Choosing Preventative Medicine

I have always been an advocate of preventative medicine. Why do we wait until we get ill before we begin looking after ourselves? At that point there’s already a problem, but can it be that we could have prevented it in the first place?

The World Health Organisation states that an unhealthy diet and physical inactivity increases the rise of non-communicable diseases (e.g. diabetes, heart disease and cancer).

This calls for some serious reflection about our lives and the responsibility we all have to make choices that contribute to ensuring our bodies remain healthy. We can so easily ‘coast’ in comfort when we are feeling well. We tend to take it for granted we will stay well but when ill-health or disease happens, we have an opportunity to observe how complacent we have become about our health and wellbeing.

There’s no point nagging anyone to not smoke or drink alcohol, eat less or look after his/herself more – we have to want to make these changes. We can all feel it in our bodies if we choose to be responsible for our good health and wellbeing. No one is perfect, but we all get our body’s messages – the choice is whether to listen to them or not. How many of us ignore the signs and continue living with disrespect for the body.

We make choices every day without realizing it, but it is possible to look in detail at the choices we are making in our everyday lives and to discover the consequences of these decisions.

There is a way to tune into raising our awareness of what we can feel in our body. It could be quite simply to start with a gentle ten minute walk each day where we can begin to observe how we move, how we walk, or talk. When we walk in gentleness, tenderness and appreciation of our bodies, we can begin to feel how that can determine the quality of the energy in which we live our lives and the choices we then make.

We really can start to feel into what the body wants by listening to the messages it sends us.

Do we consider that any amount of alcohol has a harming effect on the body? Anyone who has drunk large amounts knows how the body feels the morning after – maybe we have a headache, feel sluggish and lethargic – not a feeling of wellbeing at all! The liver has to overwork and it takes hours or days to sort out the poison we’ve put in the body.

We know how we feel when we go to bed too late; we get overtired and are then weary the next day because the spleen hasn’t had enough time to regenerate our energy. We can choose to fall asleep on the settee, or stimulate ourselves with caffeine and sugar to push through… or we can simply choose to go to bed earlier instead! We know how nurturing this feels – what a treat it feels like in the body to honour that feeling and have an early night.

The body is all knowing and whatever our beliefs or thoughts are, every new day is an opportunity to understand and learn more about how the choices we make can affect our health and wellbeing. It is interesting to look at what we might be choosing that causes us to feel tired or exhausted, or why we’ve overeaten and feel bloated. Have we stopped to consider that our digestive system has to cope with all our various food choices? Is it possible for us to make better choices by feeling what to eat rather than eating on autopilot or eating for the sake of it?

Why have we learnt to behave in this way? We have developed habits of behaviour and made choices for many reasons, but it seems we don’t want to look beneath the surface and are burying emotions because we don’t want to feel the discomfort of them. But when we allow ourselves to feel the discomfort, we have an opportunity to let them go – these emotions are not us.

Changing very simple behaviour patterns so we look after ourselves more on a daily basis, to feel what to eat and to support ourselves in a loving rhythm, is the way forward if we want to experience true health, wellbeing and vitality. When we look at these issues lovingly, without criticism of ourselves, we can move on. We can choose to stay the same for our whole lives or we can make different choices to evolve.

I have made all of these loveless choices in the past and know them all too well in my body. To maintain better health and wellbeing I have chosen to make some simple changes and have felt an immense difference in my body and how I feel as a result of these changes.

I chose to cut out gluten from my diet and no longer feel bloated and have much more energy. I felt a difference when I chose to cut out dairy, realizing how I was using this for comfort and to bury emotions I didn’t want to feel. By avoiding these emotions I wasn’t giving myself a chance to heal these hurts. I no longer drink alcohol or caffeine as these dull my senses and stimulate me rather than support me. Now I prefer to drink peppermint infusions and feel to go to bed when I’m tired.

These foods and substances simply serve to cause discomfort in our bodies; I found that consuming them merely distracted and numbed me, as well as avoiding looking at other areas of my life that needed attention. This supports my body and despite working a long day, and being over retirement age, I regularly feel full of life and vibrant the next morning.

I am finding that taking care of my body nurtures and supports me to live in good health on a daily basis. I feel so much more energy and vigor in my body and no longer feel the highs or lows of the erratic choices I used to make. I can feel my immune system has been boosted and I have a greater resistance to coughs and colds. Whilst it is a continual journey of unfoldment, and listening to what my body is telling me, I am committed to living in such a way that I will continue to look after myself to maintain my good health and well-being. It’s not to say I’ll never get ill, but I can feel the difference that these new choices are making to my life.

When we listen to our bodies, we can make different choices before we suffer from an illness or a disease. It is truly possible to prevent ill health and live our lives healthily with great joy and vitality. Preventative medicine works!

With grateful thanks to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for lovingly showing a different way to be and to live.

By Gill Randall, A beautiful Woman, Physiotherapist Grad Dip Phys, Banbury UK

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1,044 thoughts on “Choosing Preventative Medicine

  1. You can only get away with disrespecting and disregarding the body for so long before you start to pay the price, therefore the level of health we hold is often up to us more than it isn’t. You are living proof of the power of our choices in preventative medicine.

  2. ‘Every new day is an opportunity to learn more’, we are in a continuous cycle that offers space for us to learn from our past choice. When this truth is lived daily we are choosing evolution as our preventive medicine.

  3. In my experience, preventative medicine is not something we do well at. And when we do, it often comes from fear of not wanting to get sick, rather than a loving care for ourselves. I have found that when I do things for my health, just because I am worth it, it has such a positive outcome on how I feel. It is like doing preventative maintenance on your car because you love it and enjoy a seamless ride, rather than waiting until wear and tear stats to show.

    1. The quality that we’re choosing when looking after ourselves is what determines how supportive those choices are – are we doing it to tick a box and out of fear of getting sick, or because we really love ourselves and because taking care and being gentle, firm and loving feels amazing?

  4. The responsibility to make wise and loving choices is indeed ours Gill and the quality of these decisions directly impacts on our quality of life. I love what you have expressed here, thank you;
    “The body is all knowing and whatever our beliefs or thoughts are, every new day is an opportunity to understand and learn more about how the choices we make can affect our health and wellbeing”.

  5. It’s true, there is absolutely no way anyone can preach to anyone else regarding lifestyle choices. We are responsible for ourselves, and every choice we make contributes to the quality that will then be observed and felt by others. This is the only way we can make a difference.

  6. It really humbles me that there’s much we can do to take care of our body, and I think I do my best most of the time, yet my body still has to choose an illness/disease or any other kind of way to discard what I have been accumulating. It’s not that I am doing anything obviously ‘wrong’ in a way to harm my own body, but holding back on love in which I hold myself seems to have a detrimental affect on my body – as our body is totally of love.

  7. You make a great point here, amongst many, about needing the will to heal to be present before any true healing can occur. This highlights how important developing a self-loving and caring relationship with our bodies is, but before this relationship can develop we must value who we are, be willing to be honest with ourselves and appreciate that we deserve to live with the utmost love, care and respect. For through our bodies we are constantly guided to know what choices are supporting us to live lovingly or what choices are actually harming us. All we need to be willing to listen to the truth presented, as our bodies never lie. As living in this way is preventive medicine at its greatest.

  8. There is no doubt in my mind that every single one of us has a huge responsibility as to caring for our body, and “choosing preventative medicine” is the choice that will make such huge changes in our health and the quality of our lives. Taking gluten, dairy and sugar out of my diet when I was 50 was one of the most self loving decisions I ever made and my body repaid me in so many ways. After struggling with heath issues for all of the 50 years suddenly my health began to improve and the endless exhaustion I lived with was slowly replaced with an unexpected but most welcome vitality.

  9. This is a great line Gill “every new day is an opportunity to understand and learn more about how the choices we make can affect our health and wellbeing.” I find this approach also quite a joyful way to live! Each day is an exploration of simply listening to my body and honouring it, learning as I go along as to what works for me, so I can support myself to live with vitality and harmony.

  10. I don’t think that anyone can seriously deny that the huge leaps in western medicine have not been good for our health. However, they have had the side effect of making us somewhat apathetic, and this is perhaps best seen in the rise of preventable illness and disease, such as diabetes amongst other things. For the most part, we know what to do, but seemingly lack the will to do it. The truth is, we can have a comfortable life, which actually comes with certain discomforts that we accept as part of the price we pay, long as they don’t get to overwhelming. And so, we accept being overweight, as long as we don’t have a heart attack. The alternative is to look for a true life, which when connected to and realised brings with it the true vitality we crave for. However, it too has its own discomfort in the way of tension. That is to say, the more you reconnect to your true essence, the more a strain you feel with the rest of life, and with those aspects of life that are no longer compatible with what you live. It is the inability to deal with this tension that has stopped many an initiate from living true to what they know to be true, instead succumbing to the comfort of what is ultimately an uncomfortable, but familiar way of life.

    1. The illusion of comfort being comfortable is like a thick fog that clouds the eyes and hearts of those not wanting to see or feel the truth of life – that we are living far less than the brilliance and magnificence of who we truly are. We can attempt to sooth the tension all we like, but it ultimately leads us further away from our inner and universal truth and into more discomfort – which leads to more seeking to relieve and sooth.

  11. The expression ‘preventative medicine’ is built upon a defensive sort of image: I will move in a particular way to avoid becoming sick at some point. This is, of course, a very welcome thing. Yet, what about living in a way that does not only prevent becoming sick but also increase our wellbeing? The expression preventative medicine falls short of the mark for this one.

  12. The more we choose to take care of ourselves the more we start to understand and see that what we thought was ‘fine’ and ‘normal’ before, was actually the start of all the sickness we see. And so there is no end to us refining our life and cleaning out the parts that are no longer right. Thank you Gill for this timely and medicinal reminder.

  13. “How many of us ignore the signs and continue living with disrespect for the body.” Great question Gill, the signs are always there yet it often takes a big stop sign before we are willing to look at our choices and the impact they are having on our body. Once we start with an honest look at how we are living we can begin to open up our awareness and build a relationship with ourselves so that we change our choices to respect and care for ourselves which builds and sustains our self-worth in the process.

  14. Our health and wellbeing are the results of all the choices that we make on a daily basis. Taking responsibility for our part in the creation our ill conditions and choosing to make loving changes to what is not working in our lives, will go a long way to healing our ill conditions.

  15. I agree Gill, preventative medicine works when we take responsibility for our health and well-being and by making choices that support us through listening to our body and building a steadiness and rhythm towards true health and vitality.

  16. When we choose comfort to sooth the pain or seeming hurts or discomforts we are also choosing to not feel the vastness and amazingness of who we are. We can’t numb out only one aspect of life – it’s all or nothing. So, even though somethings may not be so nice to feel, the grandness of who we are and what we are connected to far outweighs the hurts.

  17. ‘It’s not to say I’ll never get ill, but I can feel the difference that these new choices are making to my life.’ And you will look after your body in a different way when you’ll get ill, you feel the responsibility for your own health and wellbeing and I’m sure you will choose the medicine and care you’ll need to truly heal the underlying cause of what your body is communicating through the illness.

  18. We huff and puff about difficulties and discuss dramas at great length, but do we truly want to change? Or is the uncomfortable reality that these patterns and behaviours have become ingrained to the point we actively prolong and hang on to them? Hmmm…this is not so comfortable as we think. Thank you for this simple reminder Gill that if we truly let go and open up, change will come and Love us up to the hilt.

  19. “There is a way to tune into raising our awareness of what we can feel in our body.” – There is and it is very natural to all of us to be able to do this, just perhaps something we’re not so used to doing, none the less it is very enriching to re-connect with the innate wisdom of our whole body and develop bringing that intelligence to our daily lives and choices.

  20. we have the opportunity open to us more than ever before to connect to the greater realms within – and our body is our doorway to that connection – and love is the key to open that door.

  21. There are many behaviours that we exhibit as human beings that one could rightly say are unloving. However, this is not to be judged, but merely understood. The revelation that is key to understanding human behaviour is that much of it can be attributed to our dis-ease with the ongoing tension with life, and our lack of willingness to try to understand the root cause of that tension. And rather than do that, we seek relief in its various forms to counter that. Ultimately, what is not understood is that this tension arises not from the stress of modern day living, or all the outer things we like to think causes it (although they invariably add to the problem). Rather it is due to the fact that as human beings we are not living according to our highest nature – that of The Soul – and nor are we living according to our true energetic essence – which is that of Fire. And so, there is a tension created by not honouring who we truly are. This goes to the core of the esoteric teachings and goes a long way to understanding human behaviour. If you live from this understanding, and don’t merely apply it as knowledge, it makes it far easier to be accepting of people and less judgemental of not just the world, but oneself for making choices that are obviously to our own detriment.

  22. I am in absolute appreciation of the solidness – from your own choices in your way of living Gill – that every word here is delivered from. You deserve to be presenting on this – the grand wake-up call for us all in taking real and impactful responsibility for our own health and well-being – far and wide.

  23. Choosing to live the love that we are is the best medicine – thank you Gill for such a beautiful reminder of how we can simply support ourselves with more loving choices and enjoy the benefits of greater health and well-being that this brings to us.

  24. “The body is all knowing and whatever our beliefs or thoughts are, every new day is an opportunity to understand and learn more about how the choices we make can affect our health and wellbeing”
    This is awesome Gill, there is no need to beat ourselves up or criticise or judge ourselves, we are simply learning and if we choose to listen to our bodies our lives benefit enormously. Like wise if we don’t choose to listen we so to need to live with the consequences.

  25. ‘I feel so much more energy and vigor in my body and no longer feel the highs or lows of the erratic choices I used to make.’ This flies in the face of the current ill-health statistics around the world where so many are getting sick because of their lifestyle choices at younger and younger ages. The fact that you are working hard past retirement age and feeling greater vitality as a direct reflection of your choices is a great example of the benefits of preventative medicine.

  26. Having been unwell for the last few weeks I am being offered an opportunity to explore my choices on a deeper level and reflect on the complacency I have been living in that has allowed me to ignore signs from my body that all was not well. This has been a real wake-up call for me and it is lovely to feel the steadiness with which you share your journey of making more supportive choices for your body and how this is constantly evolving. Thank you Gill.

  27. What the mind says it wants and what the body says it wants can be two very different things. It is only by bringing our awareness to our bodies and listening to what they want that we are able to truly bring preventative medicine into play.

    1. We are bombarded with marketing for health foods and drinks, super foods, the next thing that really works but unless we truly listen to what supports our bodies we are at the mercy of fads and google to tell us what is good for us, none of which is true.

  28. Our lifestyle choices are making us sick and they include how and what we eat, our sleep patterns, what we drink, how we move – everything contributes and either heals or harms the body we live in.

    1. Yes and we can go beyond that and say that everything choice we make is either healing or harming as it goes far beyond the physical body.

  29. I feel the most powerful part of your blog is your description of your self as a beautiful woman. That is truly preventative medicine, to know yourself as the divine beauty we are and claim that in how we live, whether we have a disease or not is not the determination of feeling well.

    1. Yes, if we accept our divine beauty, which we all have, then we cannot help but make loving choices to support that beauty.

  30. When we have been in disregard of our health for a long time it can seem overwhelming to make the necessary changes, as there seems so much we have to change. However, it does not have to be overnight. In fact, it is not possible to make all the changes that we know that would be beneficial to do so as it would be too contradictory for the body to handle. What instead is needed is to make the choice to be preventive and take one step at a time. With each step we move forward the self-sabotage patterns drop away.

  31. To feel what food is doing well in the body and which not is a great way to build a truthful foundational relation with ourselves.
    If we feel that we eat something what makes us feel heavy for example and we choose to stop taking that as a loving decision to ourselves, in stead of some outer reason like how we will get less fat etc, we start to really honor ourselves. Then our body will start to give more clear signs for the next step.
    I learned from listening to my body in this way how it supports me to build an honest relation with myself and trust more and more also about what I feel when I am with people during my day.

  32. It is the wanting to change that is key, once we have that will the rest is actually simple and changes can be made very effectively and long term. I feel that that will is most effective when we are inspired and can feel that something else is possible without that we just carry on doing what we have always done.

  33. There is always a cause for an effect, and so we should be focusing more on the cause and not almost entirely on the effect, as western medicine is today.

  34. Even when the want is there to make changes it can still take time to really turn around ill ways of living. Taking a step back and looking at the ‘why’ factor – why those ill choices are being made in the first place is necessary to changing our ways.

  35. This feels very different to the majority of maintaining health and well-being articles out in the world that focus on the supplement, the food, the exercises. While all very important their reasonings and logic come from the mind that at best can appear convincing with facts. Whereas here what you’ve presented is that our feelings from our bodies know best when the food is needed, what exercises are required, how and when sleep is needed, no outside study or science required if we are our own scientists studying/observing our bodies.

  36. In truth we have a total lack of connection to our bodies and have lost touch with our immense beauty and divinity in that process. Once we reconnect to this quality within then looking after our body is natural.

  37. Years ago I when asked to donate to cancer research there was a lot of guilt imposed upon me because I did not want to donate. I simply didn’t see the point of spending so much money on looking for cures to cancer. Why do we focus on curing when we could look at why we have cancer in the first place? What if me made the shift towards preventing cancer?

  38. “Why do we wait until we get ill before we begin looking after ourselves” – great question and in fact we are ill long before we even acknowledge we are ill (often many, many years) so the situation is much worse.

  39. I agree nagging does not help if people do not want to look after themselves – not wanting to take care of ourselves is already an illness in itself.

    1. A good point Nicola. If we feel unworthy and don’t love ourselves then we may give up and don’t bother to look after our body. This then becomes a vicious spiral downward. And nagging serves no purpose at all – for either party. However seeing a reflection of someone who does care and love for themselves and others, may be enough of an inspiration to enable changes to be made. It is always our choice.

      1. I completely agree – reflecting another way gives another a choice and is awesome for us too!

    2. Reflecting our own level of self care for others to feel is a beautiful gift. We are all free to make our choices and it is by way of reflection that we get to question whether the way we are living is actually working.

  40. “We really can start to feel into what the body wants by listening to the messages it sends us.” I so agree, yet as you state, we often don’t look after ourselves until we get ill. And even then, when we are ‘back to normal,’ we carry on as before, despite that often predicating the reason we got ill in the first place. ‘Prevention is better than cure’ has been a long-established motto – and so true.

  41. If there was nothing telling us that the choices we make for our body were harming, why would we stop? And why is there harm? because the universe has a certain order, the body has an order, and if we don’t fully live it then we are in dis-order.

  42. Our bodies certainly do speak loud Gill. The saddest part I have found is the way my spirit will take a supportive act and turn it into a hard and punishing thing, just by twisting the true intention of it. That is why it’s such good medicine as you say to come back to our body, our cells and connective tissue. It can’t be fooled in the same way our mind is prone to.

  43. Smoking and drinking are so obviously harmful to the body and yet we continue to do both, often to access and even using alcohol as a way to celebrate. It makes no sense.

  44. The more I am listen to my body and refine what I eat the more my body shows me. Our bodies speak very loudly when we give them permission to speak.

  45. It seems our health care systems are not about health, but treating illness and diseases. We are already unhealthy when we go to the doctors. The missing link surely must be to educate all of us including our medical professional on how to live in a way that helps us stay well in the first place.

  46. When I look back at my life, it’s like a series of news flashes I have received then attempted to completely deny. Like a super stubborn mule I have fought the realisation that’s come my way, till the day life irrefutably makes it clear it’s true. How long do I have to continue on this way? Your words here Gill make it stark – if the truth is clear, embrace it with your whole heart right now. Don’t make war with Love only to begrudgingly surrender.

  47. “We really can start to feel into what the body wants by listening to the messages it sends us.” – and in my experience this is well worth doing for our body gives us a true marker for the consequences of our actions or choices, and contains a wisdom that knows what is truly supportive for us, which can change and develop over time and isn’t bound by beliefs or comparing ourselves to what others do…

  48. For me its not preventive medicine, living a loving, caring ,nurturing life, can be our normal human way of living . Of course it works out to be preventive for we are not living in a way that pulls in the correction of an illness that manifests in our body because we have abused our body. Acting on the listenings of our body will prevent abuse and therefore prevent some of the illness.

  49. Responsibility is a key part of preventative medicine, being responsible for how we choose to live, and the choices we make in every second constantly affect our well being.

  50. A good point Gill, why are we content to ‘coast’ through life until we really have to look at the way we are living and our lifestyle choices that may have contributed to an illness, disease or situation to make us stop and take stock. Choosing to deepen our awareness and listen to what our body is really communicating is the way to building true health and well-being.

  51. It is strange and a distortion of the meaning of self care that we consider not drinking alcohol or taking chemical substances that alter our natural state as being a preventative measure. Would it not be more simple to consider that choices such as what we consume either harm or support our bodies.

  52. With the advancement of Western Medicine we have become lazy in our own self-care and become reliant on doctors to ‘fix’ our ills. Even if that was achievable, which it is not, is not far better not to have the problem to be ‘fixed’? As you say Gill, ” It is truly possible to prevent ill health and live our lives healthily with great joy and vitality. Preventative medicine works!’

  53. Life is set up in a way for us to avoid responsibility and succumb to the perils of what normal is, However, it is through our livingness that we realise that we have true choices to be all of who we are and that is true medicine.

  54. Just reading this feels so yummy, my body is already feeling how lovely this feels in anticipation, ‘or we can simply choose to go to bed earlier instead! We know how nurturing this feels – what a treat it feels like in the body to honour that feeling and have an early night.’ Yes, it is so nurturing.

  55. Lifestyle has an enormous part to play in our health, so much so that our life and how we live it is part of our medicine, good or bad.

  56. It is so true that making a different choice before our bodies get sick totally supports us in the long term. And I look at this as choosing either a healing energy or a harming energy. It is not just the things I do but the quality I allow in that makes a difference.

  57. Preventative medicine will be the only way medicine is truly delivered in the future, whilst it may seem a pipe dream the reality is as a humanity we will have no choice. Although the wise choice is not to wait until we have no choice as my experience of taking care of myself has huge benefits.

  58. Taking responsibility of our own health can be simple, I always hear people complain that there is not enough time to exercise on a regular basis and look after themselves and so nothing gets done until the body starts to talk louder and louder through aches and pains. Preventative medicine is the ways we can support ourselves through activities that will nourish and balance of our bodies in order to deal with the demands of life.

  59. What a great choice to make, ‘We really can start to feel into what the body wants by listening to the messages it sends us.’

  60. Bringing in a way of living that honours our body is being responsible, and this contributes to our health and well-being.

  61. Thank you Gil, this is a beautiful reminder that it never works when we lecture, pull or push other people to be a certain way. The only way forward for us all is to make loving choices for ourselves – this in its own way creates a pull. And likewise within us – do we lecture and harrang ourselves? Or do we trust the body and focus on the way we move? As you show everything begins and ends with our body’s groove.

  62. For something that makes sense, to care for our bodies, why we don’t is there to be examined and debunked. We could find ourselves then with not just a healthier society, but one that can understand and accept the ways of another.

  63. Our bodies are truly so amazing and it really is tragic how badly we treat them. It makes sense we are so often stopped with illness and disease.

    1. Yes, that is particularly obvious with chronic diseases where it is well-known how much our lifestyle is responsible for their onset.

  64. Responding to the messages the body constantly shares with us is the beginning of true and lasting healing opportunities that also bring a deeper awareness of energetic responsibility and integrity in our daily living way.
    “Changing very simple behaviour patterns so we look after ourselves more on a daily basis, to feel what to eat and to support ourselves in a loving rhythm, is the way forward if we want to experience true health, wellbeing and vitality”

  65. When we choose to not take loving care of our bodies we are laying the foundations for ill health and are also denying the important role that our body plays in our evolutionary journey here on earth.

  66. You’re absolutely spot on Gill when you say we have to want to make changes for ourselves – someone else telling us just won’t cut it. So often we only start doing this once our body has had to break down in such a way in order to get our attention and clear the abuse and self-neglect we’ve heaped on ourselves. So we make changes from the reaction to this, but in that at least we are woken from our arrogant slumber and realise we have responsibility to care for ourselves. But what if we start to care for ourselves before anything breaks down. The body is then supported to be able to work at optimum level, in harmony. What is then possible?

    1. Really great point Lucy. You remind me that I can be on the front foot when it comes to my health, the potential of this approach is incredible. It’s also worth appreciating everything we do to support our bodies on a daily basis. Every choice counts.

  67. We have barely started looking at preventive medicine – the techniques that have been researched are rudimentary only.

  68. What I love about preventative medicine is that we are the ones that administer them. They don’t cost us anything and we prescribe them by our own choices.

  69. Gill I love what you say, especially here “I feel so much more energy and vigor in my body and no longer feel the highs or lows of the erratic choices I used to make.”. the erratic choices were my every day and it’s so beautiful to have the consistency of choices and living without the ups and downs.

  70. We are looking to western medicine to fix all the ills and disease that our disconnected and irresponsible lifestyles are creating. In other words we just want what we want with no concern for the consequences for our health and wellbeing, then when the cheque is presented we look at western medicine to pay. And we look to politics to set up laws and regulations that will make us behave differently. What if we looked at ourselves? And the choices we make knowing they are not good for us? What if we start to be responsible for our own health and wellbeing and choose the best preventive medicine there is: listening to our bodies.

  71. There are many choices that we can make… In the question of food it is a constant choice every day many times a day and the choices that we make have such a direct impact upon our bodies and our health. You can see this as a burden, or an incredible opportunity to realign one’s focus and purpose every day.

  72. Great points made here Gill. Back when I used to drink alcohol I would go to work hungover as I knew the sickness I felt was ‘self inflicted’. Now after many years of not drinking alcohol and taking far better care of myself I can see that every illness I experience in my body is in fact self inflicted. This doesn’t mean I need to push myself or judge the choices that got me where I am when I am unwell. It simply gives me an opportunity to examine my relationship with my body and the impact my choices are having on my health.

  73. What is actually in the way of choosing preventative medicine in the true sense is pure arrogance that considers itself to have the right to be ignorant.

    1. Perfectly said Alexander. We are wilful in our arrogance and even when things do go wrong and even when cancer is 1 in 3 we hold the belief that it will not happen to us.

  74. We are masters of delay. That can only be the explanation for living with the wilful ignorance that we currently do on mass.

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