Coming Back To Whole Body Intelligence

How do we know as a toddler how to and when we are ready to walk? Of course we see others are walking, but that does not show us the mechanics of how to do it and we do not know when they began – for all we know, if we do not have young people in our sphere of life, it is possible they may have started this process later, in teenage years.

Could it be that we are connected with our body and we get the wisdom/intelligence from our body that sends us the message to begin the process, and so we do. We start by standing and we may fall down, and up we go, then we fall again and again, always giving it another go.

Many of us are like bulldogs, we do not give up and we just keep on until we have mastered it. We do not consider we have made a mistake and are wrong when we fall, we just get up and give it another go. Then we move a foot and leg and then another and then we fall and then we give it yet another go. We keep listening to our body and follow without questioning, with loads of enthusiasm and committed to the  whole process. And bingo! … before we know it we are walking. I was observing this process with a toddler recently and the joy in his whole being when he took off was so beautiful to see.

So what changes? How is it that as we get older, when we try new things we don’t have the same attitude as we did when we were toddlers? What happens; why do we no longer see things as a joyful learning process but go into right and wrong. Often we go into ‘wrong’ if we do not get it ‘right’ first off, and then at times we just give up… pitiful really.

When we reconnect with our bodies we re-establish the type of relationship with it that we had when we were toddlers, where we just knew our body held the wisdom/intelligence and we listened to it. There is no right and wrong when you are in your body, there is only an opportunity to learn and develop.

So let’s come back to what is our natural state of being and begin again to enjoy and celebrate any new ventures we embark on… as we did when we learnt to walk.

By Mary-Louise Myers, Complementary Healing Practitioner, Goonellabah, NSW, Australia

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836 thoughts on “Coming Back To Whole Body Intelligence

  1. I love to come back to this blog and be reminded how we all had to learn to walk, fall down, get back up and try again (with no fear or any self bashing that we have developed as adults) until we had mastered it, and then there was no stopping us – how lovely to be in touch with that magic again!

  2. A toddler is always learning never giving up but trying again until the process of walking is gradually mastered. They are one with their body and are impulsed by its intelligence every step of the way, a beautiful example of our evolutionary pathway.

  3. We can walk in contraction or knowingly of who we are. The second requires connection to our body and Soul. From this connection we know much and can be living from within – the love we are..

  4. I love this analogy and yes I feel most of my days I am like a toddler and there could be a lot of falling down at times but somehow within there is a joy to keep going and then it dawns on me that everything is a process towards something unfolding.

      1. That’s the thing Isn’t it… The simplicity! And this is the doorway to so much for us all… To keep things simple, and to take things one step at a time… Always in stages… Back to the simple things :-).

  5. “There is no right and wrong when you are in your body, there is only an opportunity to learn and develop.” I love this. Yesterday experimenting in the pool after a swim session with Simone Benhayon, she had said the very same thing. Making ‘mistakes’ isn’t about being wrong, They are an opportunity to learn and make changes and behave/work/ be a different way.

  6. We can and do learn so much from our mistakes, they are like our teachers if we are open to assessing and learning.

  7. I love this blog Mary-Louise as in it you take the reader back to the basics of how our whole body intelligence has been with us and plainly evident as early as our crawling stage as a child. Coming back to this awareness allow for a much healthier, wholistic and harmonious way of living.

  8. I love the reminder to celebrate any new ventures we embark on….which allows me to feel the joy in life and that joy is a choice, which feels so much lighter than the seriousness I had been choosing all my life.

  9. True, there is no right or wrong when we are connected to and in our body just an opportunity to learn, ‘why do we no longer see things as a joyful learning process but go into right and wrong’? A great reminder to remain joyful as we learn.

  10. It is quite interesting: when we are toddlers and did not yet go to school (hence we are not officially intelligent), our capacity to be with the body and to explore life from it as it unfolds is greater than when we get to be adults (and we get to be officially intelligent). The level of pollution we allow in not only clouds our innate intelligence, but also the result of choices that were not that intelligent. So, ironic as it may sound, the path to ‘intelligence’ is about making choices that overall make us truly less intelligent.

  11. Do we re-consider our relationship with learning as we go through life: are we making it about needing to get something right to gain recognition and acceptance, or simply about the pure joy of trying, failing, and trying again until eventually we get it and move onto the next thing?

  12. As toddlers we have such determination, enthusiasm and joy in learning and trying something new, knowing we will get there no matter how many falls we experience. What changes? I think you have hit the nail on the head with the issue of right and wrong coming in. We feel the pressure of measuring up to other people’s markers of success and the hurt of not being given the grace to get there in our own way and timing. Luckily this can be reclaimed as you give focus back to the body and look to ourselves for what is true, rather than right or wrong.

  13. This is such a beautiful sharing Mary-Louise of an intelligence we all have access to by virtue of the fact that we all have bodies that enhouse our Soul. As children our relationship with our body is deeply connected and we respond immediately to the messages it communicates, as such we are open to exploring, discovering and learning what is needed for us to evolve, or to take the next step. A powerful reminder of an intelligence that is ever-present and accessible for us to embrace, thank you.

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