Ex-Police Officer’s Life Turned around through Serge Benhayon: The Truth about the Lies of Esther Rockett & Lance Martin

INTRO: Serge Benhayon’s work has offered many hundreds of people a way of living joy-full and full lives, and ways of healing to deal with seemingly intractable health issues. Against this background of offering true support and a path to wellbeing, he has been mercilessly attacked by two individuals, Esther Rockett and Lance Martin, who have spread malicious lies about his work and life. If the public is left wondering what to believe in the miasma Rockett and Martin have spread about Serge Benhayon, Ray Karam provides a clear view through the pair’s malodour.

My Life Before and After Meeting Serge Benhayon

When I first met Serge Benhayon 6 years ago, I was a broken down ex-Police officer suffering a number of chronic physical and physiological conditions, as well as having lost any confidence that I could trust people. This was coupled with having an extremely sensitive radar for anything untoward and a hypersensitivity for anything criminal, or anything even with a hint of manipulation in it.

Ray Karam (Age 33) | 5 Years BEFORE Universal Medicine
Ray Karam (Age 33) | 5 Years BEFORE Universal Medicine

Today my health has completely turned around and I live a full and healthy life running a successful health food business Nourish All Of You and also a partner in a number of other businesses in the local area. I have a flourishing relationship with a gorgeous woman who will soon be my wife and with whom I am raising our 5 children.

Ray Karam & Sarah Baldwin | AFTER Universal Medicine
Ray Karam & Sarah Baldwin | AFTER Universal Medicine

I am a fully engaged and active member of my local community and I am president of the Ballina Chamber of Commerce. I constantly work long days that are taken up between caring for the children, my personal relationships, volunteer projects, community meetings, running businesses and supporting people. I don’t drink caffeine or alcohol and work consistent 80 hour / 6 day weeks and don’t look for weekends or holidays to get me by.

I look forward to every moment of my life and love every part: before I would struggle out of bed and would have maybe one good day in seven. Now I don’t even hesitate to get out of bed in the early morning and there is maybe one slightly off day in 30.

I had numerous physical injuries from my days working in the Police force, including my back, my knees and my jaw to name a few: these injuries were chronic and debilitating but are now a distant memory. At one point I weighed nearly 100kgs and rarely sat on the same weight for an extended time, now I have been 76kgs for the past 3 years.

There have been no operations or magic pills, just the support of Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and self-responsibility.

After I left the Police Force I would regularly have suicidal thoughts and for a long time after, anytime anything small went wrong I would feel like my whole life was coming apart. It’s not that my life now isn’t stressful, but at no point in the past 6 to 7 years have I even remotely considered suicide, or in fact had it even as a thought.

I am an extremely warm, caring, considerate, trusted, strong, dedicated and decent man and I am not done yet.

So how would you be able to turn an ex-Police officer’s life around so completely? There would be only one way and that was to show me a clear way of living and then give me the space and grace to choose that way for myself. This is what Serge Benhayon has offered me and still to this day offers me in every way – a clean and clear way of living that supports everything and everyone in it.

I am not alone in this life transformation – I am part of a strong student body associated with Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon who have enjoyed all that Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have to offer – not the least being better health, relationships and overall wellbeing.

Universal Medicine Students
Universal Medicine Students

“I Know a Rat when I See it”: the Campaign by Internet Trolls Lance Martin & Esther Rockett against Serge Benhayon & Universal Medicine

Against this background there are two characters whose online conduct could only be described as morally repugnant and reprehensible. For the past three years Lance Martin and Esther Rockett have attempted to take a cudgel to Serge Benhayon’s reputation and that of his business Universal Medicine, concocting all manner of lies and false allegations spread on the Internet including false claims about charity rorts, money laundering, tax evasion, financial and sexual exploitation, as well as the usual favourites if you are trying to incite an unknowing public – yes, the usual child molestation and pedophilia… they even tried anti-Semitism.

All these empty accusations have been clearly and repeatedly exposed as having no substance whatsoever, and every government complaint manufactured by Lance Martin and Esther Rockett was, as expected, simply dismissed and seen for what it was – empty. In this delusional campaign this cyberbullying duo have pursued their irrational vendetta, accusing Serge Benhayon of all forms of non-existent mind control such as covert hypnosis, and that he is the organiser of a dangerous cult where all those he meets are somehow mysteriously held under his spell.

Side by side photo of woman giving the fingers up and a man about to get into his car
Esther Rockett (Right) & Lance Martin (Left)

Yes, what you read here is the high point of two middle-aged people. When most are settling for a little more depth in reflection and perhaps building some cognition of the word wisdom, these two Internet trolls and cyber abusers are employing and expanding the ways of a schoolyard bully.

One of their key attacks on the integrity of the work Serge Benhayon offers is that he is an arch manipulator and controls all those around him. However, I stand by the fact that there is, and was, ‘no way’ I could ever have been told what to do, or been pushed or manipulated into anything, as I would have smelt it a mile off and been lost. Indeed I am hypersensitive to any coercion or manipulation and generally I have been trained to be suspicious of anyone or anything. I know a rat when I see or smell it.

It is important to put a stop to the lies about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, and since I am in a position where I know the man extremely well – Serge has been a dear friend for many years and has offered me reflection in a way of living that has totally turned my life around in every area, and in addition I have extensive training in law enforcement to know a rat when I see it – so I am clearly in a better position than either Lance Martin and Esther Rockett, separately or combined, to offer a real picture of what is true.

I see a rat and it is certainly not Serge Benhayon.

My Reaction to Being Manipulated or Controlled Since I was a Child

Of importance in evaluating this situation is that I am not someone who has ever been one to be manipulated or controlled by anyone. I am a 43-year-old man that still struggles at times with being told what to do or being put under pressure to do something.

Give me any situation, whether it is at home, at work or socially, if there is any feeling in me of being pushed around or any pressure put on me to do something, then I react. The reaction can be different depending on the individual situation – sometimes it comes out as frustration, other times it is me shutting down so no-one can communicate with me nor I with them, and it has also been me walking away from the situation altogether.

After attending the recent Sacred Esoteric Healing Level 5 presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine in early August 2015 – which “introduces the student to the way in which energy moves in our body and how it relates to the energy centres” and in which students “learn to ‘heal’ any flow that is not in accordance with one’s true evolution” – I was able to look at this reaction for the first time more clearly.

Now when I feel these type of things or reactions I handle them much differently, you could say I’m a completely different man to how I was.

After this course I saw that I had been reactive to feeling pushed around or manipulated since I was very, very young, and this made it really clear to me that these reactions were by no means new or personal to my current situations or people around me at the current time. In other words, for as long as I could remember, I would react noticeably when I felt these types of things – even in the slightest form or manner.

I have since spoken to my mother and father Judy and Bill Karam about this, as I recalled that my Mum had always indicated that she was aware of this. I remember my early school years and the problems that were caused as a result of this. My mother remembers going to school to speak to the teachers when I was in grade 2, out of concern about how I was handling the pressure of school. My mother has told me that she said:

“To the teachers they would have to find a different way with you, that if they ever tried to put pressure on you they would lose you; it was just how you were and you were very unique in that way. You couldn’t be bullied or be pushed around even slightly or on any level. You had an extremely finely tuned radar for this from very young.”

My mother also recalls how I coped with my early schooling and how it shaped me as a person. I was blessed to have such a super supportive mother, as she was able to feel what I was really like, and as she explains:

“I was always worried when you started school because you would put off this hard exterior but you were so soft on the inside. I always thought you were going to get hurt and that people would misunderstand you. You put on the hard outer shell to protect yourself and at times it was very hard to break you down. You were super-sensitive and if something happened it would take you some time to come around; you would just have to be left alone and in your own time and your own way you would eventually come around.”

When I spoke to my mother and father about it, their united answer was, “It was almost like you were born that way.” My parents and I couldn’t put an answer on an exact time or incident that this started, however it was like this didn’t have a start point – it was more that it just started from the start. This for me is also a confirmation of reincarnation, as things like these are carried into each new life and have no physical start point that can be recalled, they just start.

So as we can see that from the very start of my life I have never been able to be pushed, manipulated or pressured to do something, and if there was, or even a hint of either of these, every part of me would know, not an ounce would get past my radar.

It would therefore be impossible for anyone, including Serge Benhayon, to control or manipulate me in any way.

NO Wrongdoing, NO Proof, NO Evidence to Substantiate the Lies Spread by Lance Martin & Esther Rockett against Serge Benhayon & Universal Medicine

I know for absolute fact that there is no evidence of any ‘wrongdoing’ of any kind by Serge Benhayon or Universal Medicine, or any proof whatsoever to back the litany of lies that this cyberbully pair, Lance Martin and Esther Rockett, have spewed forth.

I am living proof that none of what has been thrown by Esther Rockett or Lance Martin is true: otherwise I would have seen it a mile off. Not only would any wrongdoing have been obvious to me, I would also never have stood by and seen a crime committed, for if I did, I would most definitely have done something about it.

In a reverse way I am doing something about the ‘wrongdoing’ I see. If there is anyone I see as pushing people around, manipulating, telling people what to do, bullying and just plain lying, it is Esther Rockett and Lance Martin. I haven’t seen anything they have written yet that I see any other way and my radar for this type of behaviour is sharper than ever.

I have always found that Serge Benhayon merely offers suggestions for his audience to contemplate and find out whether they are true for them or not. I heartily agree with what Alison Greig has stated:

“There is no clear description or proof simply because it is not true that anyone is ‘conned’ by Serge Benhayon’s doctrines – indeed if anyone listened, it would be apparent that suggestions made by Serge Benhayon are only that. It is left to the audience to decide what feels true for them or not.” (1)

Alison Greig | Writer for UM FACTS
Alison Greig | Writer for UM FACTS

I ask the question that many others have also posed – “What are Esther Rockett and Lance Martin really up to?”

It would seem that “misleading and deceiving their audience and the public” is the true simple answer.

I am one of thousands of living examples of the quality of deep care Serge Benhayon brings to every relationship and person I see him with. Prior to being introduced to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, I was a person who was severely and chronically affected in life – both physically and psychologically – playing virtually a non-existent role in the community, and this has been totally reversed directly as a result of my relationship with Serge and Universal Medicine.

Serge Benhayon is without question leading the way in true health and wellbeing, with a reversal of the growing trend towards ever increasing ill mental and physical health in the general population, and with an offering of vibrant sustained health for the many thousands of clients he has treated and continues to treat.

Ray Karam (Age 43) | 5 Years AFTER Universal Medicine
Ray Karam (Age 43) | 5 Years AFTER Universal Medicine

As I have said, control, manipulation and pressure are things I am super sensitive to, yet one man, Serge Benhayon, has been able to inspire me to come back from the brink, having not ever pushed me away. In fact, instead of shutting me down, I am now able to write, speak, present and live in a far greater way than at any other stage in my life.

How has he done this?

Very simply, Serge Benhayon has lived everything that he has said; otherwise I wouldn’t be here. Could he have lied to me? “No way”, and being an ex-police officer I challenged him in every way. Could he have ever sold me anything? “No way”, because from very young you could never push me into anything. Could he have manipulated me? Not in the slightest; I was born with a sensitivity to anything like this and I know no-one would have been able to do anything with me if they had an ounce of any of these traits.

So how has Serge Benhayon been able to not only gain my full trust, but in turn been also able to support me to develop and heal almost all of the things that have not only plagued me in my life, but also things that I have carried from other lives?

Serge Benhayon lives everything that he is and more in every moment.

It couldn’t have been any other way; it needed to be that way for me. I am living proof that everything Serge Benhayon offers is clear of any of the things that have been thrown by these cyber abusers Esther Rockett or Lance Martin in their 3 year hate campaign against Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. I am not seeking to defend anyone or prove anything as a lie. It is simply that I know for a fact from how I am living today, that nothing of what has been said by Esther Rockett or Lance Martin can be true.

Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine
Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine

I could not be the man I stand as today without Serge Benhayon being clear in how he spoke, not only to me, but to anyone and everyone, and in any of his writings.

The reason I have been able to heal to this point and to live in the way I do now is because I have been shown a way to live that doesn’t impose anything on you but allows you to see how it is and how it supports everyone and everything, and then I have been given the grace and space to bring parts of it into my life in my own time. I also could have chosen not to do anything at all, but the results and answers I received from living this way inspired me to go further.

I have done this by my choice and because I have been consistently shown the absolute benefits in every way to everyone.

Serge Benhayon is a true leader, not by what he says but by the way he lives.

By Raymond Karam, Business Owner, Dip. Policing

Published with permission of my parents, Bill & Judy Karam.

(1) UM FACTS: ‘Deception, dependency and dread’ another of Esther Rockett’s fictional accounts: The Myth of Brainwashing Part 3

Ray Karam Raymond Karam is a Ballina based businessman, and father of five school-aged children. A former Police officer of 13 years, writer for UniversalMedicineFacts.com and now the Chairman of the Ballina Chamber of Commerce, he brings a deep care for people and a love of community to all aspects of his life and work.

You can read more about Raymond Karam at www.raykaram.com.au or follow him on Twitter @ray_karam

Serge Benhayon Serge Benhayon is an author and presenter and the founder of Universal Medicine. You can learn more about Serge Benhayon at his personal website www.sergebenhayon.com

Follow Serge Benhayon on Twitter @SergeBenhayon or on Google+ +SergeBenhayon

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