Love in a Nutshell

After dinner we decided to have some walnuts that, although dating from last year’s harvest and looking dull on the outside, still tasted magnificent. One of them split exactly in half and what we saw brought joy-full laughter and a deeper understanding to our dinner table.

The amazingly beautiful heart-shaped nut – sitting so well-preserved in its shell – for me was a symbol that inside everything, love is the essence. An essence that will always be preserved and can be revealed, no matter how thick the shell might seem.

Love is deeply nurturing and like the walnut seed, a magnificent tree can grow from it: tall, strong, deeply rooted, prepared to withstand any winds and magnifying the love from this little walnut seed by bringing forth hundreds of walnuts, all of which have the potential to grow into magnificent trees.

Not one tree will look exactly like the other, and yet they all are the same; differing a little in their growing habit, their genetics and the external appearance and the flavour of their fruit, but all are walnuts. They all have the same cycle of life and in their essence, stem from one seed.

This reminded me a lot of love, which is our essence. We sometimes hide this love underneath a thick shell of hurts and protection, but this love inside is always there.

If we prepare the soil, it can root and let us grow into more than we ever thought would be possible.

There is such an incredible potential in this small seed of love. The hard shell around it might sometimes not appeal to us at first, but what I have learned from yesterday’s experience is that it is always worth looking underneath for the essence – not getting distracted by what my eyes first see.

Thank you to Serge Benhayon for the inspiration to constantly read what I meet in life and thank you to Felix for so gently opening this walnut and thus revealing the treasure within.

 By Michael Kremer, Personal Assistant, Buchholz, Germany

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