The Miracle of Me-You

Some years ago, in the course of my work in Oncology, I went to see a young person who had just had major surgery around the abdominal area. For some reason the skin had not been closed over the site and a large bandage was in place.

“Would you like to see?” said the young person enthusiastically, gently lifting back the bandage for a brief few seconds.

An astounding sight met me, particularly the colours and the beautiful symmetry of the working organs. There was a creamy white, a dark, rosy but shocking pink, a lavender brown and a mild, milky grey, all nestled together like pebbles that had fallen next to each other on a beach. So still, yet with a purpose towards the larger body, sustaining it to move, to laugh, to live.

As I looked, TRUTH sent a direct ‘snapshot’ from their body to mine: I will try to paint in words what I felt, and saw, in my body:

“Beauty… The Universe… Truth… Working… Here I am… Powerful… Vulnerable… Strong… Delicate… This is you… A Life’s Purpose!”

No words, only a snapshot, felt and understood. A profound and direct reflection for me, of me, to assimilate into my consciousness, and a privilege to see and to know: we are One.

At that time I had a busy, pressured life, focussed on ‘keeping all the plates spinning.’ No time to fully appreciate what I had just seen and felt, and continued to feel – the truth in my body. My self-worth was low, exhaustion near, even though I loved my job. Occasionally the wonderment of that moment, the Universality of it, would come back to me, calling me to consider more…

As I approached sixty years of age I felt the winds of change, in particular, that the pension age was going to be changed. Charitable funding had run out for my job and circumstances were making it difficult for me to continue. I began to plan for retirement. I had a calling to work with animals and studied Animal Healing, which involved volunteering to work with a Charity in Sri Lanka. On that trip I met a fellow student at this course who had what I thought at the time were some odd ways: getting up at 3.00am, going to bed before 9.00pm, no partying and quite particular in what he would eat. He suggested that our current training was missing some valuable information on self-care and recommended I read a book titled The Way It Is by Serge Benhayon.

I returned home to my life, which even in retirement was again ‘busy’. When I read this book it was like pieces of a puzzle slotting into place, and I began to ponder… my new style of being. I knew then I had come back to my home, the Universe. I became a Student of The Livingness, where I have been given confirmation of my words that describe the snapshot, the reflection I received, of our beautiful bodies. These words I knew already, but I need to hear them in different contexts and expression until I ‘get it.’ I knew them already, but laziness and hiding was my way.

Gradually I came to know that reading books and watching videos was not going to get me in touch with the living truth I had felt in my body that day. This truth has to be lived every day, every moment. Through nurturing my body and caring for it with tenderness and love, my awareness is starting to grow. Why has it taken me so long to accept and appreciate this truth, and myself? There are many reasons and distractions in place for us to not look at ourselves in the mirror with love and tenderness – to not appreciate ourselves, to not be with ourselves. We are conditioned to ‘leave ourselves’ in childhood, taught that it is selfish and arrogant to think of our own well-being before we attend to the needs of other people, and this continues until we exhaust ourselves by looking for love outside of us.

My journey continues, and gradually – through appreciation, tender care and self-acceptance – I am beginning to feel the beauty and love in my own body, taking time, sitting with me, being me. I have returned to work as a carer and personal assistant to people who need help with their own self-care, and my strong foundation of love lived every day means I can express this in my work and daily life, and in doing so I find there is more to learn in supporting them and then the feeling comes: “I do that for them, do I not love myself enough to do it for myself?” The answer is “yes, of course I do!” Now the people I work with and those who I meet in my living each day can see that this love is there inside themselves too.

With thanks and deep appreciation to Serge Benhayon and his family, my wider family and all humanity who constantly challenge me to ‘come out here and Love Us!’ – to stop hiding and to fully live life’s purpose.

By C.M., Personal Assistant/Carer, Nottingham, England

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416 thoughts on “The Miracle of Me-You

  1. Gorgeously said C.M. If we just look beneath the surface of life, we’ll see the mechanics are divine. Why wait to have to be cut up to appreciate our true beauty?

  2. Wow every time I consider your description of witnessing the inside of a living body, I am reminded of not just the equality between us, but of the vastness and magnificence of the Universe we are every one of us a part of. I love it when we share the observations we have had about the reflections that have inspired us in life.

  3. The truth is – we are inside miracles, inside a universe of love – we are walking. So one thing we must ensure is: walking from that knowing miracle.. without hesitation.

  4. Yep, that was a line that stuck out for me the truth has to be lived, it doesn’t matter how much we read, go to courses or meditate, if it isn’t lived, it isn’t worth a carrot.

  5. “This truth has to be lived every day, every moment.” Yep, every day. every moment. And when we don’t, it creates a disharmony in our bodies. It is then up to us to clear that, and then choose it again and again and again.

  6. Reading this today it really dawned on me that by being taught the ideal to care for others before ourselves it sets us up for an inner emptiness that we can then seek to be filled by the love of others. When we care for ourselves lovingly first we then are filled with our own love which can be shared with others – and even inspire others to reconnect to their own love. True self care is such a vital part of our foundation.

    1. That is a fantastic realisation Melinda, and it makes perfect sense in so many ways. There are so many examples of this same backward approach of ‘putting the cart before the horse’ in society. Another one is how we approach modern education from the standpoint that children’s minds are like empty vessels that have to be filled with knowledge and wisdom, when in fact the kids are already full of the own love and understanding through their natural ability to feel everything and from past life experiences and wisdom that carries over to their present life.

  7. What a great story of re-awakening someone that could have easily slept on into another life time, these moments of pure inspiration have to be acted upon. It is an amazing thing to know retirement is not a given and we can work on for as long as we choose or until the body makes the decision to stop for us.

  8. Our bodies really do communicate with one another all the time, but mostly we are not aware because we are choosing foods that numb and dull our awareness. The greatest gift to oneself is to listen to our wise bodies for they have much to tell us and can guide us through those periods we find challenging.

  9. I am still in awe of what we can learn of ourselves and why we are here through our connection to our body. In returning to live in connection to our bodies we return to living guided by our being, our Soul, through which our true potential of all that we are here to live and breathe is realised. The magic of who we are in essence is a wonder that continues to inspire me to explore more and more.

  10. I get very squeamish at the sight of blood and so hearing your story was so interesting to me, as it was obviously a profound moment for you. I have however had my fair share of wow moments that I could not fully take in at the time they were gifted to me. One of them will sound strange, as your story might appear odd to some onlookers but as you explain beautifully in this blog, it is not what happened, as much it is the feeling that came with it that stands out and makes it stick with you. I was in a park and it was in a rough part of town, I was getting my kids in the car and we overheard another mother with some very small children swearing and abusing them to get in the car, she was so aggressive it seemed odd compared to the 3 and 4-year-old children she was addressing. My kids were shocked, I was shocked and at that moment I realised that I never wanted to use my voice in an aggressive way with my kids, I didn’t care that I was never as bad as this woman or that I could stand on some kind of high ground, I just cared deeply that we are all equal and that having children does not give me the right to abuse them, we are here to raise adults that have purpose and grace, that will shine brightly and remind us all of how amazing we are. I will never forget that day in the park, for it was showing me how wayward we have become and it reminds me to keep on living in a way that can inspire others.

    1. Thank you Sarah, as odd as it might sound that was beautiful to read! Moments that wake us up or inspire us can come in many different forms, including the abuse you witnessed.

      1. Yes, thank you Sarah. These moments of confirmation, I feel, are alchemy. I too didn’t truly appreciate the significance of that brief moment, but something within me was confirmed. I once asked God to come into my life. I was a young mother, feeling emptiness with all the care I was doing for others. I didn’t realise God was already there inside me. He had to show me again the physicality of where he was, in that body! Still, years went by….

  11. A poignant moment when human anatomy became a pertinent reminder that our differences are only ever skin deep, if that.

    1. Beautiful point Gabriele – could it be that we only see the differences between us as a consequence of our obsession with physicality and our resistance to go deeper? As you have suggested, even the components of the physical world, including our body, are constituted of the same one source, as such in an intrinsic relationship with each other. Our interconnectedness is inescapable. There is much magic for us to explore when we are willing to open up and go deeper.

  12. The whole community receives the benefits of another person choosing to care more and more deeply for themselves. Its such an important foundation for the wellbeing of people and communities.

  13. Yes, we are taught many untruths as we grow up, and then have to re-learn to cherish and love ourselves,
    ‘We are conditioned to ‘leave ourselves’ in childhood, taught that it is selfish and arrogant to think of our own well-being before we attend to the needs of other people, and this continues until we exhaust ourselves by looking for love outside of us.’

  14. How humbling it is to see what is beneath our skin and know that we are all the same. That we are all equal and that the way our organs operate is very rhythmic and amazing in its own right.

  15. “….. through appreciation, tender care and self-acceptance – I am beginning to feel the beauty and love in my own body, taking time, sitting with me, being me…” Appreciating and loving ourselves is so important – how great it would be if this were taught in schools, rather than competing with self and with others- simply accepting and allowing an unfoldment.

  16. It is great that you have chosen to bring this level of care to yourself, ‘Through nurturing my body and caring for it with tenderness and love, my awareness is starting to grow.’

  17. Beautiful, a capture of how we’re part of the Universe and how then we learn to integrate and be and live that in every moment in our lives, how we unfold it in every little moment through a deepening tenderness and care for us which of course then ripples out to all others.

  18. It is remarkable yet so natural how taking loving care of ourselves, appreciating and accepting our inner beauty, the ripple effect this has on others from what they can feel.

  19. I find it so interesting how people from all different places in the world come to know about the purple books. I happen to live around the corner from the author of these purple little life changing packages and have lived very close to Universal Medicine since I was a teenager, unbeknownst to me. So, I was amazed, when I read you were in Sri Lanka at the time you stumbled across a student that recommended the book. Now you are another point of light that is inspiring others to love and care for themselves, what a beautiful gift and reawakening, we sure need more of that with the current state of the world.

  20. Without purpose, we are adrift and living without a compass. It might seemingly satisfy for a while but the inner unrest, the eternal unsettlement, is not quelled.

  21. And in writing this blog you challenge us too, “come on out and love us”. I have noticed, over the years, that without a sense of purpose, a sense that we are part of a greater whole, we wander aimlessly trying to find meaning. By looking at the body on a deeper level, we can see that something has designed it to work in perfect harmony. Our body is a reflection of truth, love, stillness and harmony.

  22. Self-love and self-care is an every moment choice. In every moment we can choose to self-love and self-care. If we don’t, we equally have a moment in the next moment to choose it again. And so the process goes. A loving work in progress to choose self-love and self-care.

  23. I really enjoyed reading this blog, it made me think how mad it is, how we are set up to get driven by life when with a few different choice we can be in the driving seat ourselves.

  24. Returning to work at a time when most are considering or waiting for retirement is certainly something to write about. In fact this is something over time that will need to be studied. What is it that makes those committed examining the way that they live and changing this, want to work past the age that most are longing to stop work. What is it that supports someone to choose to work in an area where they is a lot of burnout?. This is huge and very much worth further study. As a society we need to know this and have it available for all to see that there is a way that we care live, where we not only serve people, but thrive.

  25. In that moment you saw the universe in the physicality… a moment to understand the physicality in the universe.

  26. The realization that there is actually a purpose to our life, and then allowing this realization to grow into a deeper awareness, and then allowing that awareness to really reconnect us to everything around us and to everyone… And then we can truly serve… And then… We evolve… It is a beautiful system with amazing symmetry.

  27. The truth reawakens purpose and purpose inspires all that it meets. The fact that you are returning to work instead of retiring at 60 I might add and into an industry that typically is known to be very physically and emotionally draining, is a miracle in itself. But when it comes to students of Universal Medicine, it is quite normal to have a zest and commitment to life that has no age, cultural or gender barriers. Beautiful to read your story, thank you for sharing a look into your unfoldment.

  28. Reading your blog again CM it has made me stop to consider how much there is to appreciate in life, and how I take so much for granted. Thanks for the reminder.

  29. When we choose to stop hiding and choose to live life’s purpose, no mater what age we are, we have more energy because it is more draining to hide than it is to live in full with love and purpose.

  30. What a blessing it is for those you care for CM having you come into their lives and provide such intimate and personal care. Supporting them and their families. The quality of your care would be very much felt.

  31. Many people are looking for ways to retire as early as possible and yet it is clear you love working and serving more than ever as you age. It’s never to late to live our potential.

  32. “We are conditioned to ‘leave ourselves’ in childhood, taught that it is selfish and arrogant to think of our own well-being before we attend to the needs of other people, and this continues until we exhaust ourselves by looking for love outside of us.” This is such a true observation that the present approach to childcare and education is back-to-front.

  33. It felt so beautiful when you brought us to an understanding of “My journey continues, and gradually – through appreciation, tender care and self-acceptance – I am beginning to feel the beauty and love in my own body, taking time, sitting with me, being me”. It resonates with my body and feels true. Thank you for sharing!

  34. Wow what a strong sense of re-committing to life – and showing that it is not about hitting a certain age and retiring because that’s what you do – but rather feeling the purpose of what is needed and choosing from that point.

  35. I love re-visiting this blog, C.M., and feeling how you responded to the ‘winds of change’ with a sense of wonder and inspiration, as well as a renewed commitment to love and service.

  36. What you saw with the young person’s wound has really got me to see that it’s ok to look where I’d rather turn away and not see. I am so squeamish it’s not funny. I suspect it’s a level of non acceptance of being flesh and blood, wanting to not be a part of this very real world, and yet the universe is within the very flesh and blood I turn away from. A great inspiration to stay present and fully embrace being in my body and with everyone else, which is very much a next needed step in my commitment to being fully present and here.

    1. I never considered why people don’t want to look but I love what you share here. What if we don’t want to accept the grandness of what is inside us, the Universal Order of what works within us that we either interfere with or not. I feel a greater responsibility to not impose on my body and to treat it with so much more respect because it may just be part of a bigger plan in a bigger body and who am I to mess with that reflection?!

  37. Most people would feel squirmish if they saw what you did with the young man’s wound but your description of how you felt was absolutely beautiful.

  38. The miracle of me and you is that I can learn and be inspired by you, I then live that inspiration in my life and go and inspire another – yes and yes – that is the way for us all to evolve.

    1. Beautifully expressed, Ariana. The magic of God is everywhere and inspiration can come at the most unexpected times and from the most unexpected places – all we need to do is to be willing to receive and respond and thereby become an inspiration, as you say, for others.

  39. It is inspiration in itself to read of some who takes self care seriously and deepens their own path of love, offering support to others concerning self care. It is a job that is so necessary and requires level of respect and care to support some one physically, that is to be frank often lacking. This is where we all need to be heading, to support others it is absolutely necessary to support ourselves first.

  40. Creating a foundation within through a dedication to self-care provides the basis from which to offer true support to others.

  41. I love how the very body we live in naturally reflects the truth of universality and oneness. It really goes to show that we can study medicine and the wonders of the body, but why have we not made this natural pull to harmony our everyday way in human life if that is what our body naturally resonates to?

  42. Hmmm.. A gorgeous blog on the truths of our body, and the confirmation that actually our body holds the most truth, more than our minds can think of. Equally our heart and inner-heart exists out of a power of love that once re-membered of (as it always remained) that one can choose to life that ( all of that) – again.

  43. When we nurture and care for our own bodies and cherish it in a way that is truly loving, there is so much space within those loving moments that are truly exquisite.

  44. We think we see the world every day ‘as it is’. We take foregranted that what we percieve is all there is to reality. But if we just stop and look again there is so much more going on. Between each word and action that we take, is a deeper level of meaning – where everything relates back to Love and divinity. So like the inner organs in your story CM why do we wait to see the beauty beneath the surface? For there is a side to life, that’s always there, that speaks of our heavenly connection. All we need to do is read and understand this is a vital part of me and you and what we are here to do.

    1. Very beautifully expressed Joseph. Why wait for others to show us love when we can choose to be love at any time.

  45. Retirement is often sold as the ultimate ‘nirvana’ to escape the rat race of the world or the intensities of the work environment yet nothing is ever shared about what is felt and lived when all the holidays plans no longer have the same buzzing effect and we start to question the meaning of life and it’s purpose.

  46. It is so beautiful what you have shared C.M. I love these words “My journey continues, and gradually – through appreciation, tender care and self-acceptance – I am beginning to feel the beauty and love in my own body, taking time, sitting with me, being me.” I have given myself away so much through life, that it has taken some time to really feel me, when I do I feel so beautiful, tender and gorgeous, I am amazed at the beauty not just in me but in all of us.

  47. I find the feeling and simultaneous knowing that we are all One is a return of relationships to the correct order in the universe, in harmony with all. It brings a feeling of expansion, ease and gloriousness and all the issues we try to create no longer have any substance. I love the way the living of what you innately know is what brought about the changes in your life, not more reading or accumulating knowledge.

  48. Being nurtured with tenderness and love is as natural as breathing, why would we consider anything less is a question worth deep consideration. In the meantime we have the responsibility to choose this and actually live this for ourselves. Just because there may have been a gap in our loving care doesn’t mean that we are required to stay in that pattern.

  49. ‘Through nurturing my body and caring for it with tenderness and love, my awareness is starting to grow. ‘ Amazing how something so simple changes everything in ones life – but it does.

  50. It feels beautiful to come to a moment where all those other moments suddenly make sense and what we have been feeling all along is confirmed. We can then build a foundation to deepen our commitment to life.

  51. ‘We know it (truth) already but need to hear it several times..” because we are so caught in the ideals and beliefs about life and ourselves that it needs some scratching and breaking of the cover that disconnects us from the underlying inner knowing.

  52. A body can definitely show it wholeness, the way you describe it. So important, as we tend to live our lives not feeling that we are part of the whole, while being carried by body that shows you cannot function with all working together in interdependence.

  53. A moment to stop and deeply appreciate our beautiful and miraculous bodies is a moment well spent, thank you.

  54. Focusing on being present in our body is indeed key to returning to the truth we deeply know and expressing this forth in every moment.

  55. We live our lives creating ripple effects depending on what it is we are choosing to align to, so the more we say yes to the love that we are the more we can reflect this to others and inspire them to live in a way that is to true for their nature within.

  56. The instant feeling-seeing experience of understanding energetic imprints and communication is fascinating. The mind cannot explain it but the knowing is absolute anyway; knowing without knowledge.

  57. ‘reading books and watching videos was not going to get me in touch with the living truth I had felt in my body that day. This truth has to be lived every day, every moment. ‘ True C.M, the body is our vehicle of expression and we can express divinely from our living truth.

  58. Amazing how much in our lives can change when we begin to bring gentleness into our movement and expression, and then deepening this further yet. It can transform things hugely and in very beautiful ways!

  59. The body is a great reminder of the power of delicateness. If you take a microscope to the body and look in detail, we are so delicate.

  60. I love how you say that you take equal care of your own body and well-being as you do for those whom you care for; love is spherical and so it makes sense that it wouldn’t leave anybody out of the equation!

  61. Living what we know is the most joyous thing, and we don’t have to know everything before we start to live purposefully, in fact, as we commit to living life with awareness, we discover that what we know is a lot more than we imagine and it all keeps deepening, but only when we start to truly live.

  62. As you have shared CM, ‘I am beginning to feel the beauty and love in my own body,’ and may I add that our bodies are a remarkable vessel that shares so much when it is allowed to because of the self-loving ways we bring to it. Before self-loving for me came a gentleness that starts from learning the Gentle Breath Meditation. For more on the GENTLE BREATH MEDITATION go to;

  63. “There are many reasons and distractions in place for us to not look at ourselves in the mirror with love and tenderness – to not appreciate ourselves, to not be with ourselves.” It is so true and it makes me wonder how normal I have found that nobody worries much about the fact that it is the case almost every woman picks herself apart in front of the mirror instead of truly adoring herself. Yet this should be one of our greatest worries as if we are not in harmony with ourselves, how can we be in harmony with others?

  64. It has taken me some time to put delicate, sensitive, tender and strong and powerful in the same sentence or even in the same context in my life as for years I believed them to be opposites, but the human body is constantly reflecting to us all the fact that there is great strength in delicateness and fragility.

  65. Isn’t it true that in a moments connection to ourselves or another, the entire universe is with us, un-ending understanding, wisdom and divinity forever offered.

  66. “Through nurturing my body and caring for it with tenderness and love, my awareness is starting to grow.” what a beautiful sharing CM and so real and true very inspiring and something we would all love to feel and know as part of our everyday living way naturally.

  67. I have definitely had many a times the experience of feeling the entire universe through my own body, connecting to it deeply, but never have I had the chance to look into the organs the way you have described here. It’s inspiring and it is giving me an even deeper appreciation of the perfect harmony and symphony that our bodies are always responding to and calling us back to.

    1. I feel we have all had experiences of being totally in line with our body the universe and oneness, some opportunities forgotten only to be remembered later. One of my favourites was on a walk slowly, I started to feel, hear and connect to all my different organs, tissues and systems and their unique rhythm/sound which when it all came together brought me to tears as it felt like the orchestra of the universe playing out in my body. Our bodies offer us so many blessings. At present I am really enjoying the building of one moments presence into the next and on and on I build, it’s infinite and is so very lovely.

  68. When we treat each other with decency and respect we develop connection which enables us to love each other. For this to happen we need to deepen our own self respect, connection and love first.

  69. What an amazingly profound experience for you to be able to look into the inner body of another and from what you felt know so very deeply that “we are One”. We can look at another from the outside and what we see at first glance is someone who is very different from us and we often judge them from this place of difference, but peel back our skin and we suddenly are all the same; an equality that flows from the inside out.

    1. So true Ingrid. It seems much of life is coloured with ideals and beliefs that we are often not even conscious of, which tells us we are different and separate. Yet when we manage to break out of the stupour (accidents, shock and in this a case a literal close up look at someone’s inner organs seem to do the trick) we have the opportunity to connect to a far greater awareness of the oneness and the universality that we are all a part of.

  70. How deeply we may appreciate that our body remains a loyal servant until our last breath, regardless if we have neglect it, negated its wisdom and abused it no end… forever our body provides us with feedback, wisdom and intel to navigate and truly live our lives.

  71. Such a beautiful reflection of living the love that we are through self care and offering this to others as a way they could choose also.

  72. A life without purpose is a life missed. It’s like sitting in a dark room unaware that the sun is shining brightly.

  73. I still clearly recall the first time someone asked me what I do that is loving for myself – I cried. It was the start of the awareness of what it means to care, nurture and truly love myself and the loving delicious journey continues. It is a choice of a life-time.

  74. I love the way you write C.M., in your description of how universality found its way back into your life.

  75. You could take any part of human anatomy and find that it is reflected by nature, and vice versa. The Egyptians were masters of this, and understood the body through it’s channels as learnt and observed by the River Nile.

    1. I would love to know more about this, Susie W. I have been musing over how the landscape we live in affects our lives, behaviour and how we express ourselves through our bodies.

  76. “We are conditioned to ‘leave ourselves’ in childhood, taught that it is selfish and arrogant to think of our own well-being before we attend to the needs of other people, and this continues until we exhaust ourselves by looking for love outside of us.” This line stood out for me today as I could feel the importance of what here is being said. As from young we are taught to disconnect with ourselves and with that we are forced to live a life of exhaustion, a life where we will continuously seek for relief and to not feel that hurt we carry from living in this disconnection from our essence, that essence of which taking care for oneself is a natural and absolute normal expression..

  77. The approach to self-care you share here – based on self-love – is an important one. How different our care of others is when we offer them this reflection and the fullness of our being. It is my feeling that the future of social care needs this foundation – a foundation that is truly supportive of both the carer and the cared for.

  78. “I have returned to work as a carer and personal assistant to people who need help with their own self-care, and my strong foundation of love lived every day means I can express this in my work and daily life”. This is pure gold CM and showing the world how it is done….it is only when it is lived in our own bodies (not in perfection) can we truly offer it to someone else.

  79. What a wonderful story. It is hard to put into words those moments when you receive a universal download but you have captured the feeling very well. Often these moments are so profound and yet the message is so simple – I am finding this is the way of the universe and therefore needs to be my way to be in harmony with all that is.

    1. When I was 17 I had an accident where a pane of glass sliced deeply into the skin on my finger and I had to go to the hospital to be stitched up. As I was waiting to be stitched a nurse came in to spray some antiseptic on the wound. In that moment I was fascinated by the wound, looking beneath the skin to what was underneath but feeling very palpably that my body was a vehicle that there was so much more to me than my body, yet I felt very connected to it. I am not sure in that moment if I truly appreciated my body, being more inspired by the feeling that there was so much more than the physical body. Since then, however, I have stopped disregarding my body so much – respecting it so much more as a way to connect more deeply with the ‘more’ that I am. This blog has supported me to appreciate too the science and harmony of the body more and to respect it in just the same way as the ‘more’ – no less – equally so. Thank you.

      1. Thank you too, michelle819, for sharing your experience confirming the ‘so much more’ that our bodies show us.

  80. ‘to stop hiding and to fully live life’s purpose’ Beautiful and inspiring C.M. – this is simply all we ever need to do.

  81. The fact that “we are One” is such a beautiful revelation to have, C.M., and it is inspiring to hear how this moment of truth had a ripple effect throughout your life and brought you back to the sense of universality and purpose in your relationship with yourself and the world around you.

  82. “My journey continues, and gradually – through appreciation, tender care and self-acceptance – I am beginning to feel the beauty and love in my own body, taking time, sitting with me, being me.” Such simple steps C.M but very beautiful and absolutely confirming ones too.

  83. I love working and plan to never to retire. Why would we retire from life when we have so much to share and enjoy – I am here until my last breath and beyond.

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