Beliefs V Truths

Recently I have been pondering a lot on the subject of beliefs. I have come to the startling realisation that for most of my life I have held beliefs in most categories of life, and that those beliefs have governed the way that I have lived.

I know that I have not recalled all of my beliefs because there are hundreds of them, many are obvious but many are very subtle and more hidden: they have all influenced my life in some way. Continue reading “Beliefs V Truths”

“One Step At a Time – Anything Else is Just Too Tricky!”

Have you ever had moments when your “to-do” list has spilled onto the second or third page and nothing, or maybe very little, has been crossed off? Have you wondered how you are going to reduce that washing pile, tidy the house, answer all your emails, finish the projects you are working on, and in some cases, actually start one? Continue reading ““One Step At a Time – Anything Else is Just Too Tricky!””

Anxiety – Unfolded

Sitting here, about to write this, I feel the all too familiar signs of anxiety creeping in – sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, chest tightening, heart racing, dry mouth, palms beginning to sweat, nausea, shoulders rising up towards my ears as my shoulder blades draw up and closer together.

Realising that I’m using only the top part of my lungs in short, increasingly rapid breaths, I understand fully that if I choose to let these feelings run rampant within seconds they will develop into a total stress-out and if still left unchecked, a panic attack. Continue reading “Anxiety – Unfolded”

From Anxiousness and A+ in Art to Being Me in Art Expression

During my high school days, art class was my favourite subject. It was my home where I felt safe, secure and a real sense of belonging. It was where I most felt comfortable and where I could be seen and recognised for my talent. At the time it gave me status and a feeling of worth; many accolades came my way from my family, friends at school and teachers for what I could do. Continue reading “From Anxiousness and A+ in Art to Being Me in Art Expression”

Ex-Police Officer’s Life Turned around through Serge Benhayon: The Truth about the Lies of Esther Rockett & Lance Martin

INTRO: Serge Benhayon’s work has offered many hundreds of people a way of living joy-full and full lives, and ways of healing to deal with seemingly intractable health issues. Against this background of offering true support and a path to wellbeing, he has been mercilessly attacked by two individuals, Esther Rockett and Lance Martin, who have spread malicious lies about his work and life. If the public is left wondering what to believe in the miasma Rockett and Martin have spread about Serge Benhayon, Ray Karam provides a clear view through the pair’s malodour.

My Life Before and After Meeting Serge Benhayon

When I first met Serge Benhayon 6 years ago, I was a broken down ex-Police officer suffering a number of chronic physical and physiological conditions, as well as having lost any confidence that I could trust people. This was coupled with having an extremely sensitive radar for anything untoward and a hypersensitivity for anything criminal, or anything even with a hint of manipulation in it.

Ray Karam (Age 33) | 5 Years BEFORE Universal Medicine
Ray Karam (Age 33) | 5 Years BEFORE Universal Medicine

Continue reading “Ex-Police Officer’s Life Turned around through Serge Benhayon: The Truth about the Lies of Esther Rockett & Lance Martin”

No Doubt

Sometimes I am aware of how much I doubt myself. It is definitely not there all the time, but then something happens and it is like a tsunami of doubt enters my mind. I start to doubt my decisions, my choices and second-guess everything I have done. As it sounds, it is actually very exhausting!

So I ask myself, why do I doubt me? Why has this doubt been allowed to enter? Continue reading “No Doubt”