The Gentle Breath Meditation™ & Discovering my Inner Self

I practised (and subsequently taught) Yoga for many, many years before finding my true inner self – my inner heart – the part of me that is connected to, and one with, God. I did not find this inner self by looking to something or someone outside of me, which I had been doing to no avail for many years. No, the answer was inside me all the time! Continue reading “The Gentle Breath Meditation™ & Discovering my Inner Self”

No Longer Living with the Expectations, Stress & ‘Doing’ of Working as a Hairdresser

I have worked as a hairdresser for most of my life, a role I found to be always busy and in high demand, and one where I placed extreme expectations on myself. Not only did I do this in the workplace but also at home, even though at the time I believed that for me work and home were two separate things. Continue reading “No Longer Living with the Expectations, Stress & ‘Doing’ of Working as a Hairdresser”

Love in a Nutshell

After dinner we decided to have some walnuts that, although dating from last year’s harvest and looking dull on the outside, still tasted magnificent. One of them split exactly in half and what we saw brought joy-full laughter and a deeper understanding to our dinner table.

Continue reading “Love in a Nutshell”

What True Fashion is About

For most of my life I have been seeking to present myself through the way I dress. I had endowed clothes with a power to express for me what I did not take the responsibility to live. I have never bought very expensive clothes, but I have certainly been through many different styles in my life, which I sought to perfect. If I had allowed myself to feel the disharmony in my appearance, I would have had to feel that I was living in disharmony and this would have exposed the comfort that was keeping me from seeing this truth. Continue reading “What True Fashion is About”

The Gentle Breath Meditation™ – How It has Supported Me to Feel Again

I was introduced to the Gentle Breath Meditation™ through a friend. I noticed a clear change in how he looked in his face, and his body was more at ease: I asked him what he had been doing and he said the Gentle Breath Meditation™.

Inspired by the changes I saw in my friend, I decided to go and see what it was all about by attending regular meetings where the Gentle Breath Meditation™ was held. I found this meditation allowed me to re–connect back to myself, to my body, and to feeling again. Continue reading “The Gentle Breath Meditation™ – How It has Supported Me to Feel Again”

To Rush or Not to Rush: That is the Question

Recently, in a session with an Esoteric Healing practitioner, I was asked the question: “What would it feel like to not have the rush in your body?”

This simple question has changed my life because I knew the answer was – it feels delicious when I am not rushing.

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