Appreciating the Role of a Housekeeper

I have been running a hotel with my husband for the past ten years and over these years have helped out in all departments for maybe a day or two when we have been short staffed or when someone calls in sick at the last minute. However, in the last two weeks I gave myself the task to fully support the housekeepers. I just jumped into the job doing whatever was required from cleaning the toilets, bathrooms, polishing, making beds, vacuuming, to restocking teas and coffees.

What I really got to appreciate is that there is only a short window of opportunity to prepare the rooms from when guests leave to when the next guests arrive, and in that time everything has to be done, from cleaning the room, to polishing, dusting, making the beds, fresh waters and topping up teas and coffee facilities. Once all that’s done, then the public areas need to be cleaned and finally the counting and bagging of all the dirty laundry. Wow, this is a task… with guests leaving at 11am and the next ones arriving by 3pm… not a long time between at all!

I was amazed at how in an orderly fashion our staff had got into a rhythm and flow… what to start with and what to finish with… the timings being perfect, completing each room within the short period of time allotted. It really got me to stop and appreciate the team I have had for many years who have done this role day in day out and are still smiling at the end of the day, even though some days the rooms are much messier than usual, especially after a late party or wedding.

It is sure not a job for the faint hearted, as there is a lot of lifting and bending involved, and many steps up and down the building. You don’t need a gym membership when you do a housekeeping role in hotel: climbing all the steps several times a day and lifting bags is more than your daily allowance.

Our staff often laugh about how many steps they have to go up and down and how strong their arms have become from all the lifting and carrying. My husband often laughs too and says maybe we should collect a gym membership for all the fitness they receive on the job! But on a serious note, it is a job that when done with a purpose in mind, not only leaves a beautiful imprint for another to feel, but also keeps your body quite supple and fit.

What I have come to truly appreciate is that the housekeeping role is actually very demanding on the body and if the body is not looked after and nourished, you could very easily fall ill. Hydration is very important too as you are burning lots of calories. If you’re not taking rest moments and deeply resting when you are at home, you may find yourself going straight for the sugar and carbs to keep yourself going instead of making sure you are resting sufficiently. There is so much to work with and bring into one’s awareness when being a housekeeper.

People often look down at housekeeping as being the worst job in the industry, but in truth it is the most important job in the foundational sense as the housekeepers leave a lovely clean space for everyone to enjoy; without this there would be no clean space and no customers!

When we stop and reflect on this truth, it really knocks out the hierarchical attitude in the hospitality industry as to housekeeping being the worst job and chefs and managers being the best. Being an owner and having worked in all departments of hospitality, I know without a doubt that everyone’s role is equally important; there is no hierarchy at all. Everyone just has different responsibilities they have to carry out; at the end of the day the goal is the same – to provide a true service, which provides our customers with a pleasant experience.

I really enjoyed working in the housekeeping role as I truly got to experience the full responsibilities of the job under a very tight time constraint. What I also enjoyed was how I stayed connected with my body and my movements found a flow as I completed the task at hand, whether it was cleaning toilets, bathrooms or making the beds. To me all of these roles were equally important. I was aware in each moment that the imprints I left behind would be felt by the next person that came in and that’s when I felt the impact of true responsibility.

Staying present and connected to the task at hand, I could feel time expand around me. And I still managed to get my office work done once I had completed the housekeeping duties!

By Amita Khurana, BSc Honours, Hotel Business Owner, Pure Harmony Clinic, Director, Practitioner, UK

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521 thoughts on “Appreciating the Role of a Housekeeper

    1. This is very true – it would serve us all well to have a basic understanding of what our staff and/or colleagues are dealing with in their work on a daily basis.

    2. Abby I agree it is important to know what your staff are dealing with, I feel its important to understand the different roles, so you are able to support team.

  1. When I think about a workplace and how uniquely different each person is, it takes it away from the tasks or jobs at hand. This takes it back to how each person brings a certain quality and essence that makes up the whole of what a business then offers through its products and services. This is huge when we consider what we can all offer together.

      1. A great indicator that we are all able to assist at any time in any way when we make our work about the all and offering nothing less than this.

    1. Vicky its great what you share, it is about us all looking at workplaces in a different way. How uniquely different each person is, and what quality and essence that each person brings. A business is made up of the whole not a few individuals who might me holding a management title.

  2. A well cared for space supports all who enter it. Thank you Amita for sharing about the challenges and joys of being a housekeeper and of the invaluable part they play towards the smooth running of the establishment they are employed by.

  3. By connecting to the ‘behind-the-scenes’ workers, it can bring me a humility and focus to my day. It is through the simple tasks such as cleaning a public sink after I have used it, or making my hotel bed, or carefully disposing my rubbish on the train that I stay in appreciation of the all and keep a focus on the one life. Nothing is more important than another. Everything is everything.

    1. Absolutely ” Nothing is more important than another. Everything is everything.” when we stay in the humbleness of that we can feel the greater love and appreciation for all.

  4. This phrase “People often look down at housekeeping as being the worst job in the industry, but in truth it is the most important job in the foundational sense as the housekeepers leave a lovely clean space for everyone to enjoy” alone shows how little we consider and appreciate the foundations and quality upon which the activities we view as ‘more’ significant stand on.

  5. A job done with loving integrity and care is priceless and simply a pure joy to experience as a customer or guest, client or patient. It sets the standard of what actually should be the norm for everyone and the way we live in society and it is not done for the money but by an attitude towards life that is appreciative of the true values we all innately know.

  6. Definitely no gym membership needed when you are doing this type of physical work. I have a similar experience working in aged care, we walk miles every day up and down corridors, then there is all the bending and squatting to dress clients and lifting bags full of dirty washing. No job for the faint hearted.

    1. It is beautiful when we appreciate the work we do and reflect on the form or exercise we are getting, we don’t have to get caught up in the ideals and beliefs of we have to be part of the Gym and make extra time to go etc.

  7. “I was aware in each moment that the imprints I left behind would be felt by the next person that came in and that’s when I felt the impact of true responsibility.” I feel it every time I clean my space, I feel lifted, cleared, able to turn over a new leaf or start with a clean slate. It truly is a blessing to clean and clear your space no matter what space or where.

  8. ‘But on a serious note, it is a job that when done with a purpose in mind, not only leaves a beautiful imprint for another to feel, but also keeps your body quite supple and fit.’ – It’s the best exercise there is and you even get paid for it… though the real benefit is of course that working with purpose supports you to stay connected with yourself and what you do through the day.

  9. Spent the past few days in an aged care residential care home. I observed the work of care workers closely, especially attending to the often unpleasant personal care needs of residents, supporting them when aggressive and upset and doing so with inadequate staffing levels. It beats me how this largely hidden crew of essential and dedicated workers are valued less than others. Time to end this. Give equal value to all roles, and all workers would be valued and appreciated for the work they do.

    1. I wholeheartedly agree Kehine2012. I volunteer on an elderly acute care hospital ward and I get to see firsthand how dedicated and committed the staff are, in this extremely challenging environment. It is well time for all workers to be valued and appreciated for the contribution of their services to humanity.

  10. ‘But on a serious note, it is a job that when done with a purpose in mind, not only leaves a beautiful imprint for another to feel, but also keeps your body quite supple and fit.’ this is a beautiful point – just as the case with road sweepers, cleaners and painters and decorators and so on, those in such positions have a huge influence over the quality in which everything is done and therefore left for everyone to experience when they walk down the street, work in an office, visits a friend’s home or access any building or public space. This brings a total shift of appreciation to those working in this way, with energy, rather than the skewed view from our society that would seem to suggest that it should come from length of education and training, status, power and money.

  11. “People often look down at housekeeping as being the worst job in the industry, but in truth it is the most important job in the foundational sense as the housekeepers leave a lovely clean space for everyone to enjoy; without this there would be no clean space and no customers!” So true Amita. Working in this department I too have come to appreciate the vital role that a housekeeper plays in this industry, which basically could not function otherwise and is therefore equally important to any other area of the business.

  12. It is so great to ‘walk in someone else’s shoes’ for a day just to be able to appreciate what they do. If we don’t all play our part the whole caboodle falls to pieces. Imagine if everyone refused to clean? Imagine if everyone refused to do nursing, or grow food, or build cars? We would be in a right royal mess. But even more important is the love and grace in our movements as we do these jobs. This is what comprises the job of o to heaven.

  13. Cleaning is a job many people don’t want to do. It’s also a job that if not done, feels rather awful. So you’d think with the combination of those two things, that would automatically lead to a massive amount of appreciation for cleaners. But yet generally society holds cleaners at the bottom of the status ladder – quite bizarre.

    1. Great point Nikki. This is a really strange concept, that society can be so disrespectful of cleaners when ultimatley cleaning is a job that is so fundamental when it comes to the smooth and efficient running of any kind of business or home.

      1. I totally agree Sandra. We are all equal and every job is as valid as the next. I was able to deepen my relationship to this when my circumstances changed some years ago when I was 60 years old and left the big city to come up north. I could not get a job teaching English Literature in the Universities up here because they do not teach it. I could not even get exam supervision or exam marking. In dire straits my wonderful healing practitioner offered me a cleaning job which I gladly took. It was so interesting the way people treated me as a cleaner, as opposed to university lecturer with a PhD! Of course I was able to be totally philosophical and observational with it partly because I was somehow detached from the academic life and felt like a fish out of water there . . . yet it was interesting to watch the attitudes and reactions of others to this job change.

      2. I had a similar experience too Lyndy when I had a complete job change from being in recognised profession to becoming a cleaner. But I too had to work through a lot of my own stuff about doing a ‘just doing a cleaning job, in order to appreciate and accept that what I was doing was as valuable and equal to what anyone else was doing, nevermind what anyone else thought about it. And that took me quite a while!

      3. Thank you for sharing your experiences here. Why is it we can revere the mind over all else? We have been so conditioned as to what it means to be ‘intelligent’ and yet when you look at the mess we can get ourselves into when the mind is used without connection to the body and whole being we see it is not so intelligent at all. Knowing our own value and appreciating ourselves is key.

      4. Well said Victoria. It is a kind of insanity that we revere the mind in this way over the body. And it is a deliberate insanity so that we will keep denying our divine origins.I will never forget the day when I was in my mid-thirties when I suddenly realise that all our behaviours were ‘insane’ on this planet to some degree or other.

  14. Jobs such as cleaning and house keeping are often undervalued and are usually only noticed when they are NOT done! Really it should be the opposite – where we deeply appreciate this foundational work that keeps everything else working smoothly.

  15. The role and importance of house keeping ,cleaning and general running of all establishments and our homes is something that is so often undervalued by ourselves but is in fact the underlying holding and beauty of the everything and everyone who comes through and it is brilliant to read about the real value of this thank you Amita.

  16. When we connect to ourselves and bring all of us into our work we begin to flow as a team – and when we appreciate our contribution we can let go of any need for hierarchy – it really comes down to working in unity and harmony, at one with the all.

    1. Great point Susan because when we appreciate what we bring ie our contribution there is no need for hierarchy, and everyone can appreciate each other in the team and so every member is valued and respected.

  17. How true Henrietta. We do indeed notice it when housekeeping jobs are not done – if the foundation is not of a true and proper quality everything from there on will also be of a lesser quality.

  18. ‘I was amazed at how in an orderly fashion our staff had got into a rhythm and flow… ‘ – It is beautiful to feel and be part of a workplace that has true purpose and flow, where everyone naturally fits into their part of the puzzle.

  19. ‘But on a serious note, it is a job that when done with a purpose in mind, not only leaves a beautiful imprint for another to feel, but also keeps your body quite supple and fit.’ truly healthy for everyone.

  20. When true service to humanity is considered, the housekeepers job has a significant effect on and for the in coming guest. Preparing a space is never just cleaning, there is a responsibility to hold and clear the space of everything that was left there, this is not just dirty linen and the like, but the energetic quality of the departing guest. When looked upon this way cleaning is in affect the first line job when it comes to supporting our world to clear the many emotional energies that are left behind in spaces we have entered.

  21. Housekeeping is a great way to really connect to your body as if you are not connected you are not as efficient with your time or your body and can actually do yourself damage. I know this from many years experience And the flow and timing you mention here Amita is of great importance as if you move in a way that not a moment or movement is wasted then everything gets down without any need to resort to nervous energy.

    1. So true Kathleen, also as I have experience what it feels like to be a housekeeper. So in this environment when I now stay in a hotel I leave only the bed to be made as everything else is left cleaner than when I enter the room. This is in respect of how much I appreciate what it is like as a cleaner to walk into a tidy room.

  22. This is such a supportive piece to read for any job. How important it is to take care of ourselves and not go against what our job requires but to build a rhythm and routines that supports ourselves for the work that needs to be done. A completely different approach to life (work) than currently is lived.

  23. When we consider every person forms a part of the whole of this universe we all reside within, then every part must therefore play a very important role within that whole.

    1. Absolutely – there is no one greater or less significant than another for we are equal expressions of a magnificent whole.

  24. Jobs that are done in housekeeping in a hotel or in our own homes can appear to not be noticed by others, but the quality we do them in is very obvious energetically and can be felt by everyone. That is what changes an environment from a building to a loving space, and when it is appreciated as well, that is confirmation too.

  25. It seems like jobs that are more manual or physical in nature can often be looked down upon as somehow being lesser, which I think is a reflection of the general lack of value that we hold for our body – thinking that the ‘mind’ on it’s own is the more sophisticated or better part of us…

  26. Just because you took the time to learn and to be observant, you have brought equality to your work place, which is no small or insignificant thing, it is in fact very grand and beautiful.

    1. It only takes the willingness to connect and to feel the heartbeat and pulse of the all to appreciate each other and the true equality that unites us all.

  27. I love this sharing Amita. You bring the fact that all the roles in the hospitality industry are equal, each part allows the whole thing to work. In particular we don’t often appreciate jobs that are deemed as the ‘lowest’ and the actual importance of what they bring such at the staff you have shared here about the housekeeping staff. If we take this attitude to all professions from garbage collector to the lawyer. Truly – every aspect is of equal importance which allows our daily living to function – but even more, if everyone is appreciated for what they bring in equality – it then becomes more than just a functionality but the quality we each bring.

  28. ‘Everyone just has different responsibilities they have to carry out; at the end of the day the goal is the same –’ The end of this quote is so important – that whatever we do within our role at work the goal should be the same for everyone, and in truth this should also be the case between us all in which ever workplace we are in or as humanity.

  29. I have been in the hospitality industry my whole life and I really relate to what you are sharing here. I am also a small business and I am the owner operator of two cafes and a bakery. I have literally worked and work in every role in my cafes but this is not exclusive to my businesses, as I also applied the same dedication when I worked for others. Deliberately putting my hand up to be in charge of toilet cleaning throughout the day and at the end of shift. I did this and do this because I care deeply about every aspect of service, there is no point in having an amazing meal and then having a terrible bathroom experience that taints it all. I wash dishes one day a week to make sure I stay in touch with every role and what the conditions may be. I find the best way to build a team that works together with little no dynamics, is to understand your operation from every angle, well it works for me anyway. I know my staff have more respect for me too as I am not afraid to get my hands dirty.

  30. What I have been really appreciating lately is that when I spend some time cleaning the clinic where I work there is a real sense of purpose in that I know that how I clean the space will support me in my day at work and everyone who attends the clinic that day. It is a real foundation for any work space or place.

  31. This is a great example of teamwork Amita where everyone’s contribution is valued and appreciated as being an important part of the whole.

  32. It is often not until we place ourselves in the shoes of another that we will fully appreciate all that they live and bring.

  33. Team work in position such as this can be very strong to make the work possible -this is something that we all miss deeply as our societies as a whole do not function like this; they require more examples such as this hotel which show true team work and valuing of people at all levels.

    1. I feel this is the foundation to a successful business, It is when we appreciate everyone’s roles, see everyone as equals, and understanding that no role is less or more important than another.

  34. ‘I was amazed at how in an orderly fashion our staff had got into a rhythm and flow…’ Rhythm and flow is a crucial component to consider in life. It is very beautiful to find this in our walk, our job – also working together in a team this way is just wonderful and in the case of the hotel’s cleaners, this will contribute to the well-being of all including those who come to stay.

  35. “Appreciating the Role of a Housekeeper” – is appreciating the foundational and ordering aspect that this profession brings to the rest of the living space and also in how it holds those that live there too. Because without true and solid foundation things eventually start to fall apart, or break down.

  36. We have many cleaners who come in to clean the building where I work. It is a physically demanding job and I take my hat off to them as, for many, its not their only job. Without them we would not be able to function. Its a shame we have this system where some jobs are seen as more important than others.

  37. It is so lovely you appreciate your staff and their role Amita, this allows expansion in your day and brings absolute joy.

  38. Sometimes we only fully open our eyes to what others are really doing when we have to walk in their shoes – such a valuable lesson. Why do we do this in humanity too? we don’t want to see what is really going on in the world but for the cocoon we have in our own life.

  39. Appreciating what another role or person brings to the whole whether it be in hospitality or any other organisation allows for the confirmation that all roles are equally important. It also reveals that it is the quality that another brings to their work rather than what role they perform that matter most.

  40. It can be so enlightening to walk in someone else’s shoes for a day/week/month/etc. It allows time and space for appreciation of that person, what they do and bring, and the role they hold. I can only imagine your experience will better serve your guests as you have a deeper knowledge, understanding and appreciation when it comes to running a hotel.

  41. The activity of ‘keeping house’ provides so much for everyone who lives under the same roof. The order, organisation and cleanliness of the space we live, you can feel bathes or imbued our body as well.

  42. For a visitor to walk into their guest room that has been prepared and cared for in the manner you have described, offers a tremendous space for a guest to feel truly rested and nurtured.

  43. Having worked in many positions in my life I have got to feel how it truly is ‘one life’ and all that is really required is for us to be fully present in whatever job we are required to do.

  44. There is a lot to appreciate in the role of a housekeeper especially the lovely imprint they leave when doing the job with purpose knowing the responsibility they have, which we all have no matter the job, as ever job counts.

  45. I love when things are clean and tidy and organised – in this I find it so much easier to then get on with all the other things that are needed to be attended to, and so it is that I so appreciate the housekeeping work – I love doing it myself, but I also deeply appreciate when it has been done for me. I have come to realise how important it is to deeply appreciate many things in life and how it is equally important to express this appreciation to those around and those involved. For example with the house cleaning, it is often a job that us undervalued, and cleaners often see it as a ‘lowly’ job, but without them, we would be in a real mess and in lots of trouble! Cleaners and house keepers are super valuable and they need to see themselves as such too! And so it is our job in the shoes of a cleaner to know that what we do supports everything else, and equally when not in the shoes or a cleaner/housekeepr to appreciate them deeply and also express it to them regularly too – so that they never ever forget the beauty of who they are and what they bring to others. The reality is that this is something that every person really should be appreciated about.

  46. Appreciating the role we play is vital in any job. I recently met a parent who didn’t appreciate what she has chosen to do which is bring up her children and look after the home. She hasn’t yet appreciated her qualities or realised what she brings to the world so the expanse of what she could express is muted. A great reflection for me to appreciate and express more, not hold back, and appreciate and build upon this and so on.

  47. This is great what you have shared Amita, because the depth of appreciation we can have for the way we work and the relationship that can develop with our colleagues is so important to create harmony within our working environment.

  48. I cast my gaze on street sweeper the other day and this guy was doing such a marvellous job and I wondered how many people actually appreciate the service that he was doing. A proper unsung hero as far as I am concerned, for imagine the state of our streets if no one was willing to do this job and do it so well.

  49. The feeling of hierarchy in jobs is very common but what helped me to see how every job is important is the fact of energetic quality and responsibility. When we leave a room we leave an energetic imprint just the same as the director does in the way he or she runs the company, writes emails etc. There is no better or more important when you look at the world based on energy.

  50. When we make life about energy first, we understand that everything we do leaves an energetic imprint that supports another in their own evolution, to be more loving, more understanding and more of who they truly are and so the role of the housekeeper can be appreciated for what it is, as they support to set the foundation for others to move in the flow of the universe.

  51. I have really enjoyed this article and the comments that have followed. Super down to earth and respectful, I can feel the impact of the acceptance of what is offer here… a mega shift in how we work together; the building of collaboration and respect.

  52. A beautiful appreciation and understanding of our responsibility and equality in the jobs we do and the work place. ” I was aware in each moment that the imprints I left behind would be felt by the next person that came in and that’s when I felt the impact of true responsibility.” Housekeeping everywhere even in our own homes needs to be truly valued for all it is and brings to our lives .

    1. So very true, and how very important is it then that we allow our children to unfold their inner qualities in their own way, and stop telling them how they have to be and what to do, so they really get to know themselves and know what they bring and how very precious they are.

      1. Yes we all have a flavour of expression that only we can bring and when we are supported to express what is true for us we blossom. Imposing our own ideas on children does not support their natural way.

  53. Cleaners tend to be looked down upon by many and their value often goes unrecognised, so it is great to celebrate their work in this blog. The work that a cleaner does affects everyone that then comes in and uses the space, so it is vital and important work and underpaid and under-recognised.

  54. What you show here is absolute team work, where the being with each other and the how being with each other is deeply valued and cared for.

    1. Actually you could say that this is our natural way of being and working together which we all know from heart and that’s why it is also that caring and nurturing for our bodies.

  55. I have decided to get a cleaner occasionally to help in the house, and the lady is so lovely. She was blown away when I sent her a text to thank her for my sparkling bathroom. We all blossom and love to be appreciated.

  56. Hierarchical structures in organisations do actually destroy the feeling of togetherness, that we are all equally important in the business we work in and run.But one day we will all understand like Amita, that all functions and roles in an organisation are equally important to the whole and can we let go the idea of being more or less based on the work we perform. As both impositions are not true and do not appreciate who we are from nature as in reality we are all equally one and the same.

  57. I have stayed in some amazing hotels not because of the hotel but because of the staff. And I was staying in a hotel the other day and I noticed the staff were not friendly they said hello but it was a perfunctory courtesy. And this experience was repeated throughout the hotel. And so although the hotel was the top hotel to stay in the atmosphere was cold an uninviting and this made a huge difference to my stay there. I have always said it is the staff that makes the hotel as it is the staff that makes any company and very often the staff is not appreciated by the company.

    1. So very true Mary, it is us people, human beings, that make anything. It is our quality we choose and bring to everything that counts, and we all know this.

  58. I have recently exchanged treatment sessions for cleaning in my house from mutual choice, and I really love having a closer relationship with these ladies and how when we each do what we do best we can all be joyful about doing it.

  59. I love what you express here Amita. It is the very simple and everyday things that are the foundation of our life, thus the quality we are choosing to do them in will be the ground we are standing on.

  60. There is no role and no job that is smaller than another, you can learn as much from cleaning a toilet as you can from being a CEO of a company, it’s simply a question of if we value these lessons.

  61. The best way for a boss to appreciate their staff is doing their staff’s job for a day. You are amazed by the pace and commitment that is required to complete the task at hand. You see how things might improve to support the whole. I am a huge advocate for getting your hands dirty as a boss, even if you don’t do that position everyday, getting a sense for each different tier of the business is key to true success.

  62. I love this Amita, it is so down to earth and cool what you say about a housekeeper being equal. In our society we do have some warped perceptions about who is more important so thank you for busting this right here.

  63. It’s crazy when you consider that we all want good times and luxurious holidays but seem to see jobs like housekeeping as lowest of the low. We seek relief and excitement when if we just took care of the basic things in our world we would have such a stronger foundation for what we are asked to do each day. We’re making life all about the end result instead of seeing every moment that we need to take care of our own ‘housekeeping’ internally otherwise things get out of hand and we soon end up wanting to escape. Thank you Amita for helping me appreciate the cleaning and clearing I need to do.

  64. “Appreciating the Role of a Housekeeper” – it’s when we appreciate ourselves that we are open and can appreciate another for what is already seen within is then easy to spot in externalisation.

  65. How wonderful it is to put ourselves in the shoes of another and consider life for all – in doing so we are able to bring needed understanding to life and a healthy appreciation that we each are an important contributor to the whole.

  66. Housekeeping and cleaning is awesome work that lays the foundation for everything. When I am keeping my own house I know that the order, the placing and angles of everything has a huge effect on my energy and supports a feeling of sharpness, vitality, and being able to see and observe so much more in life.

  67. With accepting ‘that everything is energy and therefore everything is because of energy’ you immediately accept the consequences of the energy of the people that clean your room or house. They lay the basis of what we step into when we arrive and this can highly support us or interfere our flow of energy.

  68. Housekeeping is such an important role, it is so lovely to walk into a hotel room and to feel a space which has been prepared just for you.

  69. It really does all come down to self appreciation and bringing true quality and integrity to all that we do. Moving in a way that is honouring and respectful of what we are doing and totally aware that we are doing it for everyone.

  70. Amita thank you for your sharing. What is truly joyful when we appreciate others in the way they work and what they bring for the all is so beautiful. What is showing here that everyone is appreciating and honouring the unity of working together as one not seeing it as a title or work but ensuring the quality of the cleaning of the rooms for the guest to feel and enjoy their space and stay bringing a caring in all that the hotel brings from equality of the all without titles or positions but a respect for self and others. I feel it is not the quantity of staff but the quality of staff and that can only come from the reflection that you and your husband bring in appreciation of the all in self and others through the love of what you bring in your work.

  71. I am learning that the thing is to ultimately appreciate everyone all of the time, equally so – for each is the same loving essence.

  72. In the end it is about working together as a group with a purpose and respecting and appreciating deeply what each person brings and offers without anyone being more or less.

  73. I love cleaning and the effect it has not just on the physical aspect but also on the energetic aspect. When we clean with being present in the body enjoying how our hands are moving we clear also energetic the space which gives us a clear surrounding to express for everybody.

  74. Traditionally people view different areas of hospitality as an unsaid hierarchy, housekeeping being at the bottom of that ladder. I have been working in the industry since I was a teenager and worked as a house keeper in holiday apartments as one of my first jobs, I found it really difficult, I would cry under the pressure of time restrictions and hospital corners. I laugh about it now but what I learned was a deep value and respect for people in this role, they are so focused and hard working and to feel an apartment or house that has been cleaned with love is a true blessing. After cleaning for many years, I realised that my talent was not speed but love. I now bring that to the cafes I own in the way I appreciate and nurture my staff equally, as you do, in all areas of the business.

    1. It’s really lovely to feel the love you bring to everyone within your business and how nurturing that is for everyone. How wonderful it must be to work in such an environment and to be a customer drinking a lovingly made cup of tea. I have no doubt people are inspired to live this quality when they leave the cafe too. This is so different to many of the hotels I worked at in a holiday seaside resort where often the environment was uncaring, even hostile at times, and people segregated between job roles and between staff and customer. Often both staff and guest maintained high levels of disregard by alcohol consumption and holiday partying. Looking back I always felt on edge knowing mistakes were met with criticism and saw people being shouted at. All this the customer no doubt felt behind the veneer of respectfulness and niceness. They weren’t shown another way to be in the world.

      1. It’s funny Karin – as I read your comment describing people being shouted at in the hotel where you worked I couldn’t help but be reminded of “Faulty Towers’ and bursting out laughing. The fact that this program was so popular with so many must mean that this is something that happens often in hotel situations. A hotel run on appreciation instead of hysteria or lethargy would indeed be so amazing to experience.

      2. Yes, I think if you love being alive, everything is a joy! Work is simply an extension of you, a second home, I love having a home that is public, you get to have everyone come over, everyday! I was always a social person and so hospitality really complements how I am.

  75. Cleaning and keeping your house is such a great activity to do and have in the rhythm of your day/week, as it not only improves the order and practicalities of your living space, but you can clearly feel its energetic effects on the way you wake up and how you approach and live your day. Its a great feeling of clarity and order in your body.

  76. What could be more important then cleaning and reimprinting a space, be it on the streets, in an office, a hotel or in our own home? In cleaning there is an opportunity to reach into every nook and cranny. I volunteer in a hospital and the cleaners quietly go about their work. They seem almost surprised when I greet them and value them. Without housekeepers and cleaners many public spaces would descend into chaos.

  77. ‘I was aware in each moment that the imprints I left behind would be felt by the next person that came in and that’s when I felt the impact of true responsibility.’ How often have I discounted that everything I do leaves an undeniable imprint that is felt by all? Can I not see how amazing it is that the energy I choose to do things in, when it is loving and harmonious, is then felt by others who, in feeling less imposed upon to be a certain way, are freer to honour themselves and others? There is a responsibility in which energy I choose to do things in as I know if it is done in anger etc. that is also left for others to feel and react or respond to.

  78. Housekeeping is very hard work and little appreciated, rather simply taken for granted. It is a vital job that make the difference between a great room to stay in and a not great one, so it is great to recognise the importance of it.

  79. Amita I love how you see the role everyone plays in your business as equally important, with everyone having different responsibilities, but responsibilities nevertheless that need to be attended to and with out each person playing there equal part you’re business does not run at its peak and therefore can’t be there to serve. When we see ourselves or our roles as lesser than another, we are missing something very important and that is our part is needed for the whole and without our part there is no whole. It also means if we slacken off someone then needs to pick up our part, resulting in an inequality. Your business is very obviously leading the way.

  80. I’ve spent the weekend cleaning my house (not finished yet) – absolutely loved it, and I know the builders will feel the difference and it can’t help but have an impact on how they work next week.

  81. House keeping is a job that requires a certain amount of physical stamina and fitness, and just like with any job, the more you appreciate what you are offering as a service, and I mean deeply appreciating all that you bring with the role that you have and what you do, then the work can feed you back energy in a beautiful way.

  82. There is nothing like appreciating the quality that another brings to their roles, as it highlights that no matter what we do it is the quality that we bring to it is what supports life and others.

  83. Inside us all is a house keeper, we all are the master of our body and what we allow in and through it, it is a house for us. The quality we live in our body is reflected in our home by energy first and foremosf.

  84. A beautiful understanding of your staff and the appreciation of the importance of housekeeping roles in life
    “Staying present and connected to the task at hand, I could feel time expand around me.” What an amazing realisation and joy to read and know.

  85. I do a lot of cleaning of my home, we have a family and lots of people coming through, this is all good, but I can feel that if I did the cleaning in resentment or duty not only would it be laborious, the house would feel heavy. Cleaning up after ourselves is as much part of life as breathing. I teach my children this, cleaning is more than just putting things away it is being responsibility for the beginning, middle and end of what we choose.

  86. I recently handed my previous job over to someone else, and went through everything that my job entailed with them. Not only have I been able to appreciate what they then took on and have since developed, but I was also able to more deeply appreciate my own role and what I had implemented since starting the job. To define our job roles every now and again and then share with another is a great way to appreciate what anyone of us contributes to any business.

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