Travel Suitcase – What to Pack?

Holidays are a great opportunity to relax and unwind, but the thought of packing a suitcase often left me feeling the complete opposite. Over the years I’ve noticed how I had built a level of anxiousness over what to pack and this left me feeling overwhelmed or burdened by the task.

A number of questions would rattle me, including:

  • How much do I pack?
  • What is the weather going to be like?
  • Have I packed enough warm and cooler clothing?
  • What if I can’t buy the same things in the place that I am visiting?
  • What if I pack too much and the luggage exceeds the weight allowance at the airport?
  • What will I wear to make me ‘fit in’ with the other people I am travelling with?
  • What if I choose the wrong clothes and they won’t have my size to purchase more?
  • Do I have enough toiletries and do I pack extra for others that may forget?

With time, I noticed that I had become accustomed to feeling this way and noticed how much this overwhelm would start to consume me weeks before I was heading off.

In many situations I would start to plan outfits in my head and organise mini “to do lists” to make sure everything was packed and that I didn’t miss a thing. This even affected my sleep and I would often dream I was at the airport catching a flight and had either forgotten to pack or, even worse, left my passport at home.

This changed when I recently became inspired by the work presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine on appreciation being the key ingredient in building a solid foundation upon which to base all aspects of my life. I knew that I had developed a solid foundation that supported me in my day, but I was missing the glue that held this all together – APPRECIATION!

Over the past month I have worked on developing an appreciation of the smallest parts of my foundation; from the quality of the time I take to moisturise my hands each day, to drinking water regularly to keep myself hydrated. I realised that my suitcase packing is a simple task that can be done as part of my day, no different to my morning routine that included showering, dressing and eating.

As I planned for a recent trip, I stopped and asked myself a few questions before I even attempted to place the first item in the suitcase:

How much do I really need to support me on this trip?

  • Am I choosing clothes that I feel to wear – or what I think others would like to see me wear?
  • Am I appreciating the care and detail I take into packing?
  • Can I ring a travel buddy and ask if we can share items such as hairdryers etc., to avoid doubling up?
  • Is the trip about ‘impressing’ others or ‘just being me’ with others?
  • Is what is in the suitcase coming from my own choice to feel what is needed to support me?

What I discovered with the packing process this time was:

  • As I packed each garment I appreciated how great this felt on my body.
  • I chose shoes that were not based on how well they matched my outfit, but on how comfortable they felt on my feet.
  • I selected clothes that I knew from experience kept me warm in winter and cooler in the summer months.
  • I packed toiletries that I use each day, so this was already part of my foundation.
  • I packed colours that I felt to wear, not what I thought would suit the places I was travelling to.

What seemed to be a hard and overwhelming task became so simple when I chose to appreciate myself even more and simply placed these items in my suitcase.

Building a foundation of appreciation has been the way in which I have chosen to heal a lot of the anxiousness, not only in packing a suitcase, but in many other aspects of my life. The feeling of it being a burden, the list writing and the worry about not getting things right are no longer part of my daily routine.

Learning to live from my foundation of appreciation and bringing this to my work, chores and all the other areas of my life has removed the anxiousness and given me more space to enjoy the opportunities that are on offer.

With this appreciation, anything is possible as it reminds me that anytime I may wobble or have self-doubt, I can return to the simplicity of the foundations I have laid down.

With deep thanks and appreciation to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, for showing me there is another way to live that supports us all to build more of who we are, and remove the overwhelm and anxiousness that can be fed to us when we choose not to appreciate our inner knowingness.

By Anonymous

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737 thoughts on “Travel Suitcase – What to Pack?

  1. I often have to pack going from one extreme to another 40° C to -6° C for example… It is always a great way of checking in to make sure that one is super aware, and covering all bases.

  2. I know how there are so many things in life which seem to just be there to overwhelm us 🙂 And yet isn’t it also an amazing reflection to lovingly remind us that a steady and solid foundation is what holds us, no matter what happens in life and however life tries to knock us over.

    1. So true, Adele, and appreciation is one of the strongest steps in establishing that foundation.

  3. Thank you Anonymous for the timely reminder of how appreciation of ourselves supports us to be in a harmonious flow with life and all that is presented to us on a daily basis.

  4. Appreciation, feeling and reading sound like the only tools we need to prepare for anything. And a good measure of trust. What a simple recipe!

  5. It is amazing how appreciating ourselves can assist with situations that we would usually find stressful – great reminder as I head off on a trip.

  6. It really is so simple – appreciation for who we are is the gateway back to expressing the fullness of our true self (our Soul) and not the imposter (the human spirit) that stands in the way of such greatness.

  7. With anxiousness being a global plague, learning to appreciate ourselves will go a long way to alleviate this global phenomena. I used to live with crippling anxiety and I too have been learning to appreciate myself and take great care of me, and it has lessened amazingly so. I feel so much more steady and ready for life than I ever have been before. Aah, another moment of appreciation of how I am living now.

  8. I often felt like you mentioned before especially before going on a long trip, both being long on the plane and being long away from home. I would feel like I wanted to take everything just in case an event would happen or I would suddenly feel like wearing that particular thing that I usually don’t wear. I would get very anxious. What I found is that when I felt I would be there when I would be in the plane and when I would arrive so I would be able to be me then and there too even if I hadn’t the right clothes, the anxiousness went and I felt myself again.

  9. As I am just about to pack for another trip this blog is very timely. It could be said that our approach to packing is no different to our approach to our day, which is absolutely one and the same.

  10. “With this appreciation, anything is possible as it reminds me that anytime I may wobble or have self-doubt, I can return to the simplicity of the foundations I have laid down.”
    As I walk my own path, returning to live from my souls impulse, I can feel that the foundations that I have laid, and that deepen daily are now becoming the base on which I live my life. Appreciation then becomes a lived experience, to the best of my ability, living my foundations in the fullness that I feel them to be.

  11. Appreciation is a great gift we can give to ourselves as in being appreciative we do encourage ourselves to feel instead of to think and when we do not think but instead feel packing a suitcase is never an anxiety issue anymore but a joy to do instead.

  12. Loved you blog Anonymous, because I can so relate to what you shared about getting into overwhelm when packing to travel. However, as you have described, building in appreciation is such a key ingredient to have in ones foundation, to have there for when you are going to back to travel or anything else in life for that matter. It is something that is and can be continually built on and developed in your foundation of life.

  13. It’s a brilliant example of how appreciation fills the gaps that would otherwise let in anxiousness and self doubt, thank you.

  14. Last year, I quit my job to travel the world for whole year.

    So I arrived at my first destination (Frankfurt) with a big suitcase and couple of small backpacks. During my time in Frankfurt, I planned to stay in nearby Wiesbaden for a week. I took just one of the smaller backpacks with me, packing just what (I thought) I would need for a week.

    One week later, I realized that I had used barely 25% of all the stuff I had packed in the smaller backpack. And that’s when it struck me, how little stuff we actually need to live and be happy. Everything else is just psychological.

    I downsized to a minimalist lifestyle, got a slightly bigger backpack and traveled across 14 countries with just that – the happiest 12 months of my life.

  15. Life can be super simple if we choose to appreciate ourselves and what we bring, then there is no need for adornments or looks to ‘put on’ rather clothes to express how we feel.

    1. We can swap “getting it right” and giving our power away to what others think of our choices to simply appreciating ourselves and lovingly focusing on our own self care.

  16. It is amazing just how much we are supported with making loving choices, when we are connected to our bodies, our marker of truth that is designed to guide us to live this/our truth without question.

  17. Oh my goodness I needed to read this today. Feeling enveloped in a fog of anxiousness of my own making I can feel how I have forgotten all about appreciation, but even in reading this and appreciating that I have chosen to express myself I can feel it clearing already.

    1. This is a great reminder of how powerful our expression is as it can support and inspire others to heal and bring more awareness.

  18. In this example the packing of the suitcase is also a beautiful analogy for the way we pack (prepare) for life, feeling into what it is that we need to be doing at this moment in time, the energy that we do it in and will it support us, or not. Packing a suitcase will never be the same again!

  19. The packing process prepares us for the actual travelling part of our trip, but they are equally important because without looking after ourselves in the lead up the trip can be complicated, messy or frightening particularly if we haven’t looked to see where we might be going, travel details and accommodation.

  20. Yes to what you write, and that is – APPRECIATION, it is our glue to hold it all together. A beautiful tool is being shared of what we so much miss to bring in our lives. Yet the foundation of all we walk upon.

  21. ‘What will I wear to make me ‘fit in’ with the other people I am travelling with?’ It’s interesting how we treat our clothes, when we buy them or when we are packing to go away. Are we buying clothes that feel great on our skin which we love to wear or are we wearing clothes to fit in with what others are wearing or because we know they will be approved of or not approved of? We allow the outside world to impact our inner world so much that we forget who we are and what is true for us in the process.

  22. Appreciation really does transform the way in which we think, and therefore approach everything.

  23. I am an overpacker – My husbands travels a lot so is an extremely efficient packer the bare minimum. Recently we travelled with carry on luggage only and after a mild panic it ended up being a very simple and much less stressful process. I Tend to wear the similar clothes day in and day out. It is only when i am packing that I feel the need to have a huge selection. My lesson keep it simple uncomplicated and supportive.

  24. Funny reading this because I dislike packing for holidays and also get into a bit of anxiousness to make sure I have everything I could possibly need – but I also do feel I appreciate myself so had not considered the two as linked. I am inspired by your blog to look a bit deeper and see if I can let go of some of my packing neurosis!

  25. Appreciation of ourselves and of life is making the difference in which we are open to how we feel life is to be lived and to live it accordingly. From that comes a steadfastness that does not waver for whatever may happen in life, as we know who we are and can trust upon, what ever comes to us. So packing a suitcase is very simple form that place, as we exactly know what to pack and to take with us so we are well taken care for.

  26. Anonymous, what you are sharing is very interesting, ‘Learning to live from my foundation of appreciation and bringing this to my work, chores and all the other areas of my life has removed the anxiousness and given me more space to enjoy the opportunities that are on offer.’ Reading this I can feel how I can go into anxiousness, this can be with work or going somewhere or in certain situations that feel are out of my control. I love how you are sharing that appreciating ourselves can be the remedy for the anxiousness and that building this appreciation as our foundation can make life more enjoyable, I can feel how we have the choice to go into anxiousness or to appreciate ourselves and our inner wisdom and so it is the latter that I am going to work on, and how gorgeous to deepen our appreciation of ourselves and to nurture our inner knowing.

  27. I like to take things ‘just in case’ and sometimes it turns out to be just perfect, and other times I end up carrying more than I actually needed. It feels like if I try to get it ‘right’ all the time and be perfect then it becomes anxiety. Years ago, I had a boss at work who often used to say ‘It’s not the end of the world’ and his laid-backness used to drive me crazy, but now I am coming to understand how much of hard work and effort I was imposing on myself just to avoid any possibility of making mistakes, there’s beautiful honesty when I allow there to be mistakes.

  28. “Building a foundation of appreciation has been the way in which I have chosen to heal a lot of the anxiousness.” I can so relate to this, the deeper my appreciation the stronger my foundation has become, recently I had a wobble and self doubt came up, but within 24hrs I was able to recognise and nominate it, which supported the clearing from my body. I could feel the lightness in my body immediately. This just confirmed the simplicity of the foundations I have laid down was my support.

  29. Packing a suitcase always reminds me of how well prepared I am for whatever is next, in a symbolic sense that is. Being prepared isn’t necessarily about having the bag packed, as in the case of travel, but it is how I live, which is made up of my daily choices, rhthym, order and consistency. This is what prepares me to have my bags packed on time, feeling complete and not rushed, and making the trip and travel just what is next.

  30. This is so relatable, worrying about whether we’ll have the ‘right’ things and the correct equipment, clothes, items or outfits for where we’re going, forgetting that the most important thing is to bring US and all we can be, rather than an anxious or stressed version of ourselves.

  31. Its staggering how different the quality of thinking is when coming from our body instead of our head. The more we appreciate the more we can enjoy and surrender to our body.

  32. I had to pack this weekend, going to a place I have never been, at first I went in some doubt about my clothing and had questions like you’ve described what I could feel how I actually was setting myself up to make myself less in advance. I choose to come back to all that I know and that is that I am a Son of God equal to everyone else. Packing my suitcase was simple and a joy to do, I am on my way!

  33. It was powerful reading about how you feel anxiousness and overwhelm are remedied by our ability “to appreciate our inner knowingness”. This makes sense as when we trust and feel from within we know what decisions to make and it’s to support our connection, not the images, beliefs or ideals we may have.

  34. Packing a suitcase is synonymous of preparing for what is ahead. We will never know what is going to be there to meet us, but we do have a choice in how we arrive and we also have a choice to continue to feel and take note of what we are feeling at the time.

  35. “ I knew that I had developed a solid foundation that supported me in my day, but I was missing the glue that held this all together – APPRECIATION!” Great reminder to stop and appreciate and I have been feeling the same not appreciating myself, even though I am aware I have been building deeper foundations. So bringing it back to the simplicity of the smaller things in life and appreciating them as how I wash the dishes or put cream on my skin.

  36. I love what you have presented …. for there is great power in returning to and appreciating the foundations we have developed for ourselves in removing the burden of what we can otherwise allow to come in to make us anxious, or doubt that we don’t know exactly how to move through life in a way that is deeply supportive, when we absolutely do.

  37. This reminds me of “a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down” – a line many may have heard in their childhood. Instead of sugar, substitute it for appreciation. And instead of seeing medicine as only pills or tablets, see it as the quality of everything we do. That’s a real powerhouse of medicine there!

  38. Building a foundation of appreciation, what a self loving and nurturing way to develop a solid, steady and consistent foundation for life.

  39. I used to have all the angst mentioned here about packing and what to take, what if I forgot something etc etc. I used to start packing a couple of days before thereby prolonging the anxiety. Now I pack fairly much last minute and just go with what I feel in that moment to take. I also have a check list so that hopefully I don’t omit anything essential. If I do forget something I can simply go and buy a replacement. From a lot of anxiety to none.

  40. Yes I recently had an experience were I found myself in a deep lack of appreciation for all the quality of work and study I had done and offered back to people. Done with the support of people around me and the connection of God. It took me a while to come back to this and feel the power of all that is there that I have build upon in my life that I have been able to do and give what I do and did. Since then, my life become even more richer and fuller as the appreciation led to more opening up and more way of more quality in my work, being and life. A gorgeous example of why appreciation for who you are and what you bring is so super important. It must come from our inside.

  41. I really enjoy packing because it’s an opportunity to look at what would truly support me and nourish me for whatever time I am away. It’s a great exercise in looking at what truly supports up in life – and what doesn’t.

  42. Ah, I know these ‘what-ifs’ that have crawled inside my ear also and the subsequent anxiety that arises from feeling ill equipped to deal with the journey ahead. It is so simple yet so revelatory to know that appreciation is what releases us from such a bind and that the steady expression of this builds a mighty foundation that will never wobble no matter the turbulence that may come our way.

  43. I am travelling tomorrow and what a brilliant blog to read and appreciate that packing can be so simple! I must admit I have been waking up in the middle of the night thinking of something else to pack but I see it does not have to be like this at all.

  44. When we make sure that we are fully with ourselves wherever we go we know what to do and how to do in an instance.

  45. One thing I have truly started to appreciate lately is that no matter the task or moment we have in our day, if we see it as a moment of service we are offering such beauty and detail from our very being that brings such an amazing quality to everything, it feels pretty spectacular. How would our packed suitcase feel then?

  46. Appreciation is such an essential ingredient to life. I have always been very quick to criticize myself when things weren’t going how I thought they should but rarely, if ever, appreciated myself when I made a choice that supported me and felt good. Through the presentations and shared wisdom of Serge Benhayon I have turned the tables on my thoughts and appreciate myself for who I am and the many choices I make and have discovered there is so much more to appreciate.

  47. I have these same feelings as I prepare for work, do I have enough, will I be prepared for everything ahead of me, I would often focus on having the day in the classroom clearly mapped out but in truth we can never plan everything that will happen. The only thing I am in total control of is how I feel and how I respond and when I put more focus into looking after me and preparing myself I am then less ‘stressed’ about the external factors and more at ease with responding with what’s needed in each moment.

  48. Your first list made me feel exhausted! ‘I was missing the glue that held this all together – APPRECIATION!’ Yep I agree Appreciation is definitely the glue that holds it all together and this is a great and timely reminder for me.

  49. Seeing life through our constant choice to live and appreciate our foundations and movements of everyday to support ourselves, brings a whole new opportunity to see just how simple it is to live from love everyday in all that we do.

  50. Appreciation completely turns around any situation, no matter how dire it is, if you can appreciate what’s on offer and what you have to offer life becomes very different.

  51. Appreciation really is powerful stuff! For me too it is “…the key ingredient in building a solid foundation upon which to base all aspects of my life.”

  52. Going about our daily living with a foundation of love and appreciation is truely amazing, thank you for sharing your experiences and your wisdom;
    “Building a foundation of appreciation has been the way in which I have chosen to heal a lot of the anxiousness”.

  53. ….” appreciation being the key ingredient in building a solid foundation upon which to base all aspects of my life. ” This is a work in progress for me too, and realise appreciation is a science as there is such a depth to it and the more consistent I am living it the more spacious my life becomes.

  54. “What seemed to be a hard and overwhelming task became so simple when I chose to appreciate myself even more and simply placed these items in my suitcase.” Appreciation is the key, when we begin to appreciate, we create this beautiful connection with our selves. We know what is true and what is not. What feels true in that moment. Then every task becomes simple in each moment, whether its packing for a holiday or a business. Keeping it simple to what you use and require daily.

  55. The more we build and deepen our relationship with appreciation the easier it is to break away from unsupported patterns and behaviours that have been an impediment on our evolution allowing to us to surrender to the flow of life.

  56. Great what you share here as I have noticed over time as I have began to appreciate myself more, the flow in my life is lot more simple. When I travel I pack what I use daily so it feels normal and part of my routine. I pack what I feels true to me, rather than over packing. I find I travel quite lightly now, which feels more honouring to my body.

  57. Gosh, in the past I really didn’t appreciate myself and what I had to offer, through the support of Serge Benhayon and learning to see all of me I now have a much deeper love for myself and appreciation of my life and what I bring to others too.

  58. When I read your story I can feel how extremely exhausting it is to live with that constant anxiety running through our body. It really is like a poison. When I read your first list and then the second I felt that the first one can be seen as the poison and the second as the antidote.

  59. We pack not just what we need in our trip but the unhealed packages we still have running happily in our bodies. If we pack from a place of appreciation for ourselves so to make sure that we will be supported by our own packing decisions, that is a step forward.

  60. love it, you have described me to a T with this blog! Never made the connection between appreciating and packing before so food for thought, thank you! I am currently away and did exactly what you described the night before I left, then proceeded to have a major freak out the next morning and almost cancelled my trip due to rigid anxiousness about not fitting in, not looking good enough etc etc etc. So I came back to myself after taking some loving care of myself and then repacked by literally feeling what I actually wanted to wear regardless of the people I was going with, what they might be wearing and what I assumed would be expected of me… The result was that I was very “me” and felt great and in the end am having a great time, realising it doesn’t matter what i’m wearing, if I have any make up on or any of that. What matters is being me from the inside and as long as thats happening, people don’t even notice my clothes or make up, because I am actually so much more than all that!

  61. Self appreciation unsettles many many things like lack of self worth and self rejection. The biggest form of self appreciation is probably accepting that I am Son of God as a deep felt foundation. Possible for everyone not just me.

    1. This is a good point Willem – that appreciation begins first with acceptance. If we can accept that we are a Son of God, then every movement that follows can be made in appreciation of this truth.

  62. I too used to get anxious packing and had these long to do lists. I too express deep thanks to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine as through applying what has been presented in their teachings my life has become more and more simple and that affects everything across the board including packing. I realise that a lot of my packing anxiety was a reflection of my general anxiety and all the things I might need in case something went wrong or to pacify myself such as extra food etc. Now I simply pack out a deep sense of self-care to support myself and with a knowing of what is needed but none of the anxiety.

  63. If I let my mind run with self-doubting questions then it can just keep going in that same spin and leave me feeling more and more anxious or out of sorts. Bringing my focus back to what I’m doing in that moment and appreciating that I do know what is needed helps to dissolve the doubting and totally changes the quality in what I’m doing so I feel much more together.

  64. ‘Learning to live from my foundation of appreciation and bringing this to my work, chores and all the other areas of my life has removed the anxiousness and given me more space to enjoy the opportunities that are on offer. With this appreciation, anything is possible as it reminds me that anytime I may wobble or have self-doubt, I can return to the simplicity of the foundations I have laid down.’
    This is hugely important, truly appreciating ourselves changes everything.

  65. It’s like we go into situations primed by our past experiences of similar ones and we can be running a certain reaction to them without even questioning it! But it is possible to change as you have shown and be more aware of how we are feeling and responding to life.

  66. This blog has a literal and metaphorical message. The ability to appreciate what we bring means we need less things and enjoy more of the things we do have…in luggage and life…I love it

  67. Appreciation across the nation as they say. Seriously though you can turn your life around by simply living this word. Appreciation isn’t just a fleeting thing to apply when the ‘chips are down it is something to embrace as a life style choice. We seem to often look at the downside to thing but this isn’t about turning this around to look at the upside but more simply to appreciate what is already there. There are many places this can start and as your relationship with appreciation builds you begin to see that you are in need of nothing and everything you could ever want already sits with you. Appreciation is a key to returning to a way of being and living that we have always known yet simply forgotten.

  68. Thanks for sharing your packing experiences. I am now appreciating the way that I pack and prepare for going away.
    I’m also becoming aware of some day to day things I do that can have a bit of anxiety around them, like getting enough work done -I reckon that I am missing out on appreciating them fully…

  69. Wow who would have though Appreciation could be so power-full. This should be the most basic of things we learn in school, yet it’s importance is so often taken for granted

  70. I used to get flustered when it came to packing incase I didn’t pack the right things, now I have confidence in myself and the way I live, to know that what I pack will be just right, and I don’t panic about it anymore, because I stay with myself and don’t let myself drift off into the images of what I think I will need but the practicalities of what I know and feel to pack.

  71. Appreciating that we always have everything we need, and can never ‘miss out’ leaves a beautiful feeling of settlement, completion and joy in the body.

  72. I completely understand when you say that with appreciation anything is possible and coming back to that steady foundation often has made a huge difference for you. This is something I am currently embracing too and like many have said, it is changing my entire life.

  73. I really appreciate that you took the time and care to sit down and write about appreciation and how working with appreciation has transformed not only how you pack but in reality your whole life. Appreciation has changed my whole life but I don’t always appreciate just to what extent, so it was a joy to be reminded this morning what a truly magic ingredient appreciation is and how life doesn’t taste quite right when we leave it out.

  74. We can certainly create a lot of anxiety and overwhelm for ourselves with endless to do lists and unnecessary concerns; it all feels like a vicious circle where stress creates forever more stress and there seemingly is no way out.

  75. When what we do comes from a lack, a foundation that you are not or never enough, we often feel the push to over pack and over prepare for anything. When we come from a foundation of appreciation we know we are enough in all that we do.

  76. This can be applied to so many parts of our lives. Appreciation should be a corner stone of our foundations, it is so important, but also so often forgotten, to not live the grandness that we are. Appreciation is supporting us deeply.

  77. ‘Building a foundation of appreciation has been the way in which I have chosen to heal a lot of the anxiousness, not only in packing a suitcase, but in many other aspects of my life.’ This weekend I have done ‘appreciation exercises in the Women in Livingness group in London and it is amazing to feel the effect of choosing to appreciate ourselves and others. How natural this feels for our body by just making a conscious choice to be with ourselves and appreciate. Thank you for this inspirational blog.

    1. Just reading your comment and others about how you have started to bring appreciation into your day is beautiful and inspiring to feel. Great to be reminded again.

  78. Appreciate, appreciate, appreciate is something I heard often but could never bring this to myself or if I did I would think of a few things to appreciate and then the next day I could not find anything new and so would give up. This all changed when I committed to an appreciation program with a couple of friends and make a loving choice to truly appreciate myself each day and then text this to them. At first this was quite challenging for me but eventually this shifted and now I really enjoy making the time to stop and appreciate many great things about myself, my relationships and the many moments in life that are truly amazing.

  79. Haha and it’s funny. Today I am packing to go somewhere and this blog popped up. Should I read it again? No I’ve got it all in hand or maybe I will just take another look over it, just in case I forgot to pack something….

    1. You could appreciate you being so thorough, Ray! (had to check the spelling of ‘thorough’ and the meaning popped up as: complete with regard to every detail : )

  80. I too travel a lot and it used to take me forever to pack my suitcases and caused me undue stress as I was very indecisive as to what to take and what not to and would often end up overweight . Now that I am present with myself and have made packing my suit case a part of my rhythm I pack in a very short amount of time, knowing what I need. It is stress free and enjoyable and I am always under weight.

    1. Join the club marylousiemyers! There is so much we pack out of a need rather than a necessity. The simplicity of packing makes for a simple load to carry. I open up my suitcase the week before I am travelling and place the articles I feel to wear in the days leading up to my flight, add toiletries and it’s done.

  81. Living with a foundation of appreciation is truly amazing, thank you for sharing your experiences with this, ‘Building a foundation of appreciation has been the way in which I have chosen to heal a lot of the anxiousness’.

  82. Packing can be an exercise on reflecting how we regard ourselves. The more I know and appreciate myself I have trust in knowing what to pack for myself and it becomes a simple enjoyable task. In fact I know where in my suitcase I have placed everything so I don’t have to go rumbling through all of my suitcase every time I want something and that’s also worth appreciating.

  83. We can be so demanding of ourselves that we lose the fun and joy from our lives. Lovely to see how you loosened your hold on your packing routine and reminding me how powerful appreciation is.

  84. We usually relate the word foundation to a building or a house. We use it to describe bricks and mortar, not commonly is this word used to describe how we are with ourselves, but it is such an apt word because the relationship that you have with yourself is what you take with you every where that you go. It is the basis upon which all relationships are made, where all decisions are made from, and from where the ultimate outcomes are established. It is therefore not ever a question of whether you have a foundation or not, but of what is your foundation made?
    For example, mine used to be made mostly of lies. I would lie to myself that everything was alright, that I could do it, that I was fine, when clearly and any one could see that this was simply not true. But I had started lying to myself at a young age and this became the basis of my relationship with myself – my foundation. Now, since meeting Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon, my relationship with myself – my foundation, has had a new breath of air and honesty comes in much more, as well as tenderness and the practicalities of self care. My foundation is something that I work at every day, tending to the bricks and mortar of my relationship with myself, and therefore with all the decisions and the outcomes of the life I create as a consequence.

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