Whole Body Intelligence – Our Inbuilt Best Friend

I have always had a fascination for how the human body works and so went on to study Anatomy and Physiology for my university degree.

In those four years, I found the body to be amazing. It has its own intelligence that is far greater than what we are taught or how we think it to be. This intelligence comes from every cell of our body and so it knows exactly what is needed at any given moment.

The body works best when it is in harmony and it constantly seeks to find that balance and equilibrium. So you could say our body is our own inbuilt best friend – it ‘has our back’ and even when we ignore it, it ‘has it covered’ so to speak. It is constantly responding to our needs and even when we treat it harshly, it steps in to restore order and rhythm.

So, if we have this amazing body that works without us even knowing or acknowledging it most of the time, why would we use it the way we do? Why would we make it suffer? Why would we put it through stress and pain? And why would we poison it with excesses?

We are free to make choices in life but with every choice there is an outplay in our bodies, meaning that our choices configure the body to be and live in a certain way.  For example, if we took our first sip of alcohol and our very first feeling was we didn’t like it but felt pressured to continue because our friends were, we are not only making a choice to override our body’s initial response – “I don’t like this” – we are also configuring our body to behave in a certain way from then on. So it is likely we will continue to drink alcohol.

If we choose to train for a triathlon, pushing through the pain barriers, training our bodies to endure long periods of physical activity and even strain and injury, eating in a particular way in order to fuel this type of energy, then the body is once again taught to move and perform in a certain way. In doing all of this we are actually configuring our bodies away from our natural state of being and that configuration stays within the body and influences how we move thereafter.

These are just two examples of the many ways in which we can override our body’s natural intelligence; the intelligence that is immediately saying it doesn’t like the taste of this or it hurts when I train too hard. When we override this natural sense of intelligence we replace it with another form of intelligence, the one that now tells you that it’s OK to drink the alcohol or prolong the strenuous exercise regardless of the whether it makes you feel ill or causes injury.

I was first introduced to there being two types of intelligence via a Universal Medicine presentation. Our bodies are designed to work and move as a whole body intelligence, very much in tune with itself and its environment, as we observe beautifully in nature. But when we choose to not live in this way, and instead drive our body with thoughts and images fed to us through the mind, we end up with many compounded layers of configurations and at best the body is purely functional in its job. It carries out what is needed based within the confines of how we think we need to live. The body is then treated as separate ‘stand-alone’ parts that no longer work together as one intelligence.

This One intelligence or Whole Body Intelligence is also known as Love. This Love is always within us and I have found when I consistently connect with my body, and adhere to its messages, it holds an intelligence like no other; an intelligence that far outshines the mind as it is always working to restore a balance within. This natural way of being naturally supports and benefits me and my wellbeing but the amazing thing is, in doing so, it naturally supports everyone and everything around me also.

By Susan Green, Mother, Business Owner for busy Café and Catering Company, Somerset UK

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420 thoughts on “Whole Body Intelligence – Our Inbuilt Best Friend

  1. I find that it is supportive for myself to continuous tell myself how I am feeling. For example I may not be able to sleep at the time my body starts to feel tired due to the nature of my work, but I will always tell myself that I am tired so as to confirm that I know what the body is telling me and not disregard it. I do this also when I am cold or hungry and not just to ignore the feeling. I have discovered that when I say these things aloud, it could sometimes spark off quite a reaction in others, for we are so conditioned to think our bodies can be ignored, so expressing what we feel is not very accepted. Sometimes the reaction comes from others feeling they need to make the situation better for me, but they cannot, so I would take more responsibility in choosing what would support myself.

  2. This intelligence comes from every cell of our body and so it knows exactly what is needed at any given moment. And we have billons and billons of cells in our body – our bodies truly are our own wise guide when we listen to it and honour its sheer brillance.

  3. If we truly stopped and connected to all our body does for us, how much it has our back and what a best friend it is – would we ignore it for much of the time or treat it the way we do with dismissal and disregard?

  4. In contrast to the mental version of intelligence ‘Whole Body Intelligence’ never is imposing, arrogant, ignorant as it doesn´t need to prove anything. Mental intelligence constantly needs to justify its isolated existence to convince itself of being enough.

  5. This morning my body woke up at the time it knows to start the day, when I opened my eyes I had a thought of jumping up right away and start working. But my body needed more time to be with itself, and when I did get up, I simply got on the day without the stress of needing to finish everything all at once, but was able to go through my day and my activities one thing at a time.

  6. Yes our body intelligence is quite remarkable, even though I spent most of my life ignoring it, I have begun to learn how to really listen to what it is saying, even when I don’t want to hear it. My body has learned equally to bring more and more signals to me if I am not listening. Which has been a hard one, because it fostered an unloving pattern of behaviour with myself, which I am unpacking more and more each day, but it is a daily choice to listen and act on what my body is sharing.

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