True ‘Intelligence’ – ‘Giving up’ and Reclaiming

I always found schooling, be it writing, speaking, singing, (or any form of expressing that was asked of me in this context), to be super squashing.

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Seeking Connection in Techno Parties

Recently I had the chance to re-visit a scenario that for a few years was my normal. I went to a techno party with a couple of friends who were visiting from abroad; one of them was DJ-ing for a couple of hours. Continue reading “Seeking Connection in Techno Parties”


When I was a child I never had to worry because I always had something that looked like a big chunky lump of glass with me, and this was my greatest treasure.

It was fully mine and easy to take with me wherever I went. No one was jealous or wished to take it away from me, as they could not see any worth in it. Continue reading “Preciousness”

Appreciating the Stillness Within and Sound Around Me

I recently had a moment where I felt for the first time how there could be absolute stillness within me amongst the many sounds of life: cars, trucks, planes, television, people, children, animals, you name it, there is constant sound that goes on around us. Continue reading “Appreciating the Stillness Within and Sound Around Me”