Conscious Presence while Cleaning our House

Not so long ago I was involved in a big house clean. For context, I live in UniMed Brisbane’s heritage listed stately home (usually called a Queenslander), which basically means it is a 2 story dwelling, made from timber, that has large balconies that surround the majority of the home. It is a large building covering around 1000m2 of living area, including over 10 rooms and is all white, so invariably twice a year requires a clean as part of its upkeep.

Unimed Brisbane Clinic
Unimed Brisbane Clinic

The very generous Steve Leca, who owns and runs a cleaning business, comes to assist us to conduct this clean of the outside of the house, along with his team and many from the Brisbane Esoteric Community. It is a really fun morning, with many hands making what would ordinarily feel like a huge job become a seamless and very achievable task.

Once the house had been high-pressure water blasted, and so that the white walls didn’t dry all streaky, we were asked to wipe down all the walls from the very top to the very bottom. This required getting up and down a very tall ladder in order to reach from the 12-foot-high roofline to the verandah.

Lesson in Conscious Presence

Raegan Cairney
Raegan Cairney

From the moment I started to climb the ladder, I could feel how important it was for me to take my time, ascending the ladder, each step with conscious presence. The circumference of the house I was wiping down was about 140 metres, so I was up and down the ladder approximately 70-80 times over a period of a couple of hours, climbing a ladder that was 2 metres tall.

Everything was wet, my shoes, the verandah, the ladder, the house walls, so each time I allowed myself to feel my feet, each time I placed my foot on the ladder rung, I felt my hands, the gentleness in my hands as I held the ladder and supported myself by holding the house wall. This enabled me to go about the process of what I needed to do, but with such an elegance, a joy and being completely present with my body.

In the past I would have jumped straight into the ‘doing’, the task at hand. What did I need to get done? I would have been up and down the ladder a million times without any awareness of my feet, where they were placed, how was I cleaning, what it felt like to be cleaning and more importantly, not even having a clue about whether I was present or not. I would have just been totally focussed on ‘getting it done’.

Blessing the House with my Movements

Setting myself up this way, being consciously present and connected with the cleaning task at hand, I was able to wipe down the walls of this beautiful house with such a grace and tenderness, I deeply felt how the house was then being blessed by the way I was moving and going about wiping it down. I felt the love in my hands and the quality of that each time I moved.

This felt natural because of the quality I live in and how I move each and every day, with grace and tenderness with myself – it didn’t just turn up the moment I stepped onto the ladder. Each day when I wake up, I feel with conscious presence the qualities I hold in who I am; when I am walking, it doesn’t matter where, I feel my feet and when I touch things, opening doors, picking up things during the day, I feel my hands as I go about these everyday tasks.

It is finding and holding conscious presence in these everyday tasks that has helped build a love and consistency within me, which I didn’t ever think I could. I had previously been overly anxious, a totally ‘in my head’ person, who continually had multiple streams of conversations with people going on in my head at any one time. So the exercise of cleaning UniMed Brisbane was an incredible marker for me to say, “wow, what a confirmation of my daily choices.”

I would not have understood and learned what I have without the dedication and inspiring work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

By Raegan Cairney, B Comm. Adv Dip Counselling, Brisbane, Australia

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467 thoughts on “Conscious Presence while Cleaning our House

  1. A great article Reagan, and a confirmation of how you have been living with conscious presence feeling the beauty and joy of gentle movement in your body throughout your everyday life.

  2. This is a cleaning job that looks like you are having so much fun then with the end result of being present and the joy in participating in something that is community based, is it any wonder the building is glowing.

    1. Working together can be so much more fun, ‘the joy in participating in something that is community based, is it any wonder the building is glowing.’

  3. “In the past I would have jumped straight into the ‘doing’, the task at hand. What did I need to get done? I would have been up and down the ladder a million times without any awareness of my feet, where they were placed, how was I cleaning, what it felt like to be cleaning and more importantly, not even having a clue about whether I was present or not. I would have just been totally focused on ‘getting it done’.” I can really relate to what you’re saying here. I have done this with housework many times. I go into anxiousness about getting it done, so I complete it with no presence or real care. Your experience reminds me of how to approach all activities with a much deeper lever of presence and appreciation for me. Doing the ‘doing’ and not feeling me within the task, is so laborious, whereas it could be so much more of a celebration of me.

  4. “This enabled me to go about the process of what I needed to do, but with such an elegance, a joy and being completely present with my body.” This feels great because, through doing this job, lovingly, you now have a new marker for all other activities undertaken, no matter how big or small.

  5. When we bring a true quality to the detail in which we do something, there is no job or task that is too much or too mundane just a beauty, joy and lightness and the responsibility to imprint this quality to support others.

  6. It really is a transformation when we start to do things with connection and awareness rather than that driven doingness that can be and does prove to be so destructive.

  7. Doing things with love and grace is indeed not something we just turn on at the moment we need it. It builds and builds, so it then can be applied whenever there is a need for it. So consistency is the key.

  8. When I clean with the focus in getting the job done, I lose myself, my body becomes hard, tensed and aches. But when I connect to every movement of my body, stay in conscious presence while cleaning, then the area I’ve cleaned feels lovely and I feel lovely without any tension or hardness. This reminds me that every movement I make matters and to bring awareness to my body no matter what I am doing is deeply loving and supportive, not only for me but for the people around me too, because it supports me to stay connected to ‘me’, so when I interact with others, I am able to be myself.

  9. When we add conscious to the quality of our movements, we do the same but held in a totally different space. The quality we are holding becomes also the quality of our doing. Beautiful to feel.

  10. You show how very joyful work can be when we do not see it as a must do but enjoy ourself in every moment and actually appreciate what we bring and the togetherness of working hand in hand.

  11. What a great confirmation of how you are living, ‘It is finding and holding conscious presence in these everyday tasks that has helped build a love and consistency within me.’

  12. I can feel your joy and the love in this blog and in how you describe your gentle and graceful present movements while wiping down the house – and yes what a blessing for all who enter, and I love how life just confirms us in so many ways when we live true to ourselves.

  13. “In the past I would have jumped straight into the ‘doing’, the task at hand. What did I need to get done?” Me too Raegan. Nowadays the preparation – which is me living my life in full – brings a quality to any work undertaken.

  14. I totally love cleaning because it helps to bring me out of my head and back down into my body, just by focusing on how I’m moving and the quality of that. I then take that quality into everything else that I’m doing. Being in my body gives me more energy; being in my head zaps me.

  15. This blows out of the water the beliefs and ideals that surround getting a job done, that it needs to be done with gusto and a lot of push and drive and most of all that it can not be enjoyable. Could it be that we don’t enjoy working or doing chores because we are not consciously present with ourselves?

  16. When we work in a group or a team, the work becomes much easier and more enjoyable, and we get through it so much quicker.

  17. A powerful bridge that asks us to be more with our body, in our movements and actions.. And that in certain cases we are being obviously (physically) asked for it due for example danger to fall.. But what if we would apply the same conscious presence for every choice, moment , breath we take and all the actions we do? Would our world be in another state? Great to ponder on – and see our expansion possible.

  18. I completely love the way Regan has explained quality and how working with it feels and is different. What I also love is the connection and honour of her home. What is shared here is not just for our homes or cleaning it is about how we hold ourselves and subsequently others in our every day.

  19. ” Blessing the house with my movements” how gorgeous is that, thank you Reagan for sharing the qualities you have built into your daily life by bringing in conscious presence lovingly into every movement.

  20. What the process of cleaning can actually bring up – the brotherhood that is there for us to connect to and do and work together on things that serve greater purposes.. That is a love filled place such as the Unimed Clinic Brisbane where people come for a healing session.

  21. And what’s great is that being consciously present in every movement does not mean moving at a snails pace. it simply means being aware of your body and the task and not being on auto pilot disregarding the very thing (your body) is doing for you.

  22. What a gorgeous celebration of you Raegan, and the choices and life you’ve built. Very inspiring. I love how you describe how you connect to you and ‘the qualities I hold in who I am’ … not doing with first being, and knowing that it’s the being, the quality that imbues everything.

  23. A great reminder that it is the quality of our connection with ourselves and our daily choices that builds a consistent quality of being so that everything we become part of is done from the joy of this connection and the love in our hands.

  24. The power of bringing conscious presence into cleaning, it establishes a really lovely quality to the space we are in and leaves it feeling supportive for the next time. And with the appreciation of this it brings much more power to it and actually re-energises us – even after cleaning. Because the ability to appreciate is seeing that there are multi dimensions with us when we do something as simple as putting things away in the kitchen, but the appreciation extraordinary.

  25. Conscious presence to me is a gift from heaven as when I am with my body in all that I do I can feel the delicateness of my body, how gracious it moves and how spacious it is. And in this grace I do feel to be part of a greater whole, the All that moves in this same grace and precision and in accordance with the plan.

  26. Conscious presence is such a simple concept – let your mind be present with what your body is doing – but, definitely not easy, as the mind has tendency to wander away.It takes loving discipline and feeling how lovely it feels to have your body and mind aligned to change this.

    1. Indeed Willem, the concept is easy but to live it is another thing. We are so used to live in our minds instead as we learn from young that this is what brings recognition and reward instead of being present with ourselves which is not that much appreciated. For instance when we are called a day dreamer at school, in which we are present with ourselves and nature around us instead of being in our minds what is being asked from the teacher.

  27. You highlight a great point here Raegan about the power of our daily choices and how this supports us to truly evolve even in the most simplest of tasks.

  28. Discovering conscious presence and choosing it is one of the most amazing gifts we can offer ourselves and everyone.

  29. Thank you Raegan for sharing that experience – conscious presence is so simple and yet incredibly powerful and profound in it’s impact!

  30. Thank you Raegan, for sharing the quality we can choose to live with whenever we are in connection to our essence within. The more we choose connection, the more this becomes natural, returning us to our true way of being through which our presence is always a blessing.

  31. It is amazing how what once was the worst chore of my life, is now something I look forward to in my day! I love cleaning, and even more, I love the feeling after I have cleaned 🙂

  32. “This felt natural because of the quality I live in and how I move each and every day, with grace and tenderness with myself – it didn’t just turn up the moment I stepped onto the ladder. Each day when I wake up, I feel with conscious presence the qualities I hold in who I am; when I am walking, it doesn’t matter where, I feel my feet and when I touch things, opening doors, picking up things during the day, I feel my hands as I go about these everyday tasks.” This is gorgeous Raegan. So inspiring. I feel how blessed Unimed Brisbane is having had you perform this ritual for it.

  33. ‘This felt natural because of the quality I live in and how I move each and every day, with grace and tenderness with myself – it didn’t just turn up the moment I stepped onto the ladder’. It is our livingness that we bring to all we do, beautiful Raegan.

  34. When we bring a quality to our movements by consistently building and committing to being tender and caring with ourselves, we feel the true responsibility and beauty that this way of being has on everything around us.

  35. For a start how many accidents would be prevented if we were all just a bit more consciously present in the tasks we carry out on a daily basis. I also find that even the most boring of tasks are far more enjoyable if I am able to stay present with myself.

  36. Raegan a truly beautiful confirmation of the quality of presence and the power of the bodies true connection in every divine movement made. Thank you.

  37. Conscious presence eliminates the thoughts that we are somehow incapable or unworthy. By definition it tells us who we are, and that we are a soulful being within a human body.

  38. I used to clean in a rush and in a head space where I think I need to get a lot done but now, I am starting to clean with more awareness in my body, paying more attention to not using my body in hardness and a rush. It feels so different, the space feels clearer, things get done properly and I feel energised instead of feeling exhausted.

  39. What you describe here is a living from the inside out instead from the outside in. Being in and truly living from the body, feeling oneself and enjoying ones moves. Being one with oneself instead of waiting for the outside stimulation to set you in motion.

  40. I just came back to read my own blog and can feel how much of a blessing (and reminder) I have had for myself, to always come back to the quality of our daily choices. Whether thats make the bed, brushing our teeth or putting away the dishes. Everything reflects everything.

  41. When we are aware of how we are moving whilst doing our clearing out or cleaning there is a marked difference in the quality of the space we have just cleaned – you can’t help to look at it and appreciate what you feel several times. Whereas when we clean with our minds elsewhere the section just cleaned becomes just another finished chore.

  42. It is interesting to hear people share how they do their cleaning on a set cleaning day or vacuum every fortnight leaving this day to get the job done. What you have shared here Reagan is how when we take responsibility with our conscious presence it becomes our natural movement in all that we do so that the cleaning can be done each day, rather than waiting for a given day to show the detail and care of how we can live.

  43. A great reminder Reagan to be in conscious presence in everything we do. I love the way you describe the process involved in this house cleaning and the blessing brought about through your gentle consciousness.

  44. Reagan you remind me of the gentleness we naturally have as children, and how we move with so much tenderness. Your beautiful photo and all of your words all express a return to those natural qualities we are born with. Your blog is also a confirmation of our divinity and multidimensionality – by just being ourselves we bless everyone and everything with every movement.

  45. This is lovely to read, about grace in movement during every day tasks. Because there are no boundaries to having grace in movement, it is available to everyone, all we have to do is choose it by remaining aware of our bodies and how they are moved, and grace will be there.

  46. When we do any task with all of ourselves it transforms it from being a maybe small menial task into a re-imprinting with love. So powerful! Hence it doesn’t matter what we do, but how.

  47. This makes me consider how much we autopilot our day. I can relate to just getting the job done and in that way not really being with what I am actually doing. It’s like at the point you are getting it done you are already partly in whatever the next thing is to do. You run yourself like this and crash at the end of the day or week. I remember people talking to me about lists and how no matter how many things are on your list and how many you do there will always be more. So it makes me wonder then is it all only about quality? We place a lot of pressure on ourselves with time and quantities of things we need to get done but more and more things are there and yet time goes the other way, there is never enough. This places a constant battle within ourselves between the number of things to do with the limited time but what if all this wasn’t true? Not the fact of the things or time but what if our focus on them wasn’t true, what if it was a distraction from where we truly need to be? What if it is all about our quality, as the article presents. I mean think of driving and how many times you have left your garage and driven down the road from your house. You possibly do this without a thought and could do it with your eyes shut but does it make sense to just do something or if we are going to do the same thing over and over wouldn’t it make sense to have the focus on quality? To me things and life have made greater sense when my view is towards quality and not just doing.

  48. Being a cleaner myself, one thing I am so appreciative of is the consistency cleaning has offered me. If I am not present with my movements, my body gets tired the day is long, and the quality I feel when finished is not the same as I know it could be. It offered a micro view of how my life can be in all areas if I was to hold consistency, presence and connection. Knowing that it is all one life, I’m offered a marker to bring everything too. What an incredible blessing.

  49. Part of my weekly work routine is cleaning where I work – I love it, the quiet when the building is empty apart from me, an oppotunity to give back to the space and care for it and in turn every person who walks through.

    1. I love this time to clean also. It is a precious and sacred time and so much can be given to another without them ever realising it. I have been in buildings after all have gone home and watched the cleaners come through and transform the space, then observed the next morning as the employees come back into work. The cleaners have left such a lovely marker of order and cleanliness for the whole establishment. I always deeply appreciated them and their silent labours. It taught me to be mindful of my own space and how I leave it for others.

      1. I agree – and every day is a fresh imprint for the next, once again offering everyone the opportunity to feel the quality that was cleaned in, the respect for the space and be touched. I used to see people suddenly take far more care closing the doors, or how they left their shoes and bags, whilst in others it highlighted a lack of care, without judgement but almost seeming amplified in a space to held by love.

  50. I love the power of people coming together, working for a common purpose but each responsible for the quality they bring to the task at hand. When we don’t turn up for ourselves, we don’t turn up for the all, denying everyone the importance of who we truly are and what we can offer.

  51. You could very easily clean an entire house checked-out or distracted, thinking about other things, stressing, worrying, getting frustrated etc. and the job would still get done, but what you’ve illustrated Raegan is the difference in QUALITY of the clean, something that affects everyone who steps foot in or lives in the home, when we are consciously present and really get into the flow of cleaning service!

  52. Reagan I love the detail and conscious presence you were in whilst cleaning the house, the house now holds a loving imprint for all to be blessed by when they enter the home.

  53. Choosing to be fully present with ourselves in what we do brings in such a joy and enjoyment in moving with ourselves, and everything that we do, is literally blessed by that natural loving quality that we are moving in and with.

  54. How beautiful described Reagan and like you’ve explained it has been the consistency in your daily choices that made your amazing work on that day possible. Whatever we do, the quality of our movement comes first before anything else.

  55. When we are consciously presence we quite literally feel and appreciate each step in what we are doing and don’t get caught in the wave of, and flurry of activity of, the doing.

  56. A lovely example of what and how we’re living directly affecting our every movement which in turn directly affects the impact we have on our immediate environment and those around us.

  57. How beautiful it is to live in this conscious presence and how harsh the world feels when we lose it and just do for the sake of doing.

  58. I have recently been having a lovely time addressing some pockets of clutter still remaining in our home. It has been a joyful experience choosing to remain in conscious presence with my body and how this changes how my hands feel working with the job being actioned. The quality in the house feels more harmonious as I walk in the door.
    “I felt the love in my hands and the quality of that each time I moved”.

  59. A beautiful and inspiring sharing Raegan on how we are able to bring a true quality and conscious presence to everything we do when we consistently choose to connect within and hold ourselves with love and tenderness – what a beautiful imprint we are able to then leave behind for others.

  60. When we bring all our attention to all that we do, with appreciation and enjoyment for every sensation, how could we want to skip this or check out? This blog and your words Raegan have helped me realise that every moment can be like a jewel in my life, if I just stop and cease my running around.

  61. I spent some time cleaning today and found myself enjoying what I was doing. Simply being fully content with where I was and what I was doing. Is this not amazing, as it is very easy to want to get something like cleaning done and onto something more fun. As you share Reagan, when we are with our body, everything is enjoyable.

  62. I’ve been returning to your blog Raegan every day for a while. You might think this seemingly simple blog about cleaning a house, might have quickly lost its power. But the opposite was the case. Now I can feel that every move that I make, and every word that I type on this keyboard here has a energetic imprint that ripples out in this world, through the immediate environment supporting or obstructing everyone around. Wow – what responsibility we have to make this world’s quality ‘cleaner’ with our moves.

    1. Cleaning and clearing the quality of the world through movement.. a great reminder that our every movement and thought matters.

  63. Thank you Raegan, we all have the opportunity to bless the ‘house’ of this world with the way that we move. But do we choose this quality or move with clumsy clunking boots, and jerky strokes? Sometimes I feel a burglar would have more care and finesse. In reality, we are the ones who have suffered a theft – the robbery of the joy that naturally comes when we move with true grace. So let us do our part for the cleanliness of our world and make our moves those that support everyone to be true…

  64. No task is too great if we work together… this is true in our everyday and also if we pan out to view the bigger picture and the devastation in our world today.

  65. Reading about this dedicated and delicate cleaning makes me realise I can bring this level of care to my body too. Just as you step with conscious presence in your tasks Raegan, so too can we apply this to all that we do. I love washing my face with absolute stillness and can feel, just like with Unimed Brisbane and you, this quality truly shines though.

  66. When we are present with ourselves as we do the jobs in the house, we observe the tiny details which changes it from a chore to a joy with the quality we are working in. And the result is great confirmation too.

  67. We settle sometimes for streaky marks on the windows, scuffs on the skirting board and blotches on the couch. Yet when we take the time to clean them out, it is remarkable how good we feel. So your words remind me today Raegan that I needn’t ever settle for bits of life that stick and mark. My body and feeling about the day is transformed when I choose to step forward and clean it all up.

  68. This shows Reagan, how we can bring the quality of our conscious presence through and with what we do everyday, how such a task that can be otherwise be seen as something mundane or boring becomes a joyful expression.

  69. Such a simple blog Raegan, but what I can see is if you become someone who also regularly cleans your body and being, just like this house, when you spend time with other people, the quality you bring is one that is also supporting them to clean up their life. And so we lift each other, the clearer and simpler we live in our day.

  70. It is so beautiful to engage in a task in full conscious presence and it seems to make the space to get it done just as is needed, even if that means coming back to it another time. It just feels amazing to follow what feels right to do. I really get what you are saying here about the feel that is left after it is done, the imprint of the love and care you brought to it.

  71. We all have experienced performing an act or task we brought super care and loving attention to. Whether it was tying our son’s shoe lace, preparing our daughter’s lunch or stroking the hair of a loved one, these moments seem to slow down and transcend time. What stays around is the care we feel, but what if this sense is not restricted to one-off events, but can actually be lived and enjoyed with everything? Your words here Raegan remind me there is nothing special or ‘more’ valuable in this world, except the Love we can bring with conscious presence and appreciation in every move.

  72. Conscious presence, an absolute gift and blessing as presented by Serge Benhayon. And after re-learning it and applying it to everything I do, I remembered that it is the most natural thing and is always waiting for us.

  73. Great to have those opportunities in life where our physical being is totally challenged such as being on a ladder in the wet and cleaning but where we do have a choice to be safe and very careful and totally aware of the danger and bring all our attention to our bodies. That choice is about more than safety but about the quality of the work we produce. It is amazing how that choice gives us back so much, which clearly comes across from what Reagan has shared.

  74. This could be a workshop! A morning spent working with others refining our conscious presence. I would sign up…

  75. Just recently I have taken back the cleaning of our house having had cleaning girls that moved away. This has brought a great opportunity to feel the effect of doing it with conscious presence, and it now feels very different, so in a small way I can really relate to your project.

  76. Your words here remind me Reagan that every part of our life deserves our conscious presence and dedication to simplicity otherwise muck and junk accumulates and gets in the way. The cool thing is bringing our full care to anything has a cleaning effect on everything around. Our quality of energy turns out to be the ultimate spring cleaner.

  77. How could you rush and be hard when you feel your body this way? How could you push and drive through when you enjoy feeling you? What you describe Raegan makes so much sense, and when we are ‘with ourselves’ this way the fact is we clear our body and the space all around. How responsible are we then for our wider environment and how beautiful is that power we possess to change it all with one step.

  78. ” Blessing the house with my movements”
    What a beautiful way to bring love to our homes by moving lovingly and tenderly.

  79. Raegan, your blog is such a lovely confirmation of all the choices you had made up to that point when you put your first foot in the ladder. No going into ‘cleaning mode’, simply you bringing all of you lovingly, to your day. Very inspiring.

    1. I had a big domestic day yesterday and I really loved the cleaning and re-imprinting process which leaves a great feel to come back to after a weekend workshop away.

  80. One of the things I love about our student body is that there is such a willingness to come together to support each other when this is needed, like cleaning the house. This means it is not just left for a few and is loads more fun doing it knowing that there is plenty of help.

  81. it really is an extraordinary feeling when we come out of our heads, back into our bodies, and start to have a congruent connection between our bodies and our hearts our minds and our movement.

  82. It is easy to settle for a certain standard of quality in your life, as we do with cleaning where we say ‘thats clean enough’. But when it comes to conscious presence and the Love we can bring to everything, there is no half-way house, or ‘just enough’. In my experience, anything less than the full package leads to a lot of a mess in your life. Thank you for the gorgeous inspiration Raegan to continually bring this care and quality to my life.

  83. Not only is conscious presence of help to myself, my health and flow of life, it supports – by way of reflection – all around me to connect to their innermost. In the end it is a way of connecting humanity.

  84. It is amazing how different we can feel the same tasks when we make them with conscious presence. A boring or exhausting activity becomes playful, creative and enriching. The difference in our perception depends on the choice of being present = being lovingly with us in every movement we do. Simple and life changing at the same time.

  85. I love when I bring full attention to my typing. It is gorgeous to feel my fingers gently touching the keys, it feels graceful, super feminine and enjoyable …. I’m not tempted to go into ‘drive’ mode when my I’m aware of how my fingers touch the keyboard.

  86. Many hands really do make light work. I experienced this at the weekend where normally only a few people clean a building after courses have been held and it takes quite a while, however this weekend so many more people helped it was unbelievable the time we got it done by 💕 it felt so lovely and a lot more joyful too ⭐️

  87. This is such truth that it is something that we have to integrate into our daily lives being consciously present as it is not something that magically happens. I have learnt it requires consistent focus and dedication which creates a way of being that feels spacious and wholesome.

  88. There is something very special about paying attention to and being responsible for the quality in every moment. Not only is life more fulfilling in this way, it opens the door for true magic to happen.

  89. I have spent a lot of my life cleaning at home and at work….it is not an exaggeration to say I Love cleaning. I appreciate now that I have a deeper understanding of why this is the case – I feel it clears or confirms the energy of what we clean and when we do it with purpose and love I feel that it supports our movements when we are present in cleaning. It is humble, supportive for the all and brings order and a natural flow in life, much to enjoy. I have also learnt to be more in my body and understanding of life cycles through cleaning. Cleaning never ends….there is nothing lineal about it, we make a mess, we use something, something gets old and tired and we clean it up….then it comes around again…I Love that reflection in life…how do we respond to the cyclical nature of cleaning?

  90. Working in a team and really going for it in terms of responsibly playing my part at the same time as observing and appreciating the activity and commitment of others, makes what I have previously perceived as mundane jobs really inspiring and a pleasure to be part of.

  91. I just have to echo some of the gorgeous comments already here – what you describe Reagan is the enormous gift of caring for the smallest detail, tending lovingly to the little things and in doing so, there is nothing mundane, there is only grace in every movement that we make which has a ripple effect on everyone and everything.

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