Standing True and Addressing Abuse

Around 10 years ago I witnessed a man being brutally beaten in the street. I was in my mid 20’s at the time on my first ever overseas adventure and this was far from what I was expecting to see on the streets of London.

The most shocking thing about what I witnessed was the fact that the gang responsible for the beating was comprised of children no older than 14 years of age. I later found out that these children had been terrorising the neighborhood for months. They chose a new victim each night and knew they could get away with their crimes as they were too young to be arrested.

I was inside a fish and chip shop at the time and feeling extremely alarmed that nobody seemed to so much as raise an eyebrow as the scene played on outside the glass window. We watched in absolute horror as this group of children knocked a man off his feet and brutally bashed him within seconds. When the ringleader began repeatedly kicking this man in the head I could not take it anymore and without a thought I stepped outside and placed myself between the ringleader’s blows and the man on the ground.

I am a very petite woman, not even 5 foot tall and most of the members of this gang were much bigger than I am, yet it was no surprise to me that the ringleader ceased his kicking the moment I met his gaze. Within moments it was all over: I helped the bloodied gentleman collect his now ruined dinner from the pavement and assisted him to his feet. When I asked the owner of the fish and chip shop why he would not call the police, he simply shrugged and said there was no point, before continuing his work with sadness in his eyes.

The incident I describe took place a not so good 4 years before I discovered the incredible support offered by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, and my commitment to standing up for what is true is now stronger than ever.

This incident that occurred in London all those years ago, and long before I came to Universal Medicine, illustrates that I have never been someone to go along with the crowd, and although I know a woman by the name of Esther Rockett would have the world believe that because I attend Universal Medicine events that I am a ‘brainwashed follower’, nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact I have always been described as feisty and outspoken. My experience in London showed me that things get very nasty for everyone when people do nothing.

Ten years ago when I was able to intervene and stop a man being bashed, I was left without doubt that the young man I confronted was grateful to be stopped. A friend from my hostel expressed awe at my ‘bravery’ after witnessing what I had done, however I explained that I did not feel brave at all as I knew without a doubt that I would not be harmed as my actions were not in reaction but in response to truth. Each and every one of us is powerful beyond measure when we stand up for what is true and refuse to be silent in the face of harm and abuse.

My most memorable travel experience was far from what I expected it to be and yet it taught me much about the world and the power of simply standing up for what is true without reaction.

I am incredibly grateful to the Benhayon family and Universal Medicine for all they have presented, not just on stage but through their every interaction and every move. Serge Benhayon has allowed me to see that I have always been a powerhouse and Natalie Benhayon has shown me what it is to live as a powerhouse in each and every moment. They are both a great inspiration to thousands of people, and their presentations have allowed me to understand that true power comes from a livingness and a commitment to choosing love and evolution in each and every moment.

By Leonne Sharkey, Melbourne, Australia

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560 thoughts on “Standing True and Addressing Abuse

  1. It is just gorgeous that you knew without a doubt that you would not be harmed doing what you did for you moved not in reaction but in standing up to truth. This is deeply inspirational and a testament to what we are capable of.

  2. It is absolutely true Leonie that when people do nothing, witnessing any form of abuse, adds significantly to the culture of abuse that permeates our society; turning a blind eye magnifies the harm. Behaviour unchallenged is behaviour encouraged is such a truism. Thank you for inspiring us to call out abuse.

  3. You might be only “a very petite woman, not even 5 foot tall” Leonne, but you are definitely hugely power-full as the ‘bullies’ got to feel. This is an amazing example of how situations can be stopped or changed when you come from a response and not a reaction; reactions only fuel the fire whereas a response offers an opportunity for healing.

  4. Most people in London are scared to stand up to violence in the way you did. The advice is often not to get involved because you are likely to be killed. What stands out here is your absoluteness, and how powerful this was in being able to halt what was going on. Waver or hesitate and you become a victim. Stand strong with absoluteness and it’s a totally different story.

  5. “things get very nasty for everyone when people do nothing” – so true Leonne, they do indeed. And for everyone, not just the ones that are nearby. Everything effects us all.

  6. There is nothing like the wakeup call of someone who stands in truth with no judgement and no reaction, but in the absolute love and the depth of wisdom that the moment requires. In that moment we are not focused on ourself or any one person, but the significance of the whole, and the energy of God and the Universe can speak through us. Thank you for sharing such a truly inspiring story.

  7. What a beautiful and inspiring story, showing us all what is true and what it brings when we stand up for it.

  8. We all know truth, and it is only empowering when we stand up for it, knowing that it does pay us back in a most beautiful way – it is confirming of who we are and what we know. Trusting this is most important.

  9. A great reminder that we set the parameters around abuse no matter how big or small it may seem. I am reminded also that I let seemingly ‘small’ abuses slide a lot when they are just as damaging as more confronting incidents.

  10. If we are not standing up for truth – then we are simply laying down and giving permission to everything that is not.

  11. Great blog Leonne, it just shows that it isn’t about our size or stature that represents whether we can stand up for truth or not, it is in our integrity, our responsibility, how we live, that makes the choices as to whether we stand up for truth.

  12. Wow Leonne that is awesome, what an inspiration for all those checked out people who stood by and did not do a thing. That you are so tiny in stature makes it even more exposing for the others who did nothing in the face of such abusive brutality. Wonder Woman of the year award goes to Leonne!!

  13. Standing true and standing up for what you feel is right is what we all could do a lot more of Leonne. You didn’t stand down because of your size, you knew what was true and you stood your ground, bravo.

  14. Thank you Leonne – that is absolute simple truth. When you stand in and for what is true , it is deeply felt, and the energy is broken. Hence , there is a call for a stop given, and so we can either stop and so embrace that stop or refuse to listen to it and increase the force through you that allows the anger to increase and so reaction contious more stronger so. It is our choice in that split second that makes a difference.

  15. The degrees of abuse that we continue to accept and allow in our lives is what allows the likes of cyber abuse, self-harm, domestic violence and the war like behaviours we see on our streets continue to worsen and effect more and more people in our communities both locally and globally. Standing up for truth and speaking out about what does not feel true is where we need to begin if we want to ever see the lovelessness we allow, witness and experience on a daily basis to be thwarted, as such paving the way forth with the fundamental right of every human being as a part of humanity, to live with truth and love in our lives. And it begins with the degree in which we choose to stand for truth in our every day lives we currently live.

  16. Our character shines through in the difficult times, and at those times (and all times) when we are willing to stand up, the whole world gets a blessing.

  17. When abuse is on the go by young people, we can either individualise the problem to them or we can ask the question: what is the fact that teenagers can abuse others and feel they can get away for free reflecting? The first approach is great to deter these abusers. The second one is where we need to go to deter abuse.

  18. When we get ourselves out of the way and make it about humanity, living with a true purpose in life our movements are configured in a way that expresses the power of God and there is absolutely nothing that gets in the way.

  19. To be able to stand up for what is true without reaction is really something extraordinary to witness. And when humanity does it stops them dead in their tracks. I see it every now and then when I clip circulated on social media. But see the Benhayon family in action is to see a commitment to live like this on a daily basis. What an incredible choice to show humanity that this is possible.

  20. We can step in every now and then and address abuse but then go into comfort (‘I’ve done my part now it’s someone else’s turn’)…but what are we allowing in between these moments?

  21. Look into the eyes of evil with the truth that you know and will not yield away from, and evil turns in on itself. It has nowhere to go when it is met with the gaze that sees right through the lies and the abuse and calls it out for what it is.

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