The Miracle of Me-You

Some years ago, in the course of my work in Oncology, I went to see a young person who had just had major surgery around the abdominal area. For some reason the skin had not been closed over the site and a large bandage was in place.

“Would you like to see?” said the young person enthusiastically, gently lifting back the bandage for a brief few seconds.

An astounding sight met me, particularly the colours and the beautiful symmetry of the working organs. There was a creamy white, a dark, rosy but shocking pink, a lavender brown and a mild, milky grey, all nestled together like pebbles that had fallen next to each other on a beach. So still, yet with a purpose towards the larger body, sustaining it to move, to laugh, to live.

As I looked, TRUTH sent a direct ‘snapshot’ from their body to mine: I will try to paint in words what I felt, and saw, in my body:

“Beauty… The Universe… Truth… Working… Here I am… Powerful… Vulnerable… Strong… Delicate… This is you… A Life’s Purpose!”

No words, only a snapshot, felt and understood. A profound and direct reflection for me, of me, to assimilate into my consciousness, and a privilege to see and to know: we are One.

At that time I had a busy, pressured life, focussed on ‘keeping all the plates spinning.’ No time to fully appreciate what I had just seen and felt, and continued to feel – the truth in my body. My self-worth was low, exhaustion near, even though I loved my job. Occasionally the wonderment of that moment, the Universality of it, would come back to me, calling me to consider more…

As I approached sixty years of age I felt the winds of change, in particular, that the pension age was going to be changed. Charitable funding had run out for my job and circumstances were making it difficult for me to continue. I began to plan for retirement. I had a calling to work with animals and studied Animal Healing, which involved volunteering to work with a Charity in Sri Lanka. On that trip I met a fellow student at this course who had what I thought at the time were some odd ways: getting up at 3.00am, going to bed before 9.00pm, no partying and quite particular in what he would eat. He suggested that our current training was missing some valuable information on self-care and recommended I read a book titled The Way It Is by Serge Benhayon.

I returned home to my life, which even in retirement was again ‘busy’. When I read this book it was like pieces of a puzzle slotting into place, and I began to ponder… my new style of being. I knew then I had come back to my home, the Universe. I became a Student of The Livingness, where I have been given confirmation of my words that describe the snapshot, the reflection I received, of our beautiful bodies. These words I knew already, but I need to hear them in different contexts and expression until I ‘get it.’ I knew them already, but laziness and hiding was my way.

Gradually I came to know that reading books and watching videos was not going to get me in touch with the living truth I had felt in my body that day. This truth has to be lived every day, every moment. Through nurturing my body and caring for it with tenderness and love, my awareness is starting to grow. Why has it taken me so long to accept and appreciate this truth, and myself? There are many reasons and distractions in place for us to not look at ourselves in the mirror with love and tenderness – to not appreciate ourselves, to not be with ourselves. We are conditioned to ‘leave ourselves’ in childhood, taught that it is selfish and arrogant to think of our own well-being before we attend to the needs of other people, and this continues until we exhaust ourselves by looking for love outside of us.

My journey continues, and gradually – through appreciation, tender care and self-acceptance – I am beginning to feel the beauty and love in my own body, taking time, sitting with me, being me. I have returned to work as a carer and personal assistant to people who need help with their own self-care, and my strong foundation of love lived every day means I can express this in my work and daily life, and in doing so I find there is more to learn in supporting them and then the feeling comes: “I do that for them, do I not love myself enough to do it for myself?” The answer is “yes, of course I do!” Now the people I work with and those who I meet in my living each day can see that this love is there inside themselves too.

With thanks and deep appreciation to Serge Benhayon and his family, my wider family and all humanity who constantly challenge me to ‘come out here and Love Us!’ – to stop hiding and to fully live life’s purpose.

By C.M., Personal Assistant/Carer, Nottingham, England

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416 thoughts on “The Miracle of Me-You

  1. C.M., this ‘coming home’ is a feeling I can relate to and cannot find the words for. Just hearing those words, brings tears to my eyes, the home is not the same home as the one we live in, its a home where I feel is where our heart belongs and many are wanting to go back to and don’t even realise that that is what is missing in their lives. It’s a no wonder there is so much unrest in this world, so much anxiety, depression, suicide and the list could go on.

    We are so far from the truth, and when we find it, it is something that everything in us cannot go back to, as in the old ways. It is a personal experience and the physicality plays very little role in this, it is the thing that tells us we have strayed. For many this will be difficult to fathom, it’s only when we are going through this, that we can truly understand what is going around us and in life. It is time to wake up…

  2. “The Way It Is by Serge Benhayon” is there for any of us to reconnect to truth when we respond to the call.

  3. “Now the people I work with and those who I meet in my living each day can see that this love is there inside themselves too.” That’s the beauty of self love, in the beginning it helps us to put our own lives back together again and to reconnect to the love within ourselves, then we take that inner flame of love out to remind others it’s in them too – true purpose.

    1. I agree, people around us can see the love that is in them too if they are willing to respond to the reflection. At the end of the day everyone has a choice, and that it is up to them whether they align to the truth or not. Our responsibility is to continue being that beacon…

    2. We are an inspiration to those around us. ‘Through nurturing my body and caring for it with tenderness and love, my awareness is starting to grow.’

  4. And so it is – it is not about the mind and mindfullness and making the body do what the mind deems needs to be done or wants to be done, but rather ti is about the body being the true communicator of what is needed. A life truly lived is one that begins with self care and self love and from there expands to include all.

  5. Life can be lived without knowing the full depth of it, but such a life will always be one that feels empty and hence seeks distraction from this emptiness. Once we understand that life is not meant to be empty, but rather to have a fullness that comes from within us, and once we turn within to seek the true fullness and connection with the Soul, then this gives permission for life to be truly lived. This is a work in progress, and as I am discovering one that never ends, but one that only gets more fulfilling as we learn to live in practical terms the life of the Soul.

  6. There is certainly so much more to life than keeping the plates spinning! And what a blessing to know and then learn to live this.

  7. It’s an extraordinary experience finding the work of Serge Benhayon, it’s changes everything if you’re open to it in the sense that ones whole foundation in life, including your relationship to self and to others can change. The understanding of who you are and your purpose for being here also becomes clear. Life is then sourced from the Magic of God and the soul, not the desperation and emptiness of individuality.

    1. The I in individuality and the me in meandering takes us on many a strange journey, until as you have shared Melinda the True alchemical process of oneness with our Soul deepens the path of our return to who we all innately are.

    2. Serge Benhayon makes so much sense in what he shares, it’s like he taps into a truth we have deep inside ourselves.

  8. There is a journey one to be walked gradually it is okay I feel to take ones time so that no stone or aspect is left unnoticed because I realise from my own way of living that if we leave anything unattended it has the propensity to raise its self again until it has been completely cleared. So to take great care of oneself along the way is the best self medication to take.

  9. So many people that I talk to know there is something missing in their life that they have yet to fully understand, Universal Medicine presentations can be the catalyst for the moment when everything falls into place and we realise we can stop searching because the answers to our questions have been answered.

  10. Another beautiful commentary on life, where the understanding that we must care for ourselves 1st to be able to truly care for others is demonstrated in all its light.

    1. Spot on Chris – what we do for ourselves and how we treat ourselves is the foundation or standard that we offer to all others – no more and no less. So how important is it that we look after ourselves with as much care and love as possible, with the realization that we are equally important in the equation of love.

      1. Super important to care for, nurture and love ourselves deeply knowing we are then able to share this with others, ‘what we do for ourselves and how we treat ourselves is the foundation or standard that we offer to all others’.

  11. Recognising truth in someone, and feeling the same in ourselves is such a confirming, expanding feeling, that we are absolute equals, that we may have a different look and expression, but the same purpose, nonetheless.

  12. I love how your awareness is growing CM from enjoying a deeper level of self nurturing and caring for your body. It has to be something we are actively engaged with – no book reading or TV can replace this.
    “Gradually I came to know that reading books and watching videos was not going to get me in touch with the living truth I had felt in my body that day. This truth has to be lived every day, every moment. Through nurturing my body and caring for it with tenderness and love, my awareness is starting to grow”.

  13. The more we connect to our own essence and live from our inner love the more we reflect to others that there is a different way to live.

  14. When we realise the divine magnificence of who we are, we equally realise where we are from and that we all are equal in essence and of the same source. As such we can feel that our purpose in this life is to reflect the love we are through the lives we live.

  15. Isn’t it interesting how the path of life can lead us to meeting just the right person at just the right time, when we are willing and open to learning more.

  16. No one changes his/her life by reading books or engaging mentally with the world. You change your life by changing how you are and feel in your body. Then, and only then, you can change the world by means of what you offer by means of reflection(s). The illusion that studying helps to change the world is just that pure and plain illusion.

  17. I loved what you have shared C.M. “Through nurturing my body and caring for it with tenderness and love, my awareness is starting to grow. ” The body is an amazing teacher in the wisdom that it holds for us, the deeper our love and care grows so does our awareness of what is truth and what is not.

  18. You highlight an important point, ‘this truth has to be lived every day, every moment’, for if we don’t we fall into speaking knowledge, without the wisdom of our lived experiences.

  19. Keeping the plates spinning is a great analogy to describe the craziness and pace of modern day life for all too many of us.

    1. This is true Suse – and it is one that has us living in distraction from power of who we are and all that we are here to reflect. When we stop and connect to everything we are within we have no need to even reach for a plate, as we know that nothing can compare to being moved by the rhythm of love.

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