No Doubt

Sometimes I am aware of how much I doubt myself. It is definitely not there all the time, but then something happens and it is like a tsunami of doubt enters my mind. I start to doubt my decisions, my choices and second-guess everything I have done. As it sounds, it is actually very exhausting!

So I ask myself, why do I doubt me? Why has this doubt been allowed to enter?

Well, the first answer that rushes in is that “You weren’t being present, so you made that choice without really feeling what was needed.” This answer can sometimes take me to the doldrums of guilt and self-abuse. Yep, this just compounds the problem, making me feel even worse and more exhausted!

Then enters the voice of reason that makes a story out of anything and everything. This includes lots of complicated excuses and justifications to sort out the problem that was seemingly created, although it wasn’t really a problem in the first place. Phew, yep, still exhausted.

By this point, I am so tired and actually wondering what happened to me. This is the aftermath of the tsunami of doubt.

Then I remember to take a moment to stop, feel my body, feel my breath and most importantly, appreciate how amazingly beautiful I am. It helps if I am in front of the mirror because I can actually take a moment to look at myself and appreciate the sparkle in my eyes and see the beauty that I am feeling.

If I get stuck on the fact that I made a ‘wrong choice’, I am taken out by the tsunami. But when I accept that each choice provides me with an opportunity for learning and developing then I can feel a deeper acceptance of myself. I am not perfect and making mistakes is a part of that, in that each mistake is an opportunity for learning.

Moreover, one person’s weaknesses are another’s strengths, so together we are each an important piece of the whole of humanity and if we appreciate each other we can work together in brotherhood without judgment or criticism.

I may do and say things that feel yucky sometimes, but all I have to do is feel without judgment how each choice affects my body and not go into the story of feeling bad or guilty about having made that choice.

I hold the responsibility for feeling the effects of each choice and learning from it. In this way there is never a right or wrong; there is only learning.

By deeply appreciating who I am and the fact that all that I am blessed with in life is the result of my choices, I realise there is nothing to doubt and nothing to give myself a hard time about. There is just more to celebrate.

In celebration of the loving choices I have made and continue to make to my way of Livingness through the inspiration of the work of Serge Benhayon.

By Simone Lewis, BSc BTeach

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  1. I have the feeling we are so used to doubt that we are often not even aware of the moments of doubt we have. Isn’t it in the end any moment where we do not stand a hundred percent beside ourself knowing and living the fullness and grandness that we are?

  2. I have discovered that my making little choices and building a routine based on those choices I start to feel a difference in my body, those choices then become part of my rhythm. My rhythm is part of my foundation so when I have a wobble I can feel my foundation holding me…it might be the bit that notices something didn’t feel so good. It really is simply love building on love.

    1. Yes.. there’s a simplicity involved with dealing and healing any of our so called issues- it means staying present and connected to what we can feel, and knowing that our thoughts, reactions and doubts are not us. When we’re connected to our soul we don’t feel any of that stuff. Just a solid simplicity and absolute knowing of who we are.

  3. What I’m getting from this blog and all the comments is that we will feel and know the truth in our bodies when we honour ourselves, and that self-doubt only gets a look in when we dishonour ourselves. So when we are fed self-doubt, the question is where did we dishonour ourselves? There is a simple choice to then honour ourselves.

    1. This is true and changes entirely how to work with this. Instead of trying to ‘battle’ the self doubt we can look at it as an energy that is showing us we are not connected to our body and so the way out is to simply reconnect and focus on the quality of our movements.

    2. Love this Simone – it simplifies everything and brings us right back to the present and the invitation to reconnect and deepen our relationship with ourselves.

  4. “I am blessed with in life is the result of my choices” this is really awesome as every challenge is a blessing and lesson, just like every wise choice, the not so wise choices are equally important.

  5. There is no doubt that Doubt is always there waiting for the opportunity to ponce. This opening presents as a form of a lack of absoluteness, and doubt revels in moving in and controlling the situation at hand as soon as the door has been opened.

    1. Doubt is definitely in opposition to Absoluteness and ready when we disconnect from and lose ourselves.

  6. Doubt, to me, feels like a poison in my body, an intruder that has no place in it. And it doesn’t take long for it to spread as once doubting myself, it can take a while to cease this self-harming behaviour. These days doubt is becoming a stranger as I know when it turns up I have simply disconnected from myself, and once reconnected to my wonderful body it cannot hang around any longer

  7. Simone, I love this; ‘Then I remember to take a moment to stop, feel my body, feel my breath and most importantly, appreciate how amazingly beautiful I am’. This is such a great antidote to self-doubt.

  8. A Son of God does not doubt his/her divinity, but a son of man does. Does this not show us the degree to which we have separated from who we truly are?

  9. The moment we do not honour ourselves, we enable the tsunami of doubt to deliver us a great soaking.

  10. Well that makes actually a lot of sense. What beautiful said; ‘By deeply appreciating who I am and the fact that all that I am blessed with in life is the result of my choices, I realise there is nothing to doubt and nothing to give myself a hard time about. There is just more to celebrate’
    Now that is a whole other approach to yourself, sounds great lets move that.

  11. Reading this I can appreciate how I doubt myself less and less and from what I know and can feel this is because my relationship with myself has become more authoritative and stronger and I am more connected to and present in my body .. no perfection and something I am continually reflecting and working on but I can definitely appreciated just how much this has changed for me.

  12. We only doubt when we disconnect from our essence because when we are connected there is no need to doubt.

  13. Remedy for self doubt and doubt, and the tsunami of thoughts that belong to that. Get back to the body, with what ever means you can. For me what works really well, for example, is fitness. The question also is not why we self doubt (that answer does not help) but HOW we self doubt. By leaving our body and going into our heads

  14. I agree with if we celebrate all we respond and react to i.e. “But when I accept that each choice provides me with an opportunity for learning and developing then I can feel a deeper acceptance of myself.” Celebrating You and each task you can accept. Accepting ‘it’ supports yourself to stay with what is happening internally. Staying internal prevents the tsunami of how it is externally – this has been my experience.

  15. There is no doubt that we have to say no to doubt when it comes because really all it is reflecting to us is that we have made ourselves less in some way and that is the reason why doubt has then come in to destabilize us.

  16. Thank you Simone, for it only takes one person to share her wisdom about something she or he learned and that makes it for other people more possible to do it differently and at times not need to go there even again. We can learn from each others learnings.

  17. We are all very good at playing the doubting game, and allowing it to run us until we are exhausted. However what we so often don’t realise is that it is us who are choosing to allow the doubt to be there in the first place, which highlights the fact that we are not taking responsibility for our individual choices.

  18. After reading your blog Simone there is no doubt that doubt is a tsunami that overwhelms and undermines us to prevent us from living our potential.

  19. Self doubt is crippling – it’s a bit like we cut both our legs off and try to keep walking. The important point is that self doubt isn’t random – we have to take action for it to occur – perhaps we need to do a regular recci of our lives to identify if there are any parts in our life we are dishonouring ourselves or the truth we know so that we are on the front foot when it comes to self doubt.

  20. ‘It helps if I am in front of the mirror because I can actually take a moment to look at myself and appreciate the sparkle in my eyes and see the beauty that I am feeling.’ Sometimes when I pass a mirror and look at myself there can be such a joy and appreciation to see the beauty of myself. To be honest it is as if I expected something else, ouch!

  21. There is nothing so un-endearing than someone communicating in doubt. There is the pompous and pretentious sort of doubt employed in academic discourse and there is the painful doubt of someone not backing themselves (I have in the past done both of these!) I wouldn’t align to communicate that way any more as the damage it causes is palpable.

  22. It’s interesting how it can seem like doubt just rushes in or happens when faced with a certain decision – like it came out of nowhere but I’m learning more how I can make an opening for doubt by the way I’ve been living up to the moment of the doubt coming in – as in if I’ve been ignoring my deeper feelings or knowings of how to do something or be in seemingly smaller moments then when it comes to a more obvious decision or a ‘bigger’ one then I’ve undermined myself… In each moment we have the opportunity to build a true foundation from which to be more connected in what we choose…

  23. Doubt is best friends with Good and Bad and Right and Wrong . . . is real pack of bullies! . . . so, it is best to note the company we keep!

    1. True Kathleen, not the company I like to be in but now and then i choose their company only to come to the conclusion I made mistake on mistake and I bring myself back and have a walk on my own, appreciating my feet, my legs, my whole body and my decision to leave this pack of bullies behind.

  24. Doubt destabilises enormously and is like the scorpion’s sting that comes from across its tail end, always ready to strike lest we have forsaken the connection to ourselves and its fullness.

  25. I find doubt can so easily slip in when I am not appreciating and honouring myself and what I am feeling. The more present I am with myself and listening to what I am feeling, the more confidence grows in my body and so too does the knowingness of what is before me and so there is no room for doubt as the uncertainty is not given a second thought.

  26. It is great, the way the same situation can be looked at in different ways, such as you are either wrong, or being presented with an opportunity to learn.

  27. It’s so interesting how we can personally doubt something for example our ability to do a different job/career etc., and yet people around us know for certain we are capable of what’s there on offer to have zero doubt. What’s also interesting is that it can often be reversed too with us knowing and having no doubt about this for another too. Makes me think that self-doubt must enter when there is shakiness inside us and conversely that when we’re solid, strong, listening to and in our body to occupy the space, that self-doubt has little room for entrance.

  28. I loved what you have shared Simone, “I hold the responsibility for feeling the effects of each choice and learning from it. In this way there is never a right or wrong; there is only learning.” I have been so tied up in the right and wrong most of my life, as most of the world is, how blessed we are to know the truth that learning is being offered to us to further our evolution.

  29. ‘But when I accept that each choice provides me with an opportunity for learning and developing then I can feel a deeper acceptance of myself.’ When we can get to this point it is a beautiful liberation from getting caught up in the tension of feeling ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’ or ‘not good enough’ if we feel we have made a mistake. I felt I had made one only last week and went into anxiousness around it until there was a beautiful moment where the thought popped in that said ‘no big deal – this is just an opportunity for learning’. In that moment I had a choice to keep getting caught up in the drama or to let it go.

  30. Simone, I love this; ‘together we are each an important piece of the whole of humanity and if we appreciate each other we can work together in brotherhood without judgment or criticism.’ Reading this I can feel myself melt because this feels like the true and natural way to work together, I can feel that in workplaces there is often a lot about self, competition and comparison rather than true working together to support each other.

  31. Doubt can feel like it has the power to wipe us off the slate, leaving us feeling vulnerable and empty of any confidence or worth – it is deeply debilitating thought process. And yet where do these thoughts come from? How have we become so comfortable with them that we not only let them in but let them take root, seeing them as just a part of who we are. I know when I used to get crippling self-doubt I would like it crush me because I identified with the crushed state as being more who I was than feeling amazing. But what if this wasn’t true, that those thoughts are not who we are and no how we should feel and instead of letting them run we cut them off and choose differently – yes maybe we made a mistake, or maybe we are not sure the next steps or maybe we don’t know if we should or shouldn’t say something, or maybe we feel totally unable to do something because we are not good enough, but none of those feelings and thoughts should define us, rather they need to be moments when we stop and take time to come back to an inner solidity and foundation so we can make the next step.

  32. I like your example of looking in the mirror and seeing how gorgeous you are. If we re-connect to our essence and express for there we can’t doubt or dismiss that or we are dismissing God!

  33. Simone, I can relate so much to everything you share about the self-doubt, complications, stories, getting stuck on making the wrong choice and the exhaustion that goes with it, (which then gives me permission to be hard on myself). I am learning to change this entrenched pattern by observing my choices and simply watching how they feel in my body, which makes it easier to make different choices.

    1. I am there with you Rachel and as a dear wise friend asked me today: is what you see now a problem or a reflection? A great question for it is two entirely different ways of dealing with what has been revealed for us.

  34. It can be so easy to doubt what we know is true either because it may seem too simple, too amazing or because it may not fit the picture of what we want and another one is that is keeps us playing the game of being less rather than having to accept that we do infact have access to everything we could ever want and always have just have chosen not to connect and access it.

  35. When I choose to go against a truth I know in my heart and pretend otherwise, I am like a boat without a paddle or a rudder. I end up at the mercy of the flow of the elements, until I remember to reconnect to the truth that I know and move the with awareness and the love that I am.

  36. Thank you Simone, I wonder how the world would be if there was no such thing as the word “mistake”? Or “wrong”? It would make life very simple and easy to accept, if not celebrate, each new learning.

  37. When we catch ourselves doing silly things because we are not fully present with ourselves (present meaning being in our body and our mind completely with what the body is doing e.g. walking, washing up) or doubting ourself we have a beautifull moment and opportunity to just change it! No beating ourselves up or thinking how bad we are just change it. Our choices our everything.

  38. When we are aware of doubt creeping in we know we have been moving in a way that only gives us an option of one doubt or another. When we move in tune to the vibration of the Soul the Way is clear.

  39. No doubt that what founds us is truth and love, no doubt that we know all that we are made of. And no doubt that we have played games to resist that. No doubt that we will return to who we are.

  40. You always know that when in self-doubt it is not your thoughts. Our soul would not have thoughts like that.
    And I recently learned that actually we don’t have a self-doubt issue, we have a dis-honouring issue. We got the truth and then dishonor our connection to the truth.

  41. When we buy into the paradigm of “right” and “wrong” we create enormous tension in the body. That is because there is no truth in “right” and “wrong” and the body knows this.

  42. It feels very spacious in my body when I understand myself and observe what I can learn from any situation, it is feeling the power of honesty or even being truthful to myself, not doubting what I feel but open to what is presented to me.

  43. What a great blog, to use everything in life as an opportunity for learning and to not go into stories or judgement allows a greater responsibility and movement without the drag and delay that guilt allows.

  44. I agree Simone, self-doubt, second guessing or anticipating are all exhausting and poisoning activities and are from the pictures we’ve created about how things/situations/events/people should or could be. This basing on the future takes us away from the present moment in which to appreciate [as you share too] to create a gap where the poisoning enters to make us heavy as lead, lethargic and a worried mess. When I’m present and together with myself, the gap is less or not there where i find it’s easier to trust myself and honour what i feel.

  45. Guilt can lead us far, far away from ourselves on a completely abusive path, because it is an internal struggle that we often conceal and bury whilst taking steps further into the realm of self bashing and self loathing.

    1. I know guilt far too well, as we all do, and how much it can completely take us away from ourselves seemingly in a justifiable way but in reality keeping us from having to accept the choices we made which led to the reason for the guilt in the 1st place.

  46. I do recognize this bringing back strategy Simone. I am doubting or even thinking too much of what I have to do, I put your self in front of the mirror and see that shine in my, and, presto I am back in the no-doubt zone. I see that I am beautiful what ever mess I have made, what ever lays ahead of me, what makes me worrying.

  47. It is great to know there is no right or wrong and only learning because, for me anyway, it gives me the space to say yes to what I have felt and regardless of what happens I always have an opportunity to learn from it. I used to think sitting back and being polite was the thing to do, sure it kept me under the radar and got me through the day but left me feeling what is the point of all of this. It is only when I do what I feel, essentially listen to my body and say yes to it that everything changes and everything before me opens up, often in very unexpected ways.

  48. Self doubt this is something I would say we all know very well. There was actually an amazing presentation on self doubt recently at a Universal Medicine event which revealed it it not actually self doubt that we have but the dishonouring of ourselves and this made total sense to me .. I could feel the truth this when it was presented in my body and also a relief of ‘I have just been given the truth to something’. The beauty in this is that we are not powerless to something e.g. self doubt but it is more … how much do we truly love ourselves. Because if we up the love and honour ourselves instead of dishonour ourselves there would be zero room for self doubt.

    1. So true Vicky. So to doubt or self-doubt means we have already felt and connected to the truth. So then to do something in contra or otherwise means we are dishonouring the truth we have felt and connected to. So essentially we cannot say we have doubt or self-doubt because we know the truth we are simply choosing to play less, a game that says we do not know the truth when in fact we do.

  49. Doubt of some situations sends me into a slight panic where my chest tightens and my breathing becomes very short and shallow. I get so caught up in the anxiety of the doubt that I completely disconnect from myself and it all happens in a moment.

    1. You highlight a great point Fiona, the tension and anxiety we can feel with doubt totally disconnects us from our body.

  50. I love this: ‘I hold the responsibility for feeling the effects of each choice and learning from it. In this way there is never a right or wrong; there is only learning’. How many times have I self-bashed for getting things wrong. What now supports me is to read everything and through the reading I get the learning and more awareness and it takes all the pressure off to know that every so called mistake is a learning.

  51. The beauty you show here is that doubt is followed by doubt even though it comes in disguise of guilt, reason, justification …, it is still doubt – thus it makes itself appear bigger than it is. That alone takes the intimidation out of doubt for me.

  52. When we do get bogged down by a ‘tsunami’ of self doubt, as you’ve shared Simone the most important thing to recognise is that these thoughts are not our own, and that we’ve actually chosen to open the door to the flood that is made up of pictures, ideals and images we’ve picked up from society about how things should be and shouldn’t be. We can then look at how we can change our movements going forward to close this door that is allowing the thoughts through, being super honest about where our attachments and pictures hold us back.

  53. “I hold the responsibility for feeling the effects of each choice and learning from it. In this way there is never a right or wrong; there is only learning.”- This is a beautiful quote and it really takes the burden off our shoulders when we adopt this approach to life. I used to judge my actions and mistakes with such self-criticism as if I needed to be perfect because I felt that making a mistake would expose me for not being good enough in whatever I was doing. But nowadays I can see how each mistake is actually a blessing and many times has lead to me making huge personal progress that may not have happened as quickly without the mistake or screw-up in the first place.

  54. Doubt can creep in when we are not connected to ourselves, our inner knowing and wisdom. But when it does creep in, knowing what to do to support ourselves is key. Universal Medicine is where I have learnt to do this, to support myself to let go of doubt, self-judgement and self-criticism. This has made an incredible difference to life and how I relate to myself and to others with more love and appreciation, and doubt is no longer running my thoughts like it used to.

  55. Doubt is very unsettling. Suddenly, the conundrum occupies our entire space. It gets our undivided attention. If this happens often, it means that we are in a pattern of movement that chooses not to give ourselves enough confirmation, hence that does not have the capacity to ground us. The constant doubting is both a consequence of pattern of movement as much as its cause. The perfect self-made set up to keep yourself where you are.

  56. Beautifully shared Simone in which you offer a powerful antidote to the debilitating and capping effects of doubt – connection to who we are. For when we are truly with ourselves, with all that we are, there is no room whatsoever for doubt to exist. As such this highlights how powerful to appreciate ourselves through developing a loving relationship with our body and being, so that we know without question that being in connection to our Soul is a confirmation of everything that is real, divine and powerful – who we truly are.

  57. A great reminder to forever hold ourselves in appreciation and in doing so, there is no room for anything less than the beauty we are to enter our sphere.

    1. Beautiful Deborah, this is the key to dissolving anything that is not love, appreciation, appreciation and more appreciation.

  58. Thank you Simone, life can feel very simple if we do not allow doubt to intrude. It’s also very supportive to approach everyday as something we will forever be learning something from, and not approach life in terms of mistakes or getting things right or wrong.

  59. My head was achey from the hard time I was giving myself and how yucky I felt about something, and this was perfect read right now. As I felt my body, connected to my breath and turned my attention to appreciation of myself, the feeling dissipated, the head stopped achey and I am now in the position to be much more open to the learning.

    1. Awesome Sarah, this is a gorgeous example of how powerful appreciation is and how important it is to stay open to learning.

  60. Doubt is a trick to keeping us small and not take responsibility for the power we bring to the world. That’s all it is, a lack of responsibility.

  61. It’s amazing how much of a difference it makes if I am fully present in what I’m doing – it helps me to re-gather or to bring my all to the moment, and there is a true settlement in that which helps to stop doubt from getting in. I do still doubt myself at times but I know that bringing my awareness back to my whole body and the quality in which I’m moving or engaging with another really helps me to come back to myself and let the doubt go.

  62. “By deeply appreciating who I am and the fact that all that I am blessed with in life is the result of my choices, I realise there is nothing to doubt and nothing to give myself a hard time about. There is just more to celebrate.” Wow this really leaves giving ourselves a hard time nowhere to go. Life really can be this simple!

  63. Appreciating that a ‘mistake is an opportunity to learn and to see it as such, that there is no right or wrong just what it is, is incredible empowering.

  64. Doubt used to linger for a long time in my body and as a result anxiety and tension then followed not to far behind leaving me feeling exhausted and sometimes even sick. I appreciate just how far I have come to move in a way that not only allows me space to understand why doubt creeps in but also how important it is to live via our bodies and the wisdom and learning we have available to us always and with this there is then no room for doubt only appreciation and growth.

  65. In truth doubt does not exist, it is something we create and go into when we don’t want to feel ourselves what is going on, be responsible it that way for what we have chosen and why. It also is a delay of claiming what we feel is true in the face of many people choosing what is not true.

    1. Beautifully expressed Lieke, we are so much bigger than the energy of doubt, but it’s up to us to reconnect to our soul and bring forth all of its beauty and power, even in the face of so many not living this.

  66. Once we clock, understand and really experience what it’s like to have no doubt it’s like discovering shoes for the first time – who would go and walk on really rough sharp nasty ground when there is the opportunity to just glide over it?

  67. Giving ourselves a hard time about choices we have made is a sure way to spoil what may otherwise be a gorgeous and enjoyable day. Sure – we have alot to learn, but we need not get bogged down in this process.

  68. Doubt is already ready to knock on the door. Whether we allow it in or not is dependent on the way we move: – walk, talk and think about ourselves and others. . . correct our movement by appreciating all that we are in full and the door stays locked.

  69. “So I ask myself, why do I doubt me? Why has this doubt been allowed to enter?” – great questions Simone.. there is no doubt that i do doubt myself .. though there is also no doubt too that when i move, walk in a way that’s connected, with self-presence that the energy of doubt no longer enters because instead there is ‘confirmation’ being walked or moved in my body to bring self-confidence. Change the movement to change the quality of thought.

  70. Doubt is indeed the enemy we let into our minds (our whole body equally so, as when it comes in it is an energy coming through our whole body), and we are the gatekeepers that either allow that in or not. But the truly profound teaching is that not one doubt is ever true. So we are better to keep them out and work on our appreciation instead. Now that is a truly enrichment to our life instead.

  71. Doubt is a compression in the body that doesn’t allow us to feel any space within ourselves or between us and the moment/s we are doubting. It’s a complete set up because if we can sense the space within and around us, we are able to observe our choices with understanding instead of having no space to see clearly what we have chosen that we are now doubting.

  72. When we see any choice as a moment of learning we not only open up to a deeper understanding of the mechanics of who we are but also that of all others. We then have the opportunity to see the potential for true evolvement and there is no doubt of the power this then holds for us all.

  73. Doubt is there when I know I’ve not been present leading up to an event. Connecting with myself at the last minute is tricky when the anxiety has kicked in so then it’s about just being there for myself even if I’m feeling very uncomfortable! What I’m discovering is that my being present now connects me with truth and doubt evaporates quicker than ever before.

  74. Powerful – saying that we are the gatekeepers of truth and we allow the doubts, which are falsities, to enter. We are often tested in unstable times as those doubts are offered, but remember we are stronger — we are the gatekeepers and we have the strength to say no to any of them.

  75. I find it is really supportive to not focus on the doubt and the details of what I am thinking but understand that I made a shift, consciously or not, that allowed the doubt to come in. Then I can make a shift back to me and the steadiness within me.

  76. Simone, this is beautiful; ‘when I accept that each choice provides me with an opportunity for learning and developing then I can feel a deeper acceptance of myself.’ This is a great way to be in life, rather than us thinking we are ‘wrong’ and being hard on ourselves, this would stop all the self critique and instead we see our mistakes as an opps and something to learn from, we are then able to move on and be ready to deal with our next life lesson.

  77. Reading this I thought of a puzzle and how each piece has it’s spot within the whole and the puzzle can’t be completed without all the pieces together… it’s the same when it comes to us working and living together. If we appreciate each others qualities then all the pieces fall into place without any effort and harmoniously, but if comparison and doubt creeps in then pieces go missing and gaps appear instead of a stable foundation.

  78. Perspective plays a big part in how we learn through life. If we are open to making mistakes and see those mistakes as moments to learn then we won’t sweat the small stuff. If we see mistakes as an ‘end of the world’ sort of thing and have such a high investment in getting stuff right, then we are done for…

    1. So true.. it’s our investment in getting it right that makes things go so wrong sometimes! When we just relax and let go and allow life to flow, we find that many things naturally take care of themselves, and our part in whatever is needed is much more obvious. When we see the bigger picture, the mistakes become lessons to learn and grow from, without the detour of giving ourselves a hard time.

  79. Reading this I really felt the importance of being present in all that we do as if we are not in lets in many things including doubt. Also amazing that in the past when you have doubted yourself you have stopped, stood in the mirror looked into you eyes and remembered just how beautifull you are. For many when in doubt this is the last thing we want to do .. so truly inspirational and a great reflection for us all.

  80. “That each choice provides me with an opportunity for learning and developing”. I think I’d like to see this emblazoned in the sky every day for every one. A reminder to us all that we are forever students – students of life, students of ourselves, and students of humanity.

  81. Doubt often creeps in when I am not appreciating myself or trust what I feel. It is through our thoughts that doubt enters but when I connect to what I feel in my body this is a powerful way to connect to my true expression.

  82. Absolutely, appreciation is such an amazing tool to bring into our lives, ‘By deeply appreciating who I am and the fact that all that I am blessed with in life is the result of my choices, I realise there is nothing to doubt and nothing to give myself a hard time about. There is just more to celebrate.’

  83. For every piece we let go of more space of who we are returns (we become free of the ill-ward-ways and thoughts we once had created).. So step by step we make more way to whole-way return to the grandness of who we are.. A source of energy truly.

  84. “So I ask myself, why do I doubt me? Why has this doubt been allowed to enter? Well, the first answer that rushes in is that “You weren’t being present, so you made that choice without really feeling what was needed.” ” This is so spot on, when we make a choice in a rush without feeling and connecting to our body, we are going to make choices where the foundation is not solid. I have experienced this many times in the past.

  85. It was great to read this blog, perfect timing. Having made some choices I was going in to a little self doubt. But by reading this, I have come back to my body and appreciated the beauty that I am and connected back to my breath. Knowing that every choice is an opportunity and learning.

  86. There is a new tool in my toolbox which is called surrender. In the face of whatever life throws at me, and whatever doubts I have about a way forward, I know that surrender is needed, and through that willingness I know there is a bigger plan, and it will show itself.

    1. Beautiful Heather. Due to the competitiveness of warfare we seem to think of surrender as a weakness, as a failure when it is in fact a simple allowing of whatever needs to unfold to unfold.

  87. When we change our movement, doubt can come in and try to undermine us. When we stay in the movement of appreciation and the knowing that we all make mistakes and that they are there to learn from, then doubt has no chance.

    1. Well said Gebriele, I totally agree. The power of appreciation, connecting and listening to our body is incredible.

    2. I had a moment this week where I moved in a way that was less and didn’t listen to what I really felt to do, what ensued then was a barrage of any thing and every thing that supported the less and tried to keep it that way. That is when I stopped and went this is not real and I could see that I wasn’t appreciating myself.

  88. Without ‘doubt’ we are left to feel the magnitude of who we are and thus the responsibility that comes with reflecting this to the world so that all others know they are also of this truth and beauty.

    1. Which is why ‘doubt’ becomes the sneaky friend really – it’s a sure get-out clause from accepting this responsibility. That’s the vested interest in belittling ourselves and others – as uncomfortable and awful that this is, it’s a deliberate go-to pattern to not bring the magnificence we truly are to the world at large consistently, in the knowing that the world needs this reflection to remember they are this as well.

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