Why Esther Rockett is being Sued by Serge Benhayon for Defamation

By Simon Asquith

Serge Benhayon
Serge Benhayon

Esther Rockett
Esther Rockett

Esther Rockett is being sued for defamation by Serge Benhayon. She is currently telling the internet that she is being ‘silenced’ for being a ‘critic’ of Serge Benhayon’s complementary healing business Universal Medicine, seemingly oblivious to the fact that overt claims and copious insinuations regarding sexual abuse with zero evidence or reason doesn’t amount to ‘criticism’, but to a serious back catalogue of defamatory lies.

Naturally she is crowd-funding her legal defence because she has no money – an advantageous position to be in if you are a troll or someone wanting to recklessly abuse others online, with literally nothing to lose.

But when Esther Rockett, the self-proclaimed champion of freedom of speech, was asked the obvious – namely, where is the evidence of sexual abuse, and why do you cyberabuse and harass the very people that you maintain are ‘victims’ of this imagined abuse –

Her heroic response was to shut down the comments section on her crowd-funding page.

Below: a sample of the still unanswered questions that prompted Rockett to shut down her comments section. Click on the picture to enlarge.

OZ Crowdfund Esther Rockett

Normally I would not feel to comment on that forum, but since Lance Martin personally invited me to the conversation by naming me in his comments I naturally felt it polite to respond. I was intending to post this on that page before she silenced her critics, but it seems her bravado about wanting public debate vanished when it came to the crunch. Since she has closed her comments I will post it here instead.

Esther Rockett:
something that seems to me to be glaringly obvious through your entire career of blogging this subject online is that if you actually had any proof, if you had any real evidence, if any small number of the many things you have accused people of had an ounce of truth – and really think about all the things you have said or insinuated over the last 3 years – then why have YOU not taken anyone to court?

Why have YOU not had charges pressed?

Why have the authorities not stepped in and acted on all your evidence?

All those Government complaints against Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine (almost 30 in total costing hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars) and really, no result?

With so many things that you maintain have been lies about ‘poor little Esther and Lance’ by the ‘big bad cult’ – why have YOU not taken action? I thought you could easily prove that what has been written by students of Universal Medicine about yourself and Lance is all lies. Your compelling ‘evidence’ would surely stir the masses to contribute to fund your legal costs? Why are YOU not taking legal action instead of the other way around?

As far as I am aware Serge Benhayon has publicly stated why he has waited three years to take you to court – and it was a very good reason. Here it is if you want to read it again:


So why are YOU waiting?

Sexual abuse and inappropriate touching of hundreds of people?
Tax evasion?
Grooming of young children?


Or maybe you have taken action? Somewhere Esther you mouthed off about the police being very interested in the pictures from the healing manual that you count as undeniable evidence, yet what strikes me as interesting is that if the police were conducting some kind of investigation, or were remotely interested, would they take kindly to Esther Rockett continuously shouting accusations from the rooftop on social media about the very thing they are investigating?

As you have recently said yourself:

‘The authorities WILL NOT ACT to stop Serge. All we have left is public exposure. If I don’t do this no one will. No one.’

Correct NO ONE ELSE WILL, because there is NOTHING TO ACT ON.

Clearly, all you have left is the manufacture of public outrage; an outrage you desperately try to drum up with a deluge of baseless accusations and absurd cries of victimisation while in the same breath abusing and vilifying countless innocent people (including teens).

And every time your lies get exposed, and every time your ‘questions’ get answered, as they do continuously here:


you rant and rave and deflect and play your games with each other on your little blogs and twitter (with the 9 or so of you that there actually are, cloaked under various cowardly pseudonyms including Darkly Venus, Lord of Form, You know who, Pranic Princess and Nobody’s Bitch).

Esther, your telling everyone publicly that you are being harassed for simply “asking questions” may have worked if you didn’t have the back catalogue of incoherent and vile anonymous rants captured for all time that you now have to live with… and that really brings me back to my point:

Are yours and Martin’s actions genuinely those of the concerned citizens you are now desperately trying to play yourselves off as? Setting aside the fact that all of these claims are completely concocted, having no basis in truth, if you were genuinely concerned about “dozens and dozens” of families you say have been devastated, or children supposedly in harm’s way, or people being forced to live on a “death diet” (oh please, pull your head in – take one look at a picture of me and a picture of Lance Martin and tell me whose diet will kill them quicker?) – then why did you not talk to the police? To child welfare? Why did you both choose instead to blog with your real names hidden for two years until we exposed your identities? Why did you choose to be anonymous – with multiple personalities? To make a game of the many, many people you say were in harm’s way? Why did you desperately try to enlist people who would say they were ‘victims’ of your imagined crimes with promises of tabloid TV appearances, as if it were a casting call?

Lance Martin
Lance Martin

Simon Asquith
Simon Asquith

For three years Lance Martin has blabbed on about his ‘file’ – his famous file of evidence that only he is intelligent enough to understand – holding on to it as the great white hope he pulls out every time you get questioned publicly.

“We have seen evidence to the contrary” – Ohhhh… he tells us of all the people who have seen it and all the supporters you have…

And yet this undeniable evidence never seems to surface . . . a comment about it here, or a text about it there.

Take it to the police.
Take it to your local member.
Put it up publicly to be seen by all.

If you want to shut this whole thing down, save all the ‘devastated’ families and children, have justice take its course – THEN STOP TALKING ABOUT IT AND DO IT. TAKE YOUR EVIDENCE TO THE AUTHORITIES AND HAVE THEM ACT ON IT.

Prove that I am wrong.
Show the authorities what you have and get them to act as they see fit.
I dare you.

But no – you keep it safely locked away to leverage as much diversion as you can away from the flimsy grasping nature of the lies you have made your life about, rather than have it exposed for what it truly is.

Again – if you were really concerned about families and children then why not simply and quietly take your evidence to those that can follow due procedure and on the back of your “undeniable proof”, let justice be done?

Why not?

Because this whole thing is purely and simply about Lance Martin getting revenge.

You have stated it publicly many, many times. Your aim is to ‘bring Serge down’.
That’s it.
Nothing more.
Nothing less.
All you want to do is get as much attention for yourself as you can.
You are seeking publicity because you have nothing else.

your wife left you.
She is actually doing much better now.
Get on with your life and it could be the same for you.

Deal with it.

All of this time and energy is a complete waste.

Esther Rockett will not win in court – that is ridiculous.
On your blog a small group of anonymous lackeys are woohooing and cheering like Serge is on the stand for some great crime against hundreds of people and this is your great moment.

Wake up!
He is not.
Esther is being sued for the ridiculous, vile and entirely baseless things she has said. That’s it.
It’s that simple.
You say you can prove what has been said is reasonable opinion. Good luck.

Time will tell.

Esther, in your own words:

‘but at every stage it’s me that’s instigating complaints and questions and pushing the politicians… Mostly me and mostly alone, working full time at this at my own expense, while I have a day job and my own responsibilities. I then get accused of trying to aggrandize myself.

The complaints would have a whole lot more clout if it wasn’t just one or two of us writing these letters.’ Esther Rockett

No one else making any complaints?

No real victims.

But really, as a word of advice; if you had spent the time you have on these blogs and running around doing everything you have been doing (which hasn’t actually achieved anything I might add except for inspiring the Universal Medicine student body to be more active and visible for the incredible changes they have made in their lives) – if you had been working and doing something to contribute to society instead of pretending to be 3 or more different people and badmouthing hundreds of people you know nothing about at any opportunity you can – then you wouldn’t be trying to scrape together 12 grand to defend yourself in court for your actions.

The hardest thing to deal with in the world is that we create our own reality.

Even the names of the supporters on your crowd-funding page (which let’s face it, the anonymous ones, if your track record and blog sites are anything to go by, are probably you and Lance trying to make the impression there are more supporters than there actually are) have joke names. You think it’s a joke. Sniggering away to yourselves in your little club. What a dose of reality is about to come crashing down around you.

If you don’t manage to raise the money, let me know. If I could actually stomach giving you money after the way you have behaved, I would be the first to chip in. I want to see this heard in court. I am sure there are many in the student body that want to see you reach your crowd-funding target too. We hope you get there. Good Luck. We are all looking forward to seeing this unfold in the Supreme Court.

With Love,
Simon Asquith