Every Job Matters

I have had many jobs in my life and I have to say: I loved all of them. When I was young, I did not have this clear picture of what I wanted to be, as for me this felt awkward. What is there to be?

If I was asked the question by adults, I would answer with ‘a mother’, but this was more from a feeling that I needed to reply than that it was coming from truth.

I have never been the career type either, planning my future and needing a specific function within a company. For me, most importantly, working had to be about people: being with people and working with and for people. Everything extra was extra. And it had to be fun!

The beauty is, most of the jobs I have done found me, instead of me finding them. I always believed, and still do, that we are all needed somewhere to bring something and to receive something. There is a reason why we are where we are and from all of my jobs I have learned a lot, mostly about myself, but also about people and how to be and interact with one another.

I worked as a PR manager, I worked in a children’s day care center, I have made toasties in the smallest yet most popular Toasty place in Amsterdam, I have worked as a secretary, as a Management assistant in a bank and as a receptionist in a law firm. I have made breakfasts in a hotel, worked as a waitress at a lunch place, worked as a mentor with children who could not live at home, and for the past year I have worked as a receptionist in two different companies: a bank and an IT company.

When I applied for this job I was of the assumption, however, that it would be for a short time. Somehow a belief had come to the surface that this job was not ‘good enough’, that I was wasting my talents and that I could do much better.

Even though I could feel I was needed in these two companies, my mind was playing games with me. I started to compare my situation with people around me, with those who had jobs that I thought were more important, more busy, received more recognition and earned a lot more money. This has taken some time to let go of and at times I still compare.

The picture of what a working life has to look like, being a 43-year-old woman without a career, is heavily ingrained. Not only within me, but within society. We live in a world where having a career or having a certain job is seen as important, but also that some jobs are better than others.

We get identified with what we do, instead of just being who we are, and bring that to work, regardless of what kind of work. Working as a receptionist has taught me a lot, and still does. First of all, I don’t feel I am the receptionist, it is just a job I am doing. I come to work as Mariette, and I leave my work as Mariette.

I don’t change into a role or a function, I am just me, the same as I am at home. Secondly, I know deep down that every job matters and is equally important.

I am just as important as my manager, my HR colleague, the staff in the kitchen, the cleaner, the postman and the IT specialist. We are all needed and we all bring something unique. Thirdly, my sense of worth does not depend on what job I do. I am not worth more because of the job title I have.

My self-worth comes from within and how I feel about myself. My worth has to do with the relationship I have with myself, how I treat myself and has to do with who I am, not with what I do.

Working as a receptionist gives me the space to meet a lot of people, to connect and to talk about life and everything that has to do with it. For me it is not so much about the tasks I have to do, but far more about the connection I have with the people around me.

I bring my flavour, and my fellow receptionist colleagues bring their flavour to the job. Together we form an awesome team. Every single one of my colleagues is great at certain aspects of the job, and so am I (and with certain things I am not so great and that is fine too). I love going to work, and Mondays and Fridays are exactly the same.

Today, I have fully embraced working as a receptionist and the beauty is, I just have to bring me. Work is something I do, it is not who I am.

Every job matters. Not because of the job, but because we ALL matter, regardless of what we do. We are ALL of value and an equal part in the puzzle called life.

Deeply inspired by Universal Medicine and all those wonderful people that I meet every single day.

By Mariette Reineke, receptionist, Self-Care consultant, practitioner, PR manager, Amsterdam/Holland

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1,065 thoughts on “Every Job Matters

  1. Every job does matter Mariette and I love what you have shared here and the most important job we have is to be ourselves in full wherever we are and whatever we do.

  2. Its never ever about the job we do but its always about the quality we choose to bring there – this is where the true evolution is.

  3. No matter what we actually do in life it’s the quality with which we do anything that is important. Energy first……

  4. ‘Every job matters’, we each have an important part to play no matter what job we are in, if I show up to my workplace committed and being all of me my day flows with simplicity and ease. Learning to appreciate and accept my unique qualities has been key with this.

  5. Everything matters – whether that is how we breath, how we move, what we say, what job we do- it all matters and what matters is the way in which we do these things and it matters because we matter.

  6. In this day and age for someone to say that everyday of the week is the same for them at work is very rare in my experience. Mostly people dread going back to work on Monday and spend the week looking forward to Friday. Then when Friday comes they can’t wait to stop working and have the weekend off. This is not normal despite the fact that so many in the world do it. There is a way to love what you do and have endless energy to do it and this starts with learning to self-care.

  7. I am allowing this attitude to pervade more and more of everything I do so that I do not shrink from tasks like I did in the past but see that everything we do matters and every job, even jobs around the house, have a value, an equal value, and we can bring value to them all equally.

  8. I feel that having a foundation of true self-worth, something that we can build, refine and develop, does make a big difference to the quality of work that we do.

  9. In order to function as a collective whole there are all sorts of jobs that need to get done to keep our society in sync and in harmony. This is something we all need to appreciate for without that occurring there are gaps and openings for chaos, inequality and judgment to fester and create disharmony for us all.

  10. When I am taking great care of myself and know who I am, whatever I am doing, I am with myself and contented. I do not need any other job or job title to make me feel better or thoughts about money that tempt me to change my work as I feel no matter what I am doing, I am doing my part in service. I get a sense of my self-worth and value knowing this is key in my contribution to the whole.

  11. Every job does matter; and essentially we all have the same job in essence just in different expressions and fields. I love going to work because of the fact I get to embrace and connect to people. My purpose at work is first to connect and build that relationship while at the same time stay absolutely focused and deliver IT services to exactly what is needed for each person. The challenge is to continually let them in so they feel all of me and just how much I am cherishing the every moment of being with them like it was the only moment we will have together for some time while, also resolving their IT event as soon as is possible. Its quality custom-delivered gold plattered service that not only brings them a IT resolution but gives them a feeling of absolute respect and decency that they mean everything to me, and that they too can do their job once again in the quality I was able to deliver to them – that is what I love and is love – inspiring a connection they too can have with the next person they meet.

  12. We live in a society where people are judged by the importance of their job and seen as more or less, but what we fail to recognise is that everyone has a part to play. Where would we be if everyone wanted to be a doctor – who would clean up after them?

  13. That’s fundamental to know Mariette, thank you for this simple example. “Today, I have fully embraced working as a receptionist and the beauty is, I just have to bring me. Work is something I do, it is not who I am.”

  14. As I was growing up, I fell for the societal ranking of jobs, which affected how valuable people were considered, based on their work. I feel a lot of this comes from parents who want ‘the best’ for their kids and a job that will set them up with status and security. Having this ranking may stop people from becoming a cleaner for instance, which may be exactly what they are great at. But at the moment, it is seen as a last option, even though it is such an important job for how a workplace feels.

    1. There are likely millions of people around the globe that are in jobs they really don’t enjoy – possibly because it was chosen for the reasons you describe Fiona and also because we have not grown up to know that our contentment is not found because of the job we choose, but because of our relationship with our natural essence and getting to know ourselves/life from this inner aspect.

  15. Every job matters because we matter as people. The other thing that is an important consideration too is that every job is potentially healing, not because of the job but how we are within that particular line of work. So knowing that the quality we live, is the quality that we are as we work, no matter the job. This blog lifts the lid on ‘healing professions’ for every one of them can be healing or not depending on us.

  16. “I come to work as Mariette, and I leave my work as Mariette.” And everyone meets Mariette and not a receptionist.

  17. “Every job matters. Not because of the job, but because we ALL matter, regardless of what we do. We are ALL of value and an equal part in the puzzle called life.” Though we are all equal as one humanity we each bring distinctive flavours and qualities that contribute to the whole that we are an important part of.

  18. I love this focus and appreciation for the who we are, not what we do. The honouring of who we are and the qualities we have, ensures the quality of what we do… simple.

  19. ‘Work is something I do, it is not who I am.’ This feels like the key Mariette if we are not caught up in getting recognition for our job whatever it may be then we are free to bring all of us to our current job in the knowing that we each bring our unique flavour to our work and everyone matters in whatever team we are working within.

  20. Your blog should be published in the business world. Super inspiring for people who get identified or frustrated about work. I love the lightness and equalness that is felt in your blog through your own livingness. Beautiful reflection and imagining you in your workplace makes my heart jump!

    1. Yes, a great example of being multi-faceted in our work lives. The consistency and quality is assured by our relationship with, appreciation of and steadiness in expressing our innate qualities and strengths.

  21. Every voice and action matters. All parts that make the whole no more or less – when we make it all about one.

  22. It’s funny how much pressure we put on ourselves and on children as growing up, to know what we want to do, where we are going and how we are getting there – we don’t foster building true foundations of worth and confidence in ourselves, and your approach to work as being more about people and what we bring to others than a stepping stone to get somewhere.

    1. The pressure is huge Rebecca. “What do you want to be when you grow up?” is often asked to quite small children. It’s a set up saying that the role of the job is the important thing, when its actually the qualities that we live that are much more important.

      1. I agree – if I have children, I would want them to grow up healthy, joyful and connected to who they are – from there whatever they choose to do will be amazing because its them doing it.

  23. “to bring something and to receive something” – this is crucial, because we can feel so caught in the need to do, to be something and prove ourselves and be recognised by our bosses for our good job – what can we bring to the role. But what about what we receive? The lessons we will learn and the growth we have the opportunity to go through, the relationships and connections etc. are just as important and worth considering

  24. I know I used to get my self worth from what I did. Once we have a different understanding that it comes from within and is not linked with doing anything, it takes away the images of people better than us or more superior because they have more qualifications. We are who we are, not what we do.

  25. When we make our work about just earning money or career success we are missing out on the whole bigger picture that our work is also about our evolution and other people’s evolution, and every job no matter how big or how small can contribute to that.

  26. True power is lived when our connection to who we are is lived through our lives, regardless of what we do. As such there are no limits to the true power that can be brought through any job, for we are as you have beautifully shared ‘…ALL of value and an equal part in the puzzle called life.’ – and every part has its much needed purpose.

    1. We are all puzzle pieces, with one missing, the puzzle is not complete. What a great responsibility awaits us as human beings, when we really let this fact in! And how important is every single on of us. It totally wipes out competition, as everyone knows, they play an equal part, no matter how it looks like. Comparison seems to be ridiculous really living and embracing this fact.

  27. I found this blog a bit challenging to read. I totally get what you are sharing with us, but in reading it, it exposed some of the pictures that I hold around my career ‘path’ and ‘where I should be as a 47 year old woman’ and wondered if I would have the courage to let them go and to be and bring me, regardless of the title. I know in my heart that to be the truth, but the pictures can get us in the way of our heart-truth

  28. And just like feeling that you are no lesser as a receptionist than a CEO for instance is the fact that as a CEO you are no more well off or in any way more worthy than a receptionist or cleaner.

  29. Yes every job matters and at the same time we ALL have the same job to bring our true selves to our Way of Living 24/7 regardless of what we do or don’t do in terms of work, family etc etc.

  30. The best thing I ever did was get a job in a DIY store because it showed that it did not matter what the role was, or what the pay was we are all the same equal loving beings. I used to have a arrogance and think that some jobs were beneath me. It also taught me that it is not about what I am doing but rather how I am doing it that matters and is important and so no matter what it is so long as I am taking all of me to it – it’s great fun because I am being myself and the people I get to meet etc.

  31. Images of how has to be are killer. When we cannot become the image, our body to have to endure the consequences of choosing to move in comparison, jealousy, resentment, anger, lack of self-worth etc. Holding on to images guarantee ill-being.

  32. I too have had a varied amount of jobs and pretty much loved them all – though kiwi fruit picking was pretty tough on my body but I loved the team work. It’s fundamental to our development as a species to value much more equally all parts of the jobs that make the world go around.

  33. When we haven’t let the pictures around work and what we do pollute us quite literally, we can easily feel how much we love to work and serve our fellow brothers in whatever capacity this may be needed at a certain point in time. It’s because work like so much else in life has been twisted and reinterpreted to be a ranking game that fuels comparison that we then believe, so very falsely, that we don’t enjoy working. What we don’t enjoy is the comparison that underpins how we have set up our workplaces today.

    1. The comparison that we all live with is ill inducing to our bodies. We live in such a way that hurts us all so very much in our relationships in all areas.

  34. ‘Every Job Matters’. When I saw this title of the writings I said to myself this is so important. Then I thought about nature where every single detail of every job is allocated to a species. If this chain is broken the knock affects can be devastating. So be assured, every job matters.

    1. I agree John. How awesome it would be if that’s what’s on the many billboards around our cities. A reminder that every job is equally important in serving and supporting the whole.

  35. Perfection is the word that comes to me on ready this or maybe a less loaded word would be harmony, when what you share is lived then harmony is the only thing that can follow.

  36. We can truly observe and learn from this blog as it exposes the falsitity we have fallen for and that in fact who we are is not defined by the work we do. Hence we should re-imprint all those steps made within this illusion – as who we are lays in our heart. So lets walk our steps again from our heart.

  37. “My self-worth comes from within and how I feel about myself”. If more employees felt like this, there would be so few issues in workplaces. I see the need for recognition as the driver behind much of the competitiveness, stress, underperforming if not getting praise, tensions between staff etc. When you have an inner sense of self-worth, you become needless and stop expecting your workplace to value what you are not valuing within yourself.

  38. “Every job matters. Not because of the job, but because we ALL matter, regardless of what we do. We are ALL of value and an equal part in the puzzle called life.” this is such a beautiful truth, we all matter no matter who we are or what we do or have done in our lives, we are all equal sons of our Divine Father.

  39. ” Every job matters. Not because of the job, but because we ALL matter, regardless of what we do. We are ALL of value and an equal part in the puzzle called life. ” This is an important realisation , for we all need to contribute our piece of the puzzle to the puzzle, so we learn the purpose of being here and once the learning has been understood we can leave once all the work is done.

    1. Yes John it all seems a bit like a bad dream but we created it through our loveless ways and do now we have to come back to truth.

  40. Absolutely, every job matters, when we bring our presence and our quality to every moment and all we do we have an affect on everything connected, ‘Every job matters. Not because of the job, but because we ALL matter, regardless of what we do. We are ALL of value and an equal part in the puzzle called life.’

  41. “We get identified with what we do, instead of just being who we are, and bring that to work, regardless of what kind of work. ” This is so true and if more people did this l have a sense that more people would love their jobs more readily. Particularly those who currently dislike their jobs and pine for something different.

  42. I agree Mariette, ‘Every Job Matters’ and also the energetic quality of how we carry out our job(s) is highly important because everything we do is about energy first.

  43. Super simple Mariette, and beautifully expressed – we all matter and we each bring us, our quality in whatever we do. It’s great to break all these pictures we have of what work is, who we need to be there and just bring it back to being us there no matter the role and there is such an equality and appreciation in that for all.

  44. Full of so many wise gems, I love to revisit this blog. This line truly resonates with me: ‘that we are all needed somewhere to bring something and to receive something’. Yes we are.

    1. ” l always believed, and still do, that we are all needed somewhere to bring something and to receive something. ” This is a wonderful truth to embody when we are out there job hunting, as it can be confidence boosting at a time when our self worth is put to the challenge.

  45. I also didn’t have a picture of what I wanted to ‘be’ when I grew up, but felt a pressure to need to have one, something to aspire to, a picture that people could match me to. It’s not about not having a vocation, but not being attached to having one, and knowing that whatever we ‘do’ is only ever an expansion and expression of all that we bring, i.e. all that we naturally are.

  46. Reading this, “The picture of what a working life has to look like, being a 43-year-old woman without a career, is heavily ingrained.” feels the same as women worrying about their ‘biological clock ticking’, both imposed on us from ideals and beliefs, and setup to influence every decision and movement we make. If we stopped and connected to our essence, that connects us to all, we would feel the impulse from humanity of what is there to do.

  47. Absolutely, our self worth does come from within, never from outside us, ‘My self-worth comes from within and how I feel about myself. My worth has to do with the relationship I have with myself, how I treat myself and has to do with who I am, not with what I do.’

  48. Work, any work is a place where we can bring our full potential, or a place that we can use to coast through life with. The choice is always our own and the choice made is very pertinent. For we can through our humbleness, serve humanity in our work, or literally rot our own bodies by not bringing our full potential.

  49. I love how you say that we are all needed equally so and that your sense of worth does not depend on your job title – that is such a valuable way to approach life and work, knowing your worth in whatever it is that we do and bringing that quality with us, for all the benefit from.

  50. Over the last week or two I have had very little to do at work, the tasks that did come my way were menial and small. I started to feel a bit starved and a bit like a fraud, with no value to add. I had to stop yesterday and see this wasn’t true or real. My presence just with my team mates says a lot, the way that I move, hold myself and carry my body is delivering everything. Maintaining my quality is my true role, and going into concern about not having ‘anything to do’ was a big distraction and let down of what I’m really here to do. Thanks Mariette for this delicate reminder that our job on the plane of life is much greater than what we think it is.

    1. So many, including myself, at times struggle with seeing what they bring to work, life, family, school etc. What we accomplish in a day is very very different when we include, “My presence just with my team mates says a lot, the way that I move, hold myself and carry my body is delivering everything.” that’s it! I’m sharing this with someone I know would love to hear this.

    2. Thank you for sharing Joseph, and so easy to go into to feel less because we are not “filling the day’, so to speak. ‘Maintaining my quality is my true role’- yes it is, thankyou for the reminder.

    3. Beautiful sharing Joseph,…’our job on the plane of life is much greater than what we think it is’, amazing. When fully embrace work with true purpose and grandness, then no job is too small.

  51. “Every Job Matters” i often wonder why people don’t appreciate their roles but then have to ask myself do I appreciate that every single job I do matters, not because of the job but because of the quality I can bring to that job.. intersting one for me to ponder and test out with my day.

  52. It is great that you have always been clear about what was important for yourself, ‘For me, most importantly, working had to be about people: being with people and working with and for people. Everything extra was extra. And it had to be fun!’

  53. Thank you Mariette this has reminded me to pay equal importance to every task I have to do in the day, to bring all of me to even the jobs I shy away from because I think they will be too difficult. It also reminds me to play and move my body, sing and dance for this lightens the load so to speak and allows a greater flow in my body and a connection to my body intelligence.

  54. “Work is something I do, it is not who I am.” This is key. So many of us describe ourselves by the job we do, which isn’t who we are. The work situation is just one aspect of our life. albeit an important one

  55. Living in constant appreciation of who we are is the key for it is then that we understand that everything that we do leaves an imprint that is felt by another to be inspired to be more of who they truly are, so there is nothing too small or insignificant when done from an open heart.

  56. We all have a life purpose , that purpose is to be who we are in full , to be full of ourselves in all that we do and all that we are , truly that is our ” job “

  57. Thank you Mariette, because we have such strong pictures of work and what’s valuable and what’s not, we may miss the purpose for us being in the work we have, even though it doesn’t fit our picture or expectation.

  58. It is all about the quality we bring in what we do, in how we move. This flow through our body can bring us and all around us joy. For that it doesn’t matter what we do.

  59. You could say I have had many jobs and also loved them all, however I really always only have one job and that is to do whatever is needed. It is an ever changing, ever expanding and ever fun rewarding job which I am fully qualified for.

  60. Identification and recognition are the false pillars of the way we approach jobs nowadays, not only is this a lie but it’s also an excuse to rely on patterns and behaviours that are dishonouring of our truth. For when we know who we are and appreciate what we bring, we know that it’s our quality that matters and not the doing in life.

  61. I am going to be moving again in a few weeks, and at the moment I have not a job lined up, although I have been applying for jobs in the new area. But the most important question is; Where am I needed? And from this question, I trust I will find where I am supposed to be and have no pictures or beliefs about an ‘ideal job’.

  62. Mariette your blog is all that I have gone through and still are in accepting that I am enough no matter what job I do. Learning that it is our quality that needs to be appreciated not our career. Seeing how all jobs are equal and all need people to do them. I always see it the same as the food chain, all are just as important for the next to function, so none can truly be less because every animal needs the other animal to survive. When we look at all jobs as equal we see the beautiful brotherhood that is on offer and appreciate all jobs for being just where they need to be, no more, no less, just needed. When it’s looked at like this we can take the job title out of the equation and see people first.

  63. This blog came to mind when I was watching the gardener at my work place yesterday morning. The detail and care he took in maintaining the lawn area was a marker of how much pride he has in his work. A great support for those who spend their lunch break sitting in the sun on this patch of grass.

  64. I was recently offered a temporary job at an organisation where I have worked before, this time managing a donations line. I accepted as I love to work and like you I know that ‘every job matters’ but the thought of sitting at a desk for many hours wasn’t all that appealing. But three weeks into the job I am loving it, simply because I have the opportunity to connect with so many people during my day. I don’t see their faces and I will most likely never get to meet them but in the short moment in time that I am talking to them we are connected, in a relationship, and if they have to ring back I can feel the foundation that was built in that first call when I had taken the time to be with them with all of me. I have now applied for the permanent role!

  65. With age and hindsight, I can now see that every job does matter and appreciate why I was there and what I learnt that now supports the work I do. I don’t know that our young people understand that (as I didn’t) and I suspect that is partly due to the role models they see in the adults around them. Most people don’t love their jobs or fully commit to their work and dream of retirement or holidays. There is also a hierarchy in people’s minds of the importance of certain jobs, which undervalues all jobs as being equally important.

  66. Today I stopped to appreciate the job of the gardener at the company I work for. Often a very quiet and shy natured man but what he offers in his support for the grounds has far reaching effects for all of us as we sit on benches and enjoy the beautifully landscaped scenes. A gift to us and of equal importance of what we all bring.

  67. Yes, its not the job that gives us our self worth, however if that is the case, then our self worth would plummet if we lost that job and became unemployed. Starting from a foundation that we as individuals matter and that we all matter, means that no job is more important than another. Super blog Mariette.

  68. There seems to be this pressure on children, in fact, everyone to have an image of what they want to do and who they want to be in future – and we often call that being ambitious, or having a dream. My mother recently reminded me how I used to say ‘Wouldn’t that be great if we can live to the end with a smile on our face?’ and I guess I struggled for many years wondering what would bring me a life like that – whether that would be money, marriage, a well-paid job, a societal position, fame etc. Maybe it is ok not knowing what to do with life in details, maybe life is simply about upholding and confirming a quality that truly nurtures us and expanding it as we express it through what we do.

  69. ‘For me it is not so much about the tasks I have to do, but far more about the connection I have with the people around me’. For a long time I have got this back to front making it all about the task instead of connection!

  70. No-one can give us self-worth for it it always there within and when we have lack of self worth we have lost connection with the love that we are and come from – our Soul.

  71. Likewise, I can look back at all the weird and wonderful jobs I’ve had along the way and I’ve both enjoyed all of them (from dairy farmer, florist, washing up, pub staff, labourer, market researcher….) they have all taught me things in one way and another not least the value of hard work.

  72. I think what you share here is really important – about not identifying with what we do but bringing our focus to the quality that we bring in all that we do and how appreciating who we are and that we don’t need to be validated by a certain job description helps us to not need recognition back from it.

  73. When we connect to what we can bring, and give our focus to that, even the more mundane parts of our jobs start to feel not just bearable but actually enjoyable. Treating every part of our job, every job we have in life, with equal value and importance, makes it more fulfilling, and the whole experience more enriching and expanded.

  74. Every job is indeed just as important. That does not mean we should hold back expanding ourselves in work as well, when we could be a manager we should aim for that, when we could be an excellent It specialist we should go that because we also have talents which we can use.

  75. Our number one job is simply to be our true authentic selves to the best of our ability and apply this in everything we do. Put simply – we are here to infuse all that we do with the All that we are.

  76. ‘We are all needed somewhere to bring something and to receive something’, so very true. So wherever we find ourselves job wise that is where we are meant to be, and there is always a two way flow of giving and receiving. There is always more learning especially to share and express more love.

  77. A cracker of a blog Mariette, so many little gems to ponder on and beautifully summed up with: Work is something I do, it is not who I am. Profound yet powerfully true.

  78. When we foster our inner world and feel the beauty of this connection – it actually doesn’t matter what we do as we can bring that inner grace to all aspects of life.

  79. Every job as every life, has the potential of being lived in full or not, The job is a remunerated opportunity of offering ourselves to the world. How we work is just a reflection of how we live.

  80. I so agree Mariette, “that every job matters”, but what matters more than anything is the energy that we bring to the job we are currently employed to do. I have a work history as diverse as yours and often when I look back over what I have done I really surprise myself. The current job is a great example; I am preparing orchids ready for export. A very simple, exacting and repetitive job but I get to be with many lovely people and thousands of beautiful orchids that are daily making their way to many different parts of the world. It is a short-term job but I am taking all of me to it every day and leaving at the end of the day with all of me as well. Right now this is the job that matters and the next one I know is not far away.

    1. Loved your sharing Ingrid, how beautiful to work with thousands of orchids and be a part of the process of shipping them to different parts of the world, and your presence that you bring to work will be felt by everyone not only at work but by those who end with the orchids!

  81. Yes Mariette, every job and thing we do equally deserves Love – that is the truth. There is no part we can ignore, turn our back on, or do half-heartedly. If we understand that everything is one, a literally made up of the same matter – how can one thing be more important? It cannot. Isn’t it more realistically a case that there are some things we like to prefer? Letting this bias govern us is letting lies govern our life.

  82. It’s taken a long time for me to receive this but I am starting to see in my work that there’s no deadline that is more important, no project that ranks higher, no deliverable that’s more significant, than the quality I choose to be. It’s this in everything that determines what’s next, this that supports others to choose truth, and ultimately its what it truly means to be me. Thank you Mariette – your words overflow with a zest for life and a true thirst for work – great job!

  83. My work contract ended on Friday and I have woken up a bit discombobulated about work/self-worth this Monday morning, so to be reminded of this today – “my self-worth comes from within and how I feel about myself. My worth has to do with the relationship I have with myself, how I treat myself and has to do with who I am, not with what I do.”, is very welcome and empowering. Thank you.

  84. ‘I come to work as Mariette, and I leave my work as Mariette.’ I love this quote Mariette and I am sure most people think they come and go as themselves but very often we loose ourselves in a role, or are in a rush without considering we have a human body, so where are we then? And indeed it doesn’t matter if you are there on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, it is just about being you!

  85. According more importance to one job over another can easily lead to comparison and envy, even jealousy; the truth of the matter is that every task and every job is just as important as any other – we all contribute to the whole that is humanity and this world of ours.

  86. The part about not having a career or ‘climbing the ladder’ I can feel that I have adopted this belief as I can feel the lack of appreciation for what I bring to the working world (as I love to be at work, with people) has been chipped away at by this ‘you’ve never been promoted so you can’t be that good’ – even just typing that now feel horrible and yet I have had this running in the background for a very long time. It feels cool to start to remove myself from this belief. Thank you Mariette.

  87. Not having a picture of what job I want to be in as a child, I didn’t carry this picture after I graduated from University. I just did what I felt I would like to do and until today I find that all the different work that I contribute to are very different in nature, but they all make sense.

  88. No matter what job we find ourselves in, we are there for a reason for there is never any co-incidence where we end up and the people we work with. If we stay open, what we are there to receive and/or learn can greatly support us and prepare us for what is coming next in our life, for everything counts.

  89. Your love for people, being with people and connecting with people shines through Mariette, and you do bring your own flavour and style as we all do and that is what makes life interesting, especially when we work and pull together so we all feel valued and respected. And I totally agree and love this little gem of wisdom: ‘ that we are all needed somewhere to bring something and to receive something’.

  90. It feels wonderful when we drop the identification with a job role and embrace ourselves for who we are first. It is then possible to appreciate any job, as the title that comes with it does not matter.

  91. ‘I come to work as Mariette, and I leave my work as Mariette.’ It is super important to not lose ourselves during a working day. It is about bringing our fullness, our light and to leave in the same quality to go where ever we go.

  92. Love this blog Mariette and what you present here. Every job is important – we cannot hold a cleaner any less than the CEO of a company for each have essential roles to play and have a big impact on the company and its clients. And when we let go of being identified by the job we do we free ourselves up to truly value what we can bring from our essence and don’t limit ourselves to a job title or description.

  93. Wonderfully simple. We all matter, there is space for all of us and every job is important!

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