Choosing Preventative Medicine

I have always been an advocate of preventative medicine. Why do we wait until we get ill before we begin looking after ourselves? At that point there’s already a problem, but can it be that we could have prevented it in the first place? Continue reading “Choosing Preventative Medicine”

Recognition is Nothing, Expression is Everything

Recently I have been visiting more social media platforms and sharing the amazingness that is Unimed Living and other sites related to the powerful wisdom brought through by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.  A simple choice to be more accepting, open and engaging in these platforms transformed into a journey that painfully exposed where I was truly at in relation to expression and my relationship with knowledge. Continue reading “Recognition is Nothing, Expression is Everything”

The Power of Caitlyn’s Song

Not so long ago I arrived at my work in the A&E Department of the Hospital when the Ward Manager asked who could volunteer to work for the day in the paediatric ward instead of A&E – to lend a hand as they were short of staff. Although normally I don’t like to move to another department because I don’t like to risk my comfort, that day my disposition was so open and full that I agreed. I went there to find that I had to look after a 14-month-old girl who had been physically abused: she was alone in her cot. Continue reading “The Power of Caitlyn’s Song”

Expression – ‘How Miss Have-a-Chat Found True Expression’

I can chat to you about stuff, most things really, I am a ‘Miss Have-a-Chat’, a hairdresser by trade so I am conditioned to be able to chit chat to anyone however it comes naturally to me. I genuinely am a people person, I like to talk to you… but I have an expression problem. Continue reading “Expression – ‘How Miss Have-a-Chat Found True Expression’”

The Power of Fragility

For as long as I can remember, feeling ‘hurt’ from interactions with others was part of my life. I could easily react to harsh words, behaviours, actions, dismissiveness, abuse, violence, abrasiveness, lovelessness, rejection, arrogance, being controlled, lack of consideration and understanding – really, I could react to anything that was not love. These reactions formed part of my daily existence, pulling me off balance more often than not. Continue reading “The Power of Fragility”

Why Esther Rockett is being Sued by Serge Benhayon for Defamation

By Simon Asquith

Serge Benhayon
Serge Benhayon

Esther Rockett
Esther Rockett

Esther Rockett is being sued for defamation by Serge Benhayon. She is currently telling the internet that she is being ‘silenced’ for being a ‘critic’ of Serge Benhayon’s complementary healing business Universal Medicine, seemingly oblivious to the fact that overt claims and copious insinuations regarding sexual abuse with zero evidence or reason doesn’t amount to ‘criticism’, but to a serious back catalogue of defamatory lies.

Naturally she is crowd-funding her legal defence because she has no money – an advantageous position to be in if you are a troll or someone wanting to recklessly abuse others online, with literally nothing to lose.

But when Esther Rockett, the self-proclaimed champion of freedom of speech, was asked the obvious – namely, where is the evidence of sexual abuse, and why do you cyberabuse and harass the very people that you maintain are ‘victims’ of this imagined abuse –

Her heroic response was to shut down the comments section on her crowd-funding page. Continue reading “Why Esther Rockett is being Sued by Serge Benhayon for Defamation”