Whole Body Intelligence – Our Inbuilt Best Friend

I have always had a fascination for how the human body works and so went on to study Anatomy and Physiology for my university degree.

In those four years, I found the body to be amazing. It has its own intelligence that is far greater than what we are taught or how we think it to be. This intelligence comes from every cell of our body and so it knows exactly what is needed at any given moment.

The body works best when it is in harmony and it constantly seeks to find that balance and equilibrium. So you could say our body is our own inbuilt best friend – it ‘has our back’ and even when we ignore it, it ‘has it covered’ so to speak. It is constantly responding to our needs and even when we treat it harshly, it steps in to restore order and rhythm.

So, if we have this amazing body that works without us even knowing or acknowledging it most of the time, why would we use it the way we do? Why would we make it suffer? Why would we put it through stress and pain? And why would we poison it with excesses?

We are free to make choices in life but with every choice there is an outplay in our bodies, meaning that our choices configure the body to be and live in a certain way.  For example, if we took our first sip of alcohol and our very first feeling was we didn’t like it but felt pressured to continue because our friends were, we are not only making a choice to override our body’s initial response – “I don’t like this” – we are also configuring our body to behave in a certain way from then on. So it is likely we will continue to drink alcohol.

If we choose to train for a triathlon, pushing through the pain barriers, training our bodies to endure long periods of physical activity and even strain and injury, eating in a particular way in order to fuel this type of energy, then the body is once again taught to move and perform in a certain way. In doing all of this we are actually configuring our bodies away from our natural state of being and that configuration stays within the body and influences how we move thereafter.

These are just two examples of the many ways in which we can override our body’s natural intelligence; the intelligence that is immediately saying it doesn’t like the taste of this or it hurts when I train too hard. When we override this natural sense of intelligence we replace it with another form of intelligence, the one that now tells you that it’s OK to drink the alcohol or prolong the strenuous exercise regardless of the whether it makes you feel ill or causes injury.

I was first introduced to there being two types of intelligence via a Universal Medicine presentation. Our bodies are designed to work and move as a whole body intelligence, very much in tune with itself and its environment, as we observe beautifully in nature. But when we choose to not live in this way, and instead drive our body with thoughts and images fed to us through the mind, we end up with many compounded layers of configurations and at best the body is purely functional in its job. It carries out what is needed based within the confines of how we think we need to live. The body is then treated as separate ‘stand-alone’ parts that no longer work together as one intelligence.

This One intelligence or Whole Body Intelligence is also known as Love. This Love is always within us and I have found when I consistently connect with my body, and adhere to its messages, it holds an intelligence like no other; an intelligence that far outshines the mind as it is always working to restore a balance within. This natural way of being naturally supports and benefits me and my wellbeing but the amazing thing is, in doing so, it naturally supports everyone and everything around me also.

By Susan Green, Mother, Business Owner for busy Café and Catering Company, Somerset UK

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464 thoughts on “Whole Body Intelligence – Our Inbuilt Best Friend

  1. I find that it is supportive for myself to continuous tell myself how I am feeling. For example I may not be able to sleep at the time my body starts to feel tired due to the nature of my work, but I will always tell myself that I am tired so as to confirm that I know what the body is telling me and not disregard it. I do this also when I am cold or hungry and not just to ignore the feeling. I have discovered that when I say these things aloud, it could sometimes spark off quite a reaction in others, for we are so conditioned to think our bodies can be ignored, so expressing what we feel is not very accepted. Sometimes the reaction comes from others feeling they need to make the situation better for me, but they cannot, so I would take more responsibility in choosing what would support myself.

    1. I too have noticed that expressing what we feel can spark a reaction in others, because we are so accustomed to keeping up appearances.

    2. I like that you simply confirm with yourself how you are feeling, without going into any drama about it, just a checking in where you are at to then continue accordingly.

  2. This intelligence comes from every cell of our body and so it knows exactly what is needed at any given moment. And we have billons and billons of cells in our body – our bodies truly are our own wise guide when we listen to it and honour its sheer brillance.

  3. If we truly stopped and connected to all our body does for us, how much it has our back and what a best friend it is – would we ignore it for much of the time or treat it the way we do with dismissal and disregard?

  4. In contrast to the mental version of intelligence ‘Whole Body Intelligence’ never is imposing, arrogant, ignorant as it doesn´t need to prove anything. Mental intelligence constantly needs to justify its isolated existence to convince itself of being enough.

  5. This morning my body woke up at the time it knows to start the day, when I opened my eyes I had a thought of jumping up right away and start working. But my body needed more time to be with itself, and when I did get up, I simply got on the day without the stress of needing to finish everything all at once, but was able to go through my day and my activities one thing at a time.

  6. Yes our body intelligence is quite remarkable, even though I spent most of my life ignoring it, I have begun to learn how to really listen to what it is saying, even when I don’t want to hear it. My body has learned equally to bring more and more signals to me if I am not listening. Which has been a hard one, because it fostered an unloving pattern of behaviour with myself, which I am unpacking more and more each day, but it is a daily choice to listen and act on what my body is sharing.

  7. “This One intelligence or Whole Body Intelligence is also known as Love” . . . so in order to love ourselves we only need to tune in and take note on the messages our bodies are sending us!

    1. Yes Kathleen I really get the part about Whole body intelligence is an in-built best friend, and never is it not so, in truth, we just have to listen to it. It is so easy to get caught up in other things around us.

  8. It is interesting that our society currently celebrates the lesser version of intelligence which relies on the mind and ignores the rest of the body. It is clear to me this isn’t working, by looking around and observing the state of our society and humanity we know we are in a real mess.

  9. This blog highlights that we have the most awesome point of communication and wisdom available 24/7 – our bodies.
    It is easy to ignore the signs of the body, but just in the simple acts of growing a baby, healing a wound, rejecting bad foods – the body knows what is best and how to respond in the most incredible situations.

  10. Be Love, could it be that this is saying it all? So being all of who we are with Whole Body Intelligence is definitely what would turn the education system on a path that would support students as you say Susan, “an intelligence that far outshines the mind as it is always working to restore a balance within.”

    1. yes Greg, and coming back to my body is coming back to Love. It’s that simple and yet we are taught to look for Love outside.

      1. Spot on Susan, looking for Love is such a lost cause, because Love is simply within our hearts, so therefore our Loving movements reconnect us to the feeling of Joy that is felt and this is confirming of this truth that Love comes from our inner-most heart. So groove and move with Love to prove it is our movements that provide a stillness that comes from the Love that resides within!

      2. It’s amazing Greg how a certain quality of movements allows the stillness to be felt within the body.

      3. Agreed Susan, also from what I have observed it eventually becomes the quality of every movement including our thoughts will allow the Love and thus Stillness to be felt in the body!

  11. Yesterday I heeded my body telling me to make space for some huge energy to clear that I was renouncing and moving forward without in a new way, making space for a new way of loving and loving. It is so important to listen when a wave like that is coming, and just let it all go.

  12. “The body works best when it is in harmony and it constantly seeks to find that balance and equilibrium.” It is quite uncanny how the body works, we are constantly abusing it, yet it constantly wants to find balance and harmony. very amazing.

  13. When I listen to my body’s messages in relation to what to eat and how much. I feel light and energised, but if I ignore it, I over eat and eat foods that are not supportive which leaves me feeling tired, headachy and numb. I know by listening to my body it guides me to live lovingly, whereas my mind tends to guide me to the opposite direction.

  14. It really stood out for me how our body constantly looks for a balance or homeostasis as it is called. We then either have the choice to make it harder for our bodies by choosing to eat foods that are not in harmony with it or drinking alcohol for instance, or, we can work with our body and make its job as easy as possible.

  15. Whole body intelligence redefines what intelligence is and offers humanity a completely different way of living.

  16. ‘Functioning at best’ is a very familiar pattern and one relied on until the body starts to very clearly communicate that this option isn’t sustainable. This is when I started to listen to my whole body intelligence and not the mind thinking it could sort it out. I gave the mind almost 50 years to do things it’s way and discovered it left out the most vital of components: consideration, care and love for what my body had to process to try and keep up.

  17. Taking a pause a moment to check in with our body through out the day enables us to develop a clarity in life that supports all our choices, actions and movements. Whole body intelligence is the way forward and we ignore it at our peril.

  18. “The whole body intelligence is also known as love ‘ forever restoring harmony and balance within, our natural state of being, in this we have a choice to connect to that intelligence and what it offers or be controlled by our minds with no respect to our bodies.

    1. Yes and by being very present by feeling what our bodies are telling is leaves us feeling lighter and more energised.

  19. A beautiful sharing on our whole body intelligence it power beauty and innate naturalness and harmony from within. Love allows us to reconfigure our bodies back to the harmony and flow we are born with and can move in.

  20. In relationship with our bodies we are wiser than any acclaimed expert. And this is the simplest of ways to live… requiring only the development of a respectful, unfolding and listening relationship with our bodies.

  21. There must be something in the way that we can choose to ignore the body’s intelligence. There must be some kind of reward that is gained and enjoyed by doing such a thing. Could it be that there is a part of ourselves that does know exactly what it is doing, what it is overriding, what it is creating. And could this part be in fact making all these choices to avoid the intelligence that it knows will actually bring to it true love and joy. And could this avoidance all be in an attempt to not be responsible, aware and expressive.

  22. Listening with more respect to the messages that my body sends I am beginning to understand that pain is a choice – and that if I listen I can feel more deeply into what is taking place – and realise that it’s an opportunity to let go of debilitating patterns that no longer support me – and let go of the pain as I surrender to the wisdom that I am offered in each moment.

  23. Fabulous piece of writing Susan, it is all about our normal. What parameters do we set life by, what is healthy and what is optimal abundant wellbeing. De-configuring our body to have it used to accepting the abuse of a drink that poisons, or a sporting pastime that hurts, we have so many things we promote and celebrate in society that are not really celebrating the body. So what then are they celebrating instead, it seems like they celebrate our supposed ability to do as we please, and marvel at great feats. But perhaps these so called great feats are not so great, but a far diminished offering than what we might be truly capable of were we to come into align with the cellular body and what it really responds to and allows us to achieve.

  24. I have found that when I live my life based on the intelligence of my mind or any beliefs that I may hold strongly (or stubbornly) that its easy for me to leave my body behind. So eating nuts may be ok or even good for me, but sitting and devouring a whole packet is not and I know that because I feel bloated and heavy after the event. But its more than the nuts because I can see what I am doing, when I am doing it and have no capacity at that time to stop what I am doing, even though I know exactly what I am doing. What I have observed is that I have often held back my expression in something, which my body clearly communicated at the timing because I haven’t acted on my very strong feelings from my body, Then I go into the automatic pilot of eat a large quantity of nuts, because of how frustrated I am with myself.

    So really we could never say that our body is not intelligent, however we could certainly question the intelligence of our mind, simply because it leave out a whole part, that of our body.

  25. ‘ endure long periods of physical activity and even strain and injury, eating in a particular way in order to fuel this type of energy, then the body is once again taught to move and perform in a certain way. In doing all of this we are actually configuring our bodies away from our natural state of being and that configuration stays within the body and influences how we move thereafter.’ This is hugely important Susan – it is only true movement (connecting to our body, its nature sacredness and moving, expressing from there) that re-aligns us.

  26. As I get older the body gets to move in a way that is so much more supportive to how it feels. So is this a feeling that I need to slow down until my body warms up or is it one of connection. Reflecting on this has also been a great reminder to re-connect to my body as every movement has a purpose.

  27. I find in society there is a general message that says it is OK to abuse our body as long as it is not to the extreme. This message is causing us much pain and suffering due to choosing to ignore the most important messages of all, the ones from our body.

  28. The connection to the body and the innate rhythm we hold can either be an ongoing love affair and exploration of what truly supports us to work hand in hand as one unified vehicle or we can have an on again off again affair that wreaks havoc on our bodies and the rhythm it soulfully beats too. Developing a relationship with our bodies and how we move and nourish ourselves can uncover so much intelligence and we don’t have to look outside of ourselves for the answer because everything is there already.

  29. ‘This Love is always within us and I have found when I consistently connect with my body, and adhere to its messages, it holds an intelligence like no other; an intelligence that far outshines the mind as it is always working to restore a balance within.’ Love this Susan. I found in a 3 day workshop with Chris James recently that I felt this full body intelligence being re-activated in such a way that it prepared me for a new joyous way of living, still with it’s ups and downs but the downs are because of my non adherence to the signals of my body, this becomes clearer and clearer.

  30. Yes Susan, my body certainly does have my back, but it has not always been a reciprocal relationship. This is something I’m working on and the consequences of taking care of my body have gone way beyond the obviously huge benefits of loosing weight, feeling more energetic, not getting sick so much and having healthier hair and skin. I might write a blog about it.

  31. The way you describe our bodies makes it very tangible and relatable to how important they are and that we are not to dismiss them but honour them in all that they provide us to live and get through life. A biology lesson for every one.

  32. Hello Susan Green,
    I love what you are sharing, it is a point I am very passionate about, I am convinced that if we took one hundred steps back, we would be able to see the body and its extraordinary capability. If we had come to this planet as Aliens and were investigating all the different intelligence what would we find? A car, cool, a car is great but when it breaks down, does it heal itself? No, it needs to be fixed. I am not saying I believe in Aliens or anything like that but I am making a point, we need to open our eyes and revisit the body. With this fresh prospective we would not only adhere to the body but study it with the intention of honouring and replicating its divine design in our lives. Just a side note Susan, I noticed that you are in the same industry as me, I imagine with your love for the body and how it works, you must offer your staff a great deal of support.

  33. Many years ago the Readers Digest ran a series of article on the body and its functions called I am Joes body, having each part speak about how it functions and the part it plays within the whole, it was simply and beautifully explained and I was amazed at the divine intelligence behind the order and precisness of how each part played its part in bringing healing and balance to the whole. I am reminded by your blog that my body does indeed have my back.

  34. Whole-body intelligence is truly a wonderful and fascinating subject… And it is accessible to everyone. It revitalizes our expression, and re-awakens our connection with life in a truly beautiful way. It engenders trust and this connection then becomes our foundation for our life.

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