True Responsibility – My Understanding

I used to live in a world of blame, drive, struggle, anxiousness and images of how life should look in regards to career, marriage, children and family. This brought in comparison, judgement and jealousy. I was not willing to take full responsibility for my choices along the way. When things did not go to plan according to the image I had in my head, I would blame something, someone, or the situation.

The concept of self-care was never in my world. For me it was all about achieving the successful end goal. I had an arrogance about me of being able to play roles and perform tasks like men, and in disregard of my body I would lift heavy tables, boxes and bags. I prided myself how I could do DIY work around the house, from minor electrics, to fixing things, to putting wardrobes up etc.

This had started from when I was young; I wanted to be seen and recognised by my father that I was no less than a man. I would watch my dad with all the work he did around the home. I took on subjects at school like electronics and physics at the age of thirteen; I was the only girl in these classes. I pursued these subjects until university. I then chose to study Information Systems engineering. During this period, I had the determination to be like men.

What I had not realised until the last five years was that the momentum I was living in was harming my body. My body had become very hard and rigid, my periods were painful and then I developed endometriosis.

Looking back at this, it is no surprise: how could my reproductive system be open and alive when throughout my teens to my mid-thirties I was choosing to be so shut down and driven? I had little connection to what it meant to live as a woman, and what I have to offer in this female body. I had completely sold out to being like how many men choose to live – hard, in control, in protection, dominating, and driven.

It all changed for me around the age of thirty-five – and a few years into my marriage – when my husband and I wanted to have children. My body was not responding so we went through IVF. When that failed I was devastated. I had already been seeing an Esoteric practitioner, as she was a friend of mine, and I had started to work on myself, knowing there was something more to life than the way I had been choosing to live. But when I dropped low after the IVF failed, I decided to attend the presentations held by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

From the first moment I met Serge I could feel the pain and deep sadness in my body come up and as he spoke, tears started rolling down my face. At the time I did not understand what was happening and why I was feeling like this, but I felt inside that what he was offering was what I was missing – my connection to truth.

At the end of the course something made me go up to Serge to say thank you and he gave me a hug. In that hug he gave me these words of wisdom: “Be Love.” Those words have stayed in my body ever since and that was a start to my healing journey. I had felt the truth and absoluteness of that connection to Love, something I have not ever remembered feeling before, and I knew then that it was now up to me to start the journey of healing my past hurts. So I started to attend more presentations and continued to have Esoteric Healing sessions.

Through the presentations I began to understand what true self-care and self-love meant. This I took back and started to implement into my life. I started to attend women’s presentations as well; I was committed to working on myself. The journey has not been easy but the love and support I have received from everyone has been amazing, and this has allowed me to go deeper into surrendering to who I truly am. As the years went by, the words I personally needed to embody were always shared in presentations by Serge, at just the time when I needed to hear them.

What it all came down to was taking responsibility for all my choices and to connect to my stillness and to fully express myself. Over the last five years my body has gone through so many changes, from healing endometriosis, emotional issues, and relationship issues, to changing how I work and relate to others. For the first time in my life I can feel my connection to my sacredness as a woman.

And this is just the beginning…

By Amita Khurana, BA Honours, Hotel Business Owner, Director, Practitioner/Therapist, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk UK

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584 thoughts on “True Responsibility – My Understanding

  1. “I felt inside that what he was offering was what I was missing – my connection to truth.” At the first presentation I attended by Serge Benhayon I too realised that I had met what was missing within me, my connection to an ever-deepening truth.

  2. “I was not willing to take full responsibility for my choices along the way. ” this is true for so many of us, and yet when we embrace this and do start to take responsiblity everything in life changes. In fact everything in life is transformed simply through a willingness to see and take responsiblity for the choices that we each make.

  3. The words ‘be love’ sound very simple, but they had me puzzled for a while. What did this actually mean in daily life? For me it also meant allowing the huge amount of love out I feel inside for people and giving myself the permission to be exactly where I am at and not have to be perfect or better.

  4. Taking responsibility for our choices is something, it seems, so many do not want to do, as then we can no longer blame anyone or anything else for what has unfolded in our lives. It can be challenging to come to this place of deep honesty with ourselves but in doing so it has the power and the potential to change our lives, as to know we are responsible totally does away with the belief we are a victim of circumstances and brings in the knowing that what comes next is up to us.

  5. Be Love, we all know it within us and we are of it, I can feel how any time I get a deeper knowing of Love within me, it is a return, not a new meeting.

  6. I also became like a man in a woman’s body. It is a way to survive and function very independently in the world, but it has an effect on your body. I have loved getting to know what my woman’s body naturally feels like and how it wants to move and live.

  7. What if our ultimate responsibility was simply to live the great love that we are and nothing less. How very different our world would look if we were not so attached to our errant ways.

  8. When we are inspired to feel the absoluteness of truth from our body we are called to return to the harmony and natural rhythm of our true nature, and to commit to taking responsibility and making choices that enable us to build a deep foundation of love and care from the quality of connection to our essence and in allowing the wisdom of our body to show us the way.

  9. It is wonderful that you were able and willing to recognise the love that was on offer to you when you met Serge Benhayon.

  10. What I can feel is how empowering it is to be able to look at our choices with a sense of responsibility and no judgment, and from that space, we are able to make different choices. We may not know what those different choices would look like, but letting go of what does not belong, as you say is the beginning of living who we truly are.

    1. To be the love we ALREADY ARE is so simple. What is not so simple is relinquishing ‘all that is not love’ that we have lived in its place and that we have built attachments to and sought comfort in.

      1. Yes Liane, the ‘relinquishing’ can be very challenging, as first we need to come to the understanding that so much of what we are holding onto “is not love”, but something we have brought into our lives, become attached to and are convinced we cannot let go of; what would we be without it? But if there is no letting go of what is not love there is no space for evolution and that simply, is what we are here for.

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