Reality, Truth and Serge Benhayon

Inspired by an article from Simon Asquith where he wrote that:

The hardest thing to deal with in the world is that we create our own reality,” I started to ponder on ‘our’ reality and ask the question, “What is it that we find so hard to deal with?”

So what is in fact ‘Reality’?

‘Reality’ can be so different between people and time. In our past it was reality for us that our world is flat, or that planet Earth is the centre of the Universe.

For some of us it was and is reality to feel (or be treated) better or less than others because of so called culture, skin colour, appearances, being so-called intelligent or having money or status.

  • For a woman in the 19th century her reality was quite different to now (21st century) – be it the right to vote, the type of work on offer, to be seen as attractive or just the possibility to wear trousers.
  • Or as a black person in America it is a quite different reality living in 1800, 1900 or in 2016.

Living at the same time or in the same house, the perceived realities differ enormously. For some it is reality to be in poverty and for others it is to live in abundance. You can also ask my husband – his view of situations, his ‘reality’, often has a large deviation from mine …

So we are living in different ‘realities’ depending on centuries, where and with whom we live, our position, what mood we are in and our point of view.

That our world is a spherical planet and not a flat disc is a truth, and it did become a reality for us in due course. The Greek philosopher Pythagoras for example, had the realisation of the world being a globe over 2000 years ago and this truth eventually became a ‘reality’ for the masses in the 16th century by Magellan sailing around the world, so proving the fact – over 1500 years later! Prior to Magellan for most of the people the flat world was a reality as this ‘fact’ was taught in schools and what we saw with our own eyes when we looked around.

However Pythagoras and his students lived on the same, flat world – but did look deeper, or beyond it, as it seems. So it looks like that truth is something that we discover by and by, and reality is what we create until the realisation takes place – or till we get proved via what others did realise ahead of the masses. For example, we did find out that the world we live in is a globe – but until then, we lived in a reality we created, like ‘the world is flat’.

We create as a society, as a group, and as an individual, our own reality, often involving others into that perceived reality.

As an example: growing up, my perception of ‘reality’ in regards to my family members has changed dramatically. As a child I sometimes suffered under the tense situation in my home and I was sure that it was my father who was the cause for all the disagreements and trouble.

Later, as a young adult completing a Psychotherapy Degree, I became sure my mother was to blame for all the family disagreements and trouble. And again later I felt certain that, if just my husband would change a bit here and there, my world would be much greater.

From growing up, learning, completing education courses and through my everyday living experiences, I changed my reality quite often but some things, some habits and beliefs did stay, like looking for someone else to blame.

Until I met Serge Benhayon… and through attending his presentations I started to consider the possibility that I am the one who created all my troubles and that what happens in my life is of my own making.

To learn that I am responsible for everything in my life – this ‘possibility’ is such a firecracker to me. Even after 10 years of dealing with and learning to accept responsibility of my choices, I am still not ready to live it in full.

But let us be honest and ‘real’ – if we create our own reality (what we do), our relationships, the choices we make, then everything that happens in our life is our own responsibility.

And sometimes nearly the whole of mankind is involved in a so-created reality – like ‘the world is flat’. However, my responsibility to feel the truth of a reality does not become less just because others believe a ‘reality’ as their truth. If we all would stay with the current view of reality – we would have no development.

It needs people like Pythagoras who speak up and present another way, people who challenge our ‘normal’. People who illuminate to us the way to the truth. For me, Serge Benhayon is such a human. He comes along and shows us another way, presents us a true way of living – and what is it that we do? We react.

“I am quite comfortable in my own little reality of what is normal, and don’t think I need to change – I don’t want to ‘rock my boat’.”

However, with everyone who starts bringing (or accepting) more truth into his/her life, my boat starts rocking, I can tell you!

To get exposed to how much I did create my reality that suited me is devastating. I have to look in a mirror and see all my choices which brought me to where I am right now and see what my choices have done to others, to us all.

In a figurative sense, would I have been one who supported the idea of ‘the world is flat’ and we are ‘the Centre of the Universe’? And if so, am I not in the same way responsible for everyone who was sentenced, suppressed, abused or even killed because they presented something else than the commonly accepted – even though I never met them personally?

I am responsible for my choices, for what I accept as truth and for what we as a society accept as ‘normal’ in our (created) world. By creating ‘reality’ I am responsible for everything that is going on in this world and what happens to every single one of us. I am responsible for every point where we do not have living truth, but believe in a created reality which is a bastardisation of truth.

This is what we get as a reflection by a man who is just living in full integrity: where we are at with our responsibility. And now I have a choice:I can ‘kill the messenger’, try to kill or neglect the reflection I’ve got and so try to avoid to feel and take my responsibility in life and on earth – but in fact I can’t really get rid of it.

The world will not become flat just because I think so and invest in it. By fighting against the truth that is presented by one or a few I just delay that it becomes a reality for us all – but truth finds it way, always, sooner or later.

I have started to be very thankful for the reflections I now have in my life – not just the reflection I get from the way Serge Benhayon lives, but also, through the reflections of my family and friends who are choosing a responsible way of living.

I am starting to see that to live in truth is connecting us as one again.

In the past by everyone living in their ‘own’ reality we lived as individuals, separated from each other.I am starting to see the beauty and grace in becoming exposed in my creations, challenged in ‘my reality’ (as long it comes with love and understanding) – becoming a reflection of truth to others.

Truth: a reached point that unites all and thus lays to rest any argument that will separate human beings.” Serge Benhayon An Open Letter to Humanity, p 72

By Sandra Schneider, Licensed Therapist, Counsellor & Natural Cosmetic Store Manager, Cologne/Germany

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896 thoughts on “Reality, Truth and Serge Benhayon

  1. I can feel the complexity of multiple realities existing in the world we live in. Just like a Jenga tower that keeps building up on its own piece of self and standing ever so precariously, we know its fall is immanent. This morning, I just read a quote by Serge Benhayon “We are the end result of a series of chinese whispers, but you can choose to get back to the first word: “What was that you said, Sanat?”” In a humble asking lies the key to our return to truth that is not conditional or transient, but simple and one unifying, that arrests this continuous trying.

  2. We are the creators of what simultaneously allows us to go forward and what dictates how much forward we go. The problem is that this creation is invisible to us. As such it is easy to conceal the fact that we create it and we are responsible for our choice to how much we really go for life. So, we focus on the others as the source of our woes.

  3. It can be exposing for sure to realise things we have been subscribing to that are actually harming and the consequences of this on ourselves and everyone else but we needn’t be stuck in that it can actually simply be an inspiration to change how we live from that point on and thereby appreciate whatever reflection helps us to see more clearly rather than try to smash the mirror so to speak.

  4. “The hardest thing to deal with in the world is that we create our own reality,” This is being shown to me big time currently. From reacting I was shown today that I set it all up – so now is a great opportunity to observe and bring more understanding to the situation. Energy first. – My current motto.

  5. Most of the time we create our realities based on our beliefs, past experiences all through the current tense of perception. This is far away from our natural sense of feeling life and understanding it from our wholeness and connection to everything.

  6. ‘Truth: a reached point that unites all and thus lays to rest any argument that will separate human beings.’ Serge Benhayon An Open Letter to Humanity, p 72. We do all know truth inside, but are not always (yet) ready to accept it and give up our individuality.

  7. I agree that being aware of the filters we may have put in place or taken on that distort the way we perceive life and others is something we each have a responsibility to bring awareness to, not just going with the flow of what’s generally called ‘normal’ or accepted as how it is but discerning from our innermost, from a sense in our whole body what is true… And this is something we can keep bringing our awareness back to and deepening with…

  8. “The hardest thing to deal with in the world is that we create our own reality,” I certainly struggled with this at the start, I wanted to see all the issues I felt were not because of me they were not my fault. Basically, I wanted to get away with doing and saying and acting however I wanted and not have any consequences. How different life is now when I appreciate that everything in life comes down the quality of energy leading my choices and in that my reality is my making.

  9. I really loved this article and the pondering it offered. It challenges our realities that we willingly accept so we can remain comfortable or not deviate too far from the reality that society wants us to have. There have always been trail blazers like Pythagoras who do not fall for the presented reality and instead connect to the universal truth that is available to all of us. We can wait 1500 years until the rest of society gets on board or also choose to connect ourselves.

  10. Although it can be uncomfortable and challenging to accept that we create our own reality it is in fact very empowering.

  11. Over the years my realities have been greatly challenged by what I’ve been presented with through Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. Without feeling the truth for myself I doubt I would have ever wanted to change my realities – even though they were quite stark I knew them well and this brought comfort. Returning to a one unified truth is what we are all about and to bring this it means I do have to look at my realities as they make me very separate from other people. With them I create a big wall of comfort and protection that keeps me from connecting with others and myself – it may be comfortably uncomfortable but it brings no joy or vitality to life and delays us all coming together harmoniously.

  12. By believing that we all have the right to decide what is our Truth and thus what makes up our own reality in life, as if there are multiple truths, we are then selling ourselves short and maintaining the separation between people that goes along with this wayward thinking. Comparatively, knowing that there is only one Truth and we are all responsible for living in accordance with it without blaming others for how it unfolds, we can maintain that unity and brotherhood that we need to evolve humanity as one.

  13. To be aware of the realities ( what we call our truths) and be open to the Truth( Universal Truth) allows us to live in a way that brings us greater awareness and a closer relationship with that Universal Truth

  14. Great expose here Sandra. When we make something our normal for us, we in turn contribute to the ‘greater normal’ for everyone. And the question is – is it normal what we do? Is it really true?

  15. Simply beautiful Sandra, I imagine how we are all walking around in our own created realities, with perception as the separating sense depending on how much responsibility we want to take in life.

  16. Reality is like happiness it can be many things to many people but to me it is transient, whereas truth stands the test of time. We may bury it or cover the truth with lies but the lies do not stick and truth will out in the end.

  17. I am with you here in that I still don’t live this truth in full, but I see it everywhere that we see what we want to see and that then confirms what we believe. It’s so powerful when we are in it and we become blind to the truth even if it is staring us in the face, as it was with the moon in the sky for all to see.

  18. I’m just starting to appreciate just how deep our perceived reality is. Too me we have created a false way of living and made it our everyday reality and anyone who questions the false way of living and offers another possibility is condemned or ridiculed. It seems to me that there are very few people who will admit that the reality we have all helped to create which is our current way of living is not it.

  19. The current meaning of reality is what we see around us and our experiences in life but what if our reality is governed by our choices? If we change our choices our reality changes so the reality is not ‘the fact’ we think it is.

  20. “Truth: a reached point that unites all and thus lays to rest any argument that will separate human beings” (Serge Benhayon, An Open Letter to Humanity, p 72). This amazing quote from Serge Benhayon says it all and it is the perfect marker for any disagreement. Being right or wrong can never unite us, only truth (=love) offers this.

  21. There is a deeply empowering turning point in our way of being when we are able to welcome our creations being exposed, rather than avoiding them and continuing to identify with the exhaustion and manipulations of the victim role.
    “I am starting to see the beauty and grace in becoming exposed in my creations, challenged in ‘my reality’ (as long it comes with love and understanding) – becoming a reflection of truth to others.”

  22. Reality and truth, two worlds apart, one creation and separation, the other, truth, oneness, a constant terminal point, spherical, taking in the whole.

  23. What a great piece of writing Sandra, exposing the dance we do to avoid responsibility and how convenient we can make any situation to suit our need and further separation.

  24. Serge Benhayon presents truth that bursts the bubble of ‘reality’ we have created and inspires the understanding that we all share the one truth within our being.

  25. I agree with Simon Asquith
    “The hardest thing to deal with in the world is that we create our own reality,”
    Dealing with my own choices in life, understanding I wasn’t a victim was a hard wake up call as I was being asked to take responsibility rather than blaming other people for the way my life had panned out. It was so easy to hold my hands up and say but it’s not me it’s the others, if only they would ….
    I can now say that because I had no sense of self care or self appreciation I allowed myself to play the victim I cannot play this role any more because in taking more care for myself the victim mode has just melted away. Just one of life’s little miracles.

  26. Meeting Serge Benhayon and coming to the realisation that I am responsible for my life was challenging to say the least as I felt I was the victim of life, and of course if you give your power away to others by going through life not able to express what is truly going on for fear of retribution you are going to feel victimized. Re-learning how to express my truth no matter what has been a huge learning for me and one that has changed my life completely. I still have a long way to go but most importantly I have made the start.

  27. There is no doubt that we have a great responsibility in the reality we choose to create or believe in. There are consequences to them all for no reality exists in isolation – all are interlinked and have an effect on all others. It is only when we reach the constant terminal of truth, ie, the universal truth, that we leave creation behind and return to our divine beginnings.

  28. Looking and feeling deeper into life certainly changes a 2D world into a spherical expanse. I am also curious about ‘realities’, as they seem so real at the time. But I am seeing more lately that they are mostly different models of blinkers, designed to keep us blind to what’s really going on and stubbornly clinging to our version for safety.

  29. The quotes offered by Serge Benhayon in the ‘Purple Books’ or in live presentations are absolute gold and keys for us all to return to true brotherhood and live the Teachings of The Ancient Wisdom once more.
    “Truth: a reached point that unites all and thus lays to rest any argument that will separate human beings.” (Serge Benhayon, An Open Letter to Humanity, p 72)

  30. The reflection that Serge Benhayon offers in every moment of his life, is deeply inspiring and also very exposing of where our choices have been irresponsible and can be different.
    “This is what we get as a reflection by a man who is just living in full integrity: where we are at with our responsibility”.

  31. ” consider the possibility that I am the one who created all my troubles and that what happens in my life is of my own making. ”
    There is a saying that captures this very truth. ” you have made your bed now lie in it “

  32. Interesting that the pictures we paint in order to live the reality we know are lies, but we stay closely binded to them as this is what keeps us in complications that for many excites and stimulates. As the opposite is simple , effortless and asks us to become more responsible in our actions and words.

    1. Beautifully said Natalliya- realities are often constructed from lies which we have sought in protection of our hurts. We desperately cling to ideals and constructs that do not challenge the comforts we choose.

  33. We love to make pictures that fits a way of life that comforts us and puts a mist on the truth.
    As to feel what is really going on will show all the results of ourselves and humanity as a whole.
    This can be painful to feel so we put realities on top to go on in life.
    But the fact is that all those created realities is why we were hurting ourselves in the first place.

  34. Awesome that you were inspired by Simon to explore this subject and expose our tendency to view the world through the comfortable reality that we have created and how we react when someone like Serge Benhayon comes along and presents truth and ‘rocks our boat’. It has certainly been revealing for me to explore how reluctant I can be to let go of my reality and embrace truth but amazing to feel how unifying this is and how isolation becomes a thing of the past as we are offered the brotherhood of living truth.

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