Whole Body Intelligence – Our Inbuilt Best Friend

I have always had a fascination for how the human body works and so went on to study Anatomy and Physiology for my university degree.

In those four years, I found the body to be amazing. It has its own intelligence that is far greater than what we are taught or how we think it to be. This intelligence comes from every cell of our body and so it knows exactly what is needed at any given moment.

The body works best when it is in harmony and it constantly seeks to find that balance and equilibrium. So you could say our body is our own inbuilt best friend – it ‘has our back’ and even when we ignore it, it ‘has it covered’ so to speak. It is constantly responding to our needs and even when we treat it harshly, it steps in to restore order and rhythm.

So, if we have this amazing body that works without us even knowing or acknowledging it most of the time, why would we use it the way we do? Why would we make it suffer? Why would we put it through stress and pain? And why would we poison it with excesses?

We are free to make choices in life but with every choice there is an outplay in our bodies, meaning that our choices configure the body to be and live in a certain way.  For example, if we took our first sip of alcohol and our very first feeling was we didn’t like it but felt pressured to continue because our friends were, we are not only making a choice to override our body’s initial response – “I don’t like this” – we are also configuring our body to behave in a certain way from then on. So it is likely we will continue to drink alcohol.

If we choose to train for a triathlon, pushing through the pain barriers, training our bodies to endure long periods of physical activity and even strain and injury, eating in a particular way in order to fuel this type of energy, then the body is once again taught to move and perform in a certain way. In doing all of this we are actually configuring our bodies away from our natural state of being and that configuration stays within the body and influences how we move thereafter.

These are just two examples of the many ways in which we can override our body’s natural intelligence; the intelligence that is immediately saying it doesn’t like the taste of this or it hurts when I train too hard. When we override this natural sense of intelligence we replace it with another form of intelligence, the one that now tells you that it’s OK to drink the alcohol or prolong the strenuous exercise regardless of the whether it makes you feel ill or causes injury.

I was first introduced to there being two types of intelligence via a Universal Medicine presentation. Our bodies are designed to work and move as a whole body intelligence, very much in tune with itself and its environment, as we observe beautifully in nature. But when we choose to not live in this way, and instead drive our body with thoughts and images fed to us through the mind, we end up with many compounded layers of configurations and at best the body is purely functional in its job. It carries out what is needed based within the confines of how we think we need to live. The body is then treated as separate ‘stand-alone’ parts that no longer work together as one intelligence.

This One intelligence or Whole Body Intelligence is also known as Love. This Love is always within us and I have found when I consistently connect with my body, and adhere to its messages, it holds an intelligence like no other; an intelligence that far outshines the mind as it is always working to restore a balance within. This natural way of being naturally supports and benefits me and my wellbeing but the amazing thing is, in doing so, it naturally supports everyone and everything around me also.

By Susan Green, Mother, Business Owner for busy Café and Catering Company, Somerset UK

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522 thoughts on “Whole Body Intelligence – Our Inbuilt Best Friend

  1. As I have learned to listen to my body, the intelligence it has now is much louder, so if I don’t exercise for a few days, or if I try to eat something that doesn’t suit me, I hear about it loud and clear. Its an immense blessing to have an inner guide such as this.

  2. The best and most loving investment we can make is in listening to our bodies by not letting our mind override our true whole body intelligence for it is indeed our best friend.

  3. When I heard Serge Benhayon share and explain what Love truly is and that it was an intellegence that is connected to the Universe it all made a whole lot of sense because everything around us didn’t feel or represent what I knew existed I just didn’t know how to access this. The Gentle Breath Meditation is a practical tool that supports a connection with the body and the being and uniting them as one.

  4. Our body is the absolute maker of truth, as it is in constant communication with us at all times. For example when we over do it or push the body too much, we feel tired or we get sick and need to slow down and rest. if we eat something that don’t support the body is shows in many ways.
    It’s incredible that how much as human beings we abuse our body’s by just using our minds and not honouring what we truly feel. If we listen to our body’s and understood whats truly going on, the whole world would have less illness and less diseases. So why wait for medicine to give us the answers, when we have all the answers in our body awareness, why wait to get sick before you recognise all the sign your body has shown you along the way. So there for what is true intelligence a great mind with a empty body that sick abused and lacks vitality or a body that is holds joy love and true wisdom.
    A so called intelligent mind can’t give you the tools to embrace love or even understand it.
    So why focus on one part of the body when the whole body can move in a way to embrace what love truly is.
    joy is not a thought,it is a movement from the whole body.

  5. Every choice we make does have an impact on the body, just look at the way we use our shoulders, our posture, the tension in our arms they way we point our hand, observe this and you will know that we have accumulated habits, hurts and tensions and it is in the body. It can shift if we bring awareness to it, be healed and new choices made.

  6. There have been many times when I have got cross or angry with my body for getting ill or injured believing it to be a nuisance or an annoyance but actually it is my best friend and is always offering me a loving correction or nudge to be more love in my life – talking to me straight and with absolute honesty about how I am really living my life, like any true friend should do.

  7. “our choices configure the body” – The use of ‘configure’ here is very powerful; our chemistry does indeed adapt to our behaviours and thus we have an important responsibility.

  8. Whole body intelligence is being aware that no part can be used in isolation from the whole that it is a part of. Therefore, if we eat or drink a substance that our body clearly says ‘no’ to and we override this signal, be it by the way of bloating, headaches, queasiness etc, we can be pretty sure that we are not allowing ourselves to operate under the guidance of our true intelligence and are choosing instead a vastly reduced form of intelligence that seeks to use the human body as a dumping ground for temporal excesses rather than access the innate and universal wisdom that lives within us all.

  9. I love this Susan and what a beautiful appreciation for our bodies and all they show us . “The body works best when it is in harmony and it constantly seeks to find that balance and equilibrium. So you could say our body is our own inbuilt best friend ” The beauty of connecting to our body and the depth of intelligence that we connect to is amazing and out of this world with a depth of love and harmony beyond everything else.

  10. Love this Susan, how amazing are our bodies! Our bodies are our best friends they will always be working to bring us back to harmony and balance.

  11. It is beautiful to read about the balance and harmony that the body is always working towards. Reading your blog, I can feel the depth of intelligence and support that is always on offer if we listen to and allow our bodies to work towards that harmony. How loved are we!

  12. Every choice we make comes with a consequense and our body reflects the truth of each choice, whether it is one of love or disregard.

    1. A great question to be asking Abby, as society needs to wake up to the truth of whole body intelligence as it is the key to understanding so much about life, relationships, our vitality etc.

  13. When our mind works in a natural flow so our movements are those that align us to our inner-heart we feel the blessing of being connected to our body in the most amazing way.

  14. Its hard to believe how badly I used to disregard my body and I would probably still doing all those things if illness hadn’t taken me out or I hadn’t come across Serge Benhayon and The Way of the Livingness. Our bodies are totally amazing and should be treated with the upmost respect, and not just used and abused.

  15. Our body is fantastically amazing -precision, rhythm and flow at its best, the synchronicity of processes, physiology, anatomy and more… and the interplay and allowance of a super light divine highway.

  16. The fact that our body naturally knows balance and harmony is a big clue to a way of living that is truly supportive and healing.

  17. ‘This intelligence comes from every cell of our body and so it knows exactly what is needed at any given moment’ – just as a car can only run at optimum performance if it is receiving consistent servicing with all of it’s fluid levels kept topped up so it’s moving parts are kept well lubricated, if we are choosing to live in opposition to our bodies innate intelligence, dismissing or overriding their loving messages, it is reduced to pure functionality, at best.

    1. Car dashboard warning lights, I found a site that listed 64 common ones! When one comes on we need to find the book most times, to see what it means. As you have said, Alison, every cell in our body is one of these indicators. The more we ignore them, more others light up until something major happens that stops us in our tracks. It has always been our choice to question and feel what the body is telling us on how we are, travelling down the road we call life.

  18. Our bodies are our best friends. I don’t know anyone who knows me inside out like my body, is always loving and honest no matter how I treat it and instantly confirms me when I am on the right track.

  19. Humanity enters ‘study’ of the antimony to achieve a result usually for a qualification or career but what if we were all encouraged from birth to check in with our body and get to know all of the ways it communicates and supports us? Connecting to and staying connected to this whole body intelligence that you write about Susan, would mean the rates of illness and dis-ease would be reduced and the level of harmony in the world would be increased, it would definitely cost us so much less studying for a ‘Degee’.

  20. This One intelligence or Whole Body Intelligence is also known as Love. This Love is always within us and I have found when I consistently connect with my body, and adhere to its messages, it holds an intelligence like no other; an intelligence that far outshines the mind as it is always working to restore a balance within. The intelligence of the body is so wonderous and way more in touch with what is needed than the limited mind.

    1. And the body naturally considers the effect on the whole, whereas, the mind considers itself first and it’s own gain from whatever thoughts and decisions that are being processed.

  21. Lets move with Love in every way possible and feel how much Love we can live with. Then can we feel “our bodies are designed to work and move as a whole body intelligence”, very much in tune with itself, so that Love becomes our first movement and not as a choice, then that first-move is our will and desire to move in a way that is divine.

  22. When we really take care of our bodies, they most definitely take care of us and the quality of health and vitality experienced then enables us to take care of everyone else!

  23. ‘This natural way of being naturally supports and benefits me and my wellbeing but the amazing thing is, in doing so, it naturally supports everyone and everything around me also.’ how amazing that we can choose to live in connection with this and offer this as a reflection to all.

  24. It’s worth considering where do the initial stages of not listening to our bodies intelligence first get introduced? It seems to me it happens from early childhood where we can be pushed along to ‘keep up’, be it to fit into a busy parents time frame and then reverberated through schooling. By the time alcohol etc. is introduced we are already used to ‘trying and going along’ with things that really we are not interested in.

  25. It is interesting how we sabotage our own body, the vehicle that will carry us through our whole life. We can’t leave it while living, so why not treat it as the most precious home?

    1. It is true Esther – it makes no sense that treating our body with preciousness is not the first thing we learn once we get past the stage of diapers.

  26. You could argue that ‘returning’ to our body by listening to what it is telling us has never been more of a challenge given that society and its media praises those who abuse our bodies through exercise, sport and endurance.

    1. I agree Nick, everything in life is set up to leave our bodies behind… be it ..drink more, eat more, compete in sport and then not forgetting extreme sport, pushing the body to do more through ‘work and play’ – it seems we are determined to not listen to our bodies !

  27. When we consider that we are part of a Universe with an exquisite order, harmony and flow, it becomes obvious that there is a vast intelligence that connects it all and that includes our body. The fact that we can override such a divine expression and this is what we choose to do, is certainly not a reflection of us being clever and advanced. In contrast it is a sign of immense arrogance, self-deception and irresponsibility.

  28. It’s so true that the thoughts we have, the way we move, behave and speak is a configuration in our body, and expressing it keeps it in its configuration, so what we are really doing when we become more aware in life, and more open to pondering and reflecting is changing the configurations in our body!

  29. Sometimes the messages from our body can feel like a nuisance – why does it get tired and why does it react to that food when it tastes so good! But what if we could view it different, and instead see that our bodies are just letting us know, they are our conscience, the only thing stopping us from all our excess and abuse on every level – the fact is our body when allowed to has inbuilt standards that it holds up to if we like it or not, but if we actually listen and begin to live in accordance to those standards of sleep, food, movement it is an amazing life you end up with.

  30. ‘The body works best when it is in harmony and it constantly seeks to find that balance and equilibrium.’ – Beautifully said Susan – our body works around the clock to repair and regenerate any imbalance we may have imposed on it.

  31. Our body “… is constantly responding to our needs and even when we treat it harshly, it steps in to restore order and rhythm…” This is important to know, as it then makes you realise how beneficial self care and self love is, in giving back and supporting the body.

    1. Good point Johanne – we can either be at odds with our body, and thus make daily life, and indeed all our life harder as we fight against our natural rhythm, or, we can surrender to the wisdom of the body and allow it to show us – there is so much to learn from our body – who needs to go to school (ha ha) when our body is one of the greatest teachers/intelligence and wisdom that we have?

  32. How true this is that “our choices configure the body to be and live in a certain way.” The movements that we make, build a way in which we relate to life. I know that when I would rush through the day it felt very different from bringing gentleness in and a loving quality. Over time I could feel the different quality in my body and found it horrible when I tried to go into an old pattern (in this example, rushing).

  33. It is a great understanding what you say here Susan that how we move will configure our bodies, either to or away from our natural state of being. Therefore we can choose to stay with the body or focus on what the mind says, but that configuration will stay within the body and influence our next movement. The whole body intelligence is inbuilt within us so it takes quite a force to ignore that natural way of being, and it is very simple to return to when we focus back to the body.

  34. We already are everything that we need to be and we spend lifetimes searching for what we already have, the enormous love that is nestled within each and everyone. Our bodies are constantly communicating this to us, yet we ignore them, dismiss them, even abuse them. They never stop delivering us the truth day after day, religiously working away to restore balance and harmony – lovingly nudging us to remember who we truly are, waiting for the day when we wake up to our own magnificence and start living the divinity that we are all a part of.

  35. “you could say our body is our own inbuilt best friend – it ‘has our back’ and even when we ignore it” I fully agree and every time I try to push myself my body speaks loudly like remember me, I’m here lets bring live back to harmony again. In the past I never used to listen to this yet today I am far more open to listening to what my body is saying.

  36. Yesterday I visited a chiropodist as I had a sore toe which looked quite red. A very small sliver of my nail had gone into my skin next to the toenail, acting like a splinter. Once she removed it the redness in the area immediately began to subside and faded, it was amazing to watch the healing power of my body in action. That is the power of the body.

  37. Our bodies are constantly interacting with us, for most of the time we are so caught up in our minds that we bypass the feelings we get from it. More often than not it takes a illness and or disease to bring us to our senses and sometimes it is too late. Switching off from our bodies and making a fortress in our minds is very detrimental to our health.

  38. My own experience of triathlon was that it is impossible to move the body with gentleness in the drive of competing and overriding the body to achieve results. The quality of the movement is much lesser, which is a contrast to what we view as the performance of the body to a highly athletic standard. So which way of being is more fulfilling, being super fit, or being at ease in our bodies and able to move gently. I would undoubtable say the latter.

    1. I used to compete at swimming Stephen, and my body used to feel tense and nervous and interestingly even many years later when I had stopped racing my body would go into exactly the same feeling even standing at the poolside. I never wanted to compete, I just went along with what I thought was expected of me and to gain recognition for doing so. It has taken quite some years to come out of that configuration but it has been worth it as I now swim in a much more relaxed and steady way.

      1. Yes, Susan, and for years I didn’t know I was even in a hardness from the intense exercise regime, but slowly as I came out of it I saw how much the punishment of competing had affected my body and even the way I moved.

  39. What if our body supports us meticulously in communicating what is supporting and what isn’t. This was so when we took our first sip of alcohol, but I realise that this was also the case when I ate my first sweet, when I ran for the first time, when I went to bed late etc. Our body is our greatest teacher and friend and never stops communicating. Our choice is to either listen to our body or not. Connect to our best friend or dismiss it.

  40. The human body is indeed fascinating. On a physical level it is totally amazing in all its functions and intricacies. On an energetic level there is even more to appreciate and uncover. As this cannot be seen it is harder to study, but if we choose not to numb ourselves we can study it by feeling it. And what is amazing is that our energy influences the physical body. Now that’s something we don’t learn in A&P!

  41. It is important to remember that even in illness our body is our best friend. One observation made recently is how much we take health and vitality for granted. When an illness presented recently and I developed a temperature, felt zapped, lethargic, had no appetite and felt low in mood, it took me by surprise. I hadn’t experienced that kind of sickness for many years. The body demanded no less than full-body surrender, I listened and took heed of its wisdom. This allowed me to deeply clear what needed to clear and rest.

    1. Great point Kehinde – I agree. Illness is what the body does when the body is out of harmony and needs to heal – and it can be a beautiful process if we surrender, cherish and honour the body and learn everything there is to learn from it. I know I can be hard on myself if I get sick, but nowadays I’m realising it is my body’s way of communicating with me, and taking the time to heal or restore something.

  42. The body is full of many amazing hidden safety switches! Exhaustion will cause everything just to shut down. We can’t be drowned by ourselves from drinking too much water, for the throat will not let you swallow. Eat something that the body knows is not good for it, it will expel it by the shortest route. There are exceptions to every rule, and we are always finding ways to over ride what our bodies know is true at our peril!

    1. Could it be possible that our over-ride mechanism come about because we have never been shown true Love and what that level of body intelligence is all about? So then when someone tells us to say go to bed early and they do not live that, also they eat things that are not good for them and then tell us not to eat certain things and likewise we can be told not to drink alcohol or take drugs and that same person does indulge. Then possibly this Love-less existence is us feeling rejected because we are Love and Love is never showed to us but only a whole lot of lies?

      1. I remember growing up and was often told by adults when I tried to do something I had seen them doing, and was told not to copy them with a, ‘do as I say not as I do’. What kind of acceptance of loveless ness does this expression teach us!

      2. I also got told ‘to do as I say not as I do’ as a child Steve, and as well as ‘a child should be seen and not heard,’ my parents were just passing this love-less-ness down the line.

  43. I’m amazed at how young we can start to override what the body tells us, we become hard, protected and numb ourselves as a way of coping with the energies that come at us. It’s so important to stay connected but very few naturally, do but now is the time to change all that.

  44. To me listening to the intelligence my body is holding brings so much relief to my body that is really amazing. I always used to be in alternate states of anxiousness but never without because of the pushing of my mind that made me to disconnect from my body, and the intelligence it holds.

  45. When you think of our relationships with our best friends we are totally committed, there for any situation, up for being playful and fun yet when it comes to ourselves sometimes we tend to leave these natural qualities within us out of our equation. Are we worth committing to and bring this loving attention just like our best friends?

    1. I agree Fiona. We are multi-dimensional beings and with awareness can access the unlimited intelligence of the universe. Why play small, when in essence we are grand and magnificent.

      1. ‘We are multi-dimensional beings and with awareness can access the unlimited intelligence of the universe.’ – How true this is Kehinde – we live but a fraction of who we truly are and what we innately bring.

  46. Interesting to observe how many people hit the gym and muscle up in an attempt to display an appearance. If love was there first, and if the person really loved themselves, would they need to bulk up to feel good/better about themselves?

  47. I was definitely in the category of punishing my body – and I used to love the burn of exercise, the aches the next day and the various highs. But I was only seeking something that I could never achieve, total stoke (i.e. Feeling awesome). I might have felt moments of total awesomeness, but it was a fleeting thing. I feel my balanced and healthier lifestyle today, which means much less physical exercise (and those highs are gone too), allows me to feel awesome on a fairly regular basis.

  48. Our body has ‘our back’ so to speak yet we ignore it so it takes illness and dis-ease or an accident to happen to make us stop. Truly stop, although sometimes this is still not enough! Only the other day on the news there was a story about a women athlete who broke her foot .. we could say that was the call to stop and connect with her body .. to be more gentle with herself and take care but instead she said it was not going to stop her and she was determined to beat her last record. This is not judging as I feel we all do this in some way or another but when will we truly honour and be in absolute harmony with the body?

  49. We have an ‘inbuilt best friend’ and yet because we’ve ‘kicked them to the curb’ we end up scrabbling around trying to employ all manner of ways to help us navigate our way through the treacherous waters that would have actually been a mill pond had our ‘best friend’ still been on the scene.

  50. “This natural way of being naturally supports and benefits me and my wellbeing but the amazing thing is, in doing so, it naturally supports everyone and everything around me also.” Everything we do and everything about the way we do things will affect us and everyone else. The fact that we are in a room by ourselves and with the door closed, does not change this fact. This is a responsibility that can feel quiet big – it is like knowing that you are being watched all of the time, not in a threatening or imposing way, but in a ways that says take heed with how you are, for anything and everything you do can have the capacity to be of support for another.

    1. ..’for anything and everything you do can have the capacity to be of support for another.’ When we begin to see life in this way, we deepen our level of Responsibility and begin to know that life is not about ourselves but always about people.

  51. Great title – for our body is our best friend, but do we treat it as such? BFF = Best Friends Forever!

  52. ‘This One intelligence or Whole Body Intelligence is also known as Love.’ It’s amazing how I am still getting to know what love is even though I am it! So often what is defined as love is not love – in the same way soulful like soul music is also nothing to do with soul. So it’s wonderful to re-discover myself through a connection with my body.

  53. “For example, if we took our first sip of alcohol and our very first feeling was we didn’t like it but felt pressured to continue because our friends were, we are not only making a choice to override our body’s initial response – “I don’t like this” – we are also configuring our body to behave in a certain way from then on. So it is likely we will continue to drink alcohol.” This makes so much sense, I remember when I first had alcohol it tasted horrible but I just continued to carry to fit in, and then I got use to it. Once I made a choice to give it up, its gone.

  54. It is amazing how we can push past the pain in our body to reach a desired goal and think that it is ok. In fact in society today this is mostly encouraged and held in high esteem. No wonder we are having to re-learn and re-imprint what tenderness, nurturing and loving ourselves and others means, and that this is where our true strength lies.

  55. Simply being honest about what I feel in my body (or don’t feel, if that’s what I feel), whatever I feel makes a difference. The more I choose to connect to what’s truly going on inside of me, the more I am understanding myself that I’m the one making the choices. There’s indeed a choice, to connect or to ignore, dismiss the body and building an arrogance. Isn’t it absolutely beautiful that we are our own teachers. Perfect design, meticulously designed to support us to come back to who we truly are! Wow, I love true intelligence.

  56. The body’s innate compass always is aligned to harmony even when we are suffering illness and disease; the more we understand this the more we will be able to accept the self-created causes and the process of healing required as active players in our own life and well-being.

    1. Indeed Alex, while we think we are in charge actually our body is coping with all the choices we make. And in that it does a marvelous job as it does not accept any imbalance and it is continuously correcting the imbalances we impose on it through illness and disease. If we would understand this intelligence we would be much more appreciative to illness and disease as a start.

    2. I love the analogy of the body being a compass Alex. I have heard this before but now I can see how it relates so much more.. a compass never deviates from its position, it knows absolutely the direction it needs to take because it is set and always remains. How amazing is that. The body never deviates, it is the mind that does.

  57. I remember starting smoking as a teenager in the cinema, luckily I hated the taste and never smoked again, thank you body. I didn’t realise then how profound an effect a choice like that would have been if I had continued. You are showing us the responsibility and the effects physically and energetically all our choices have on the body, Susan

    1. I started smoking at a young age, to fit in and be what I thought was ‘cool’, but I couldn’t bring myself to inhale. I tried once and nearly choked, so I continued to smoke, without ever inhaling. Needless to say, when I came to my senses, eventually, it was easy for me to give up – would have been so much more ‘cool’, and less expensive to have respected the very strong message from my body in the first instance!

  58. It seems true to me that that which supports us in our fullness, innately supports everyone else too. It is a natural consequence of being in alignment with this whole body intelligence.

  59. Today I could feel how differently the body moves when it is not imposed upon. We impose so much on the body when we think we should do this or that to try and improve it. The fact is the body knows exactly how to move and how to be to bring harmony back to itself.

    1. Elizabeth so true body knows exactly how to bring harmony back to itself, today I just allowed my body to be and it felt to rest longer than normal, but that’s what the body needed. I feel so much more in my body and flow for allowing that than trying into the doing.

    2. Yes, I am learning this and allowing my body to walk how it feels to – even if it feels awkward and clunky to begin with as it lets go of those configurations I’ve imposed upon it.

  60. It truly doesn’t make sense when…”…we have this amazing body that works without us even knowing or acknowledging it most of the time…” and yet we treat it with total disregard. We wouldnt treat our amazing friends who totally support us this way, so what makes us think we can ignore and abuse our bodies?

    1. Well said Paula, why treat something so precious, so poorly? There must be something driving us within that is like an internal battle – the body knowing one way to be and a mind wanting another experience.

  61. On this one amazing site alone there are 6 blogs that all confirm the intelligence of the body, and all written in a completely different way yet each brings us back to the one truth, that the body never lies, it knows. How wonderful is it to have such an intelligent friend, right there 24/7.

  62. The body is always acting in our best interests. If looked at on a purely surface level we may see illness and disease as a curse but when we consider the all we can see that everything our body reflects to us is love.

  63. Inspired my this article and what it is offering us to consider, I am marvelling at the time when acknowledging the whole body as an interactive, naturally harmonious one, becomes our approach in medicine.

  64. The many time when I ignored my body’s message, I felt regret afterwards but now when I do this, I learn from my mistakes instead of beating myself up. Our body’s intelligence is deeply loving, when we learn to listen to it, it will always guide us back to harmony.

  65. Sometimes I like to imagine how i would treat myself if it was not me but someone i loved dearly I was dressing, feeding, walking etc – what if I had a child or was looking after someone, do I show myself the same love and care I show them? And if not, why not? My body and its delicate balances and never ending dedication to keeping me alive is worth looking after because it feels like for evey drop of love i show it, it feeds me back a bucket of love.

  66. Whole body intelligence is the unifier and the missing piece – and it is always with us, wherever we go.

  67. Our body is indeed our best friend. It tells us everything we need to know. Even if we ignore it it is still there for us. We need to develop a love for our body that is based on appreciation of all that it does for us.

    1. Rebecca I like what you say our body being our best friend even if we ignore it, it still be there telling us whats going on with it. The more we stop to appreciate it the more it will support us in our flow.

  68. A great article thank you Susan, setting out just how much we have configured our bodies into the distorted intelligence we come to see as normal. As I read it and some of the comments here I can also feel how much we are all hurting inside and want to use anything to stop feeling that, so we also look to our peers to see how others are numbing themselves just as your examples of alcohol and sport, but it could be food and TV or social media, anything where we over-ride our natural inclination. I can remember being in shock and trauma after catching a few minutes of the ending of the film Ben Hurr when I was 6 – but it didn’t stop me watching TV ever again did it? So I must have over-ridden that. Years later I came to review the feel of TV again, after Serge Benhayon taught me to feel the energy of all things.

  69. Our body is definitely like one of our true friends, even when we do not really want to know the truth of the matter our best friend will keep on our back, finding different ways to get through to us until we listen, so will our body, it does not stop its messages until we hear or we die from not listening.

  70. ‘Our in built best friend’ will support us through life in every way if we but listen and walk our walk accordingly. What’s the other option? Living the opposite we are in every way.

  71. Susan, it’s great to keep coming back to this blog, there is so much wisdom here. Reading it makes me appreciate the innate intelligence of the body and helps me to understand why we get ill or exhausted when we are living out of balance and not in our naturally gentle, loving way; ‘The body works best when it is in harmony and it constantly seeks to find that balance and equilibrium’

  72. “But when we choose to not live in this way, and instead drive our body with thoughts and images fed to us through the mind, we end up with many compounded layers of configurations and at best the body is purely functional in its job.” thats so true Susan from having our bodies being able to guide us through life in truth or ending up suffocating ourselves from truth from the layers of protection the choice is ours, for me I needed someone to show me truth, not in words but in how they felt from the quality that they lived, although at the time I didn’t know that!

  73. “The body works best when it is in harmony and it constantly seeks to find that balance and equilibrium.” And what is more astonishing is that even when we abuse our bodies, they still work to find an equilibrium in that too, such is the power of our bodies’ ability to adapt and accommodate. However, everything has a price and I had never really appreciated this until now. Having established a much cleaner quality of life, my body now feels like a Rolls Royce compared to the worn out wreck that I felt 10 years ago due to the poor self-care choices I was making then.

  74. Such a beautiful way of looking at the body, saying it is our best friend. Who has taught us that when we were young? I surely wasn’t. Though not ever said explicitly that we shouldn’t listen to our bodies, we have a society that is fully head driven, telling us to listen to our head. And though head our seems intelligent, looking backward all the trouble in my life came from listening to my head, its thought, overriding what my body, my intuition was telling me.

  75. Overriding the body can be very obvious like smoking or taking drugs, but it equally can be very subtle like eating just a little bit too much or eating something sweet when the body does not ask for it or bringing oneself into stress because not having got up early enough, being tired in the morning because of going to bed too late. Especially if one is anyway under nervous tension it is more difficult to feel what the body truly is needing. I also am about to study anatomy and physiology and can only agree how fine tuned the work of the organs is to work with one another and how draining it is for the body not to be supported with the same delicateness.

  76. You are absolutely right Susane, we have to learn drinking coffee and alcohol, we have to learn to smoke as the natural tendency of the body is that it wants to reject these substances but only by overruling this impulse and by force of the mind we are able to do what we want to do. Not so intelligent from the mind we champion to be so intelligent.

  77. What I feel very clearly reading this, is how deliberate our actions can be and how they set us on a path … depending on which energy we choose, this decides how we are and how our bodies are, and the amazing thing is in the middle of all this, our bodies still work to bring us back to harmony, be it through pain, or other reminder to say heh this is not it – how amazing is that.

  78. Considering that the body registers everything, and accepting that our body knows – and allowing it a voice, is one of the biggest gifts towards true well-being that we can offer ourselves.

  79. What I know from my body, that when it tells me a truth and I express from that experience it feels full, when I express without my body being a part of what I want to put across it feels empty and rather echo-y inside, it just doesn’t register with the authority that the body brings.

  80. A very profound sharing – that indeed by choosing something else than our body is signaling to us – we actually delay its natural rhythm to be flowing. And so this creates a hurdle in the body.. Our mind wondering off thinking it has all the control, whilst in fact the whole body is loosing as a result of this separation. Beautifully, even thought may not be comfortable so.. At least we are discussing a point of truth.

  81. This is so gorgeous Susan, you have beautifully captured whole body intelligence and the way in which it supports our very being to live divinity on earth, as it knows nothing else. It is our choices that put the road blocks up, making mountains out of mounds and putting bends in the straight road.

  82. It’s so important to understand how we set up configurations in the body that work against the divine flow that’s naturally there. Having put in a lot of energy to build them it’s not surprising they can take a little bit of undoing – which allows an appreciation of saying I’m not doing that again!

  83. This reminds me of when I first started smoking in my teens, and huddling in a tunnel in a playground with my ‘smoke pack’ which consisted of single cigarette (that you could buy at the shop!), a lighter, impulse perfume spray and chewing gum. And got all ready, sat down, and lit the cigarette and gosh it felt awful in my body, but the need to be ‘cool’, complete what I had set up, was so strong, that I kept going. I cemented the configuration in my body. Which took AGES to let go. Fascinating to review and see it like that.

    1. I have a similar story Sarah, I remember seeing adults around me smoke and thought it was a cool thing to do, so I tried it. I just picked up a cigarette that was alight from the ground when no one was around and inhaled the smoke. I remember the burning in my throat and chest as I coughed and coughed. I was pretty young then and I thought I was going to died my chest hurt so much. I never tried it again but I remember when I grew up and I was around with a lot of friends who smoked. I had thoughts kept repeating in my head to try smoking so I could be like my friends, and I even had dreams about taking up smoking. But I knew it wasn’t good for my body and the memory of my first puff of smoke in my lungs was clear enough to remind me that smoking was not worth it, not worth putting myself through the pain. Interesting how my thoughts were trying to persuade me to smoke when my body clearly showed me how harmful smoking is.

  84. I wonder if most of us have an absolute need to override the body. In the US the percentage of the population that either smokes or is obese or both has remained steadily at 80% since the 1970s. What are the other 20% doing?

    1. Wow. 80%. That is astonishing. I’m guessing that at least 75% of the other 20% drink coffee, which means that pretty much the whole nation is engaging in some form of drug taking and numbing.

    2. Wow Christoph these are shocking statistics… it is some extraordinarily high percentage that have 5 or more CHRONIC diseases also, that’s at the same time! To me this shows how staggeringly we are overriding the body’s communication and wisdom, letting us know where we are going astray.

  85. Ignoring our body’s signals is counter to intelligence. It is foolhardy yet seems to be our most favoured behaviour clearly signaling our lack of love and care for ourselves.

  86. The only way to shut down our ‘best friend’ whole body intelligence is to dull it, override it, bury it, distract from it, attack it … In short, it takes a lot of effort to not be aware of it and even then ‘it’ doesn´t stop to communicate with us; we are just avoiding to listen.

    1. Attacking or distracting it by burdening it with smoke or physical weight seems to be a favourite.

    2. Indeed Alex, we are very stubborn and choose to be ignorant to the loving reminder signals our body is communicating to us all the time.

    3. Imagine if we put that ‘effort’ toward the opposite. We have shown that we are absolute masters at killing our bodies….no other species on the planet does it as spectacularly successfully as we do…indeed no other species on the planet has even 1% of the self-destruct desires that we have….what if we were to become masters at supporting our bodies instead?

    4. and, it doesn’t shut down ever because in the end we get a heart attack, or another serious illness – each time we over-ride our body and what it is telling us the warning signs are more serious – so if we think we get away with it – we don’t as the body stores every single choice we have ever made.

      1. Its been said before – if we could see inside we might respond sooner. The fact that it takes a little while to come to the surface makes us think it isn’t happening until it is impossible to ignore. One thing we can be masters of is denial one thing we are masters of is choice.

  87. Love is our greatest form of intelligence. This is far from accepted in our modern world. Yet, we’re all craving to be loved and to love each other. We’ve allowed a million different substitutes for true love. Accepting the lesser versions of love is accepting the not love (the other energy) as our normal for love. We would only truly come back to the one unified species that we are if we would agree on love as our greatest intelligence.

  88. We are not taught that when we take on more responsibility from a genuine place of care for all others, we are given everything we need to grow and offer what we have truly felt is needed for others to receive. Then as we are inspired we inspire.

  89. Our body has its own way of parenting us. It can give us a strong talking to when we have been disobedient, and likewise, it can hold us in an incredible amount of love. One is not better than the other as both are totally confirming our true light.

    1. If we allow our body to parent us and adhere to its rhythms, never can we be left with holding onto childhood issues or waiting for someone to love us. For when we live our love within we need not from another yet are able to joyfully be together.

    2. Love this Vicky! Yes, the body both parents and teaches us, but without imposition. We will get the lessons if we are open to connecting to what they are, but ultimately the body has the final say because if we remain shut down to it it will force us to recognise our ills through illness and disease.

    3. The more I appreciate and honour the incredible love that I am with-in the less ‘talking to’ that needs to occur to bring me back to this love.

      1. Well said Sandra. The love is too immense to want to leave. And when a step away is made, it is equally felt, and the next step can be to return.

    4. Absolutely Vicki, the more love we hold in our bodies the more aware the loveless radar becomes. Sometimes an unloving thought is enough to send off a notification bell in the body.

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