Truth About Serge Benhayon – FOR THE RECORD

So you might of heard of this man Serge Benhayon or you might have read some stuff about him.

Well this blog is FOR THE RECORD. In others words let’s get some real stuff on the worldwide web, which will leave you in no doubt who this man, Serge Benhayon, is.
Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine
Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine

There is now plenty of nonsense written about this man and there is heaps of pukka stuff. Pukka means real in my world and this man FOR THE RECORD is the real deal.

OK – so you search on Google and you find a handful of people with and without fake names bad mouthing this man. Your choice – you can read it and come to your own conclusions or you can read a blog like this which is straight truth in a no nonsense manner which sets the record straight.

Why on earth do people want to lie and say ugly stuff, which is pure poison about a man who FOR THE RECORD has changed lives beyond words for thousands of people around the world?

Why on earth would anyone want to spend a second reading media stories that are so way off that if the allegations were not so serious, you would laugh?

How on earth do people make up such vile and heinous stories about Serge Benhayon, his family, his business and all those associated with him? It is so way off, it is unreal.

Why on earth do a small gang of haters and self-interest people choose to spend their time abusing Serge Benhayon online, day in and day out? Could it be that their way is exposed for what it is? And if so, why attack when it does not affect you? Are you not free to live as you please? Then do so unless there is a truth here that you need to fight in order to continue your way. In this, and if so, it is far more honest and courageous to admit the reflection of true love that may disturb you than it is to lie, the typical detractor’s route.

On the count of the lies, in general across the Internet and here specifically, are we not bothering to do something when we KNOW it is lies we are reading?

Could it be possible that many more need to speak out on the abuse that is prolific on the Internet (?), and in this case, the fact that they have a much better life because of Serge Benhayon?

FOR THE RECORD – Serge Benhayon has received threats, been called a cult leader, a paedophile and other way off stuff that is so foul that it does not warrant another mention here.

FOR THE RECORD – it is not often if but very rare to come across a man with the depth of decency, love and respect like Serge Benhayon. And when you do, you will KNOW that this man is here to help us all to KNOW who we truly are and get back on track as we most certainly have lost our way.

FOR THE RECORD – Serge Benhayon lives with ABSOLUTE RESPONSIBILITY and that in itself is worth studying as it is a huge claim.

FOR THE RECORD – I am a woman who does not mince her words and has no time for this nonsense that is doing nothing more than trying to bring down a man and his business – both who are Absolutely here for humanity in every way.

FOR THE RECORD – Serge Benhayon has on his own done more for humanity than is for now known. And one day this will be a known fact.

FOR THE RECORD – Serge Benhayon lives and breathes to unite us all as equals.

FOR THE RECORD – Serge Benhayon is the real deal and blogs like this will not stop.

Serge Benhayon
Serge Benhayon… For the Record
FOR THE RECORD – Serge Benhayon has the answers that this world is searching for.

It is time we started to study this man and read the thousands of blogs, comments and testimonials before we jump on the band wagon of a few people who have made it their mission to do nothing more than lie about a man who LIVES ABSOLUTE INTEGRITY.


Bina Pattel
Bina Pattel… For the Record

For the record if you have not read the blog Words on Serge Benhayon – Raw and Uncut, please read.

Over and out for now.

By Bina Pattel, Age 54, London, UK

Bina Pattel Bina Pattel is a well-being Presenter and Consultant and the founder of Simple Living Global.

You can learn more about the work of Bina Pattel at

Serge Benhayon Serge Benhayon is an author and presenter and the founder of Universal Medicine. You can learn more about Serge Benhayon at his personal website

Follow Serge Benhayon on Twitter @SergeBenhayon or on Google+ +SergeBenhayon

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886 thoughts on “Truth About Serge Benhayon – FOR THE RECORD

  1. What Serge Benhayon lives, breaths and represents is absolutely amazing, the true love and care of this man is deeply inspiring. Thank you Bina for expressing the truth about Serge Benhayon, your appreciation of him is beautiful to read.

  2. Over the years there have been many people who have been falsely accused of wrongdoing and over time there is an egg-mess on many of the faces of the accusers as their self-righteousness and alignment to delivering blind justice is exposed.

  3. FOR THE RECORD – I am in absolute agreement with all your points regarding the truth about Serge Benhayon written in this blog. Thank you Bina.
    FOR THE RECORD – In spite of the continuing attacks, mis-representation of facts and lies to discredit Serge Benhayon in many forms, I remain in deep appreciation of the purpose and true quality he brings to the humanity and the opportunities he reflects for us all to live in a completely different way than society dictates.

  4. A great testimony to a magnificent human being – brilliantly said Bina, there are too many lies out there – we need more people like you who are prepared to set the record straight – no matter what.

  5. “FOR THE RECORD – Serge Benhayon has the answers that this world is searching for.” There is an energy pulsing through some to prevent this truth being known to the world but it will not stop all feeling the power of love being lived by Serge Benhayon.

  6. So many lives have been changed for the better through Serge Benhayon including myself, I am honoured to have met him and bowled over by the amount of support and love he has for everyone not for any reward but because that is just who he is.

  7. Bina, for the record, you are absolutely right Serge Benhayon is the real deal, people choose to not handle that that is their issue, but lying and making trouble for those who choose to live their truth is an absolute evil act. So time to stand for the truth just like you do by this article. Absolutely puka.

  8. Straight up…for the record. One day the media will look at these blog and realise how misguided they have been by there own advertising.

  9. Straight from your heart Bina and also from mine, your expression comes with authority and love, this will never cease to be. Our inspiration and the amazing man Serge Benhayon is will not stop to bring the world and humanity the truth they need to hear, exposing or not he just delivers with his beholding love.

  10. How rare is it when a testimonial comes with no desire to sell or influence, but just to present the truth as is. Just simple, straight talking, no nonsense, no fluff whatsoever.

  11. The answers to all the world problems in front of our noses and presented through Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine… Could it be that some people don’t like to be exposed for the how they have been living and the choices they made and prefer to attack and lie when the truth comes along?
    I would suggest to be very grateful for everything Serge offers, to study closely how he lives and the effects of it and unite to get us all out of the mess we are living in.

  12. FOR THE RECORD – the love I have in my body for Serge Benhayon (and you too Bina) is more than it has ever been right now. This love within grows consistently daily with-out. Why would not anyone want to not live with so much love that keeps on expanding and in so much abundance to be expressed equally to all.
    Serge Benhayon has brought to me how to connect to this enormity of love – I am in much appreciation how I will have what’s rest of this life in love, but every life there after from now on….

  13. Bina I love the way you express with such authority and power, when you express in this way without holding back people get to feel the truth without any compromise or apology, it is very inspiring for us all.

  14. Thank you Bina for confirming the truth of who Serge is and what he represents, as the reflection of what we all are equally.

  15. Thank you Bina for your no-nonse presentation of the truth here, I say truth for I know it to be so for myself, and it is palpable in your article as well. Is the world not just a tiny bit curious? What if this man is the breath of fresh air we all need? Its easy to listen to his interviews and such and to start to get a feel for yourself. Are we afraid that it just might be that simple that we can actually take responsibility and sort ourselves out, and in so doing start to turn this lost ship of humanity around?

  16. For the record Bina, everything you say here is what I too have experienced about Serge Benhayon. There is nothing about this man that does not include all of humanity, even down to his every breath, regardless of who they are.

  17. For the record, Serge Benhayon lives and breathes truth with a love of humanity that encompasses all, including those who spread lies about him.

  18. A gorgeous sharing Bina thank you, all that you say is true from our experience of our lives changed for the better since knowing Serge Benhayon, a man who walks the talk, makes life all about people with true love equality and absolute integrity for every human being.

  19. Thank you for redressing the balance so directly against all the lies that certain individuals have promulgated on the web so assiduously. Serge Benhayon has offered so much to so many and supported them to return to their true selves and as one of those who has benefited hugely in the quality of life I now have I accept the responsibility I have to stand up against the lies that have been allowed to spread on the internet because the law is lagging behind and certain individuals are exploiting this to follow their own vendetta against a man of the utmost integrity and humility.

  20. I have watched the positive ripple effect of Universal Medicine through hundreds of people’s lives, including mine over the last decade. It is one of the only things I have observed that is the real deal. Mostly I see things spread like a virus, causing havoc in society. We sit back and watch as divorce and gaming in our youth take off, yet a man who offers true healing and a loving way of life is criticised. Makes no sense but those who present truth have always been attacked by those with something to lose.

  21. When you have a massive offer to make to all in terms of well-being and truth you may find those who are open to it and you may find those who are simply not willing to let go what seemingly works for them. If what is on offer is true (hence truly delivers), those who are open and try it out by free will, will benefit from it and their lives will change forever. If what is on offer is not true, however, no one (unless you are deeply delusional) will stand up for it. So, here we are in an absurd situation: what is on offer delivers what it promises (hence brings an immense amount of beauty into our lives) and that is seen as a problem for some who also would like other people seeing it as a problem through the creation of arguments about it that are not true. For some, rejecting what is on offer (which is their right) is not enough. They need to carry people with them so they feel they are not alone in their rejection … of the expansion of their own beauty and well-being. Much Ado About Nothing….

    1. Well said Eduardo people are free to reject the Love that is on offer but for some that is not enough they need to justify their own behaviour by trying to whip up sentiment against that which they are rejecting.

  22. Loved returning to this blog Bina. It raises the question as to why any of us would lie and say ugly stuff about others – when as in this case none of the ugly stuff that has been said is true. Surely there is enough to be getting on with in life than to be bad mouthing others when there is no substance?

    1. Absolutely agree with you Jane, what a total waste of time it is to lie about, defame or bad mouth others; a poisonous distraction from truly getting on with life…

  23. People often don’t like it when truth is staring them in the face. But the truth is they are only affronted and confronted because the reflection of Truth shines a light on all the untruths we have lived. Serge Benhayon reflects that Truth and the infinite wisdom that accompanies it.

    1. I agree Jenny – we feel deeply uncomfortable when we realise the degree of disregard and irresponsibility we have lived, not just with ourselves, but the ripple effects it has caused others too. As every moment of disregard or irresponsibility ripples across the world, not just in our own back yard.

  24. “FOR THE RECORD – Serge Benhayon has the answers that this world is searching for.” I so agree Bina. One day Serge will be known world-wide for the world teacher and man he truly is. I feel blessed to have been able to meet him and listen to his amazing presentations – ever-evolving us all.

    1. Absolutely Sue, I was going to share the same quote, ‘Serge Benhayon has the answers that this world is searching for.’ It is up to us to live in a way that inspires others that there is another way, the way that Serge Benhayon has inspired us to live.

  25. I love your use of the word ‘pukka.’ I’ve just googled the meaning and it says genuine and excellent. I agree Serge is absolutely pukka.

  26. This one absolutely is FOR THE RECORD. This is exactly how this man needs to be known and recorded. Thank you, Bina.

  27. Thank you Bina. I have always loved your no nonsense straight forwardness. You say it just how it is. Just for the record you rock!

  28. There’s no doubt Serge Benhayon is an inspiration. The good news is he shows us how we too can live with the same level of love as he does.

  29. Bina, love the way you are raw and real. Serge Benhayon is a man that presents the way to live with love and truth, and that is for everybody to choose if it is their way. No preaching, no convincing.
    So if people choose differently, that is fine, but then still attack him and the people who choose this ancient way?
    Very simple, these attacks have been happening to anyone who stands for love and truth, and does not hold back. Just like you Bina.

  30. I loved this Binna, this is one blog for the record alright. Down the line, factual piece of truth about a man that lives nothing less than the absolute love he is.

  31. You have a beautiful and unwavering commitment to truth Bina that is very inspiring to read, the more we stand up and speak out against the damaging lies towards Serge Benhayon and his family the more we reflect to others to also act on any abuse we have stayed silent about that has allowed this type of behaviour to continue to harm and damage the lives and reputations of many innocent people.

  32. And the record that inscribes what Serge Benhayon is truly and actually bringing is so far and beyond our ‘normal’ understanding of recording the events of humanity

  33. Nevermind setting the record straight, this blog breaks down the lies and resets what needs to be shared about a man that has done so much for the world and personally for thousands of people who have been willing to hear him out apply his teachings. His and your commitment to the purpose of sharing truth to the world is inspiring, thank you Bina.

  34. Serge Benhayon is love and truth and harmoy which so many persons wish to have in their lives.
    Just because there are some liars it is not worth missing this opportunity and I certainly am deeply grateful for the love and support Serge Benhayon offers to everybody equally as we are all connected, so every healing he gives is for everybody. We need just to be open and receptive.

  35. The fact that we as a humanity have a habit of ridiculing and persecuting those that offer genuine love and support to assist us in returning to our former glory – who we truly are, the essence of us within – shows us just how deeply we have strayed from the truth and how enamoured we have become with all we have been offered and thus lived in its place.

  36. In your own words Bina – this is a “Pukka” blog! For the record I can confirm everything you say, and for the record Serge Benhayon is everything you say he is! Serge is singularly the most inspiring individual I have ever met and without his love, support and inspiration my life would not have turned out to be half the life that it currently is.

  37. If you don’t like what someone is saying on the radio, or don’t like what they have written in a book or on a blog, just turn the radio off, put the book away or click X on the top right hand corner of the screen and the blog page will disappear. Simple. No need to go bad mouthing or telling lies or abusing another. But these days it seems that people will do the bad mouthing or tell lies or abuse in an attempt to destroy anothers life. What purpose is there to this? For me I find it intriguing that someone like Serge Benhayon who brings so much beautiful true and long lasting change for people is targeted whilst those who are actually doing true harm are left to be, undisturbed. Something perhaps to ponder on…Consider people like Pete Evans and how much attack he has been under, yet what he presents is real options for changing your life for the healthier. Why is it that we see great people being ‘slammed’ – could it be that some (those bad-mouthing) are not ready to take responsibility for their lives, perhaps not willing for whatever reason to make changes? If not ready, that is fine, but I say this is not a licence to abuse others.

  38. Love it Bina – say it as it is! Your spunk is inspiring – and all you say is spot on for Serge Benhayon is a man of deep deep integrity and of the most amazing support to us all. For anyone to counter this is ridonculous. Sadly in our world though, when someone steps up completely selflessly and is there to support others in the purest of ways, there are people who will try to stop this and delay the inevitable, which is our return to who we truly are. But those of us who embrace this will see through the lies and hence it is our role too to live the truth for all to see.

  39. If I ever need to read anything that is straight to the point and no mincing any words, it’s your blogs that I come to Bina….Love them and they would not be here saying it like it is without Serge Benhayon showing us that we can live together harmoniously and with the deepest level of respect and care and being the real deal. Absolute respect and deepest love to both of you.

  40. Keep ’em coming Bina. Your commitment to stand up for truth and all who live it is so inspiring to read and see. On the subject of Serge Benhayon, you are so correct – The world will not know for a long time just how much Serge has done for us, just as perhaps some who have been touched by his Love and Light may not quite realise just to what degree they have in turn made a difference. The ripple effects of Serge Benhayon and his consistent beholding of humanity is a true gift from Heaven.

  41. The media – as you have pointed out – have gone with the lies of a few and ignored the 1,000’s of testimonials of lives that have improved beyond measure. What this is reflecting, how much we can do that in our own lives.

    For example, how often do we accept the truth of what is presented to us, only to find out later (with more research, or information) that it is not true at all. Or a different example, someone was telling me recently about a gorgeous holiday they had, but the key focus was on what went wrong and there was real drama in recounting the stories, not sharing the enjoyable part of their holiday. The examples could be endless.

    The media is reflecting what we want to hear and how we are in our own lives. It is up to us to discern what is true and to appreciate who we are and what we have.

  42. Serge Benhayon has inspired so many people in so many ways, and Bina, you speak for many of us here in this blog. I thank God and myself for meeting Serge Benhayon and being inspired to make the changes I have in my life, and know that this will inspire others to do the same.

  43. It only takes one look into the eyes of this man to set the record straight. But be warned – if you do look in his eyes get ready, because you will be met with something literally out of this world.

  44. ‘Let’s get some real stuff on the worldwide web, which will leave you in no doubt who this man, Serge Benhayon, is.’ Thank God for Serge Benhayon, without whom I would be a complete wreck and miserable as sin, and thank God for Bina Patel who always tells it like it is.

    1. Thanks for this reminder Ariana from this spectacular blog about Serge Benhayon.
      “Lets get some real stuff on the worldwide web which will leave you in no doubt who this man Serge Benhayon is”
      Well those words come with a RESPONSIBILITY.
      No point me writing that and then taking a break, a self medication holiday or time off from the world wide web with excuses.

      This blog is nearly two years old and it would be true to say that not a day has gone by where I have not contributed to the world wide web with my expression of Truth. I see no point holding back when I have so much to say. I have a duty to God to present to humanity what I know and live.
      Never was I given this amazing life to make it simply comfortable and nice and better.
      That to me would mean no purpose and without a true connection to purpose, I see no point.

      My life today because of Serge Benhayon is so incredible it is beyond comprehension.
      Left school as a teenager with nothing.
      Today at 56, I hold 10 Diplomas and a huge solid website with content like no other I have come across.
      example – a recent blog, call it a book published 20,000 words about the Real Truth about Caffeine.
      There is more, so much more and I have blog titles for the next two years ready.
      This is one area of my life and my reason for sharing this goes back to the sentence you quote Ariana, about getting some real stuff on the world wide web.

      I have a RESPONSIBILITY to keep adding TRUTH to the world wide web and leaving a digital footprint that will in the future be used to support humanity to get back to who they truly are.
      I am simply doing my bit – nothing more and nothing less.

  45. Bina Pattel, gosh I love your way of writing equally on the Simply Living Global Website of yours, which you simple present the realness that you are no nonsense. Since I know you – you have been super mega real and not holding an ounce back of what you feel and experience, hence no ounce in you would hold back the awesomeness of Serge Benhayon from day One. As you show us now and everyday.. You are the living product in society that shows: If you make your life about love, real love, and care for humanity (including very much yourself, dont get me wrong) you grow faster than our minds can handle and your heart is every time bigger when I see you. Hence, you show us that everything that Serge Benhayon teaches, can be lived and works if lived in FULL. Thank you. Over and Out.

    1. Dear Danna
      Correct – the Simple Living Global website does present the realness with the no nonsense that you mention. Easy because as you say I am ‘super mega real and not holding an ounce back’.

      I am a living testimony of what is possible by making a simple choice to align to the teachings and work of Serge Benhayon. What is incredible is that from day dot, he gives you the tools to plug in and connect, so you can learn to discern what is truth and what is not.
      No other person I have ever come across in the countless workshops and presentations I have attended has ever done that. So to me this is great because I was given the opportunity to check him out and I have done that now for 13 years. FOR THE RECORD once again this man is the real deal. Fact.

      Next – I love what you say about how we ‘grow faster than our minds can handle’ and how that expands our heart and you have seen that in me because I am the living proof that it does work if the teachings of Serge Benhayon are” lived in FULL”.

      Well said and a final point would be that with no agenda and just GETTING ON WITH IT life is deeply rewarding and there is no longer a giving up cell in my body.

  46. The quality of the lies written about Serge Benhayon is no different to that which is written in gossip magazines, yet with the added permission to directly abusing and intend harm. And really who in their right mind would believe what is written in these magazines? Yet the truth is that they are still printed and so there must be a great demand for it. Crazy it is for this to be true yet it highlights our extreme avoidance of our responsibility to stand for the truth, to speak out about what is not true and make choices in honor of the truth. For truth is universal and when we create lies, allow them, which eventually leads lies bring normalised, what then are the foundations that our society are building on? How convenient is it to slam a man who stands unequivocally for truth and love, reflects the truth of how the choices we make is what shapes our world through living this truth and love for himself first, and God knows this world is in dire need for more truth and love to be lived by us all.

    1. A grand comment Carola Woods – Thank You.
      This bit really stands out for me “how convenient it is to slam a man who stand unequivocally for Truth…”
      Serge Benhayon lives Truth and is sharing what he lives and most certainly showing us that ‘our choices is what shapes our world’ as you say.

      Next – Our extreme avoidance of that word Responsibility is what is creating the utter ill we currently have on earth today. We are living so way off from our natural state and many are now lost and unaware that there is another way. I know for sure I was one of those totally lost and given up on life.

      Thanks to Serge Benhayon, I have not only got my life back on track but this has led to others being inspired because of my living way. Gone are the days of waking up dreading what is coming and in are the glory days of waking up ready for whatever the day holds as I am more than equipped to deal with it.

      FOR THE RECORD – we need to honour this man and be honest, that if we find him disturbing us, it is because we do not want TRUTH. Better to be honest and upfront than make up lies.

  47. What we hear and read has the possibility of swaying us one way or another it is essential that we observe the quality of it…how often is misinformation and agenda ridden opinion sold as news…with no true foundation. I have meet Serge Benhayon, been in the same room as him on a number of occasions, watched and listened to him present. He is a real gentleman, integrity, wisdom and respect for everyone. That is what I have seen and observed and anything that attempts to discredit him would only be attempting to because of dubious agenda. What is the agenda behind what we are presented, it is our responsibility to observe this on our lives.

  48. What to say about Serge Benhayon that has not already been said and this is a blessing that I am willing to except for the brotherhood and true family connection that I have always felt with Serge is real and tangible so much so that no amount of words or superlatives could shine enough light on what Serge actually brings.

  49. Just revisited your blog Bina as I love the absoluteness in the way you express what you know is true. You echo my own feelings completely… and I feel very settled about being in the world and life knowing Serge Benhayon is inspiring all that he has and is.

    1. Could it be possible Jenny that the “absoluteness” in the way I express what I know is true comes from the way I live everyday?
      In other words, there is an “absoluteness” in my daily choices with no dilly dallying, sitting on the fence, doing hot talk (just words with no true action) and this is what you are feeling and others who have confirmed this very same thing to me.
      FOR THE RECORD – I am in no way perfect or trying to sound like a halo head. I am real, upfront, super honest and willing to learn, to the best of my ability everyday.

      Being absolute when I express what I KNOW is true is really easy and I will not back down or leave a gap for a thought to enter that is going to make me doubt. Truth is truth and I feel it and when it is expressed it comes with authority. To me that is power and that is not something I take lightly. I know it is needed more than ever before in this world which seems to be running on lies.

      TRUTH is worth living as it exposes everything that is not truth.

  50. Serge Benhayon’s love for humanity is boundless, what we can learn from his is everything and what he reflects to us is all that we know to be true.

  51. The question was posed the other day “how willing am I to speak truth when I may be the only person”?
    The reply so far is a deeper awareness that if I don’t I’m feeding the incredibly unloving behaviour being lived the world over. So do I put my personal comfort above the care and love for humanity?. Time to wake up to the responsibility that we all contribute to everything, no separate corners of protection or autonomy. We are in dire need of unity, and to speak out in truth is a quality that Serge Benhayon offers a living reflection of without holding back.

    1. Thank you Sandra Williamson for this question –
      “How willing am I to speak truth when I may be the only person”?

      In my case it goes without saying now – ABSOLUTELY willing and nothing will stop me.

      If that means losing my job, losing clients or so called friends and colleagues no longer speaking to me, then so be it. In fact, all that has happened and it has not made me waiver, give up or go back to the old life of a bit of suitable truth here and there. A comfortable life with no true connection to purpose for me would be a life not worth living in anyway.

      I am deeply inspired by Serge Benhayon because he does not buckle when it comes to expressing Truth.

      Since I was a young child, I can recall looking up to the sky asking for Truth and that I wanted to find Truth. Took me over 4 decades and finding lots of nonsense along the way but once I found Truth living and walking and breathing in this man called Serge Benhayon, I have never looked back.

      My willingness to speak Truth has no limits.
      Today it would be true to say I am a prolific writer standing for TRUTH.
      I call myself someone who chooses to be on the front line when it comes to Truth.
      I am known to be fearless and that is super easy to live when I KNOW what Truth is.


  52. Serge is indeed the real deal Bina; I love coming back to your blog as I deepen my understanding, appreciation and awareness of just how completely and divinely real, true and loving Serge Benhayon is.

    1. This man called Serge Benhayon as you and I say is the real deal Shirl.
      Our job – or those who have had their lives change owe him nothing but we do owe humanity the same as what we now live because of his teachings. I guess that is why I am so committed to getting my act together, so to speak and ‘getting on with it’. No point wasting time thinking others can do it for me or sit back and take a break, a chill pill and relax on the fence. Get out there and be the real me seems to work and keeping my every day stuff real and practical.
      FOR THE RECORD there is more – so much more to say about this world teacher who has touched lives like no other. The author most certainly will be posting more blogs like this to keep that record straight.

  53. I am constantly in awe of the numerous people whos lives have been transformed from meeting Serge and accessing and connecting to the Ageless Wisdom that he presents. I sometimes find myself forever perplexed by the rubbish that a few people have spread across the internet to abuse and discredit him… for it shows the lengths that some people are willing to go to not take responsibility for their choices that they can’t but attempt to stop those that do. However the poison of a few can never taint the living light of 1000s.

    1. Thank you Samantha I feel it is simple that one grain of sand that stands up and holds the truth will one day bring the whole beach to that same truth simply by its Livingness.

  54. The consistency of Serge Benhayon to me proves that the love that is shared across many web sites proves beyond any doubt that he is living proof that we can all live to a standard of integrity, truth, love, joy, harmony, responsibility, stillness and service to humanity that Serge Benhayon now lives.

    1. Well said Greg, yes undoubtedly Serge Benhayon is showing us all that there is another infinitely superior way to live that that which we have all been choosing. He is setting a marker for us all to see and feel if it is true for us. It is not simply a better way, or an improvement on what currently is our way, it is a complete change of consciousness.

      1. The humble way in which Serge Benhayon expresses the glory that is simply available for us all is a whole realm away from the space I used to live in so that in what you have shared Doug I can feel how we all learn from each other no matter who is the provider of the information as long as it comes from our Livingness.

  55. It only reveals the absolute evil that has been planted on websites by those with and without fake names, all whom have a deep issue with truth: which is all Serge Benhayon and his teachings are about. This blog reveals to us that it is simple and shown and known that thousands of people, and the numbers continue to grow, have truly benefited from the teachings, healing modalities and esoteric healing sessions deeply so which are given by Universal Medicine. Hence the hate and evil that is coming from people is simply the opening of jealously. Nothing more. But it must be stated, as Bina Pattel has greatly done.

  56. After knowing Serge Benhayon for over 16 years I can say FOR THE RECORD that he IS the real deal… everything you say is true Bina, thanks for setting the record straight.

    1. Thank you Jenny Ellis for your grand confirmation after 16 years.
      Just the fact that we have thousands and thousands of comments like this and websites all about Serge Benhayon speaks volumes in itself. Look no further is what I would say to any one asking who is this man.
      Keeping the record straight about Serge Benhayon is important. I know what to do and not do.

      I have come to realise that there is no point wanting others to do it or taking a day off to self medicate or whatever nonsense I can do if I choose. My job is to LIVE the teachings of Serge Benhayon to the best of my ability and keep writing and sharing. This has now become a way of life so blogs and comments come easy for me and there is zero effort or trying. I know this is because I am deeply committed to all areas of my life and do my best to leave no stone unturned.

      I value this life I have been given and I see it as a blessing to live and share without any holding back.
      With my own style I strut and do whatever I feel is true and it seems to work. Even when things feel hairy they shift fast and I reckon it is because I keep moving and not taking things seriously.
      I also talk to myself and am known to have a firm word or two if needed to keep me on track. It helps to knock out any nonsense going on inside my head. Yes I laugh a lot too !

      1. Exactly Doug, we are each born the ‘real deal’, it is a matter of discarding all else we take on as we grow up, losing sight of who we truly are and all of what we bring to the world by virtue of that.

  57. It is also interesting that people write about those they have not met or do not know, and that others pass on those media stories again having never met the person the stories are about. This has happened to Serge Benhayon and to others too. In my book that is gossip – malicious gossip that has not on ounce of truth in it that is passed around with no responsibility and no integrity. What is more interesting is that we (I include myself as I have done this) read things like the lies written about Serge Benhayon and we agree with them or talk about them as though we know what we are talking about, when there is no substance at all. One day when we are ready we will say ‘no more’ to the media lies that are abundant in our lives today.

    1. This media stuff can send our minds in a spin if we take note and think it is truth. Like you Jane, once upon a time I used to take on and believe stories and part of growing up has been to get wise and realise not everything we read holds truth.
      Enter Serge Benhayon and I got myself a real marker of what is Truth and what is Not. Bingo.
      I was presented with the tools to discern and this comes from my body. A compass that knows what is and what is not.
      I have an instant knowing and there are times that I choose to override but that is getting less and less now. What I do KNOW beyond any doubt FOR THE RECORD is Serge Benhayon is pure and absolute Truth. Nothing that is ever written about him that is lies affects me, simply because I KNOW TRUTH. So blogs like this just roll off because Truth is really easy to write about. Lies are dodgy, slippery and cannot remain strong and steady because the very nature of the foundation is not Truth.
      How do I know and how can I be so certain? Because my body tells me and I listen to my body more so now than ever before. Thanks to Serge Benhayon.

      1. So true Bina, truths so simple to write about and it is an absolute joy to be able to share on these many web sites that provide the absolute truth about Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and The Way of The Livingness.

  58. I don’t back away from the fact that Serge Benhayon is a great close mate of mine and it’s an honour and blessing to have the friendship we do. There are many people that see it the same and yet there are some that would say the opposite to this. But what if there are far far more people seeing it like me then they are seeing it the other way? Do we go with the majority who have the fact or the truth of the actual real relationship or do we believe the minority who some haven’t even met the person and others who have spent a day with the person? At this point it seems we are caught by something that doesn’t allow us to see what is actually going on right in front of our face. Serge Benhayon is a very solid, down to earth great man and if you can’t see that clearly then my advice would be to have another look. I am not saying you are wrong but I am saying for me I know the truth because I actually have taken the time to get to know Serge Benhayon personally myself.

    1. What you are sharing here Ray Karam is great and much needed.

      Most of the time, so many of us read something, hear something – be it media or online and jump on the bandwagon without stopping to discern or ‘read between the lines’.
      What the minority have to say may amount to nothing but nevertheless there are always people who want the ‘different’ story for whatever reason and then this gathers a following but from what I have observed it never can hold steady. The simple reason is because lies need more lies and it stands on a foundation of lies so it will never ever be solid.
      TRUTH – is unwavering and solid and will always be the last one standing.

      I absolutely agree with you that Serge Benhayon is a very solid and down to earth great man.
      He is like no other that I have ever met and he sets the marker if you ask me of what is possible for all of us to live and be on earth.

      Finally, your last sentence speaks volumes. The fact you have taken the time to get to know Serge Benhayon and you then express without holding back. That is true friendship and an example to us all.

  59. Serge Benhayon IS the real deal, and so are you, Bina. I often find myself just being grateful for having met such an extraordinary man, yet ordinary in every way. He is an inspiration in the way he lives the absolute truth and his love is endless. Thank you for setting the record straight, Bina, your way of expression is so needed.

    1. The record is straight and my job is to keep it straight. Thank you Nathalie.
      So to continue keeping that record straight for me it means to continue expressing in daily life without holding back, sitting on the fence or dilly dallying when it comes to Truth.
      This way of living then supports me when I write and so far it makes sense and it has worked.
      I do not owe Serge Benhayon anything and neither does he want for anything. WHY I write blogs like this and will not stop is simply because our world needs the words so one day in the future they will be left in no doubt who this man was and what on earth he was doing.
      It is the very least I could do as he has without any doubt given me a life that was not even a dream.
      I get up everyday with joy. I feel content. I have no need to hanker after this or that and I no longer need to numb myself with distractions or keep going in drive. That in itself speaks volumes.
      THANK GOD FOR SERGE BENHAYON is what I say every single day.

  60. You’ve made a great point here – we have to consider the staggering mountains of evidence that contradicts what these few detractors have said. It doesn’t make sense to blindly believe something we know is a lie when the truth is staring us in the face in humungous quantities.

    Having met Serge Benhayon myself, it feels great to have all of these facts set out straight for the record, so thank you Bina!

    1. I like it Cheryl – we certainly do have “staggering mountains of evidence” that blows the nonsense out about this incredible man called Serge Benhayon.
      Why bother to waste a second and focus on lies and utter poison about a man who has done nothing other than truly help thousands of people around the world.
      My take is I KNOW SERGE BENHAYON and no one can tell me otherwise. I am living proof of what this man is about so with authority I write as I live – no holding back as that is my style.
      When it comes to TRUTH absolutely nothing will stop me expressing. Nothing.

  61. We can all say what we want and as most will repeat, there are 2 sides to every story. I am not asking anyone to pick or to choose but what I will say is that no matter which you choose, have respect for another to make their choice. From my experience in this which is detailed but I won’t go into that, I have made my choice and can see both sides of this story. One side keeps repeating what I consider a lie over and over hoping it will gain more and more traction the more times it said and the other side keeps doing what it has always done, live life in a deep value and care for everything around it. I trust you will take the time and care to make your choice and I will leave that with you.

  62. I absolutely agree – it is time, well overdue in fact, for the entire humanity to take notice and start studying what this man, Serge Benhayon, is truly about, try out what he presents and then make up their own mind.

    1. Thats the thing isn’t it Fumiyo – Serge Benhayon is the real deal – I have observed him for over 13 years and he is absolutely consistent with his integrity and the level of responsibility he lives – and in all that time I have never observed Serge Benhayon to impose, to evangelise, to try and get people to like him, to have any need for recognition, to want the world to ‘get it’ – he simply presents, as an offer and we can take it or leave it. Why then do we have a ‘small gang of haters’ who have never been forced to listen or to change their lives yet they spread lies? If they didn’t agree with what Serge Benhayon presents they only had to ‘close the book’ or turn and walk the other way.

    2. I agree with you Fumiyo that is is ‘well overdue’ that we started studying this man called Serge Benhayon who lets face it is simply living the future now. All of us one day will have lives like he is living now.
      No point trying to desire, want, copy, mimic, imitate or try and be like him. We have choices to make and it is our daily choices that will support us to evolve and get to where he is living or not. Always a choice is my understanding.
      What he has done for humanity thus far is priceless and yet very few of the 7.5 billion on this planet even know who he is. I feel blessed and thank God everyday for Serge Benhayon.
      Just to know him and live his teachings has been life changing to say the least.

  63. This man is quite simply divinity walking.
    Every thing Serge Benhayon says and does makes so much sense.
    I have never known a man who speaks such truth. Totally blessed are we to have such a man with us at such a time.

  64. You’re a powerhouse Bina, your authority and straight up style is right down my alley. Its unfortunate that a few people have managed to get such ground swell from a bunch of lies and a seemingly odd vendetta but nevertheless there is a reflection for us all in this. It exposes humanities tendency to put more focus on the negative or drama and stress, than on appreciation, love and building on those foundations. The way we answer how some media outlets have incorrectly reported, is to bring more love, care and appreciation in our daily lives, sounds simple and it can be, if we allow it.

    1. Thank You Sarah Karam for saying it as it is. Yes indeed I have come to realise I am a powerhouse and nothing will stop me in my ‘authority and straight up style’ as you say.
      You make a great point about how we tend to focus on the ugly stuff instead of the real truth about another person and in this case Serge Benhayon.
      We as a race of beings seem to like reading and hearing about sensationalist media reporting when in truth it has no purpose and offers no evolution. For me that is dead, lifeless and worthless news and does not leave me feeling expanded or inspired in anyway.
      However, any truth about Serge Benhayon is news well worth reading or listening to as it leaves you in no doubt he is the real deal and what he has to offer is mind blowing literally.

  65. Bina, I love how you are setting the records straight, in no uncertain terms, about the true gift and blessing that Serge Benhayon is to humanity and to our evolution as a species. It is important that we stand up in the face of lies and renounce them for the evil they are. It is deeply inspiring to read how your commitment to this end is absolute.

    1. Thank you Elizabeth McCann for confirming how I am ‘setting the records straight, in no uncertain terms’ about Serge Benhayon. All I can say is I will never stop writing about this man who has completely changed my life and I can say the same for many others. On that note, here is a new blog just out today about this incredible man and I say THANK YOU GOD FOR SERGE BENHAYON

      There are more ready to keep that record straight once and for ALL.
      Watch out World.

  66. The amazing thing about Truth is that it helps to feel the importance of how we move through life. The way we move helps us to register or not truth for what it is. It also helps to see the extent to which it helps us to sustain our rejection to it. Without Truth, these revelations would not have been possible.

    1. Thank You Joe Minnici – I agree with you that articles like this cannot stop and whilst I am alive they will not stop. I have made a strong commitment to keep writing and doing my bit to make sure truth is expressed without holding back. I live in a way now – thanks to Serge Benhayon and his teachings that allow me the space to write which is almost every day.
      Our world is a mess and things are getting worse. There is very little true Truth on the internet so every single drop like this comment makes a difference even if most think it might not.
      Those of us who are living an amazing life because of Serge Benhayon have a responsibility to share the Truth with humanity and not hold back in any way.

  67. The degree of integrity and responsibility that Serge Benhayon lives confronts us all because we know we don’t live that ourselves – and it is exactly what is needed in our world today.

    1. Great comment Paula and very true. The degree to which this man lives is very confronting for all of us to say the least. Serge Benhayon has raised the marker when it comes to words like RESPONSIBILITY and INTEGRITY and his unwavering commitment to life is what blows most of us away.
      Never ever does he give up, press the snooze button or take a day off self medicating in any way.
      Those who know him KNOW he is busy working for humanity and his story is beyond what we call success on earth if you ask me.

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