Life’s Beachcomber

Walk along the beach one day and notice the footprints of those that walked before.

Some with deep heel strikes into the sand, others with toes gouging the sand as the person thrusts forward into the day. Each set of imprints can be felt and can tell its own story.

The ocean rises up the beach and as it recedes, washes the path ready for the next person. Sometimes the imprints are so deep that it takes a number of washes to clear the traces that were left behind.

Along life’s path, we all walk in a certain way and we all leave our imprint on places and people. This is our ultimate and inescapable responsibility. There is nothing that we touch, say or do that is not registered by the sands of time, and sometimes what we leave behind takes a number of washes before the path is clear once again.

As a society we invent ways to mask our footprints: the stimulating drinks that give the illusion that our steps are not as heavy and fatigued as they actually are, the photo-shopped images to keep the illusion of surface beauty intact, the false smile or the phrase “it’s all good.” There are multiple mechanisms and faces we show the world to pretend everything is okay.

But everything is registered by the sands of time. They have no interest in the facade and can only ever register the energetic imprint we leave behind.

Did we walk with joy, sadness, anger, reverence, appreciation, or bitterness? It all registers and can been seen and felt, and we can even be affected by the imprints of others.

Everything is registered by the sands of time, but this doesn’t mean we should be scared to walk, because what is registered is not done to judge or punish, but to allow us the grace of responsibility. We are free to walk how we choose and to have enough integrity to be honest about the wake and trail that we leave behind.

Energetic Responsibility is the new frontier in integrity, ethics and responsibility. It is a willingness to be held accountable for not only how things look, but also how they feel. It is an acceptance of the fact that we all walk the same stretch of beach time and time again, and the deeper the imprint, the harder we and the earth have to work to clear them.

The new age may have reminded people about the fact of energy, but The Way of The Livingness is reminding people that being aware of energy is only the beginning. Our Energetic Responsibility is to be aware of the type of energy we are using.

By Joel Levin

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748 thoughts on “Life’s Beachcomber

  1. “But everything is registered by the sands of time. They have no interest in the facade and can only ever register the energetic imprint we leave behind.” I have recently been going deeper into my connection with my body and it’s very revealing of the truth of where I am at. I haven’t been wanting to deal with that level of truth that my body is communicating and I have been hovering just above it as a way to cope and get through life, I can see that to truly make supportive changes I need to go to the next level of honesty my body is offering and respond to it.

  2. Joel your blogs always gives people the opportunity for deep reflection and this blog is no different.
    How many of us stop to consider that we are leaving an energetic imprint behind us wherever we go? For most of us we are so busy with our day that I would say it is not something that anyone would consider and yet that is exactly what is happening.

  3. The footprints on the beach us a great analogy for the energetic quality of our every move. We certainly do affect one another which is why taking responsibility for our quality is such a beautiful thing, we each step in love, stillness, joy, harmony and truth we offer something back to the pool of energy we all live in and share that is true.

  4. I love walking on the beach and seeing what the quality of the footprints I leave behind are because it offers me a reflection of how I have been going as I walk through life. On the whole, at the start of the walk there is a very different look, feel and quality to the end of the walk. I started feeling the tension in my shoulders at the start and the end and could feel a difference there as well so I deduced it is a whole body connective tissue tension that is seen and felt in the footprints left behind.

    1. Without considering the quality of energy we are in we are really giving ourselves permission to be irresponsible.

  5. Everything is registered not as a judgment or punishment. Really makes me wonder because I know I’ve held the belief that the only things that are recorded are the negatives but it really isn’t making much sense anymore to believe that. What about the register of all that is amazing and truly good about ourselves? As well as a ledger to show where we can be more responsible.

    1. That is our graceful karma, all the love we have lived and people we have served coming back to meet us, not as a reward but confirming what we have been aligned to and the opportunity to also continue living this way, and to go deeper into our love and expand the love we bring to others.

  6. Walking along the beach, observing the footprints of others, their shapes, sizes and the force of their imprint in the sand, offers us a wonderful opportunity to understand that these imprints are being left in energetic form everywhere we walk, even though we do not see them. And if we were all raised to understand energetic responsibility, that there is a consequence for every movement we make, I am sure that we will walk on the beach, down the street and through our homes and work places with much more consideration than most of us do right now.

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