A Study on Commitment and Energy

Lately I have made an in-depth study on what commitment truly is. Last year somebody shared with me that they felt I was completely withdrawn from life – not committing to life in full.

At first I resisted: “Who me? I have started up several companies, been successful in my career, have many friends, I was on television, radio, wrote columns in newspapers. How can you call me withdrawn from life?” But in truth I was. It took some weeks to fully admit this unpleasant truth. Continue reading “A Study on Commitment and Energy”


The word ‘jealousy’ has been used to describe how we feel in relation to what another is doing. I am now coming to sense that the true feeling here is envy and so enviously is how I lived. Deeply and bitterly so, I was envious of what others did and had in their lives. Continue reading “Jealousy”

The Joy and Vitality of Living Life

I cannot remember ever being as joyful in my life as I feel now. Living in a vital body, having amazing, deeply loving relationships with my wife, my family and friends and enjoying my work throughout the day to the best of my ability in full conscious presence. Continue reading “The Joy and Vitality of Living Life”

The Bankruptcy of Comfort

In 2003 I started a career coaching company and worked as the only employee.

The company did very well, particularly if you looked at the turnover and the ‘front end’ of the company. The turnover grew each year, marketing and sales were doing great and the company was able to do business with small and big companies, building on innovative propositions and good perception management. Continue reading “The Bankruptcy of Comfort”

Finding and Expressing ‘The Words’

The words are within us but we often don’t know that. Until there comes a time when the ability to express is realised, we rely on others to bring together what it is we would like to say. Choosing the ‘right’ Birthday card, Mother’s Day card, Sympathy card – one that reflects what you want to say, the truth that you hold within but can’t get the words out. This has been my life, relying on others to say what I wanted to say! Continue reading “Finding and Expressing ‘The Words’”