Healing Hurts

Reading a blog by Anne Hishon ‘Feeling Vulnerable – Feeling me, I found myself totally agreeing with her words: “When I make a choice to bury how I am truly feeling, I miss an opportunity to heal the hurts/wounds that are sitting in my body and that just does not make sense.”

I saw that in the past when I have been emotionally hurt I would put my tail between my legs and try to ignore it by hiding from the source of the pain.

With physical hurts, surface wounds and aches, I immediately attend to them, seek some form of medical attention, be it a band-aid, antiseptic, visit to the doctor, medical practitioner, dentist or whomever the professional is that I feel is the most suitable for the required treatment.

There is no way I would just let the hurt go uncared for, as I know this would leave the ailment to fester and make me feel very unwell. So, why wouldn’t I ‘treat’ myself in the same way with my emotional hurts and reactions?

I am now realising that I can attend to them immediately, as I would a physical hurt. The treatment I’ve discovered is to lovingly support myself, very gently, and stay with what I am feeling.

What I choose may be as simple as giving myself a little space to ponder and be with me, or speak to the person with whom the hurt has come up and open up to them about how I am feeling. It could be that I seek wise counsel from a friend or professional as required.

The main point is that I don’t turn it on myself and continue to compound the hurt by adding the fuel of uncertainty, self-doubt, self-criticism, resentment and anger toward myself or the other person.

We are so worth caring for, healing all our hurts, emotional or physical. There is no separateness to how we truly benefit from treating ourselves and each other when it comes to caring for our wellbeing.

We are precious beings that deserve the utmost love and attention at every moment, in whatever way is needed.

With a forever deepening appreciation to Serge Benhayon,  his presentations and the sharing of life, love and wellbeing.

By Sandra Williamson, Brisbane Australia, Hairdresser

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  1. “The main point is that I don’t turn it on myself and continue to compound the hurt by adding the fuel of uncertainty, self-doubt, self-criticism, resentment and anger toward myself or the other person.” This is when we really begin to hurt the body by adding more reactions to the hurt and letting it spiral out of control. I’ve been there myself many times so I appreciate all you have shared here to care for ourselves and treat ourselves preciously.

  2. When we bury things do we take them to the grave? and maybe with an understanding of how we are to pass-over we can celebrate life! Then in our passing over phase of life we have a celebration and as they are still with us everyone can express, leaving no one with whom we do not feel complete. So our next incarnation will be free of any hurts as we get a chance to dig up the rubbish we have buried by openly expressing the Truth!

    1. If we were taught that reincarnation is a fact then maybe we would change the way we live our lives? Maybe we would live a more responsible life knowing that how we live will impact the next life to come. So is it possible we don’t want to believe in reincarnation because everything would change and is it possible we don’t like responsibility because then we are accountable?

      1. Absolutely True is reincarnation, and being responsible sets us up with good karma (accountability) to live our next life from our soul-full-essence.

  3. This is a great approach Sandra, to honour our hurts and take appropriate action to support ourselves, similar to how we would immediately attend to a physical wound – “The treatment I’ve discovered is to lovingly support myself, very gently, and stay with what I am feeling.”

  4. Treating emotional hurts with the same immediacy as a physical ailment is really such common sense, though it is like not being able to see one’s own nose.

  5. “When I make a choice to bury how I am truly feeling, I miss an opportunity to heal the hurts/wounds that are sitting in my body and that just does not make sense.” Every time we choose to bury more of our hurts our body has to deal with it, and eventually if we choose not to deal with them they expose themselves through illness and disease, well worth taking the time to heal our hurts.

    1. It’s very true Sally, it could be that the more hurts we bury the more they accumulate in different parts of the body, including our organs, and place pressure and stress on the body.

    2. Sally this is true if we know the hurt is there but many people are carrying hurts from past lives that they have no awareness of. So is it possible that it is these hurts that are buried deep into the energetic part of our body that then gets exposed as an illness or disease? I remember being taught at school that energy cannot be destroyed Human-beings are made of energy and so through reincarnation that energy comes back into a different body with all the imprints from its previous lives.

    3. Hurts buried and left to fester inside is like having a raw infectious wound somewhere in the body, both of which could have consequences further down the line.

    1. Wise words Andrew – for how many times do we carry hurts that we pretend are not there or have never addressed? If we could see them as little post-its attached to us, we would be like billboards walking around, and yet how simple it is to sit with the hurt and acknowledge that it is there and then hold ourselves in love to feel it and let it go. So simple, and yet it feels so difficult initially and hence we ignore them or worse yet bury them deeper.

  6. The more understanding and awareness we can bring to our lives the less hurt we will feel, if we can understand that what another chooses while it may directly impact us does not mean that it was or is about us. If we can begin to read what is going on for people rather than living only considering ourselves I suspect that we would get hurt a lot less.

  7. A beautiful self-help remedy to heal emotional hurts and reactions to not let them fester but treat them with the same prompt care as any physical hurt.

  8. Dealing with emotional hurts as they arise asks us to be truly honest about what the hurt is and what truly caused the hurt in the first place; as we slowly unravel our feelings we are often surprised by how small the hurt actually is and yet how big we have made it.

  9. By nature no one is ever their hurts. With this being the case it highlights how deeply damaging and extremely retarding it is not no only live with a hurt but be convinced that it is in fact who you are.

  10. Although it sounds crazy I used to indulge in hurts! Like drag them on and on and on thinking that the hurt was me .. I was the hurt and that is all I could feel. A hurt is an energy that we allow in through a reaction it is not innately part of us and so easy to let go of. My lesson – to respond instead of react and when I do react to deal with this quickly so I no longer drag this on and on and on and on. With thanks to Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon in helping me to see and feel this and so much more, more clearly.

  11. What would it be like if we could see our emotional hurts just the same way as the physical ones? Then not only would it be harder to ignore them but maybe we would start to actually deal with and address them an emotional hurt is just the same, if not worse, as a physical one. They still affect the body and our wellbeing in a harming and very detrimental way if left. However, this is not sci-fi stuff in fact it is super simple for us to do this using our clairsentience and having the willingness and honesty to go there and feel what is there rather than ignore, deny, hide or bury it .. and far more self-loving for us to do.

  12. So true – a non-physical hurt gets left unattended more often than the physical ones and we all know how so many of us carry our childhood hurt well into the adulthood, if not to our grave.

    1. We deserve to treat ourselves with preciousness, ‘We are precious beings that deserve the utmost love and attention at every moment, in whatever way is needed.’

  13. Thank you Sandra, this has so much common sense to it, especially how we attend to a cut or physical ailment immediately so why not an emotional hurt? “We are so worth caring for, healing all our hurts, emotional or physical.” Very true.

  14. To not attend to a hurt and go into resentment, self-doubt, anger and judgement is like putting salt in an open wound or forcing yourself to carry something heavy with a broken arm. Probably no-one would even consider that, yet with emotional hurts it is exactly what we do.

  15. To ignore the fact that we can get hurt in many more ways than just physical will make life very hard to understand as we are and this at times changes how we feel and act.

  16. Sometimes the simple acknowledgement “I feel hurt” is all that is needed to begin that healing process. We can go on forever pretending that we don’t feel hurt and therefore burying even deeper the hurt we are feeling. They all start to compile then. Acknowledging that we feel hurt give us some needed breathing space.

    1. I agree, Jennifer. Pretending that something doesn’t hurt or even worse shouldn’t hurt doesn’t start the healing process. Awareness, honesty and acceptance are crucial ingredients.

  17. When we hold onto our hurts we limit the amount of love that we receive and we express to others. Learning to let our hurts go is a deeply healing experience that opens us up to feeling more of who we truly are.

  18. Very true, as we do care for a physical hurt we need to care for our emotional hurts as well as otherwise, they will wear us down just like physical hurts would do.

  19. I loved the simplicity of what you shared Sandra, not to allow our emotional hurts to be buried or allowed to fester, but to treat ourselves with tenderness and love for the precious beings we all are.

  20. In healing the non-physical wounds and hurts in the same way as we care for ourselves with physical ailments makes so much sense for healing the whole.

  21. It is so important to understand that we are always worth being deeply taken care of, no matter what we have done or the situation we are in, deep care and love are the foundation for all wounds to heal.

    1. Thank you Esther, it’s true, we don’t need to be conditional at all with our own self love.

  22. Our hurts have never served in the long term and the sooner we get to realise they are causing issues in what ever-way the simpler they are to heal. When we realise our loveless ways have taken a foot-hold we can then look at the root cause and undress it so we can get to where we can heal that issues from the inside out. In being more Loving we are bringing a way of living that responds to situations so we do not take on ill energies in the first place.

  23. Emotional hurts stay in our body affecting our future movements if we do nothing about them, or if we simply opt for finding relief. By doing either nothing of trying to cope via relief, we say yes to them and the come to live with us.

  24. By not feeling our heart, and so being in a reaction to them in whatever way — we actually foster and make them more thick than they in truth are.. Once we feel our hurts, feeling the roots and having understanding for them, we can start letting go of them which gives us only more space to ourselves to truly be..

  25. So very true Sandra – we would not leave a physical wound festering, why do we do the same with the unseen wounds?

  26. Thinking about this more, I love how the physical body makes us feel a pain or discomfort. There is no getting away from it and in terms of feeling well I can outrightly say that it’s easy to feel. This blog beautifully illustrates to me that they are the same – emotional and physical hurts. I’m also understanding, with the reminder of this article, that we need to feel the hurt to heal it- whether the cut finger or a childhood hurt. If we pretended that we hadn’t cut ourselves and just walked around doing what we were doing before, then the pain would no doubt increase as we hurt the wounded area even more with the movements of whatever activity we were doing. It may even get infected or the wound would open even more. Either way we are not healing it if we don’t feel it.

  27. When we are physically hurt, we stop immediately. We might sit down and give ourselves a moment to see if we are okay, to check the damage and to tend to ourselves. If it’s a cut then we stop immediately, drop what we are doing, find the source of the pain, check the damage, get the appropriate dressing/ plaster. We absolutely recoil from the thing that just hurt. How many times have we dropped that knife when we have cut ourselves chopping, jumped back from that table we just walked into. how vocal we can be about that hurt, If we stub a toe we might even hop around while shouting about the pain. I always want to tell someone about it, even days after.

    No amount of theatre stage makeup could be used to show the wounds- bruises, cuts, burns, strains etc – that we inflict on ourselves every day. But we stay silent and we don’t show it. In fact we try our hardest to hide it.

  28. This is a very beautiful and sensible way to look at our emotional hurts, they deserve as much attention as any physical wound, because as you describe, when they are not tended to they fester and become worse or might leave you with very hard and even more hurtful scars.

    1. So true Esther, as all we have to do is look at what is happening in the world with mental issues including anxiety being on the rise. So could it be this is the festering of our “emotional hurts”?

  29. In the past I have refused to acknowledge so many hurts to others and even to myself. As you say it is so much better to not let them fester, where there is always with the possibility of misunderstandings happening and further damage being done to relationships.

  30. Hurts affect us far more than most realise, many times they are buried and not even obvious, it is paramount to heal and let go of our hurts.

  31. Yes Anne we are so worth caring for and that can be in a multitude of different ways. I never used to see it as beneficial to feel my hurts. I would want to bury them, or pretend I did not feel them, or make it about the other person. Feeling them now gives me the opportunity to face what is truly going on and heal, so that I can bring closure to the issue.

  32. Such a timely reminder for me that hurt won’t go away just by ignoring or burying it and pretending as if it is not there, it needs to be looked at and healed.

  33. “We are precious beings that deserve the utmost love and attention at every moment, in whatever way is needed.” I so agree Sandra. Yet, like you I had a tendency to bury my emotional hurts, which of course returned at a later date to bite me. Nowadays I give myself the time to deeply feel the hurt, yet not wallow in them . Also to ask for support if needed – tho this has taken a long time to manifest! When we feel precious and worthy why wouldn’t we want to address everything that gets in the way of that?

  34. I completely agree we are all very precious and deserve the utmost love in whatever way is need, whether it be confirmation, appreciation, rest or a kick up the backside metaphorically speaking.

  35. No different to clothing or dirt that needs to be removed from a wound emotions can cover hurts. Being with my body and accepting the hurt/tension is here with me rather than crying, getting emotional, angry or judging what I feel there is space for the feeling to clear. And sharing it with another in a way that doesn’t want it to be covered in sympathy or ‘push through and ignore it’ type conversations is a great way of ‘airing out’ hurts

  36. It can be much easier to tend to our seen physical hurts rather than our ‘unseen’ emotional hurts.

  37. It is indeed very interesting to see the difference how we act on physical and emotional hurts. Does this say anything about our relationship with life? that we give precedence over the physical in the ignorance of the energetics that we live with too and in fact are the the forerunners of the physical. We are in ignorance of a reality to life and do not to take our responsibility to that level that belongs to that way of being, in fact we are rejecting it greatly.

  38. As with physical wounds, it’s very hygienic and liberating to feel the healing of the emotional hurts. It’s worth to offer the same importance to all of them, as their healing has a clear impact in our true welbeing

  39. Essentially this blog is about responsibility and taking care of ourselves and others to the level of truth-full energetic responsibility. We cannot expect another to fix an issue for us without us equally making the effort to do so ourselves. We can all be honest and deeply open to ourselves and how we are feeling and this is the first dose of true loving medicine we can take. Guaranteed to support in any condition. Maybe not the symptoms but certainly the underlying cause.

  40. Thanks you Sandra, for the timely reminder that we ALL are precious, every singe one of us, all of humanity carries the spark of the divine, and everyone of us can return to the full fire of love

  41. The choice to heal our hurts is life changing in so many ways – to honour and respect ourselves in this way deepens the relationship and connection within ourselves that always offers us a beautiful opportunity to evolve.

  42. The greatest hurt is when we are not living the love and truth that we know we are. There needs to be deep understanding and patience in that, the process of this return is not instant, but the awareness of it and our willingness to take every step with love, is a step closer to being ourselves again.

  43. Emotional pain often hurts so much more and for so much longer than physical pain that it really doesn’t make any sense that it is not cared about in the same way.

  44. It’s a great question to ponder – why we don’t treat emotional hurts with as much care as we do physical ones. When asked in this way, there is no rational explanation and yet we have come up with a saying to help us dismiss and bury the hurt even more ‘what the eye doesn’t see the heart won’t grieve’. How damaging is that!

  45. What a great analogy most of us wouldn’t walk around with a bleeding wound as it is messy, likely to get infected and we know that we will get weak and die if we keep losing blood – so why do we do that with emotional hurts which have similar consequences just we don’t always see them so clearly.

  46. Thank you, Sandra for your reflection of what Healing our Hurts means and what it can truly offer us.. A full healing in self-integrity and relationships with all people (including ourselves).

  47. As we have to learn to notice we have hurt our body physically: seeing the blood, feeling the pain etc., we also have to learn to notice when we feel hurt from experiences or what we see in our day. I noticed that when I am feeling not myself, can’t feel my lightness and joy, get reactive to others, am snacking around without feeling satisfied and start to beat myself up for everything I do whether it is good or wrong, I know I have felt hurt about something and let it in without clocking it. Nominating the right hurt is the only thing that then helps me feel myself and lightness again, the other unsupportive behaviours fade away naturally after that. It is pretty amazing.

  48. Such great point Sandra which for me illustrates just how far we have descended to living in a world that only believes what we see. Yet in fact we do know and deeply sense that there is more to us than meet the eye. Bringing our attention and honesty to our emotional hurts when they arise, what lies underneath them is what will allow us to heal and let them go. As this will greatly free us to then live in a way that is far more real and truly reflective of who we in essence.

  49. I agree totally with what the article is saying here and also reflecting on how we are, how I am at times with physically ‘hurts’ or injuries. I have watched myself and others push through the pain and not really give myself the direct attention I need. I still see this and whether it be a sharp pain, a scratch or an ongoing aliment many of us learn to live with things in place of taking more and more care of them. This is more evident as you get older, it would seem more things go wrong while at the same time maybe they are things that haven’t been dealt with at the time and now they are literally all catching up with you. I would say there would be a link between dealing or not dealing with actual physical hurts and deeper more energetic hurts. If we took the time to care for one then possibly it would be the same for the other.

  50. When we choose to let go and heal our hurts, we are given an opportunity to really surrender and allow space for the new to present, for their to be clarity and openness to what is next.

  51. Healing hurts and letting go of our pains is super important. We let go all that is simply holding us back from loving or harmony – which is extremely healthy I would say. Observing in my job as a nurse this is a very needed subject to address in life on physiological and physical level.

  52. Thank you , Sandra, that is beautiful, a confirmation that we can heal our hurts by embracing our feelings, allowing them to be, accepting them , and appreciating you being you with them .. so eventually that which is not you, the hurt itself, you can let it go.. What a wonderful way of approaching life and your own choices & hurts. Very very cool, lots to work with, if we apply this wisdom into our lives.. Inspired by the works of Serge Benhayon.

  53. “We are precious beings that deserve the utmost love and attention at every moment, in whatever way is needed”. How true your words Sandra. The question I ask myself is “how can I not care for this precious being in every way shape and form”.

  54. From my Livingness I have felt many pains in my body and I can fully appreciate that pain is a marker of healing. As I appreciate what my body is sharing and the deeper my levels of healing have become the less physical pain I get in my body.

  55. Sandra I often see myself and others hiding how we feel as if there is a right or wrong way to be, instead of accepting ourselves exactly as we are and in all that we feel. There seems to be a pressure to put on a certain face, be polite etc, but what we have ended up with is a not very real environment within human relationships and our relationship with ourselves, and a lot of human pressure cookers. Bottling up what’s really going on never works. Starting to be open with ourselves in a loving, gentle, and understanding way is a great start. I can’t help but feel that the sense of wrongness we can have about how we feel can lead to quite a rough, hard and neglectful attitude to our needs and at a time when we need our own love and care the most.

  56. At present I am working on how to treat myself as the most dear and precious partner I could imagine, going 1 Billion % for this relation. And this “treating our emotional wounds” thing fits beautiful in it as a new piece of the puzzle: if this precious partner would get hurt or an old hurt would appear then I would immediately stop and take care of this hurt/wound. Which I haven’t done so far. But from now on, I will. Thanks for the inspiration, Sandra.

  57. Hear, hear. We are indeed precious beings that deserve the utmost care and respect. Therefore not treating an emotional wound the way you describe is pure abuse and should be regarded as such. Thanks Sandra, for highlighting just another part in my life where abuse is present where love should be brought.

  58. Sometimes a hurt is so big we cannot treat it ourselves. Just as with big physical wounds, you would go to a doctor to get surgery. With an emotional wound you would seek help from a skilled practitioner, the one who you know is specialized in helping you heal your wound. As each practitioner has their own skills and qualities it is important to seek the right practitioner for our wounds, Just as you would go to heart surgeon when you have serious heart problems and not to a lung doctor.

    1. That’s very true Willem, as sometimes the emotional hurt and situation we have faced is too big for us to make our way through on our own.

      1. There is a big trick in here: you don’t know by qualifications if a practitioner is the right practitioner for you for that particular issue. It could very well be that the practicioner we seek is exactly the one that hasn’t dealt with that particular hurt or issue themselves, making it impossible for them to help us, even the opposite because they will support the behavior that is the result of not having dealt with that hurt.

  59. It is gorgeous to see and treat ourselves as precious beings who deserve the deep care and love you offer yourself. It is crazy that we would we deny ourselves this at our own detriment, when healing is only a loving choice away.

  60. I observe myself to be really defensive when a big hurt is touched. Especially with regard the rejection hurt, which I “picked up” in my youth. To really let myself feel the hurt, and not go in to any form of defensiveness is my way forward, where I practice the biggest understanding of my behavior, and also not accepting unloving defensive behavior as it remains a choice to go into it or not.

  61. Our physically hurts tends to heal very quickly as our body is amazing at this but our emotionally hurts can stay with us for our whole life if we do not choose to heal from them. Our physical hurts heal naturally with love and care yet our emotional hurts requires us to take responsibility for the healing process which no one can do for us. It is ultimately up to us to embrace this responsibility to heal.

  62. Sometimes a hurt is so big we cannot treat it ourselves. Just as with big physical wounds, you would go to a doctor to get surgery. With an emotional wound you would seek help from a skilled practitioner, the one who you know is specialized in helping you heal your wound. As each practitioner has its own skills and qualities it is important to seek the right practitioner for our wound, Just as you would go to heart surgeon when you have serious heart problems and not to a lung doctor.

  63. Thank you Sandra for the much needed reminder to deal with our hurts, instead of burying them, which in the long term end up being a physical illness if not dealt with. So long term it does us absolutely no good what so ever to not address our hurts, and it keeps life so much more simple.

  64. That is the right blog for me to read at this moment, Sandra. Thank you! Indeed why do I take care of of my physical wounds immediately and let emotional wounds open, unattended? The attending of an emotional wound is indeed stopping and looking and feeling into what the wound/hurts looks like what caused and then treating it, myself or by means the support of a practitioner. Thank for reminding me, bringing it to my awareness. Now to live it.

  65. Great blog Sandra – it is quite ironic that when we are physically hurt we seek treatment to heal the issue at hand but yet neglect to be equally attentive to our emotional hurts and reactions that we more often than not do not seek support to heal. As I write this I also cannot but wonder how much the accumulation of these unresolved hurts and reactions impact on our long term physical health too.

  66. Staying with what we are feeling, especially when it comes to perceived hurts, is super important. If we don’t, we go into the reaction to the hurt and that, in my experience, doesn’t feel great at all and usually involves some behaviour directed at ourselves or others or both. And it buries the issue deeper into our body only to come up again, sooner or later, with the same intensity and pain.

    1. Thank you Gabriele, it’s a great comment you have made about how staying with the hurt we feel breaks the cycle of it constantly being re-buried and reappearing.

  67. What I noticed happens when I bury a hurt is I go into denial, pretend I wasn’t hurt as a form of protection, but this creates tension in my body and I then express in hardness and disconnection. This way of expressing hurts myself and others. But when I allowed myself to expose this and admit I was hurt and reacted, great healing can take place because through honesty and willingness to be transparent the tension dissipates from my body and I have an opportunity to learn and grow. What I realise when we hold onto our hurts and what follows is more hurts being hurled at others around us, and often to the people closest to us.

  68. Its a great analogy that sandra has used here, to deal with hurts in such a way. She is spot on, would we ignore or delay dealing with a physical injury, so its important to also deal with any emotional injury promptly too.

  69. Thank you Sandra for showing so clearly that any hurt, whether on our outer or inner self needs attention and dealing with to prevent it festering and causing further harm.

  70. It seems the worst part about any experience we have is judging and dismissing it out of hand. Whether you consider what you feel to be good or to be bad, doesn’t matter so much as the way we chuck them away. This locks us in a prison of our own making which as you beautifully show Sandra, need not exist at all if we just learn to observe.

  71. Our emotional hurts need tending to as much as our physical ones. I like the way you describe being willing to look at the hurt and resolve it without indulging in it.

  72. Sandra a great reminder not to add to our existing hurts, and to allow ourselves the space not to react when someone brings up an old hurt, or does something we allow to become another hurt. When we take a moment to breathe it then gives us the space to not react, but bring whatever is needed at that moment.

  73. “We are precious beings that deserve the utmost love and attention at every moment, in whatever way is needed.” And that attention is our responsibility to initiate.

  74. I like how you show Sandra that paying attention to how we’re feeling and being aware of hurts when they arise doesn’t mean that we have to indulge in them but can actually just be an opportunity to learn more about ourselves and how we relate to the world and to let go of emotions that may be weighing us down or shutting us off from others.

  75. When we get hurt it is really important not to react or turn the hurt in on ourselves. ‘We are precious beings that deserve the utmost love and attention at every moment, in whatever way is needed.’ When we don’t allow the hurt to take hold, there is nowhere for the hurt to hold on to.

  76. Our emotional hurts are what gets in between the connection with self and relationships with others, so the benefits are enormous when we heal hurts

  77. Sandra, the main point you highlight, that you do not let your hurts escalate into further frustration or resentment but rather take the space to be healing with yourself first is such a great tool for us all. Compounding our hurts with more and more hurtful ways of expression and emotion are not only not the answer they really do only serve to cement further the disharmony we are already deeply feeling and to honour this in the first place for what it is makes for a great start.

  78. To be faced with our hurts is uncomfortable and there is definitely a tendency of wanting to hide them as they expose that we have not allowed ourselves to be all that we are but have reduced ourselves to something less. If we then choose shame, comparison, doubt, critique, we are just staying in that reduced state rather than, what is suggested here, bringing us back to the loving stillness, holding ourselves with understanding.

  79. “With physical hurts, surface wounds and aches, I immediately attend to them, seek some form of medical attention,” This is true for me too, but in the past I definitely did not give the same level of care to the hurts that I was carrying, which in turn remaining unhealed began to rule my life. I have finally learned to treat any hurt, no matter how big or how small, whether physical or emotional, with the same level of loving care, and what a wonderful difference that has made to my life and I am often amazed at how quickly and how easily the hurts are able to heal.

  80. Thank you Sandra, you inspire me to express something to someone, something I was going to leave. As you say expressing how you feel with something or with someone is so important, otherwise it will be lingering there forever and might cause you to resent or dislike the person or maybe just choose to not connect with him or her any more. We all deserve to be expressed to so that we can learn and grow and heal whatever is there to be healed, however small we think it is.

  81. ‘There is no way I would just let the (physical) hurt go uncared for, as I know this would leave the ailment to fester and make me feel very unwell. So, why wouldn’t I ‘treat’ myself in the same way with my emotional hurts and reactions?’ Great point Sandra.

    1. Totally agree, even if this was common in the awareness of mankind it would be HUGE – let alone if it was lived.

  82. This is so true Sandra, observing that there is a difference in how we treat our physical hurts compared to our emotional hurts is fascinating. Yet the hurts we can’t physically see often gets neglected, which affects us in more ways than we think. If we don’t attend to them and allow healing to take place, they stay stuck in our body and worse, these undealt hurts can easily project onto others. This then perpetuates more hurts, acting like a ping pong ball effect, bouncing back and forth until we take the responsibility to heal our emotional hurts so we do not harm ourselves or others.

  83. “We are so worth caring for…” – what a gorgeous reminder Sandra. That which we let fester, is that which we let rule us if we do not pause to take stock of the poison we have allowed ourselves to be filled with when we do not seek the source of our hurt.

  84. One of the most powerful things that we can do is heal our hurts. When we do we discover that there is so much more to us than our hurts and that the potential we hold within us to be magnificent lives inside every single one of us and can be activated when we are not using all our energy to hold onto hurts.

    1. Great point Francisco, when feeling tenseness in my body I can feel I’m holding onto a hurt, any sense or connection to spaciousness or the magic of god can start to disappear, only because I’m choosing to hold onto something lesser than the love and lightness we truly come from.

  85. So very true Sandra, wise words, that we wouldn’t allow a physical hurt to go untreated and fester, we would tend to them. So why do we allow our emotional hurts to go untreated, they can just get bigger .when buried and left.

  86. It seems so easy to pretend our hurts aren’t there, we sometimes pretend so well we are convinced they aren’t there. But there they are, waiting to be see so they can have the light shone on them as they are dissolved.

  87. Just as psychical wounds can fester if untreated so too can emotional wounds. Reading this blog and comments again brings back the simplicity that these non-psychical wounds can be treated and there are ways and means to do such. Thank you Sandra.

  88. If we really think about it, human life is made to support hiding our emotional hurts, If we don’t want to deal with something there are lots of avenues to go where we want be challenged, but dealing with our emotions and what hurts us leaves us feeling very open and vulnerable but ultimately we are very sensitive and have to choose whether we will live in reaction or acceptance of what we are always feeling.

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