The Beauty of Being Honest

A few days ago I woke up feeling very light, rejuvenated and relaxed… and it was only 2am. I realised that this was exactly the same feeling that I had gone to bed with the day before. I had not specifically done things differently, but had simply been very honest with myself, letting myself not be guided by my thoughts or knowledge, but by what I was feeling. Continue reading “The Beauty of Being Honest”

Stopping Un-favoured Feelings – Choosing Love Over Anxiousness

Having just read a great blog on anxiousness, I was struck by what the writer (Carmin Hall) was saying – that you can’t just block out one feeling and expect to feel others: it’s like saying you don’t want to see the colour green but you do want to see all those other colours you like, which of course wouldn’t work as the only real way to avoid seeing green would be to operate in a monochrome world – so no green, but no blue or pink either. Continue reading “Stopping Un-favoured Feelings – Choosing Love Over Anxiousness”

Appreciation – A Pathway to Love

I have spent most of my life giving myself a hard time. If something went wrong or if someone got upset, I would be the first person to put my hand up thinking it was my fault – even if it wasn’t. I have been very quick at putting myself in the doghouse, so to speak. This has been a pattern that I always remember having; it has been my normal. Continue reading “Appreciation – A Pathway to Love”

Behind Closed Doors

Have you ever walked the streets in your neighbourhood and wondered what is going on behind those closed doors; with the people living isolated and separated lives behind them? And have you ever considered how much we have separated ourselves from one another and the many horrific things that happen behind these closed doors on a daily basis that no one would know about? Continue reading “Behind Closed Doors”

Esther Rockett – Fictions from a Prolific Cyber-Abuser, not a ‘Health Blogger’ or ‘Health Activist’

INTRO: Serge Benhayon has commenced legal action against Esther Rockett for defamation in the Supreme Court of New South Wales after a three year cyber abuse-campaign. Esther Rockett misleadingly describes herself as a ‘health care activist’ and even ‘child safety advocate’, however the reality of her conduct on and offline and the complete lack of any history of contribution in these areas would, to most reasonable people, exclude such descriptors. This blog explores Esther Rockett’s footprint.

For 3 years Ms. Esther Rockett has been busy writing and producing numerous blogs, and having read them all we can categorically state that not one single blog has been about supporting health or wellbeing, a fact that is not only odd but very revealing for a person who refers to herself as a ‘health activist’ and was recently referred to by one misguided journalist as a ‘health blogger’, apparently willing to accept Rockett’s own misleading self-appointed titles without checking the facts.

Esther Rockett’s Campaign to ‘Bring Down’ Serge Benhayon & Universal Medicine

In reality, Esther Rockett is not a ‘health activist’ or ‘health blogger’, she is a prolific cyber-abuser who has and continues to run an unjustified pretty much one-woman online campaign with one agenda – to “bring down” Serge Benhayon, his business Universal Medicine and anyone associated with it.

She has used blogging platforms and social media to attempt to garner support from anyone who may be sympathetic to her cause, has made numerous false complaints to government bodies and used the media to attempt to discredit and humiliate Mr. Benhayon, his family, young adults and teenagers and participants of his workshops or attendees of his complementary medicine clinic in Goonellbah, near Lismore NSW.

Esther Rockett
Esther Rockett

Serge Benhayon
Serge Benhayon

Continue reading “Esther Rockett – Fictions from a Prolific Cyber-Abuser, not a ‘Health Blogger’ or ‘Health Activist’”