While we are Busy Organising, Managing and Fixing we Never Get to the Truth

I read a blog today by Terri-Anne Connors titled ‘Organised versus True Religion’  and was curious about how much we ‘organise,’ ‘manage,’ ‘fix’ so many things – including religion.

I know I have spent decades ‘organising,’ ‘managing’ and ‘fixing,’ yet despite this I find myself wondering if I have been going around and around in a circle (like a dog chasing its tail) in a bluster of activity, but not actually truly developing or evolving.

In looking at life, we could say that we fix, manage and organise our health, we fix organise and manage our relationships, our lives, our work, our finances, we fix and organise culture, behaviour, education and so on, and yet in the fixing, organising and managing, are we appeasing, putting sticking plaster over something or stirring the same pot, yet never getting to the root cause? And in the end, what actually changes? Or do we find ourselves fixing, managing or organising the same things over and over again?

If we look at some other examples of this (aside from what Terri-Anne presents in her blog about organised religion) we could include:

  • Cancer – “’Effective cure will happen in five to 10 years, says leading expert.’ Advances in genetics mean doctors will be able to prescribe drugs to treat each individual’s unique form of cancer, turning the often-deadly disease into a chronic, but treatable condition” (1) – and whilst that is a great advance in genetics, are we not ‘normalising’ cancer in that it becomes a ‘chronic condition’ – and just a normal part of many other ‘chronic conditions’? Despite ongoing research and studies, medicine does not have clear answers as to why we get cancer in the first place. How long can we ‘fix’ or ‘manage’ cancer before the epidemic of cancer cases reaches bursting point?
  • Gender pay inequality in the UK – “Companies that fail to address pay differences between male and female employees will be highlighted in new league tables.” (2) Whilst it is great to highlight and act on these things – how far have we really come when we still have Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in many parts of the world? Jane Cummings, the Chief Nursing Officer of NHS England, said recently, “No area of England has finished the work needed on FGM.” (3) A report from City University in 2015 showed that across every local authority area in England or Wales, there are families affected by FGM. Nearly 6,000 women who had FGM were treated in NHS services during 2015-16.” (3) Why are we ‘fixing’ and ‘managing’ gender pay inequality when there are many other issues facing women in our world today – in fact, there is nothing in our world today that is universal to all women. While we are looking at gender pay equality, why are we not also looking at the root cause of all of these issues about women?
  • Sickness Absence in our work places – “Managing sickness absence is a key issue for employers. Employee absence is a significant cost to the majority of businesses in the UK.” (4) Whilst it is natural that people get sick and need time off work, we have ‘managed’ sickness absence at work for aeons – why are we continuing to ‘manage’ sickness absence and why are we not looking at how we can enable people to be sustainably ‘fit for work’, and why are our workplaces not founded on wellbeing at their very core?
  • Obesity – “Global obesity rates expected to soar in next decade” and “One-fifth of adults worldwide will be obese by 2025,” The Guardian reports, while The Sun warns that the “UK’s population to be fattest in Europe” by the same date (5). Obesity has steadily been growing in the last decade and as yet there is no end in sight. Whilst sugar tax and initiatives to promote healthy eating and exercise are good, why are we not asking the question “How come so many in the world today are either overweight or obese?” – What is behind this obesity epidemic that doesn’t look set to stop in the near future? How much longer can we continue to ‘manage,’ tip-toeing around the edge of the obesity crisis? Are we really getting anywhere in ‘managing obesity?’
  • Environment – “The government is working to protect our environment by reducing pollution, reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill, protecting areas of parkland, wildlife reserves and marine biodiversity, and enforcing regulations that keep our water and air clean.” (6) Again, whilst it is great that we are constantly looking for solutions to manage our waste, our rubbish and to protect our environment, is there more to it than this? Do we need to look deeper at why the world is as it is? Why we have so much waste? Why is marine biodiversity suffering? Is there another way to look at these issues?

The point here is not to belittle what is being done, or the many great solutions we have come up with, but to raise the question – how much can we continue to fix, organise and manage everything in our world today?

And how much time, energy and resource are we spending on ‘managing’, ‘fixing’ and ‘organising’?

What if there was another way to be and live in the world?

What if there are questions for us to all consider about our world that we are not looking at?

What if in ‘organising’ we are merely ‘moving the deck chairs around on the titanic,’ only moving things around on the surface, and never looking underneath at the root cause of these issues? And, while we spend endless hours ‘organising’ this world, are we not missing the point that there is far more to the world than meets the eye, a far deeper, greater purpose, and a true opportunity to turn things around?

What if we all have a responsibility for everything that is going on – and together through talking about these issues, having conversations with our friends, relatives, neighbours, work colleagues, and with our local MPs, Governments and so on, we start to get a deeper understanding firstly of just how much ‘rot,’ abuse and disregard we are living in, but also why we are choosing to live in this way?

What if it starts first and foremost with our relationship with ourselves? To look at the way we are living, the quality of our relationships, the daily living choices we are making, and how much disregard and abuse we not only accept in our own lives, but also accept on this planet?

And what if there is another way to live that is about responsibility, integrity, universality, and truth? A way to live that is readily accessible to us all if we so choose?

“The Livingness is simply you living the real you in a world that has yet to allow this to be. It all begins with you choosing to be the real you and not what life has made you.(Serge Benhayon, Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, p. 396)

By Jane Keep, London


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451 thoughts on “While we are Busy Organising, Managing and Fixing we Never Get to the Truth

  1. I wonder if life has ever been more complicated and overloaded with so much going on and so many distractions, disasters, illness and disease. We do have a responsibility to simplify it all and get back to a truer way of living with love and true integrity.

    1. Having spent most of my life making things more convoluted, complicated and confusing, I am now very committed to seeing where, how and when things can be simplified… this feels like a true seeking and surrender.

      1. Join the club – more complication the better and wonder why I was so hurt and frustrated when things did not go to plan.

  2. ““The Livingness is simply you living the real you in a world that has yet to allow this to be. It all begins with you choosing to be the real you and not what life has made you.” (Serge Benhayon, Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, p. 396)” Words of GOLD.

  3. I observe in many of the young people I work with, that they cannot understand how and why things are so intense and disharmonious at the moment in society, but the adults are so busy in the struggle of it all that few are sitting down and asking them about what they see and feel. And so the headphones go on and the smartphone becomes their primary relationship.

    1. Great point Janet, and we know that tuning out is really not the way on a personal or global level if things are to change.

    2. We are not willing to see and feel the clarity and wisdom the young people could bring when we are open to listen but no, we are championing what we have put in place by managing, organising and fixing. Are we not even able to look further than this reality we’ve made that is going downwards as the examples Jane has given here so obviously expose?

  4. These actions of organizing, managing and fixing are all attempts toward making things ‘better’. Yet I have learned that often it is important to stop and allow the space to observe what is going on, to get a sense of the lessons revealed and the true flow required. Only then will our movements start to re-imprint the situation with a foundation that does honour and serve us All.

    When something is not founded on truth, love, harmony, with equal care and evolution for all, no amount of organizing, managing and fixing will truly turn it round.

  5. In the final quote of this article, there is such an invitation to give ourselves permission to live the truth of who we are with integrity and steadfastness, supported by the fact that whilst the world does not look this way yet, it is absolutely the way home and we are held and guided every step of the way.

  6. We may not always fix, manage and or organise the same thing over and over again… but our motivation and intention behind what we are dong is being repeated over and over again.

  7. Organisations and companies are constantly re-organising and re-inventing themselves but actually in truth not changing anything. I’ve not heard the term. ‘moving the deckchairs around on the titanic’ before but it sums up perfectly how we are living life by not addressing the root causes of illnesses, workplace problems or environmental issues.

  8. ‘The point here is not to belittle what is being done, or the many great solutions we have come up with, but to raise the question – how much can we continue to fix, organise and manage everything in our world today?’ This is the question that the world has not asked, and doesn’t like being asked, because it turns solution based programs up side down and asks for a completely different approach.

    1. I agree Jenny – it also knocks on the head the recognition we get from ‘solving’ things, from ‘fixing’ things, and from being endlessly busy on these things – when if we did stop and pause, wonder, consider, be curious and observe we may just realise that we are pushing the same deckchairs around the same room with the illusion that something is changing.

  9. With everything you’ve talked about; the different illnesses, diseases and abuses we’re experiencing in society today, it’s evident that we need to explore an alternative way to live. In no way should we give up on ourselves or society as a result of this, because in order to live this distorted lifestyle ‘well’ we must know exactly how to live the opposite. Respectful, loving and deeply considerate of our part in the whole.

    1. Yes Susie – in the end we do know what is needed as we have become experts of living in a completely opposite way – yet our body, and the natural way of the Universe, cycles and rhythm is always there for us to reconnect with – as it never left us – we left it.

  10. When we live and move from our connection to our bodies we will then see and feel life for what it truly is and begin to see that within this surrender we learn a great deal more about life as we know it.

  11. Concerning gender equality, we do often look for certain surface levels equalities for some but not the all, there are many women in poverty, a disparity in freedom of choice, abuse physically and emotionally, but there issues at t root of ho we perceive women are not challenged. We need to go deeper in everything we look at and deal with the cause not the symptoms.

  12. ‘What if in ‘organising’ we are merely ‘moving the deck chairs around on the titanic,’ ….. brilliant analogy. Are we merely focussed on making things ‘look’ better, or being seen to be doing something, as opposed to truly caring about addressing the root cause of the problem so no one can be negatively impacted moving forward?

  13. It seems easier to manage and fix things on the outside than to take responsibility in dealing with the root which involves looking at ourselves and our contribution to the issues. However, it is not easier because if we don’t choose to look sooner or later we will be forced to look because it will not go away if we don’t deal with the roots and in fact will continue to grow and spread.

    1. What you share her Nicola is the microcosm and the macrocosm. We can see it as being about others and situations, and then when we are ready, we can choose to look inward and consider why we don’t want to see what is truly going on and why we wait till we are forced to look deeper when the body or systems break down. Down to the finest detail of that root cause that left untended can grow into so many distracting issues.

  14. We definitely need to become more honest about whether the so called solutions that are being championed are actually working in terms of delivering a better quality and standard of human life for everyone.

  15. It strikes me that politics is very much about re-arranging the deck chairs on the titanic as you so beautifully put it, over and over again with each government or prime minister. If we stopped stirring the pot and re-arranging things like the NHS for example and stood still a moment to really look and feel, we would recognise that things are not working and that we need to go to another level if we want things to change.

  16. A profound and much needed article and discussion to be had Jane – how on earth is it that we seem to not be able to join the dots together and take an honest look at what is going on, i.e. look at the root cause of our lifestyle choices. A lifestyle that makes not only us but also our environment more and more ill.

  17. The thing is fixing and managing is a whole industry and most people love to fix as they feel better and worthy afterwards. Therefore it is a challenge to look deeper. BUT it is really time to get an other view of all of these fixing and managing points as you so eloquent did with your amazing blog Jane. It is time to ask more of these questions like – what is really going on underneath of our effort to managing things away . . .

  18. It is so true, no matter the amount of fixing and managing, none of it gets to the root cause of why this is happening, and only serves to highlight the message that we need to change individually, and to have a closer look at the quality of our lives.

  19. ‘One-fifth of adults worldwide will be obese by 2025’, that is 20% of adults who will be obese by 2025 which is only 8 years away. 2025 seems like a date that is way off in the future but 8 years is nothing, this figure is truly shocking and although attitudes to food are changing, we are a long long way away from eating food that truly nourishes us.

  20. It always baffles me when I hear about potential breakthroughs in cancer research, because no one seems to consider spending all those billions of dollars on actually looking at what the underlying causes of cancer are. And actually, thanks to Universal Medicine, the answers are already there and don’t cost anything.

    1. We could crowd fund a new prevention for cancer, a mirror with the words, this person’s choices. It would also help doctors informing them they have cancer and when asked what caused it…

      1. What a great reflection you offer Steve, such clarity and cost effective. And may I agree and add to what Janet has presented, which is the research is done thanks to Universal Medicine in a very cost effective way.

    2. I agree Janet – billions of dollars are spent on research of all manner of things including cancer research – yet how much difference has any of this made in truth to the quality of our lives, and to the quality of society? The social atrocities and illnesses and diseases continue to rise – which does leave the question = why if so much is being invested into research is our world still on a trajectory that is not looking good?

  21. We can put our head in the sand along with a given problem and dig like crazy feeling like we are dealing wiht it. Or we can lift our head above the sand and see the wider picture.

  22. The Livingness is a constant unfolding, and unpeeling of the layers of ideals and beliefs we have taken on, thinking they are needed to live safely in the world. Yet these ‘layers’ cause us so much pain and complication when it comes to understanding the root cause of the dysfunctional outplay we now have. I deeply appreciate the support that is offered through these blogs which reminds us that there even are layers that mask the underlying causes of so many of the worlds diseases and ills.

  23. We are very good at keeping a single-track focus without looking outside the box… We are masters at avoiding truth, going up curved garden paths that don’t lead anywhere. We are very good at lying to ourselves trying to convince others, whilst trying to convince ourselves by only looking at the surface layer. I love what you bring, Jane a view that does present a different angle, a simple way of looking at out issues that brings the truth to the forefront of our thinking.

  24. ‘While we are Busy Organising, Managing and Fixing we Never Get to the Truth.’ … yes I see it as creating huge distractions to avoid feeling the Truth.

    1. So true and so simple but we want to blame all the other things that might have caused the limp like a sore knee or a an issue with the hip …. rather than going straight to the root cause.

  25. Indeed Jane – ‘what if there is another way to live that is about responsibility, integrity, universality, and truth?’ I didn’t feel on a superficial level any responsibility for how the world was falling apart until I began to realise that my own life was in a mess and that I needed to stop and begin to unravel the lack of responsibility, integrity, universality, and truth in my own life. With the support of Universal Medicine, I am now feeling that we each have our part to play in changing the world and that it begins with baby steps, until we can rebuild within ourselves the confidence to step forward and become fully engaged.

  26. It seems to me that we spend so much time managing ‘things’ in our lives that we don’t take, or maybe have, the time to stop and look behind what is happening to see if we can get the answer as to why. Is that because we don’t actually want to see the truth that lies behind as if we do we may then have to start making some serious changes in our lives that will turn our comfortable lives upside down? But we can’t hide from the truth forever, eventually it will be revealed, in one way or another.

  27. Organising and fixing are just that organising and fixing something that is there already. But if that what we organise and fix is not what is truly supportive than no organising or fixing will truly organise and fix, in other words will not bring true change to our lives.

  28. ‘What if it starts first and foremost with our relationship with ourselves?’ – It is so easy to blame others for the situation the world is in but are we willing to truly look with honesty at what we ourselves are contributing to the ill end result by our lifestyles and everyday choices and behaviours?

  29. It is often looked upon favourably to be busy in life by lots of people, they say things get achieved and the days fly by. But keeping busy is the easiest way to keep the head buried in the sand because there is no space to look at anything. it is rarely questioned which energy we are using and we end up going around in circles changing nothing when we keep busy.

    1. True Gill – not only do people ‘like’ to be busy because time flies, but we reward busy busy busy in workplaces – though Im not so sure we look at the quality by which the busy busy busy is undertaken. Nowadays Im learning that quality is far greater in its impact than quantity.

  30. Great questions Jane, and this article is definitely bringing a deeper awareness to our global atrocities and provides answers to a way out of the situations and may I add.
    Could it be that it has become time for each of us to bring respect and decency to our ‘table’ so that we can take the first baby steps towards being Self-Loving? Then maybe we will see that there is light at the end of the tunnel that will guide us towards equality with all? “And what if there is another way to live that is about responsibility, integrity, universality, and truth? A way to live that is readily accessible to us all if we so choose?”
    So we prepare our own way and do not lose sight of ‘who we are’, which is the “real you.”
    Then could it be responsibility starts at home and we make our own ‘bed,’ which we have to sleep in, so “how much disregard and abuse we not only accept in our own lives, but also accept on this planet?”
    The Livingness provides a platform or way that prepares your ‘table’ and ‘bed’ in such a way that you are always ready for a meal to nourish your body and then going to ‘bed’ with the comfort required to nurture the body, because it was Loving made upon awakening in the morning thus no disregard. Could it be that starting with ‘simple steps’ we evolve to a level of Livingness that brings the bacon home?
    Maybe the “real you” needs a definition so there is no confusion, then we all can see a light at the end? So for me this connection to the “real you” started with the ‘Gentle Breath Mediation,’ as the disregard I was in was too huge to jump into ‘bed’ with ‘Self-Love’. Honesty of where ‘I was at’ had to come to the ‘table’ first, so I could sleep with that and not end up in a ‘bed’ of confusion!

    1. I had lived with a bed of confusion most of my life. I have also fit ‘You’ve made your bed, now sleep in it’, be it made loving or the ill choices I have made. I now can feel the difference it makes as I put my self to sleep in a lovingly made bed that awaits me every night.

  31. ‘What if it starts first and foremost with our relationship with ourselves? To look at the way we are living, the quality of our relationships, the daily living choices we are making, and how much disregard and abuse we not only accept in our own lives, but also accept on this planet? Bringing Love and Appreciation to the detail in our lives is a beautiful, evolving process.

  32. It has been popping up in news articles more often that our life styles and choices on how we live is the leading cause of our illnesses! Why do we believe the cure to something so complex can not be so simple?

  33. It is so true, how simply by moving an object or an idea from one place to another, a place where perhaps it makes more sense to be, there can be a satisfaction that things are becoming organised or settled. But where is the underlying investigation, where is the deeper enquiry in to quality and movement? It is possible to make things look right but if the expression and the love of the human being is not a part of that, then it is merely a surface level rightness and this will not support anyone to grow and develop and to know that they are worth loving.

  34. In looking at our own lives, if we choose to see the abuse, both from the self, and from others, the world begins to change, for when you see it, you can no longer tolerate it.

  35. Great point Jane, all the whirring around becomes a smoke screen rather than see with clarity and truth things as they really are.

    1. So true Shirley-Ann, all the movement around the problem makes it look like we are addressing the problem – but we are just dancing around it not actually knowing how to deal with it because we don’t accept that energy is the key player in everything that happens.

      1. I agree – it creates a ‘mist’ or dust that stops us seeing what is really going on, but, keeps us going around and around and around and back to the same point – and because we were moving we feel that something has changed, when in truth it has not.

  36. The simplicity you bring to life is very beautiful to feel Jane with the responsibility and honesty of claiming who we are. A brilliant sharing and very inspiring to be who we are and allow an appreciation of the all in every detail.

  37. “The Livingness is simply you living the real you in a world that has yet to allow this to be. It all begins with you choosing to be the real you and not what life has made you.” Serge Benhayon. This quote speaks volumes to me. It says it all and it is very simple.

  38. I get super anxious when I move things around in life without addressing the core issue, it just feels absolutely stifling to be repeating things and not truly changing them. I would rather deal with things even though it may not be easy, in the long run, it would be deeply appreciated by my body and a huge impact to everything around me.

  39. Have you ever had a day where you never stopped, were in constant motion trying to multitask? And, at the end of the day… accomplished nothing except being exhausted? I would rather do just one thing in my fullness then do two things with both only getting half of me.

  40. I agree that although it may not be easy sometimes, being prepared to shake things up and not just re-arrange them is important, even though others can resist this around us.

  41. All the times I have stretched myself in life to ‘manage’ and keep my head above water to keep up with my own demands as well as what was reflected to me from the outside, are countless – today I know it did not get me anywhere, on the contrary it left me totally exhausted. Great news is that it is never too late to turn around and let go of the pictures of ‘how things need to be’ and start to truly honour ourselves and that which feels true to our body and being.

    1. here here Eva – it is never too late to turn things around – in the way we live, and, if we were all to look at life in this way – it is never too late to turn the things around in the world today that are not in truth serving us.

  42. Putting out spot fires constantly will never solve, it only relieves and gives the guise that we are finding ‘solutions’ to our issues. Thing is, we can’t find true answers with out taking into account the fact of energy and how it is affects everything.

  43. We are experts at creating ‘things to do’ for ourselves that keeps us away from the real deal, the connection to ourselves.

  44. We do spend a lot of time and money on trying to fix situations, rather than facing what is causing them. Looking at the root of our issues, will allow us to really sort out, refine and re-imprint the way we work and live.

  45. We avoid finding the answers to our woes because it would revolutionise every societal system we have put in place and turn upside down and inside out the way the world is run. So it is very important to take that step and the responsibility to run our lives with the energetic integrity and order that is actually innately natural to every one of us.

    1. Great point Jenny – we are invested in the systems and processes, technology, buildings and the way life currently is – despite the rising numbers of illness, disease, mental health problems and other societal problems that clearly show us this is not the way.

  46. The most beautiful thing is- evolution comes to us, it is what we do that gets in the way or delays all the amazing potential and opportunities that are always presenting themselves. Phew it means we don’t have to try, but allow.

  47. “What if in ‘organising’ we are merely ‘moving the deck chairs around on the titanic,’” – This paints a scary and very real picture of the situation we find ourselves in – something to truly ponder for all of us.

  48. Surely it’s time to admit the reorganising of deck chairs isn’t going to change the fact the ship is sinking? But am I doing this in my life? Am I not continuing with patterns I know are not taking responsibility. So I know what it feels like to reorganise deck chairs – a feeling of doing but knowing no true change will come of it, so how about I look at what it is that brings true change and explore what that feels like and what that is.

  49. When we get totally honest with ourselves and realise that where we have ended up in life is because of all our choices, it is incredibly transforming, in that we gain this new awareness that we can simply make a new choice and from that new choice, another one follows and our life changes – this has been my experience. We are all equal in our power to make choices.

  50. We spend millions of dollars on looking for solutions but until we get to the true energetic cause of why things are happening nothing will really change.

  51. Many of the patterns and routines we repeat over and over in life are simply what you describe a distraction from dealing with the root issue of why we are not living who we truly are.

  52. Organizing , managing and fixing are some of the many patterns we have become very good at in order to manage life, however, this is short lived and more often at the expense of our bodies as we compromise our true expression within that has the power to dispel the corruption we experience in the world today and that which is not from truth.

    1. I agree Francisco – we have lost the true sense of activating, initiating, and getting on with things in true quality, and that that is a surrender – not a push forward.

  53. So much money is wasted by investing it in the well meaning areas, all the charities raising money for research and evidence based medicine going round and round in circles is actually changing nothing. Everyone is keeping busy to what end? It feels like juggling the balls in industry and companies, ever eager to re-invent the wheel with new ideas that are not new at all. We can get excited but we behave like hamsters in a wheel.

  54. Yes it can only start with ourselves and the way we are with ourselves. Because all problems you listed above actually start with us not taking deep care of ourselves.

  55. This is a beautiful and gentle exposure of how we can go around in circles, busying ourselves with organising, and fixing things and actually in truth be staying in exactly the same place. Rallys, good causes, demonstrations, meetings.. to what end? When we come back to ourselves, there is nothing else we need to do.

  56. “While we are Busy Organising, Managing and Fixing we Never Get to the Truth”. This ought to be on every manager’s desk as a reminder that there is more to managing than moving things around on a chessboard so to speak. As this blog says the change that we want has to start with ourselves first and foremost and then there is a true reflection for others to stop trying to change things on the outside rather than focus within and bring the change we want to see from there.

  57. What I can feel in this incredible blog is our tendency to find comfort where ever we can. If we make it as comfortable as we can then we don’t have to feel the underlying truth of the issue.

    1. And in that – a constant ‘bettering’ or ‘betterment’ of the way things are rather than looking at the root cause – and hence we live life on the surface never realising there actually is another way.

  58. ‘how much can we continue to fix, organise and manage everything in our world today?’ great question as the statistics just seem to keep rising it seems this is not really working for us, but what is offered in this blog is another way to approach this.. us taking responsibility for ourselves and our lives.. collectively is it possible we could foundationally change for our world in this way, what we feel under pressure to fix?

  59. ‘Gosh things are in a huge mess!’ It’s understandable that we all come to feel this way at some stage. The way we react seems to be, that we either bury our head deeper in the sand or to try to ‘get it done’. If we can fix this one issue here everything else will be better or so we think. But as you powerfully point out Jane, rushing into solutions just gives us momentary relief but long term headaches as the fix just ends up adding to the mess. Humanity has dug itself a hole by refusing to deal with the truth.

  60. We have lost the art of living simply and responsibly and we have made life so unnecessarily complicated. As children life is simple very black and white, it is or it is not and they express it so. So what we have to look at is what goes on between being a child and being an adult that changes us and brings in complication.To me our biggest failing is the education system that supports the mind at the expense of the body. What if we were taught that the body is our true place of learning and that wisdom resides within and not from any text book, I wonder what our world would look like then?

  61. Its not until a “crisis” occurs that we are brought to a stop. This is the time where there is an opportunity to ask ourselves if what has been done to date is actually working? But do we make the most of the opportunity or repeat more of the same?

  62. Strong article, great questions you are asking. There is something about us that continues to avoid depth, the root cause behind the current state of the world. We are happy to manage things on the surface but only few in this world are ready to collectively ponder on what is really going on. Let’s start the conversations, at dinner parties, at work, at home, in community, why not, we all know that we are lost, why not begin to question why this is so? The purpose of this article feels like it is gathering ground swell, it is giving us a taste of the true power in brotherhood.

  63. We can be such headless chickens, going round and around in circles, keeping seemingly busy without actually getting anywhere. I am learning that nothing changes unless we change the energy of how we are being. I love how you offer us the opportunity to change ourselves Jane, and then see what happens. The only person we can change is ourselves.

  64. Reading the title of this blog “While we are Busy Organising, Managing and Fixing we Never Get to the Truth”, I was struck by how we could waste our entire life focusing on the wrong thing. This leads to having deep regret at the end of our lives because in the end what matters is how much we have loved and not how much we have organised or fixed.

  65. The image that came so clearly is an angled bed side lamp, streaming down on its little section on the table and near your bed, and then you raising it up and then shining it into the whole room. Sometimes we get so focussed on our little section, that we forget to look up and see the bigger picture and what else is at play.

    1. Well said Sarah. Attention to detail is needed, as is precision, at the same time as having a worldliness where we feel the bigger picture, and as you say ‘what else is at play’.

  66. ‘What if we all have a responsibility for everything that is going on?’ This question can sound daunting, but actually if we all did take responsibility, many of our problems would disappear very quickly. Together we could make light work of our world issues.

  67. “what if there is another way to live that is about responsibility, integrity, universality, and truth?” – Rather than ‘success’ or financial/social ‘stability’ these were the qualities we valued most as a society… what if we celebrated universal initiatives that brought communities together as opposed to only celebrating projects that make substantial profit?

  68. It wasn’t until I came to Universal Medicine presentations – in my fifties – that the concept of having a relationship with myself was made tangible. Yet how can we have a true relationship with another if we don’t have a true relationship with ourselves?

  69. We have “organising, managing and fixing” to the tee. And we seem to be so proud of ourselves when we do. Phew we did it with a pat on the back.

    In the business world I see people consistently leave things till the last minute even if all they have to do is pass the task to someone else, so everything tends to have a feel of ‘fire-fighting”.

    Could it be that we are addicted to running on nervous energy in the manner? And could it be that there is an element of deliberately keeping ourselves in this mode?

  70. Letting go of pictures and expectations we have in life allows space for us to connect to something deeper within ourselves that allows us to understand that there is no individuality, only a oneness through our connection to our soul that allows us to live with purpose and a level of quality of livingness for the good of all.

  71. When I look back over all our lives, the key trait that stands out to me is a tendency to try to ‘make better’, a search for answers, and a pursuit of change. The tragedy is none of the projects we embark on will ever work, without accounting for the quality of energy we choose. We will have a million initiatives to help the world, thousands of solutions for a better life, but all they actually do is add to the layers of strife. The only way to change all this is to truly be us, in every move. It’s our living quality in our body that finally counts – thank you Jane for highlighting this.

  72. There Is another way and it is so simple, and yet requires an 180° shift in humanities focus… And this will eventually happen because the way things are now is, as you say, unsustainable.

    1. and then we have a choice – to truly see what is going on – and the root of the matter, or to chose to be blind to what is going on and keep on fixing which in the end changes nothing, though it does distract us from realising we haven’t chosen to see the truth.

  73. The more I become familiar with this concept of responsibility, being about just expressing what I can feel, and being fully me in all areas, the more I love it. Trying to fit pictures of who we think we should be, or holding onto pictures of how we want the world, and others to be, are great distractions that keeps us away from just being who we are and bringing that into the world.

    1. Yes Bryony, also ‘following the crowd’ does not serve us – unless we truly discern what is needed and what is in our own rhythm, and stay in that rhythm as we go about our day and lives.

  74. What you are presenting is so true, we are only happy to address things on a surface level, we never seem to want to delve further into the WHY, for fear of not having an answer or solution that we satisfy the masses. Cancer is not on the rise for no reason, it is not random, it is communicating to us, as is all ill conditions of the body and planet and if we only ever go to fixing and managing the problem, without addressing the cause then the problem just will just revisit in a new way, for the message has not been received.

  75. With truth and simplicity there is nothing to manage but to appreciate the flow and ease in which all work and all matters of life are lived.

    1. I agree Natalliya – it seems normal to have struggle, difficulties, woes, to be overly busy, strained, and stressed, yet what if there is another way – one where life flows with ease and simplicity?

  76. Every where we look in our global world there is something to manage, fix or organise. I don’t feel there is anywhere on earth that would not reflect the mess we are in. In fact we have even managed to let our mess seep into the solar system with pollution, decommissioned space machinery, not to mention the tsunami size waves of disharmony that ripple out into the solar systems, created by the way we live in on earth.

    We can manage, fix and organise forever but until we ask & address “WHY” our world is in such a state nothing will truly change. It may offer some relief when our solutions appear to be working but this relief is always short lived as the issues just resurface with gusto when we turn our back. Which we inevitably do when we feel we have fixed something.

    It is absurd we go to such lengths when all thats required is to re-connect with ourselves and be impulsed from here, then instead of filling pot-holes we create whole new highways.

    1. I agree Toni – one of the keys to change in the world is to ask why – why things are the way they are, and to start to realise that there is a lot more going on than maybe we have chosen to see.

  77. I find it fairly easy to manage myself into a state of delay. I prefer the concept of being organised as opposed to being organised in motion feeling the flow of life with all its ease.

    1. I know what you mean, for mean when I delay things what I end up doing is essentially wasting time looking up something online or unnessecarily going over something in my head or with another then I find myself behind time, so to speak and go into rush mode and feel very agitated. Whereas when I am organised and in the flow I am working and walking with my body and not trying to push it to do more than I can at the time.

  78. So often I have found myself trying to fix things, or make them better but all I am trying to do is make up for something that has happened usually by choices. Whereas when we actually take responsibility for the way we are living 1st we address what is going on for ourselves, then we can come back to the love that we are and so without the need to try the situations tend to resolve themselves. It really all comes down to what energy we are choosing and whether or not we want to see our part in it.

  79. We have allowed a whole host of ills that are designed to make us numb, indifferent, competitive and irresponsible to be considered ‘normal’. When we chose to be aware, responsible and considerate of all we can truly begin to address the many issues facing humanity.

    1. Great point Leonne about what is ‘normal’ – often something is done by the masses and we all take it on/do it – yet do we question that even though it may seem ‘normal’ whether it makes sense? is it true for us? does it support our body? is it part of our own rhythm – or are we in the rhythm of the masses?

  80. What does actually change in the end when we get caught in, ‘the fixing, organising and managing, are we appeasing, putting sticking plaster over something or stirring the same pot, yet never getting to the root cause?’ Yes, great to highlight this trap.

  81. It really is so simple yet we make life so complicated, the last quote says it all that “It all begins with you choosing to be the real you and not what life has made you”. The moment we start to live who we truly are without any trying or need to be anything everything is laid before us in more ways than we could imagine possible. Yet the moment we go into trying to do or achieve something the struggle and fight kicks back in. Step 1 – be the real and whole you – the one you remember being as a child. Step 2 – take it out into the world and do not hold any of your gorgeous self back. Step 3 – keep doing it and you will notice how people and things change around you. Step 4 – appreciate yourself and what you are doing. Step 5 – repeat!

  82. Yes Jane, busy-ness and organising things is such a sneaky bait – it looks good and responsible and yet it is rarely a case of true movement in organisation. It is just another guise or pretence or even smoke screen to distract us from our true way of being.

  83. Problem-solving is the prevalent way of relating to things that are ‘out of order’ with the idea to bringing them into a scope that is compatible with an image of things thats ok now; the situation is less worse than it was, therefore we should be happy. Things get out of order only when we accept dis-order as the foundation of our lives. The main problem is what we say yes to and not the management of a reduced set of visible consequences of that.

    1. I agree Eduardo. Ive observed in the past colleagues at work who have struggled with delivering what is needed, and that observed that some of us aren’t raised to understand what ‘order’ is, or what being focused is, and many of us are not raised to feel purpose in our daily lives either. That combination can bring a sense that it is normal not to have those things, not to live life with order, focus and purpose, yet, it is our most natural way of living, one that is innately known by us all.

  84. Incredible depth-full blog that is truly helping us to understand and observe life.. But also see what seems to look like it is working — but where we seem to forget to ask the question if looking for more and more solutions , is actually a good idea? Or that we need a different focus and way of dealing with things in our society: for example to consider a new way of living that actually supports us and the ground we are on? The Way of The Livingness has reflected to me that there is an energetic beingness to me and that I come with a bigger responsibility than fitting in the tasks and roles in life, but actually look at the quality and connection I live with on a daily basis. Are you ready to see another way ?

  85. ‘And, while we spend endless hours ‘organising’ this world, are we not missing the point that there is far more to the world than meets the eye, a far deeper, greater purpose, and a true opportunity to turn things around?’
    I love this constant reminder that there is so much more to us and to the world we live in, that we are all universal and can change the world by our choices and way of living.

  86. Its true Jane while we are busy organising managing and fixing we never get to the truth, so no wonder we look for one distraction after another thinking we are solving things when all we are doing is going round in circles back to the same place and this is why nothing really changes. If we can avoid truth we can avoid responsibility and avoid the fact that we have created a way of life so that we don’t have to look at the truth and take responsibility for the way we live, the state of our bodies and the world today.

    1. And if we take a moment to reflect, take stock, and we realise that we are going around in circles that awareness brings a brilliant step along the way towards turning the way we are living around.

  87. We are going round in circles, being busy organising, managing and fixing, and never getting to the truth of what needs to be exposed, and the fact that maybe there is another way to live and be in the world.

  88. So many ‘what if’s. The answer is to live simply as per the Serge Benhayon quote you mention in your article; “The Livingness is simply you living the real you in a world that has yet to allow this to be.” SB. There is a need to get to the cause. Treating symptoms doesn’t work for anything in the long run.

  89. What is our greater purpose? When we make life about the quality, truth, love and integrity, in every moment, from taking out the bins to delivering a presentation, we enrich our lives and those of us around us.

  90. There is definitely a major attitude in medicine towards ‘fixing’ and ‘restoring function’ and managing conditions so that people can continue to live however they please, without really getting to the cause of these conditions in the first place and the necessary lifestyle changes that would need to happen to prevent much of our illnesses and diseases. A greater level of self-responsbilty is required from all.

  91. ‘What if in ‘organising’ we are merely ‘moving the deck chairs around on the titanic,’ only moving things around on the surface, and never looking underneath at the root cause of these issues?’ I don’t know if this is an expression that is common in the English language but it does gives a clear idea about what we are heading for when we stay in this organising and managing to keep our head above the water in all area’s of our life.

  92. From what you share here Jane we have painted a picture of managing what we don’t want to face. We resist looking at why we are at the point of needing to manage something in this way and you lovingly expose this. I love your analogy of moving chairs around on the Titanic – this paints a very real picture of where we are.

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