Self-Doubt: It’s not a Little Problem

Recently I have come to see just how insidious self-doubt is and how it plays out. I once viewed self-doubt as something that was just there, that I accepted as a normal part of being a human being and that it was something that I couldn’t change.

I know there have been times in my life when I would feel the Truth of a matter ever so strongly. I knew exactly what had happened, what had played out and why – but I would not hold it. Instead I would hang on to something that was said about me, and it was this aspect that would have my full attention. From here I would be pulled into the black hole of confusion and doubt, swept to a place far away. I would so easily let go of the Truth that I had felt and would make things complicated, defer to another’s opinion or the majority view, become confused or upset, or even want others to feel it as I did, although they did not.

At times I found myself standing alone, where the Truth that I felt wasn’t confirmed by those around me and it was this aspect for a long time that I found most difficult. 

In the past few months I have been provided with many opportunities to feel the game of self-doubt in its true colours. These opportunities have been quite amazing in fact, but it was a situation between a group of people that provided me with the opportunity to observe and to understand in greater depth just how destructive self-doubt is in our lives. That was the light bulb moment that inspired me to give up the self-doubt game.

I was reading through a Facebook thread and noticed that initially some of the comments were very sure and certain – concrete in fact. Another person came in and planted ‘the seed of doubt’ – a person who is very much respected. As I read through the thread, I began to see how those who had commented initially became more and more wobbly and then other people commented in doubt as well. I was surprised at how easy it was for people to lose their confidence, their authority, their assurance in what they had initially felt. How easy it is for Truth to be buried when it comes to the surface, although it is never hidden for long.

Although for a lot of my life I have been a bit wishy-washy, never sure about myself, and searching for right and wrong instead of what is true, what I have come to know is that when I do feel Truth, I feel it in my body with an assurance and an unshakable knowing. 

Although there is often an opposing energy that comes into play at these times – to tip us over, to make things complicated and to bring in doubt – we must learn to back ourselves all the way and be mindful of our own false beliefs that are always at play.

One of the things that really stood in my way at such times is that I did not want to be irresponsible. I knew that I held hurts, and that at times those hurts tainted my view of things and so I quickly let go of my Truth. I did not want to be arrogant and hold on to what I felt was a Truth, just in case I was completely off track and was fooling myself. For instance, a situation that presented numerous times was where someone would verbally berate me, using particular words in their accusations. If they said I was controlling, for example, then I would bury what I felt was really happening in that moment and go into self-doubt.

It played on my knowing that in the past (or in my life) there were times when I was controlling in my behaviour and this was the very thing that would unravel me, as I began to unreasonably question and interrogate myself about whether I was being controlling again and not open enough to see it. My focus left the initial feeling or reading of the Truth and became all about me. It’s a tricky and underhanded technique, but on me it worked every time.

What I came to learn though is that Truth is a very solid aspect felt within ourselves – a place where there is no emotion, not an ounce. We must hold it firmly and if there is more to feel, life will simply present that to us and all we will need to do is be open for the ‘more’. This allowed me to honour my Truth, but allow expansion and greater understanding of any part of the situation that needed to be learned, should it be offered. In other words, if we don’t learn something in full the first time, there is always another loving opportunity offered, to have another go. This is the blessing!

If we don’t know who we are, if we don’t know that we are Love, then we are easily played with. If we feel we are not worthy, not gorgeous, not enough, not beautiful, not intelligent, not knowing, not graceful, not sexy – or if we simply do not appreciate all that we know ourselves to be – then we provide an opening for the game of self-doubt to play with us, enhancing the doubt in ourselves that already exists.

Honouring the Truth that we feel is not to be arrogant nor fight another with vengeance. It is about being open to hear what another has to say, to be honest about our own reactions, to consider and feel for its Truth in our body, and to be open to learn and understand what the situation offers us in our evolution. We must register the energy that is felt behind all that comes through us and to us. Whilst people can be very influential, charming in fact, and argue a good case, it is the energy in our body that is the marker of Truth.

Self-doubt flows out to affect not only ourselves, but others around us, people who have the tendency to play with self-doubt too. From this, I can see the level of responsibility that is offered. Self-doubt is not a silly little thing that we do and cannot stop – it’s a choice.

From here it is clear that staying steady in the tension, connected to ourselves, and backing what we feel all the way, has never been more important. Self-doubt is not a harmless little thing that we do – it has consequences; it opens the door to thoughts that are dripped in ever so quietly, only to spread through us and out to others too.

Self-doubt is not a little problem: it’s a big problem, and has big ramifications. Self-doubt is rife when we live a life from right and wrong, instead of what is true. It holds us back from expressing who we are, from voicing what we feel and from acting as is needed. A tiny seed of doubt can easily become a forest so thick that we cannot find our way, and that was once the nature of self-doubt for me.

By Maree Savins, Education Outreach Coordinator – Tertiary Education, Australia

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650 thoughts on “Self-Doubt: It’s not a Little Problem

  1. Maree, what you have expressed is so true. The power of self doubt erodes me, from coming to my own truth no matter what. Thanks for your clarity, and clearly showing the way to truth within me, but continually checking in with, is this my true feeling or am I swayed again by the outside influences.

  2. Great to read this again Maree, self doubt is a common and at times subtle choice that plays out. I can see from your blog how much more work I have to do to get familiar with the feeling of truth in my body and learn to express this, as well as how I honestly feel, without attachment or desired outcomes. I’ve been building a relationship with love for sometime, but not so focused on truth.

  3. We don’t need an outer authority, it’s all there in the way we feel within ourselves. For me I can see there is room to appreciate and confirm how I feel, and develop a more steady trust of my knowing. I love the term “common sense” because to me it confirms that we all commonly sense the same truth and knowing.

  4. Maree this happens all the time
    “Whilst people can be very influential, charming in fact, and argue a good case, it is the energy in our body that is the marker of Truth.”
    There have been countless times when if we get caught up in the physicality of the person we disregard our clairsentience that tells us what feels true and what does not feel true. If we trust what we know to be true then we will not stray far. Now, if someone tries to pull the wool over my eyes I just let them know that what they are saying doesn’t feel right to me.

  5. When we choose to not claim our power and express from there, then it is very easy for self-doubt to creep in. The only way to eliminate self-doubt is to live more and more in our power and allow the wisdom to flow through us to be expressed.

  6. The moment we don´t read energy and make it about any story or person, we can easily get lost into doubt- as we drown into a pool of energy if we don´t stay on top of the water with reading, as we are in it full body size. It is never about the words but the quality in which you get approached from another vehicle of energy.

  7. Backing yourself up is the way forward- even when you realise that what you felt needs adjustment or gets a different direction after some time, first and foremost you need to claim what you felt and relearn going for it in full.

  8. “A tiny seed of doubt can easily become a forest so thick that we cannot find our way, and that was once the nature of self-doubt for me.”

    I know this so well- only a little tiny thought and the poison of doubt has its way into the body. To register it right from the start and discard it, as what it is, pure poison- supports to not fall and entertain the energy that keeps you small and busy.

  9. ‘Self-doubt is rife when we live a life from right and wrong, instead of what is true. And a discussion can become so easy, a discussion about right and wrong as a complete distraction from the truth, personal ideals come in and we are gone. You cannot make truth smaller or for one, truth is for all and has love as its foundation.

  10. ‘Truth is a very solid aspect felt within ourselves – a place where there is no emotion, not an ounce’. Absolutely true. I had a recent experience that initially was challenging and brought up stuff for me, but in being so very steady and with myself, I was able to respond and not react, and I could feel without any hesitation, emotion or drama that it was time to move on, and I did. I followed my truth and what felt right for me.

  11. Thank you – this does highlight what self doubt is and where it comes from – the wrong or right – and this in fact is not the truth. When we allow self doubt in we are playing as less.

  12. If everything starts as an energy first, then this includes our thoughts and self-doubts. If I go into doubting, then I have hopped onto that energetic travellator, which is why I seem to keep going deeper into it until something jolts me out of it. For me that is usually my body feeling not right, rather than noticing the thoughts that play out.

  13. Without building a true and solid foundation to the way we hold, value and express ourselves, we leave space for false thoughts of self doubt, ideals and beliefs to enter and take control so that we deny and suppress the truth we have felt in our body.

  14. This is such a great expose of the insidiousness of self doubt and how in wanting to be right and now wrong we set ourselves up to be plagued by self doubt and how in fact it’s about truth and it’s always there ready and waiting to be learned, and we are forever offered the opportunity to see and embrace it.

  15. It’s such a horrible feeling to be caught between right and wrong and lose my foothold in truth, and I can so relate to what you say about going into self-doubt because you do not want to be enacting the past pattern. What I have been learning recently is that no one owns truth, and it is about our own connection with it, allowing ourselves to feel it in the body – and as you say, if we don’t learn something in full the first time, there is always another loving opportunity offered, to have another go.

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