Esther Rockett is no Expert on Universal Medicine – A True Family Story about Universal Medicine and Parenting

Esther Rockett has been making false accusations about Universal Medicine across a huge range of topics with zero qualifications, experience or actual information and facts. Yes, Esther Rockett, self-appointed ‘child safety advocate’, ‘cult expert’, ‘health care activist’, and who also seemingly pegs herself as a ‘patient advocate’, ‘freelance writer’, ‘consultant on relationships, religion, social media, culture, the arts and human rights and justice’ – did I leave anything out??? Oh yes… ‘expert’ on child psychology and learning development as well as Universal Medicine parents and children.

Esther Rockett, self-appointed ‘child safety advocate’, ‘cult expert’, ‘health care activist’
Esther Rockett, self-appointed ‘child safety advocate’, ‘cult expert’, ‘health care activist’…

Regarding the latter, Esther Rockett has made baseless and meaningless accusations against the parenting practices of those who attend Universal Medicine events and choose to live the religion The Way of The Livingness. Esther Rockett has no qualifications or experience for her assertions about Universal Medicine students and their parenting, however, like in all other areas where Esther Rockett demonstrates her complete lack of expertise, this does not hold her back in her ridiculous commentary and completely false claims about what Universal Medicine presents. She writes:

“Universal Medicine is actively recruiting girls as young as 8.

This post, and others online and on Twitter that make false accusations such as this, as well as this Twitter post falsely claiming:

“Universal Medicine childrens’ self esteem so low they believe they’d be out of control and on drugs if not for UM”

all completely misrepresent the facts.

The last posting was all Esther Rockett could offer to critique the impressive 15 year old Susie Williams, who had presented that although a large number of her peers were abusing drugs and alcohol and suffering mental health disorders, she was, through the essential guidance that she had found in Universal Medicine, thriving.

Susie Williams
Susie Williams

Rockett’s malicious posts offer no ‘child safety advocacy’ let alone any real or true insights into religion, culture, or cults, or any of the other titles she affords herself; or indeed what it means to be a parent and to live in such a way that is inspired by the teachings and philosophy of Serge Benhayon – that is, to be living The Way of The Livingness.

As I observe, there is only one title of Esther Rockett’s that her posts support, and that is as a consulting expert in ‘toxic relationships’.

Yes that’s correct, because through these vile and ill-informed posts Esther Rockett (and those who share and re-Tweet them), build a ‘story’ that spreads and creates a toxic wasteland that harms both those who read them and those they are directed at, and in this case such posts cause significant harm to children. Here’s why:

  1. Esther Rockett has very little basis to make such claims that Universal Medicine is a religion that teaches that girls shouldn’t participate in sport or dance, listen to non-UM music or read non-UM published books… including Harry Potter.”
    Esther Rockett Legal Defence-06Jan16

    Most of Esther Rockett’s information is drawn from misquoting information in Serge Benhayon’s books, and in publishing these misquotes she creates the significantly false notion and idea that if a person follows The Way of The Livingness and they have children, that those children are living in a highly controlled environment, weird, not in step with their peers, judgmental, reclusive and socially isolated.

    None of these statements are true.

    Myself, and all other parents I know who are also living in this way, have never banned our children from participating in anything. My own children have attended circus, dance, art and acting classes, music lessons, science and technology workshops, writing and film-making workshops, played with game consoles, seen live theatre, have listened to the music of their choice… and guess what? They have both read all of the Harry Potter books and seen the movies – multiple times! We’ve also been to the Harry Potter studio tour in the UK – and just to make sure that this is not overlooked, I am a dedicated student of The Way of The Livingness.

  2. It is also not true, nor does any evidence of any such practice exist, that “Universal Medicine actively ‘recruits’ girls as young as 8.” I would like to know exactly what they could possibly be ‘recruited’ for? My daughters and others are nurtured in loving homes and what is presented is no more than this. Making statements suggesting there is any such activity – and I might say with no reference to how this is being done, or whether it could even be possible – is particularly harmful to my children, and their friendships with their peers.
  3. Rockett’s ridiculous claim that children whose parents live the religion The Way of The Livingness suffer from extremely low self-esteem has to be examined. Again, what does Esther Rockett base this upon? One significant point that cannot be ignored is that there are no socially challenged teens she could possibly find to support her ridiculous claims. The only young person she could find and accuse of self-esteem issues was an independent, intelligent 15 year old who had observed that her peers at school, who had not had the benefits she had of having a close and unequivocally positive relationship with Serge Benhayon, were struggling. In contrast she was a young woman who described herself as “a healthy, fit, dedicated, bright, caring, joyful, mature and confident young woman, who is showing a lot of her friends and peers what it means to truly live life.”

    Clearly this young woman has no self-esteem issues whatsoever. However, Esther Rockett, pseudo-psychologist and pseudo-child development expert, redefines ignorance in her twisting of her words to suggest that this young woman suffers low self-esteem.

    As a mother of teens I know the young woman’s observations about the terrible state that many young people find themselves in and the pressures to use drugs and alcohol to be true – not because Universal Medicine or Serge Benhayon tell me so, but because I am an active member of my community and I speak to other parents and teens from varying backgrounds about what they observe in life, what troubles them and what inspires them.

True Parenting Inspired by Serge Benhayon & The Way of The Livingness

I first met Serge Benhayon in 2005 and he and his family have been a constant source of inspiration for me in the way that I approach parenting and relationships. The Way of The Livingness has inspired me to take my parenting to a new level, and to give my children the space to be more of who they truly are. I parent a child with special needs and one that has a chronic medical condition: I have had many troubled nights in hospital with them, at times pushed to the brink and felt exhausted by their condition and the system in which we seek support.

Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine
Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine

Universal Medicine has offered true complementary health care to my whole family through this entire period.

We as a matter of course use conventional doctors and specialists, none of whom are Universal Medicine trained but equally and in their own right, people of high integrity and care, who have not once been dismissive of our choice to complement their treatments with modalities offered by Universal Medicine – and who have commented on numerous occasions on the maturity of my children, their capacity for deeply philosophical thinking, their kindness, wisdom beyond their years, and compassion.

My children have been identified as leaders amongst their peers for possessing these qualities. I will not elaborate on their medical condition, only to say that the modalities have truly supported their overall wellbeing and that has been recognised by highly respected specialists who have noticed the benefits.

I have never banned anything in my household.

The Way of The Livingness inspires my family to openly discuss current world events, issues that are affecting them and their peers… we discuss what it means to be responsible in life, we discuss consequences of actions, we discuss choices…

And yes, they are still teens and sometimes they don’t like being presented with the concept of choices and consequences, but nonetheless at the end of the day they appreciate that they have parents who are willing to love them enough to go there and to trust their capacity to choose. They make mistakes, we all do, but at least they are not shamed because of them, they are encouraged to learn and evolve as people.

My children choose not to listen to certain types of music, not because they are told not to or judged if they do, but because they actually don’t like it. They read the lyrics and let themselves feel the music in their body and freely discuss such things with their friends: they look carefully at the marketing of products aimed at their generation and they make powerful and positive choices as consumers based on the messages they themselves draw from that. Discussing such things with their peers is completely normal.

‘Our Family is a Normal Suburban Household’

There is a real risk however, that through the comments continuously made by Ms Rockett, that if my children or I discuss anything with our friends this could somehow be construed to be some way recruiting on behalf of a cult – such suggestions are categorically untrue and extremely harmful. My children have never been forced to read any books written by Serge Benhayon, and they have full freedom to come to that if and when they choose to, and I will love them equally regardless of their choice. No one is compelled to be anything other than who they are.

Jennene Greenall
Jennene Greenall

We have a very normal suburban household and The Way of The Livingness supports our family to look at life deeply, to connect with life and people in a way that is responsible. Rather than needing to read dozens of parenting books or do positive parenting programs, The Way of The Livingness connects us with our inner wisdom and so leaves us un-imposed upon to make our own choices, to feel our own consequences in parenting and indeed in all our relationships.

Living Religion Requires a Commitment and Dedication that Everyone Benefits From

We have friendships that extend beyond those that I have formed with others that practice this way of life and they are equally as deep and meaningful. Living religion is about developing a quality in the way that you live, it is not about preaching to others. Living religion requires a commitment and dedication to developing this quality that involves being committed and dedicated to life – to see and feel everything, to develop a relationship to deeply understanding all that life presents you with.

The Way of The Livingness is not about hiding in a community of people on a compound with vacant stares, drinking tea and meditating, or some magic remedy to the trials and tribulations of life. For me The Way of The Livingness and living its principles means speaking up, being involved, sharing the understanding we develop with no requirement that anyone else be swayed or engaged.

The Way of The Livingness
The Way of The Livingness

Most importantly, living religion and The Way of The Livingness for me has been sparked by being inspired by Serge Benhayon, his family, my friends and colleagues and in allowing myself to be fully engaged in life – whatever it presents – there is a great joy in that. My family, my teenagers and my community all benefit from that.

By Jennene Greenall

Jennene Greenall Jennene Greenall enjoys her family life, work as a complementary health practitioner, advocate for Asperger’s Syndrome and 2e students and initiating projects which bring together her community.
Serge Benhayon Serge Benhayon is an author and presenter and the founder of Universal Medicine. You can learn more about Serge Benhayon at his personal website

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  1. It is easy to sit on the sideline and criticise. I have yet to see Esther Rockett have the courage to stand up and present what she actually stands for. She is too busy throwing stones and belittling other’s beliefs and way of living. She is no health advocate. She is at best a critic, and an ill informed one at that.

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