’t need to panic and accept a job just because it was there.

What this whole experience has confirmed to me is that, yes, we can prepare for interviews and certain aspects of life, but that true preparation doesn’t come from knowledge in the sense of going into our heads with anxiousness and drive.

True preparation comes from a commitment to be present, aware, loving and steady with ourselves and our bodies in every moment and with every choice, and most of all, from trusting what we feel inside.

With love and deep thanks to Serge Benhayon.

By Gyl Rae, 37, Teacher, Scotland

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687 thoughts on “Preparing For an Interview – Is There Another Way?

  1. Last year I attended an interview for a position I had never done before. All I had was past experience of my profession and for the first time in my life, I went in being me. For the first time I went in with an attitude that it didn’t matter if I didn’t get the job as I had no investment or outcome either. May I say it was the best interview I had ever taken in the 30 years of being in the health care industry. We laughed and I took my time in answering the questions, and not hesitating to ask them to repeat the questions again, I actually over stayed my allocated time.

    I didn’t get the position, and it was beautiful to feel the rejection, as minor as it was, it was still there. What was beautiful that months down the road, after I had forgotten about the position, I was approached and offered the job as another position had come up and I accepted. With no fear or thoughts of if I am good enough, what am I going to offer etc, etc.

    This too wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t been inspired by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. My life is in a different position to where it used to be and I thank God that they are in my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  2. Being present with ourselves in every moment is such a wise choice, ‘With this, I chose to focus on being very present with my body, in how I expressed myself through every action, word and thought.’

    1. Being present in every moment keeps you sensitive and aware of your surroundings. Being checked out and not with it, well anything can happen and then we blame everything and everybody and not take responsibility for our part in it…

  3. The only real preparation we can do at any given time is to look after ourselves and our physical body. Now this makes things so much simpler as it is actually quite do-able! Of course we can come up with a plethora of excuses and know this in our minds but to actually put it into practice and live it is often the challenge that can bring us down. The simplicity of it however, is there to support us to put this into lived practice!

  4. Gyl this sharing is super gorgeous as it shows us how we can prepare lovingly so for things like interviews that can be known to be nerve wracking. It does make we wonder why we do not live like this all of the time in a way that honours us all of the time?

  5. I really love this. This is such a great reminder that there’s no real preparation we can do other than keep loving and honouring the body for it to be able to meet whatever comes every day, every moment. When I think about it, it is so simple, practical and normal that it really amazes me how I can sometimes turn it into a challenge.

    1. Keep loving and nurturing ourselves is so supportive, ‘What if preparing for an interview was about every choice we make and how we live each day – the way in which we care for, love and nurture ourselves?’

  6. “… there was no worry, stress or overwhelm, and it was no big deal that I had an interview coming up. It was simply just another part of my day that I would equally be me in, no more or less to any other day.” Beautiful Gyl. I went for a job interview last year and because I had no expectations I felt free to just be myself. To my surprise I was accepted. This was a huge learning for me – to just allow myself to be true to me – in any situation.

    1. Well said Natalliya – every movement and moment does indeed count! When we move gently and caringly it brings that same quality to our thoughts which of course is a foundational aspect of our relationship with self and others.

  7. Such a great example of a lived way that honours all of you, Gyl. And I love how you incorporated everything into your interview, all of you and how you live.

  8. Powerful droplet of wisdom. There are no outcomes: the quality we bring to each movement assures what is to be. This prepares us for a future we’re already living in the present. In other words the present is our future.

  9. Being in the future while in the present in the name of preparing for what comes, only helps to generate and perpetuate a high level of motion that does not help us to be best respond to what presents when the time comes.

  10. Yes we can not change how we are in one hour, so our preparedness has to come from how we are living our life every single day leading up to the interview day.

    1. What a beautiful list of things that Gyl focused on, how amazing would it be if we were all taught this way of living early on in life by parents, or at school.

  11. Move in a true way, breath in a true way and all openings for any wayward whispers that you are not enough are non existent, or seen before a crack in the door appears.

  12. This gives preparation a whole different meaning. It is not about plotting and planning, but putting the body in the readiness to respond, so what then is required is going to look totally different.

  13. Awesome blog Gyl, it reminded me of a similar situation where I was going to be filmed and for a few weeks before I also prepared myself very lovingly and was very nurturing with myself, so when it came to be filmed it just flowed very naturally and simply, makes me wonder why I don’t chose these movements on a consistent basis as it is super supportive.

  14. It’s interesting that we are inclined to take better care of ourselves in the lead up to what we consider an important engagement or experience, but what I am realising is that it is far more healthy to consider every day as important as any other.

    1. That’s exactly what I was feeling Suse reading this, how I can ‘want’ to take better care of myself when something big or important is coming up, yet not put that same level of attention and care into my every other day. Like the difference for many when it comes to weekdays (predominately being work days) and weekends (usually days ‘off’), that on and off switch does more damage then we realise.

    2. Yes Suse, each day and event is of equal importance. This approach brings a depth and steadiness to life: the Way of the Livingness is our preparation for life.

  15. “But what if there was another way? What if preparing for an interview was about every choice we make and how we live each day – the way in which we care for, love and nurture ourselves?” How much more ease and lightness could we then bring to our interviews, workplaces and homes if we lived in a way that not only simplified our day to day living via the love and nurturing expressed from our bodies movements but we could also access a wealth of wisdom on tap too. Simply awesome thank you Gyl.

  16. An interview is not just what it seems to be; it is a bath in the consciousness of the industry you work with. There is something you have to show the interviewers and that is how much the consciousness runs through your body; how much you have embodied it and talk, walk and deliver from there. Of course, this is the normal expectation.

    1. And if you do not perform like the circus animal they want you to be, then its a much more difficult decision as they are now having to look outside of their comfort box. But there is no denying quality, people recognise it no question, and that is a far more important aspect of yourself to deliver.

  17. I love this Gyl, it’s moving in a way that closes all doors where evil may enter. Move with the divine and the divine will move with you.

  18. A beautiful description, and prescription, of how to live life all the time, not just for special occasions – living one life.

  19. We are the creators of our own life and in that we have a choice, either we co-create in accordance with the plan and with that serve all of humanity or we create as from our own thinking and the investments in an outcome for our own interest. I can sense that what you describe Gyl is being in co-creation of the all, the truth we all once again will return to and therefore in harmony and rhythm with our body and the whole of our being.

    1. Spot on cjames2012, and I love being reminded of this as sometimes it is easy to look at what has happened and ‘blame’ the outside situation or another person etc, but in fact in and with our movements we have contributed in some way to the situation. But if we have been in and with movements that are truly gentle and caring, then no matter what the apparent outcome is, it is like we are more settled with what ensues.

  20. The best preparation for any thing we may find daunting or challenging is making our every movement before hand in connection to ourselves and the all. With this connection we fill the space within of love, appreciation and purpose leaving no room for what is not to enter and take us off course to then not present all that we are.

  21. It is beautiful to read about the deep honouring and loving of yourself that are shown in this blog, the presence and tender loving care are such an important part of our daily lives.

  22. As you say, the simplest way to prepare for anything really is to stay connected with your body… our bodies had the most wonderful natural intelligence and resilience when listened to.

  23. True preparation comes from how we live everyday, to being present, tender and loving with ourselves, ‘True preparation comes from a commitment to be present, aware, loving and steady with ourselves and our bodies in every moment and with every choice, and most of all, from trusting what we feel inside.’ Absolutely.

  24. Lovely for you to confirm that there is another way to live, and so prepare for an interview, ‘What if preparing for an interview was about every choice we make and how we live each day – the way in which we care for, love and nurture ourselves?’

  25. Gyl, I can see how preparing for something like an interview starts way before the day and is not just about knowing what to say, but how you are feeling from within.

    1. Words will just be words, until such time that we live the quality that they truly represent – then they become living words that hold authority when spoken. Life is to be lived in full and not just from the head.

  26. Every moment is a preparation for the next moment, and the next, and the next. How I am in what I am doing right now will determine how I spend this afternoon, my day at work tomorrow, 3 month from now on… This has been presented by Serge and Natalie Benhayon many times, but even so, I have caught myself thinking that I deserved a break from that, and slipping into making choices that were less than loving. Living with this awareness and walking it every day is something that I am working on.

  27. That’s a revolutionary way to prepare for an interview! I’m finding myself in a position where I will soon be attending interviews, so this blog post could not have come at a better time.

  28. This is a completely different way of preparing for a job interview, and it makes so much sense. It isn’t so much about the interview but about how we are leading up to it – the quality of our how we have moved our body leading up to the interview is what matters.

    1. So true Sandra, and actually we can live this every day, being prepared to deal from our essence with anything that comes our way at any moment of the day. Our essence, that inner knowing that does not need any outcome but only lives the truth it is from and connected with.

  29. When living a prepared life all of the time, anything that will come to us will not be a problem as we are connect to that inner source that knows and we can safely rely on as we do in our everydays choices.

  30. Gyl what you share here is super supportive and inspiring for anyone going for a job interview or preparing for anything in life we experience on a daily basis. What your blog highlights is when we commit to making these simple loving choices throughout our day we are constantly rewarded back in many beautiful ways allowing any needs or attachments we may have to any outcomes to naturally fall away.

  31. “But what if there was another way? What if preparing for an interview was about every choice we make and how we live each day – the way in which we care for, love and nurture ourselves?”
    Yes, this makes so much sense. It would feel second nature and take the stress out of the event so we could truly just be ourselves when going in for the interview.

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