Every Job Matters

I have had many jobs in my life and I have to say: I loved all of them. When I was young, I did not have this clear picture of what I wanted to be, as for me this felt awkward. What is there to be?

If I was asked the question by adults, I would answer with ‘a mother’, but this was more from a feeling that I needed to reply than that it was coming from truth. Continue reading “Every Job Matters”

Life is Truly Magical

Do you see life as something that is truly glorious, amazing, incredible and full of magic; a life that you would want to come back and live time and time again?

Waking up each morning in true appreciation of the mist in the valleys, the birds chirping, being in awe of the rays beaming through the clouds from the sun, or in the remaining glow of the last full moon. Feeling the freshness of the morning air on your skin and brushing across your nose as you open that first door or window of your home. Continue reading “Life is Truly Magical”

The Power of ‘Sorry’

I always thought that saying sorry was an admission of failure and a weakness, something to be avoided at all costs and derided when others said it. This was definitely learnt and reinforced at home and school. So, as a child I became artful at avoiding saying sorry, mastering all sorts of defensive and deceitful strategies simply to not say sorry, admit defeat or have my pride dented in any way. Continue reading “The Power of ‘Sorry’”

Nervousness and Anxiety – A Scared Little Boy

Nervousness and anxiety have been my all too often companions. For most of my life I have been a nervous, anxious person, though not on the surface, as I learnt to disguise it quite well… or so I thought.

I lived as a scared little boy for many years. Not all the time, just at certain times: always doing things to please other people, looking for recognition, not doing things because I was scared of being wrong or shown to be less. Continue reading “Nervousness and Anxiety – A Scared Little Boy”

The Devil in the Detail

Recently life has been asking me to look more closely at what I do and how I am.

It is calling out for me to pay more attention to the detail – for example; not just what I write, but how I am when I write, not just what I eat, but how I am when I eat, not just what I do in any given moment, but how I am when doing this. Continue reading “The Devil in the Detail”

My Fridge – The Love Gauge

If ever I needed proof that “everything is energy” and “everything is because of energy,” my fridge would have to be the one that I least expected to show me this!

Now everyone knows that fridges turn themselves off once they reach a certain temperature and on when they need to cool more, as you can hear the engine humming in the background when on, and then click off when it rests. Continue reading “My Fridge – The Love Gauge”