Life’s Beachcomber

Walk along the beach one day and notice the footprints of those that walked before.

Some with deep heel strikes into the sand, others with toes gouging the sand as the person thrusts forward into the day. Each set of imprints can be felt and can tell its own story.

The ocean rises up the beach and as it recedes, washes the path ready for the next person. Sometimes the imprints are so deep that it takes a number of washes to clear the traces that were left behind.

Along life’s path, we all walk in a certain way and we all leave our imprint on places and people. This is our ultimate and inescapable responsibility. There is nothing that we touch, say or do that is not registered by the sands of time, and sometimes what we leave behind takes a number of washes before the path is clear once again.

As a society we invent ways to mask our footprints: the stimulating drinks that give the illusion that our steps are not as heavy and fatigued as they actually are, the photo-shopped images to keep the illusion of surface beauty intact, the false smile or the phrase “it’s all good.” There are multiple mechanisms and faces we show the world to pretend everything is okay.

But everything is registered by the sands of time. They have no interest in the facade and can only ever register the energetic imprint we leave behind.

Did we walk with joy, sadness, anger, reverence, appreciation, or bitterness? It all registers and can been seen and felt, and we can even be affected by the imprints of others.

Everything is registered by the sands of time, but this doesn’t mean we should be scared to walk, because what is registered is not done to judge or punish, but to allow us the grace of responsibility. We are free to walk how we choose and to have enough integrity to be honest about the wake and trail that we leave behind.

Energetic Responsibility is the new frontier in integrity, ethics and responsibility. It is a willingness to be held accountable for not only how things look, but also how they feel. It is an acceptance of the fact that we all walk the same stretch of beach time and time again, and the deeper the imprint, the harder we and the earth have to work to clear them.

The new age may have reminded people about the fact of energy, but The Way of The Livingness is reminding people that being aware of energy is only the beginning. Our Energetic Responsibility is to be aware of the type of energy we are using.

By Joel Levin

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767 thoughts on “Life’s Beachcomber

  1. Walking along the beach, observing the footprints of others, their shapes, sizes and the force of their imprint in the sand, offers us a wonderful opportunity to understand that these imprints are being left in energetic form everywhere we walk, even though we do not see them. And if we were all raised to understand energetic responsibility, that there is a consequence for every movement we make, I am sure that we will walk on the beach, down the street and through our homes and work places with much more consideration than most of us do right now.

    1. Our world will be amazing when we are all raised to fully understand energetic responsibility, that there are consequences for our each and every move.

  2. Thank you so much for this blog. Energetic responsibility offers space to learn without the ‘need’ to be perfect. Yet, more often than not, we see it as a punishment and something to be afraid of. I love the analogy of the footprints on the beach – how are we walking and what are we leaving behind us? How many lifetimes will it take to clear the energetic imprint we leave behind us?

  3. No matter how clever we may think we are, everything is being registered and counted for. So it truly does pay to walk the footprints in the quality of our being regardless of what this may look like to others.

  4. God true love: ‘Everything is registered by the sands of time, but this doesn’t mean we should be scared to walk, because what is registered is not done to judge or punish, but to allow us the grace of responsibility.’

  5. What a great offer The Way of The Livingness brings to remind us all ‘that being aware of energy is only the beginning. Our Energetic Responsibility is to be aware of the type of energy we are using.’
    Like the missing key has been presented for each of us to walk our divine imprints.

  6. A lot of people go through life thinking they don’t matter. If we start considering how every single thing we do, say or even think has a profound impact not only on our own life but on everyone else too, it would be obvious that every one of us has the power to profoundly influence the whole world. And in fact we do – all of the time.

    1. So it is almost ‘selfish’ to think you don’t matter and breathe an unwillingness to truly look at oneself and be aware of the power we all have. Each of us is absolutely beautiful in their essence and more powerful than we are willing to admit.

    2. I agree Golnaz, that so many live in a way that they consider no one but themselves and maybe those closest to them, not realising for a moment that how they are living has an impact on everyone as well as the planet we live on. How amazing life would be if, from young, we will all taught about energetic responsibility, and our part in this world, and how for every choice we make there is a consequence that not only affects us, but all; that the imprints we leave behind will be walked on by many others, as we will walk on theirs.

  7. Being aware of what type of energy I am using has supported me to understand energetic responsibility and understand that people’s different behaviours are a result of the choice of energy they choose to align to.

  8. We may be “free to walk how we choose” but we are never free of the responsibility as to how we are walking and what energetic trail we are leaving in our wake. Each step we take on this earth leaves an imprint that not only affects the earth but also the person/s who follow us. Just as I am committed to leave a wake that does not harm those who follow, I also appreciate being able to walk where someone else has walked in integrity before me.

  9. Very true, it is not by judgement our footprints set, but by responsibility of who we are and the quality of movement we leave behind.. There is nothing to fear or to loose, only to truly win.

    1. If everyone on our planet understands this basic and very loving law, then we may look at life and may choose to live very differently.

  10. “Being aware of energy is only the beginning. Our Energetic Responsibility is to be aware of the type of energy we are using” – so true. And Energetic Responsibility lets us know that we are not bystanders, but we are the rightful occupants and activators of the Universe.

  11. My feet ‘woke up’ when I started to read this blog – like they know their responsibility and the impact they have. I will spend as much of today with them as I can, aware of the quality I leave behind. This feels like a very playful way to wake up to responsibility.

    1. You made me smile Matilda, or should I say, the picture of your feet waking up brought the smile to my face. Now that your feet know their responsibility, the way you walk will naturally change, a great reminder that if by some chance they go back to ‘sleep’ and abdicate their responsibility you will instantly feel the change in the quality of the way you are walking.

  12. True Joel, being aware of energy is only the beginning, the moment we become aware that there are two types of energy one healing and one harming, our energetic responsibility becomes clear. We cannot do anything without leaving an imprint and it is our choice, our free will to choose either side of the coin.

  13. When we start to realise that we leave an imprint wherever we walk and that that imprint affects others we start to understand that we have a responsibility to ourselves and others.

  14. I like the image of all of us walking the same stretch of beach, over and over and over again. It makes it very clear how important energetic responsibility is and that there is quite a bit of mess to clean up and clear from this planet.

  15. Yes, in this era we have to take energetic awareness to the next level: we have te learn to discern if it is the energy of love or nor the energy of not love. There are only two sources.

  16. “Everything is registered by the sands of time, but this doesn’t mean we should be scared to walk…” In fact when you come to understand energetic responsibility it is a joy to walk in a way that leaves a loving footprint behind for others to walk on. One of my favourite places to do this is in the supermarket where most shoppers are in a hurry or maybe stressing out at the cost of things. To know I am leaving an energetic trail of joy as I walk, for them to then walk in, always make me smile.

    1. True, these ends of time are everywhere, in supermarkets, hospitals, police stations, on our roads with the way we drive, in our streets. There is no escaping energetic responsibility.

  17. Energetic responsibility – it feels like we have been avoiding it for years but in this new era we have to come to terms with it and face the mess we have created here on earth.

    1. Yes, humanity has been avoiding energetic responsibility for a very long time and it is time to face the mess indeed. It feels so freeing to embrace energetic responsibility, whereas when we are avoiding it, life can feel like a prison, so it doesn’t make sense to avoid it.

  18. The human spirit likes to ignore the fact that all our behaviour and acts leave an energetic and, at times, a tangible imprint behind that one day needs to be cleared before we can leave everything behind and move on in our evolution. That is a responsibility we have which is easily ignored by the deceiving spirit that is only looking for excitement and in fulfilling its pleasures.

  19. “it’s all good” or it will all come good are phrases that are used by many but are simply to justify the waywardness people are in and like to maintain while everything is asking them, at times even by accidents or illness and disease, to stop and ponder on the purpose of life a little deeper.

  20. We are under the illusion that we can dress up life as we want. And, yet, what gets registered is the naked truth that is always revealed no matter how hard we try.

    1. Yes Eduardo, and we try hard that is obvious to see that when we hit a point that makes us to stop, the general tendency is to look for as solution (the trying hard) and proclaim that “it’s all good.”

  21. It’s it becoming more obvious that when we chose to stay in the ignorance of how life works we are at the mercy of it but at the same time, we are not innocent because it is our choice to get battered. Essentially saying; there are no victims.

  22. ‘Our Energetic Responsibility is to be aware of the type of energy we are using.’ It is obvious to me that a very high percentage of humanity is not aware of the science of energy and how it affects us. I certainly was not aware of this until I met Serge Benhayon and the people at Universal Medicine. Once I started to understand about energetic responsibility, everything in life started to make sense and it was like my whole life was lit with a huge beam of light, showing up all the areas that were not true, blessing me with more awareness and inspiring me to take energetic responsibility.

  23. Strongly said. We can say that we have gone to a level of awareness previous that has made us numb to feel truth, beauty, reality and all that is ENERGY. We are constantly being held in images, we yet do not actually see what is there for us to truly see.. Hence, the teaching of The Way of The Livingness are just a beginning of the very truth that Everything in life is because of energy, which Serge refers to in his early teachings since 1999, which is part of the Ageless Wisdom.

  24. ‘Everything is registered by the sands of time…’ when this is fully understood, it is difficult to not take responsibility for our choices.

  25. We have the power to imprint the earth with love or harm, when we claim energetic responsibility as ‘normal’ the imprint we leave is deeply healing and the flow on effect is felt far and wide.

    1. Beautifully expressed Anna. Understanding and being aware of energetic responsibility is one of our greatest gift in life and this is something we can all connect to and it is very much a part of our life. I feel the greatest suffering in humanity is contributed by shutting down of our awareness and willingness to take energetic responsibility.

  26. ‘Energetic Responsibility… is a willingness to be held accountable for not only how things look, but also how they feel.’ It is a responsibility to not pretend and fake it according to what is superficially seen on the surface but to respond to what we feel – before we bring in the interpretation of our perceptions or what we think want to see. This is simply being honest.

    1. Well said Simone, and being honest leads us to being more open to taking responsibility because once we are being absolutely honest we are more able to see and feel what is truly going on. Without honesty, it is easier to continue to numb ourselves to truth and energetic responsibility.

  27. Accepting that the actual physical steps we take are not the only imprints we leave is a huge thing to accept. For when we realise the intention of all of our thoughts and movements also leave an imprint that not only affects ourselves but others equally, it wakes us up to the fact that we are far more responsible for how we conduct ourselves every day than we think we are.

  28. We are free to walk how we choose but in fact we all come to an understanding and knowing that the quality of how we walk is key. We are responsible for our walk, and we are forever offered opportunities to know this.

    1. It is possible that we are free to choose which energy we walk in but our walk is then governed by the energy that we have chosen? So, the walk we walk does not belong to us but to the energy we have aligned to.

  29. Another great article Joel, a reminder that everything we do is felt through this world and it is our responsibility what type of energy we are moving in.

  30. It is almost like there is a belief that we can do what we want and the tide will come in and wash our footsteps away anyway so it doesn’t matter what we do. We are choosing to be more unaware of how our actions impact on everyone around us.

  31. A beautiful reminder Joel – that movements in imprints are so key and need us to consider what is in our next step and are we willing to see it for what it is.

    1. It certainly does Cjames2012 and as I was reading some of the comments here, I realise how important it is to teach our children about energetic responsibility. It such an important part of life but at the same time, it is crazy how many people are not aware of energetic responsibility. I feel this is why our world is in the state that it is, in disharmony, chaos and conflict.

  32. ‘the type of energy we use’ and that is something we can easily avoid … we want to get things done our way and do not consider the impact on the all, and that’s the beauty of life, we’re shown clearly our impacts so we can address the quality of how we’ve been and come back to living a truer quality of us. No judgement, just a forever asking to be all we are, and nothing less.

  33. Love your observations on life Joel, always a joy to read and reflect on your words: “There is nothing that we touch, say or do that is not registered by the sands of time, and sometimes what we leave behind takes a number of washes before the path is clear once again” – and we walk once more in the understanding.

  34. This is a brilliant reminder Joel, ‘Our Energetic Responsibility is to be aware of the type of energy we are using.’ I have noticed throughout my day, I am not always aware of what type of energy I am using and this is when I can easily go into all sorts of reactions. So, if I pay attention to what type of energy I am using in each moment, by choosing to be energetically responsible this would change the quality of my day and the quality of my expression.

  35. I love the way you say Joel that all is registered on the sands of time – yes, this is such a timely reminder for me this morning to ‘Be Love’ – a message that was sent to me in a dream about 7 years ago.

  36. A quiet review at any moment during the day to consider the quality of the steps, actions, decisions I have taken in the moments before, wakes me up to my responsibility and the blessing it is that we all have this awareness.

  37. Another inspirational masterpiece Joel, through which the responsibility we all hold is profoundly shared. This responsibility of which you speak I can feel is not a burden, but rather an empowerment. For when we embrace and live with responsibility for ourselves first, we consequently hold the power to shape the world through our every step, setting loving foundations from us all to be met by and come back to, foundations that support us to explore our potential to truly advance and evolve as a humanity. Being aware of the quality of energy that is moving us is what allows us to make the necessary adjustments, to heal to bring ourselves back to what is needed to allow the vibration of love to move us. For with love, our movements are in honour of every being here on earth.

  38. In the pool it is always interesting to feel how my swim was on the way back. What imprint did I leave for myself and others to swim in and be effected by? Sometimes I get a wakeup call and the other times it is so lovely to go back the same path.

  39. Sometimes the way we have all walked asks for such a strong clearing that we get a flood, tsunami, volcano eruption or hurricane. Being responsible for the quality of every movement will let us move in rhythm with the universe.

  40. Walking on the beach yesterday it was so beautiful to observe the surroundings. The angles of the cliff faces and the pace and speed of the tide going out and yet the quality felt was still that of stillness. Nature can reflect so much to us in so many ways that it always gives us space to learn so much more.

  41. I’ve always enjoyed the return walk at the beach and seeing if I can walk in the same way so that my footsteps are still as far apart as they were when I laid them. When it’s time to turn back, we all have to retrace our footsteps.

  42. Everything we do, the quality we live in and move with has an impact on all, and we are responsible for what we leave behind, ‘There is nothing that we touch, say or do that is not registered by the sands of time, and sometimes what we leave behind takes a number of washes before the path is clear once again.’

  43. If we take one day of our lives, just any one, and feel into the imprints we leave behind and the ripple effect they have on others and how what others leave behind affect us, life will never be the same.

  44. ‘Did we walk with joy, sadness, anger, reverence, appreciation, or bitterness? It all registers and can been seen and felt, and we can even be affected by the imprints of others.’ When we bring ourselves back to our true harmonious nature nothing can affect us – or be affected by us.

  45. “Along life’s path, we all walk in a certain way and we all leave our imprint on places and people. This is our ultimate and inescapable responsibility.” How do we choose to walk? Another simple yet profound post – thankyou Joel.

  46. I can actually feel how ridiculous it will be in the future for people looking back, how energetic responsibility was a new idea questioned by the many. At present, society runs on if we can’t see it it’s not really there and we can change how people feel about something by changing the look of what we’re presenting. This cracks me up as a baby thinks if it hides their eyes we can’t see them, it appears adults still adhere to this concept.

    1. Oh gosh, so true Toni. It’s absurd really, and I too anticipate the day in the future we look back, shaking our heads thinking ‘ how on earth did we miss what was staring us so blatantly in our faces’.

  47. Through choosing the energy of love we will ensure that our footprints are in harmony with the rest of the universe.

  48. ‘They have no interest in the facade and can only ever register the energetic imprint we leave behind.’ Indeed with those sands of time noting is hidden and how gorgeous is it that we are in fact held to account for how we’ve moved and the energy we’ve been in and to be offered an opportunity to address it. Otherwise we stay locked in old, debilitating ways and we’d miss out on knowing we could live in the true quality of who we are and where we come from – we are here to live and be the Love we are.

  49. “Energetic Responsibility is the new frontier in integrity, ethics and responsibility.” The beauty of responsibility is that we are able to explore and learn more about ourselves by the movements we make everyday. Hence it is then the quality or how we feel when moving with ur bodies we find the depth and greater understanding of why we are here and our true purpose also.

  50. If we are not living the grandness of who we truly are in our daily living we are living a lie but boy the lengths we are prepared to go to, to cover and hide this truth and pretend that we are doing well when the truth be known we are far from it!

    1. What you’ve shared helps us make sense of the world Caroline and understand where humanity is at. Once we accept the lies we are then denying our grandness and our evolution.

  51. Everything is everything so the way that we choose to walk around leaves an imprint that we are responsible for. Never can we forget this.

    1. I agree Elizabeth but most of humanity have conveniently forgotten this truth in order to live in an irresponsible and loveless way.

  52. Yes it is all about the quality of energy we are choosing, nothing matters more than the source of energy we choose to move from.. With the awareness of the two and willingness to feel what is love and what is evil – truth will be shown and revealed easily. As it is never hidden – simply we do not want to see..

    1. It would be difficult to see evil if we have enjoined it. Perhaphs it could take humanity a while to expose the evil in our world as there is a huge majority of humanity currently aligning to an ill energy where evil thrives.

  53. The grace of responsibility- to know that all that we do is registered energetically and that in this we’re given an opportunity to feel our impact and to know that everything we do has an impact and so how do we choose to be, and what energy do we choose? We are forever asked this – what a love that constantly asks us to be all the Love we are and lovingly shows us the impacts so we see and understand.

    1. I love your words Monica, responsibility is an offer of grace. Responsibility is not a harsh critique but rather a flow of grace that is registered in ones body….

  54. Life takes on a whole new meaning when we accept energetic responsibility as a guiding principal in life. It allows us to grow up so to speak and know that everything that we do has an affect on another and on ourselves.

    1. I agree Elizabeth. It would be amazing to teach our children about energetic responsibility and one of the best ways to teach them is to embrace energetic responsibility ourselves.

  55. I love this analogy Joel. We always leave an imprint which, seen or not, recognized or not, remains behind each and every step we take, offering a reflection of the we way we live. The quality and effects of that imprint is our responsibility.

  56. “Energetic Responsibility is the new frontier in integrity, ethics and responsibility”. What a beautiful statement… Just in this one sentence we have the potential to realign the awareness of the world in every aspect of life.

  57. Having the awareness of how energy works and how we in turn can move within a certain energy is very cool and one we can continue to explore, learn and grow from without fear but with an openness to discover more and learn how our every movement plays a part in the world as a whole.

  58. ‘being aware of energy is only the beginning. Our Energetic Responsibility is to be aware of the type of energy we are using.’ .. sums it up in a nutshell … it’s energy first, but in effect the question then becomes what energy are we using? Everything is felt even when we think it’s not, there is no getting away from this, so then the question becomes how does what we do feel? And how willing are we to take care of the quality we are in as we move and be in life?

  59. “Everything is registered by the sands of time, but this doesn’t mean we should be scared to walk, because what is registered is not done to judge or punish, but to allow us the grace of responsibility.” A beautiful reminder about life, that is, to be simply aware and learn.

  60. As we walk through life we are often blind to the impact we are making, unaware of our own footprints so to speak, some might say that is understandable considering we cannot physically see the imprints we leave energetically but I was considering if we throw rubbish out the window of a car and drive away, we can no longer see it but does that mean it is not there? Science is proving how a cell can take on an emotion and literally change physically, just by a word being spoken to it. It is only a matter of time before energetic responsibility will be a well-known fact, just like environmental awareness. If everything is made up of the same particles, then everything we do effects everything. This blog is bringing us all what we know is be true but choose conveniently to ignore.

    1. You give a very reasonable and tangible example of how when we do not see or are not aware of something it does not mean it does not exist. By making life about our five senses we are selling ourselves short as we are missing out on the grandness that we are part of and living in. It is like we are only looking at a very small part of who we are.

      1. Totally but one day, “grandness” will just be normal, the sixth sense, ordinary, I look forward to a future where these things are well, just normal. Even right now, in 2017, the fact that we can feel things, that we cannot physically see, is a well known fact, as a humanity we are still just figuring out what that actually means, it will take time to put it all together. One day, these blogs and comments will be studied and folks will wonder why a small group of people seemed to be ahead of time. On that day, I will laugh, where ever I am because the truth is we are ahead of nothing, we are simply returning to something we already know. I love Gods sense of humour, he cracks me up.

  61. Your words are a great reminder that being aware of our energetic imprints is a beautiful thing, that responsibility is only ever asking us to return to love.

  62. The type of energy we are using – is a brilliant focus to bring our attention to.. As we have lived based on a to b and more in and with results than focussing on the quality.
    A brilliant invitation to focus on our energy first and then see the latter.. Work to do, will bring more focus to this myself, thank you.

  63. With greater awareness comes greater responsibility. But like you say Joel this is nothing to fear even though when we think about it we may not want to go there.The truth is its the greatest way we can care for ourselves and others.

  64. It is so true that when you see the footprints on the beach, you can read them, and get a feel for the person and the energy they were walking in. Then you have the ocean which comes along and slowly washes them away. How different the world would be if we were all wake to feeling the energy of our own foot steps, and the impact they are having on others.

  65. One of the themes that preoccupies humankind is the idea of the mask or the disguise or the fact that there is a double face or double show going on. But only one of these faces is real and that is the one who feels. Not the image that is cast out upon the world. In the end nothing can be hidden or glossed over. All will be revealed including all our imprints!

  66. Beautifully said Joel. The way we live is like driving a SUV accross the sand, then wondering why there are holes and ditches when we walk on the beach. No matter how much we would like to deny it, the fact is, the way we are effects everything else. Living in a respectful way isn’t a thing we ought to do to look or feel good but because it leaves an imprint of Love for others to build on. I always wanted to be a painter of light but now I can see we are all imprinters of Love.

  67. How different the world would be if we could physically see the imprints of energy we leave behind… although this pretty much happens already with the physical out-play of our choices and the energy we are choosing to move with.

    1. True Rachel. Life is but one big reflection. Some of which provide a big ouch and others confirm our very loving choices. Although some of the most loving reflections can be the hardest to deal with.

  68. “There is nothing that we touch, say or do that is not registered by the sands of time, and sometimes what we leave behind takes a number of washes before the path is clear once again.” . . . I love this Joel as it not only highlights the responsibility we have in our every thought word and deed it also shows us the beauty that can be beheld by all if we get ourselves out of the way and walk the sands of life in accordance to the impulses of the heart.

  69. Understanding energetic responsibility is on going and never ends, it is a constant reminder of where we are in life. The more honest we are the more awareness we receive. We can not escape it, we can try to delay it but the sands of time will eventually catch up with us and expose our irresponsible ways, if not in this life in the many subsequent ones . It is an amazing and vast subject that should be taught in schools.

  70. What type of energy are we using is a great question Joel, and it is our free will to move in a way to re-connect to our most divine aspect, which bring the Energetic; Responsibility, Integrity, Ethics, Joy, Decency and Respect or the a lesser version that keeps us from the truth of feeling who we are? As the old saying goes when there is only one set of foot prints left in the sand God has not abandoned us but is carrying us. So lets all get off ‘Gods back’ and be responsible for our own Energetic Truth, which leads to a path that has enormous magnetic pull back to the Love we all equally come from. So if this is true could it be we are all equally the Sons of God and therefore there is never any need for judgement or criticism of another it is simple we all walk the same stretch of beach time and time again and some have felt the impact of there past and decided to re-connect back to their divine nature.

  71. We leave an imprint no question, and while we cannot mask that truly (it comes back to bite us) it is possible to re-imprint through the simple expediency of how we move from this step forwards. That very much brings me to an awareness of how I am living now, every move I make, and the way I feel inside.

  72. ‘everything is registered by the sands of time’ And we are totally responsible for every step we take.

  73. Understanding that we do leave an energetic imprint everywhere we go, in whatever we do, is essential for our personal evolution, and indeed the evolution of humanity

  74. On a superficial level people may try to hide behind a false facade they construct but as you remind us Joel our energetic imprints are registered in ‘..the sands of time..’ for all to feel.

  75. “But everything is registered by the sands of time. They have no interest in the facade and can only ever register the energetic imprint we leave behind.” I could really feel this and how there is really no where to hide. We may fool ourselves but at the end of the day every movement is registered as being love or not.

  76. “there is nothing that we touch, say or do that is not registered by the sands of time” – beautifully expresses the significance of every action we make.

  77. There have been times when I have been horrified by the impact of choices I have made and the wake they have left. Being able to reflect on this honestly sets me with a new foundation and willingness to take responsibility for everything I am.

  78. Everything we do, think and say is registered and felt, we are constantly having an effect on everything and everyone in our lives….. so it becomes imperative that we become aware of the type of energy we are choosig.This is our energetic responsibility.

  79. When I read this – “the false smile or the phrase “it’s all good” – I was struck by how we can present this facade, but actually be quite angry, or in a lot of frustration etc…. and how disconnecting that is for everyone. Because if you are walking down the street, and looking like it is ‘all good’ but energetically you are walking along in anger, it sends out mixed messages to people around you (even if we think we are not aware of it, we are!) , and also you are not taking full responsibility for what you are putting out there either. I know it because I have done it, and at times still do.

  80. I have been caught up in the fact that “no-one will know” if i do this but this is a total illusion because as you so clearly present, Joel, the sands of time record everything and the energetic responsibility we are in when we doing something is held in the universe until it is cleared.

  81. It is the quality of energy that we are choosing that matters because it affects absolutely everything. Change the quality of energy and we change our life.

  82. There is no avoiding responsibility in life, even when we think we are in our irresponsibility. It all comes around however and catches us up, we just don’t necessarily recognise it as that when it does. railing against our misfortunes or ‘bad luck’ as though it were somehow random.

      1. Yes and then blame our parents, our workplace, our partners or even God for the situations and circumstance we find ourselves in. Energetic responsibility requires an acceptance that we are the masters of creation of everything we have in our lives and that the reflection offered by it, offers us evolution, whether that be by deepening awareness of what is not of truth or through appreciation of what is already true in us.

  83. Wouldn’t it be interesting if we could actually ‘see’ our energetic imprints, in the same way that we can see ripples in the water when we move in it. If this were the case we would at least have more of an awareness of the impact that we had on the world around us every time we make a movement. Curiously, we do all have the ability to feel these imprints in the same way, but most of us do our utmost to avoid feeling the consequences by using countless methods to dampen and numb this innnate ability that we all have.

    1. Imagine if we registered the energy of our/others imprints through smell…. I wonder if this would encourage us to get our act together or we would just turn our sense of smell down…. Maybe we already do register it as a smell but we have already desensitised our sense of smell so we don’t notice it.

  84. Joel, great question; ‘Did we walk with joy, sadness, anger, reverence, appreciation, or bitterness?’ This is something that I have been aware of lately, having had a really sore knee for a long time I became aware that it was how I was walking and generally moving about that was causing this – I was rushing and walking in a hard, pounding way and not being gentle, since I have changed my walk and I no longer rush and am much more aware of how I am walking my knee has stopped hurting – very simple and life changing.

    1. I can totally feel the difference – striding along, pacing back and forwards, a gentle mosey from here to here, a determined hill climb, a move from a to b with purpose. Different qualities, different energies, all being magnified through the body and out into all that we do. Our choice at all times as to which we want to do.

  85. It feels so true to me Joel, that what you present here on energetic responsibility. It is indeed about our responsibility to not leave behind energies you do not want to step on yourself in the first place so why, for heavens sake, would you carelessly choose to leave them for anybody else in the first place? Only our ignorance to the fact that we are so much more than only flesh and blood makes it possible to live in denial of our responsibility and with the arrogance that comes with that instead.

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