Mindfulness – a Fascination of Mind over Body

Mental prowess and superiority are often praised as the pinnacle of the human experience and achievement. Mental intelligence is what often creates wealth, security, position and acknowledgement from others. The brain is often thought of as the most significant organ in the body, the director of the show, and it is to the brain that we often turn to resolve issues such as problem solving in everyday life, depression and mental health issues.

When we have stress, depression or anxiety we are offered ‘talking therapies’ that look at how the brain works and what we think about ourselves, and the world we live in.

Anyone who may be feeling generally unsatisfied with life may consider mindfulness, a technique that offers us, as the name suggests, ‘mind awareness’ and to some degree, a control or a quelling of the thoughts that disturb us.

Now there is some benefit in attempting to control the thoughts we have, for example if we keep repeating thoughts like “I am ugly,” “I am no good,” then yes, it’s fantastic if we can stop perpetuating these thoughts and say “no” when they enter. Mastering the mind makes sense, but attempting to do so while ignoring the rest of our sensitive barometer, our bodies, does not offer us the remedy that we seek.

Is it possible that mindfulness is an extension of the obsession we have with mental intelligence?

We place enormous importance on the brain and excelling in education and excelling in our chosen careers through mental recall. We place weight on the power of the brain over the rest of the body. Most mental health techniques, including mindfulness, neglect the most significant attribute that supports awareness, wellbeing and true whole body intelligence – the Whole Body.

And what is true whole body intelligence? I would say it is a wisdom, a deep knowing and understanding of life that comes from a lived, embodied quality of being… Now I state here clearly, it is awesome to be educated to grasp formulas, the details of life and the world, but not in isolation of the body and not to the detriment of the body.

When did so many of us become detached from our bodies?

A few years ago I could feel that my head ruled my life… it literally dragged my body along. My mind and body were not united. I lived in my thoughts, issues and opinions without considering or caring for my body.

If I had a mental block or indecision I would do mental athletics with all the alternative rationales and scenarios to work out what my next step would be – I would tie myself in knots in the attempt to problem solve.

Practising to include my whole body in life has brought a deeper understanding of life that is precious and my decisions now often come with ease. This is an inner wisdom that I am developing and I see no limits to its potential. I now understand that the way I put myself to bed, brush my teeth, hold my posture, walk, breathe etc., have a direct correlation to the quality of my thoughts and that the more I care for my body the more the quality of these thoughts is enriched, as is my experience and understanding of life.

When we rush, slump or put our body under stress, our thoughts directly correspond to these choices, so choosing to be whole body aware making this our starting point, allows us to connect with the present moment. In the present moment we allow ourselves the space to refine our behaviours and observe the quality of our thoughts to a depth that offers real healing and consistent foundational support in life.

Our whole body holds an inner wisdom that is available when we are ready to access it – true intelligence. And when we connect to this inner wisdom we not only access a clarity and understanding, we are also able to truly care and support ourselves.

Practically, when I honour how I feel I respond more efficiently to my body’s feelings, and in doing so maintain my function, vitality and ability to flourish… my homeostasis. Also when I am honest about feeling energy, the stuff we can’t see but all feel, I then have a deeper awareness of what feels true and not true for me.

Honouring that energy exists, that we feel energy – be it through sensation, feelings or an innate knowing from the body – is a step towards whole body intelligence. If I get cold, hungry, tired, upset, feel tension, do I push these feelings aside, attempt to ignore or deny them, or do I honour what I feel?

The body holds a natural self-awareness of homeostasis; the balance, harmony and functional efficiency is a wisdom that brings clarity and ease… a whole body intelligence is not to be underestimated.

I would suggest true whole body intelligence can only be connected with when we allow ourselves to surrender to what we feel from the body and allowing what we feel to be honoured.

Mindfulness will not offer us the answers that we search for; the mind is only a part of the beautiful whole that is our body. Body-full-ness, Whole-Body Intelligence, this is the way to true healing, wisdom and wellbeing.

By Anonymous.

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697 thoughts on “Mindfulness – a Fascination of Mind over Body

  1. The body holds a natural self-awareness of homeostasis… What a beautiful statement, and this is what needs to be felt, understood, and allowed to revolutionise what has taken the place of true connection within.

  2. This makes me think about how the body is like a business. You can’t rely just on salespeople without the support of the back office staff, assistants, accountants, etc. If you place emphasis on one area only it’s just a matter of time before something gives. Our bodies are no different. Treat the body, or in this example the business, as whole for the most successful results.

    1. Well said Nick, and I often talk about being the CEO of an important company (my body) and in order to run it successfully, it is up to me as CEO to ensure that all the employees (the organs and organ systems) are working well together and in harmony. It is a huge responsibility to be CEO after all!

    2. Nick that’s a great analogy that our bodies are like a business and it requires teamwork to ensure that there is a flow and harmony to our bodies, in just the same way there should be a flow and harmony with a business because everyone relies on everyone else to do their part that’s the harmony. Not many businesses are run this way just as there are not many bodies that are run this way either. Is this why we are all breaking down with illness and disease because there is a lack of harmony in our bodies?

  3. Surrendering, listening and responding to my body I bring all of my being to the fore. Ignoring or holding back what my body is communicating with me and then I hold back not only my evolution but the offering of evolution to others.

  4. Recently at work I was shown a mindfulness meditation for pain relief and really they are no different to when I played video games with cramps. Because you are in your mind, intently focused upstairs, the pain in the body gets drowned out. It doesn’t make the cause of the pain go away but it distracts us from it. I’m not saying this is a bad thing to want to not feel pain, but when I feel the energy of the pain from my body then the sensation of pain reduces as the energy starts to clear out and the reaction to the pain is what is the most disturbing factor.

  5. “Now I state here clearly, it is awesome to be educated to grasp formulas, the details of life and the world, but not in isolation of the body and not to the detriment of the body.” I agree entirely, we do need to learn lots of things about life but not at the expense of also being in touch with our body and the awareness and wisdom we can connect with via this.

    1. The feedback from the body and the bodies of people around us is far quicker feedback than waiting for research. If there is even an inkling that something would be more caring, kinder and build a sense of brotherhood with each other then why wait for research to catch up?!

  6. Trying to solve the problem that the mind has created, with the mind only leads to more frustration and complication, being aware of what we are feeling in the body brings a truth and clarity to any situation.

  7. I think it was Einstein (or some other onto-it being) that wrote something like – you cant solve a problem with the same thinking that created it. And that saying came to be when we try to solve a busy mind with our minds – it never worked for me!

  8. The body really does not like it when we ignore it. The more we ignore it the louder it speaks.

  9. “When we rush, slump or put our body under stress, our thoughts directly correspond to these choices” This is an experiment we should all put ourselves on! We should never take this one as ‘just because someone said so it makes it true’ as it is far more powerful to feel what your body communicates with you in the rush, slump or stress.

  10. Yes we want a solution so mindfulness will be what we accept till such time as we come to an understanding that it didn’t change how the body was feeling, it just built up some resilience to what was going on. I wonder whether we really want true change as we prefer the quick solutions.

    1. Lucy we are all expressing as though we have a say in the matter, but what if we have no say that we are being moved by an unseen energy, that is just playing with us and moving us around as it dictates. Supposing we are just being manipulated, if this is true then where are we getting this so-called intelligence from? And doesn’t it rather put us in our place to consider the possibility that we do not think but are given what to think.

  11. This article reminds me of a saying ” getting ahead of ourselves ” – it conjures up a picture of a body-less head moving around in space, but that is how we live a lot of the time, resenting this body that we have to drag around, until one day the body lets us know in no uncertain terms of its existence, whether by disease, illness or accidents, we are then brought to account.

  12. This is really interesting; ‘I now understand that the way I put myself to bed, brush my teeth, hold my posture, walk, breathe etc., have a direct correlation to the quality of my thoughts and that the more I care for my body the more the quality of these thoughts is enriched.’ Reading this I can feel that it is the quality of our movements that are key.

  13. The more we care for ourselves and connect to the present moment, the greater our inner wisdom, our clarity, and the more simple life becomes when we are able to live from a natural way of being.

  14. “The body holds a natural self-awareness of homeostasis; the balance, harmony and functional efficiency is a wisdom that brings clarity and ease”.

    I was just marvelling about this the other day as I am looking at how I go to the toilet – yep true story :-). When I get the call to go the toilet, particularly for number two’s. I am heeding the call and going straight there and then allowing my body to do what it needs to do (i.e. no pushing or forcing it to happen – or delaying it actually). And I was in awe of this process when you allow it to happen as it wants (i.e. no pushing/delaying) because our body knows so much. It knows how to process my food, and when it is time to expel it. It is then up to us to listen and honour that.

    1. Eduardo, you’ve reminded me that all talk and no walk gets us nowhere, as in we do not evolve at all if we rely on just talking. We need to walk our talk and talk our walk.

  15. Recently I was involved in a team exercise where the mind was asked to be involved in some ‘mental aerobics’ by answering quiz questions that became progressively harder with each question. The team involved believed that it was important to do these regularly so that a person’s self esteem is increased. Competition, comparison and intellectual prowess overlooks the wisdom and awareness the whole body intelligence offers. When I have the opportunity to bring the ‘whole’ of my body to any situation, relationship or any moment, the fullness of who I am is confirmed and deepened. This experience is the opposite to the quiz question referred to earlier.

  16. I am struck by the sentence “I lived in my thoughts”. We can live in the endless fascination and stimulation of our thoughts, however we completely miss the simplicity, beauty and power of living in the wisdom and knowing of our whole body intelligence.

  17. The mind complicates with the thoughts running round and around in the head trying to figure out the best solutions to the problem that it more than likely created in the first place. The more we practice listening to our body the louder it will become in letting the mind know what will be truly supportive to our whole being. Why make life complicated when we can keep it far simpler when we simply listen to what our bodies are telling us, after all we all know the mind can play tricks – lie to us, whereas the body speaks the truth.

    1. deidremedbury you have just described how we so easily complicate life
      “The mind complicates with the thoughts running round and around in the head trying to figure out the best solutions to the problem that it more than likely created in the first place.”
      We love to complicate life because in the complication we do not allow ourselves to have any access to the true intelligence that our bodies can offer.

  18. Our mind can convince us of the most ridiculous things when we do not connect with the intelligence of the body first, things like we have not been able to solve the level of poverty, abuse etc in the world but we are happy to send people into 0uter space.

  19. The mind is the ultimate trickster and to base an entire technique on it, as in mindfulness, does not make sense. Our body holds the answer and the mind must be second to the heart. If not, we get forever more solutions, of which mindfulness is one, rather than true answers.

  20. ‘Our whole body holds an inner wisdom that is available when we are ready to access it – true intelligence.’ Well said, the bulk of humanity have championed the intelligence of the mind and always promoted it as being the ultimate. This is a limiting belief as it misses out on the true intelligence we all have access to that connects us to the grandness of universal intelligence and multidimensionality.

  21. The mind has constant activity and is virtually impossible to shut up, and its role is to be active indeed. However it is the quality of that activity that is key and hence how we work with this active mind is determined by how the body is in its activity. So if we can work on the quality of the way we move then we can actually support the mind to be reigned in and calm down from its usual cacaphony that can happen when we allow it free reign and allow what I call ‘headnoise’ to take over. Now that’s food for thought!

  22. There is an intelligence that far exceeds the ‘mindful’ intelligence that comes from only the mind… and this intelligence is ‘Love’… And this intelligence of Love comes from our body… so it would seem fitting to caution soul-ly focusing on the mind as the source of intelligence and isolating it from the intelligence of the heart.

  23. What about the things the body does without having to connect to the mind? Painters, musicians, accountants, and mothers for a few that do what they do because it feels right.

  24. The conversation with our body brings clarity and ease, it is unfiltered if we allow ourselves to actually listen! What amazes me is how the mind interprets what the body communicates and can choose to numb it or change its communication to suit its agenda – e.g ‘I don’t need to go to the toilet yet, I am sure I can finish this document first…’ um…maybe not! Don’t you love the honesty of a child’s bladder – when they need to go they need to go!

  25. Where we are given a choice and start to understand how our body operate without being mind-full our body quickly shares. When being mind-full it is so like trying to rule the hen house with the gate open, we quickly learn that they fly the coup or get eaten alive. As does our mind also wants to run a muck and leave the sanctity of the whole body, with the increased awareness that is always on offer, therefore we are like live bate waiting in our supposed safe little nest with the door wide open and never aware of what is pulling our strings, so we are awaiting in tension not knowing that “mindfulness is an extension of the obsession we have with mental intelligence”. Increased awareness knows when to open or close the gate, as it has a deep understanding of the whole body so we know if our strings are being pulled and what is safe for us to explore thus relieving any tension.

  26. ‘Mastering the mind makes sense, but attempting to do so while ignoring the rest … our bodies’ makes no sense and this neatly captures why mindfulness is too narrow, it doesn’t allow for our bodies the key in fact to our thoughts, for how we move dictates how we think.

  27. Mindfulness…. A ‘mind-full’ of what? Is it full of thoughts images, picture that take us away from the body? … A body wherein lays the heart and doorway into our Soul?

    1. A playful question, Johanne. Our minds can be so full at times that it has no space to move once it is clogged up with mental energy.

  28. It is interesting how in society, there is a fascination of mind over body, but really, our fascination should lay with the body, as the body is like the doorway to the Soul. It is through the body we connect to this quality and space and not through our mind. Esoteric Yoga is a Universal Medicine modality that shows you this fact.

  29. The mind can have us believing all sorts of things but the body is giving us clues all the time as to how to live in harmony. Esoteric Yoga bridges the gap and allows for mind and body to be one and for us to feel the fullness, stillness, and harmony this brings.

  30. I was chatting to someone recently and they were telling me how they encouraged both their boys to go to university to get a degree to secure the best paid job with lots of money. Their son has a law degree but is not practicing law after all the effort to get the degree because apparently he cannot get a job in law. Their other son is a qualified medical doctor working all hours but is not reaping the rewards of his degree as he works long hours at a low wage set by the government. So the idea and belief that if we rely on our minds to get us a piece of paper that says we can recall/ regurgitate certain information is going to get us a secure well paid job is a fallacy. This someone owns a company and they have people with university degrees contacting the company for the most menial of positions just to get a job that on paper they are overqualified for. I do wonder if we put too much emphasis on going to university because we think it is going to secure us the best paid job, when in actual fact it doesn’t, and a lot of graduates end up with a massive debt to pay back.

    1. Choosing a profession because it’s a good money earner must be a recipe for disaster; what can money do when our heart is not in it? How are the patients treated when the practitioner resents what they are doing and how poorly they are getting paid? How does the law graduate feel when he cannot get a job in his chosen discipline and what does he bring to the position he holds now?

  31. To confirm the power of whole body intelligence all we have to do is experience a change in movement with our body and feel the flow-on effect. This immediately influences the mind and the connection and power the ‘whole body’ can bring working together is confirmed. All it requires is full presence in each moment and connection to our breath.

  32. This article represents a science that many are loath to acknowledge, as to do so will mean looking at the life one has constructed, as quite possibly this life will completely change. Hear in lies the problem, as we already innately know it will (and actually crave for this to be the case) but struggle to allow that to happen.

  33. Speaking from the mind one can literally say whatever they want. But the body the mind is held in is often conveying, through movements, gestures and expressions the absolute opposite to what the mind says. We all know this for ourselves and see it in others. This simple fact is proof positive that the mind working alone will often lie, manipulate or try to control. Where as when one is humble enough to say what one feels, truthfully, the mind surrenders to what the body feels. In my experience, the healing from this is huge and constantly on going.

  34. The mind on its own has us running around in circles and is full of indecision, thoughts that seemingly come from nowhere and many curved balls.

  35. Yes you can take a camel to a well but you can-not make it drink! So we can express the virtues of being connected but it is up to everyone to choose for them-self.
    Understanding that when we step back from a watery problem life changes as we open our body to all that is around us. So being on a watery path and not getting wet takes our whole body to understand the water is only a medium or energy that we indulge in or float to the top so we can extract our-self. So it is the same with energy we come to an understanding that our body is all-ways surrounded by energy and it is our choice to use our whole body and thus move with our body that maintains the energy of Love from our inner-most-essence.

  36. My head ruled the roost for a long time and my body was far more functional (walking, pooing, etc…) and I made it get quite fit and unfit at times. And I had to manage anxiety a lot during this time. It was only when I started to think of the body as a whole and not separate parts for separate activities, did the true healing begin and I started to feel much more steadier and much more capable within life. It’s quite obvious when you write it like this…if you have bits that are separated, they are never as strong as all the bits coming together. I have found Esoteric Yoga a great way to start to build a stronger connection to the body.

  37. Saying Mantras and positive thinking is a common way people think they are supporting themselves, but how much of this is actually felt in the body is a completely different thing! What truly makes a difference in our lives, is when the body speaks and delivers. This is something that is not always that easy to do despite it being our natural and innate way of being – and this is because we have tread so far from this way of being that we have in fact ‘forgotten’ how to make the body our first and foremost leader, for after all the body is the bridge to the Soul.

  38. There is so much in what you share here, a whole world unfolds in front of us when we let our body show us the way through life, not by giving in to our moods but by building, through self-love and self-care, an ever deepening relationship with ourselves and our body, understanding more the correlation between how we are with ourselves in everything we do and the effects this has in how we will feel and what we will do next. What we do in one moment will set us up for the next.

  39. One of the coolest thing I discovered: by taking care of the body, which also means being in the body, the quality of my thoughts, and the type of thoughts automatically change.

    1. Yes, everything influences our state of being, how we are with ourselves, what we eat, how we are with others, when we go to bed, those are all contributors to how we feel, what we think, how deeply we care.

  40. Whole body intelligence perhaps sounds a bit fuzzy, it just means that the body carries whole lot more “real” intelligence than the mind and that through the body we can access an intelligence that is far wiser than the intelligence that is access through the mind. Because both mental intelligence and body intelligence are not in us, we access it, it is a source outside of us.

  41. At the moment in philosophy we are looking at what makes us ‘us’ – is it the brain, the body, or something ‘more’ or a combination of these things? In the most recent section they have begun to discuss consciousness and how we have ‘conscious thought’ like when we are doing a puzzle and unconscious thought which is common and all those times when we are on auto pilot, doing something and not with us as we do it like making a cup of tea that is so familiar we can be off thing about something else as we do it. They shrug this off as a normal part of life, missing what to me seems like a key part of the very deeply personal, philosophical and meaningful question of what makes us who we are. How could the very fact of us living so very disconnected to who we are not be worth looking at and considering? Surely this disconnection between the body walking, cooking, driving and us thinking shows there is a distinction between the two, and that surely begs the question of what happens when we spend so much time disconnected? We are not just a mind, we are also a body but what is running the body when the mind is miles away?

  42. “Mental intelligence is what often creates wealth, security, position and acknowledgement from others” – it may well do sadly, though a body that is without the quality of love as the foundation of anything in life leads to a life of emptiness and void where no amount of money or accomplishment satiates. As i’ve experienced myself over the years the satiation point only comes with the arrival of (self) love.

  43. If the mind is a receiver of images, thoughts and ideas, it makes me consider how ‘mindfulness’ encourages one to become more focused on the head and not be less in touch or feel connected with the body as a whole one unit. If we know that “Our whole body holds an inner wisdom that is available when we are ready to access it…” it would seem fitting for us to become more aware and connected with our body, and lets say ‘body-fullness’ in order to connect to a deep inner stillness that radiates from our heart centre.

  44. To leave the body and its own intelligence separate from the mind does not make sense when it is our body that houses our whole being.

    1. Yes, agree, especially, considering our heart centre is in the body. How can there be love in mindfulness, when the focus is on a movement away from the body and up into the head?

  45. Recently I went to a specialist with my daughter who was very pro mindfulness meditation. It got to the point where he was very forceful with wanting her to take up the practice, and because we didn’t want to take on board what he was promoting, he got quite agitated with us.

  46. If we live from the agenda of our mind we create inner conflict within ourselves, and all that entails, as our body has its own agenda, which eventually has to be honoured as it is the true one.

  47. Trying to control thoughts by not thinking about them is like standing under a waterfall with an umbrella. Until we deal with the source of the water or just step out of the water and observe why we were standing there to start with we will continue to stay wet!

    1. ha ha that is a very funny but a very true picture. The thoughts are going to keep coming if we don’t ask where those thoughts are coming from and why.

  48. The body is a magnificent vehicle that continuous to amaze me in its sophistication and yet when truly living with it, its rhythm and natural working, life becomes very simple. To me this shows the grandness of the universe, it encompasses the all that there is and yet there is never complication but always a rhythm and flow working with the all.

  49. I know a lot of people are quick to jump on the mindfulness bandwagon but aren’t so interested when presented with full body intelligence. Kind of crazy really when a head on its own wouldn’t be much use at all if it didn’t have a body.

    1. This is a great and logical point you are making here, our head is nothing without the rest of the body and vice versa. It is the whole body that counts and never just one part of it.

    2. We could definitely have some fun with this Kevin…. a sea of heads trying to get around on popsicle sticks having decided they don’t need the toes, feet, ankles, legs, torso etc. Presumably there would equally be the bodies waiting patiently on the sidelines for the minds to eventually figure out that they are meant to be a whole!

  50. There is a possibility that as humans, we arrogantly think we can run the body as if it is our own personal slave rather than take in to consideration we are a whole, one, head to toe unit. The head can’t do without the body , just as much the body can’t do without the head.

  51. It is a choice – like choosing to just have a blinkered view and only see what you want to focus on, or being open to receiving information from and being aware of everything that is going on around you.

    An example for me is driving: do I choose to only focus on the road ahead, or do I stay open to observing what is going on around me, what is shown in my side and rear mirrors and the sounds as I drive. Similarly in life, I consider it unwise to just focus on the thoughts we receive through our brain and ignore the depth of awareness that is accessible through the interraction our bodies have with the Universe at a particle level.

  52. We know mental intelligence does not have the answers, people can be very clever but still have mental health issues and depression. The obsession of the mind trying to sort things out will never get the true answers, the truth comes from the wisdom from within the body.

  53. There is something that strikes me as hilarious about mindfulness. The mind clearly has machine- or computer-like properties but there also seems to be something that is beyond these machine-like properties. Trying to get to these beyond items through a machine (isn’t that mindfulness?) seems to be a strange concept.

    1. Yes, and this makes me wonder why would we even want to be and live machine like, when we have a whole body that gives us so much more than mere function.

  54. ‘mindfulness is an extension of the obsession we have with mental intelligence’ ….Yes ,we think that our mind is kingpin, because we can make anything up in our heads and that be a ‘reality’. But is it true, and does it take us anywhere… other than around and around in the same old circles? Does anything truly change? When we engage the fullness of the feeling body first and foremost, then we have the possibility of connecting to the truth of life, how we live and what that means.

  55. Well stated.. “the mind is only a part of the beautiful whole that is our body. Body-full-ness, Whole-Body Intelligence, this is the way to true healing, wisdom and wellbeing…”

  56. “The body holds a natural self-awareness of homeostasis; the balance, harmony and functional efficiency is a wisdom that brings clarity and ease…” – This line was a revelation for me. Not that I did not know that the human body is always moving to maintain a homeostatic state of harmony within it, but that if one thinks that the mind should be the focus of how, what, and why we live, then they are destined to be on a rollercoaster of mental and emotional energies as it negates the true wisdom of the body that can be the guide for us to come back to a harmonic state of being.

  57. Our mind is only part of the show. Our answers are contained within our whole body. Also how we think, or the quality of our thought very much depend on the quality of our movements. Therefore we cannot leave our body out of this in favour of our mind or from controlling the mind.

    1. The pride of my spirit does not like it, however the fact that the quality of our movements affects the quality of our thoughts is an absolute clincher on that fact that it is not our brain itself that is the one calling the shots.

  58. Operating from the human mind at the expense of the body leaves scant space for awareness, fresh and revealing insights or forever new and often unexpected opportunities. Connecting to our body’s wisdom is very nurturing, vitalising and refreshing as it gets us out of the circulatory old patterns of our stale thought patterns which are habitually fixed on survival, security above all else and the pursuit of personal advantage, no matter what.

    1. There could be a similarity here to spending one’s life in front of a computer or in front of one’s phone if one has to leave one’s home. It seems equally limiting.

  59. Most of us have plenty of moments when we have a sense and awareness which cannot be explained by our mind, in fact at times I have chosen to ignore my feeling following the logic as dictated by my mind and have ended up seeing the error further down the line. It is curious that we keep insisting that the mind provides greater intelligence when logic itself would say that there is something more that we can sense with our whole being.

  60. Ha! I find myself imagining heads going round on rollar-skates when I reflect on how the majority of humanity sees itself as being all about head intelligence rather than our true whole body intelligence.

  61. The head can literally feel like it is sending us round the bend, and puts us into overwhelm. The body will always support us to return us to our connection to truth when we choose to feel it.

  62. ” Mindfulness will not offer us the answers that we search for; the mind is only a part of the beautiful whole that is our body. Body-full-ness, Whole-Body Intelligence, this is the way to true healing, wisdom and wellbeing. ‘
    Whole body intelligence makes sense, for when one looks and feels the energy of a baby one connects with the whole body and feels the love a baby emanates , its a whole body expression.

  63. “Body intelligence can only be connected with when we allow ourselves to surrender to what we feel from the body and allowing what we feel to be honoured.” This is significant, because for ages I could not understand what people who talked about the intelligence of the body were on about. It was because I was trying to work it out with my brain.

    It has been a slow journey with the support of the various Universal Medicine modalities, and the Gentle Breath Meditation, that I have managed to surrender enough to actually start feeling the awareness impulsed from within my body. There is a huge difference between that level of awareness and how my brain ticks.

  64. One day it will be understood by all that the brain is not the king among organs and that it is merely a servant to whichever energy we choose to allow to run us and also that our bodies are the source of our intelligence and not ever our heads.

  65. “choosing to be whole body aware making this our starting point, allows us to connect …” Body connection brings awareness and awareness in turn brings self care to the choices we make. Rather than ‘ticking boxes’ of self care, including the whole body develops a settlement and connection to love within.

  66. How is mindfulness any different to any other form of escaping from the simple reality of what one is feeling in their body? It is from listing to and living life from our bodies that instigates healing and the personal growth we all essentially crave.

  67. Connecting to what we feel and then responding to life from this depth anchors us into our bodies where one can feel content and truly settled.

    1. For too long have we been acting as if it is all about our thinking mind. No amount of connecting to our mind, trying to let go or alter our thoughts, or controlling our brain function will ever bring what you have mentioned – feeling content and truly settled. Nor will it help us connect to our deep innate awareness.

    1. Yes, our mind can take us anywhere but always at the expense of the body because even with so called good thoughts we vacate our body and are elsewhere thus not conscious of what is happening with our body.

  68. There is a branch in computing that is called black-box computing. The purpose is to duplicate an existing program without knowing how the programs works internally – all you have access to is the output. It is extremely hard to duplicate an unknown existing program and I wonder if we are in the same position when we work on our mind – we really don’t know how our mind works internally or even where thoughts come from.

  69. Our mind is an amazing tool though given it is possible to make a choice with our mind at the expense of our body we need to consider that something is amiss. For when we listen to our body this does not occur, for example our body tells us when to stop eating, though we can override this message with our mind and keep eating.

  70. It seems that we over ride the intelligence of the heart and love by our head/mind. It is the body that emanates these qualities, hence, this is where we should pay more attention to.

  71. Mindfulness holds the thinking mind supreme without consideration for the quality of the source of intelligence, and completely negates the body. The human body never works in parts – it is an amazing flowing system of interconnectedness.

  72. When I was just in my mind all it gave me was constant anxiousness and nervousness and wanting to better myself all at the expense of my body. All these mindfulness techniques and fascination with allowing the brain to lead the way all comes from the mind, so it shows how powerful modalities that focus on the body and connecting to our inner heart are for humanity.

  73. Everything in this life is geared around being in our head – so it can come as quite a shock that there could be another way to live. It’s like we exclaim ‘hey how come nobody told me?’. But our body has been telling us this ever since we were born. Thanks for clearing this up.

    1. So true Joseph. Whilst we keep ignoring the wisdom which our body communicates to us constantly, we can carry in the illusion that our mental thoughts are our one and only source of intelligence. Yet as so many people have tried and testified, when you start paying attention to and honouring what is felt via the body, it becomes evident that this is by far the deepest and most reliable source of awareness.

  74. The drive to develop our mental intelligence comes from the recognition that society feeds us as success and security. But true power comes from knowing ourselves from the body, from inside out, from within and living our quality of life from there.

  75. I was presenting to some psychologists about actually reconnecting To their bodies… Building the bridge of reconnection, and within that reconnection feeling the truth of stillness… One commented that this was an amazing experience, to have mindfulness as an experience in the body rather than just on the mental plane

  76. ‘Most mental health techniques, including mindfulness, neglect the most significant attribute that supports awareness, wellbeing and true whole body intelligence – the Whole Body.’ It is interesting that the prevailing consciousness puts the brain, head and shoulders above the rest of the body (pun intended)! Yet philosophers such as Plato have been expressing for centuries that a part cannot be well unless the whole is well. This means that we have to consider the whole body when relating to health and to life.

  77. This is such a relevant discussion point – that our mind and bodies do not work in union but that for the most part our mind seems to run the show. i certainly ticked this box – seeing it as totally normal because thats how the world was. But look at us – we’re getting sicker and sicker – our bodies are crying out – and now I actually know what it is like to feel my body and where I am at and it has supported me to take more care of my body.

  78. Mental intelligence has dominated us as a society but it is important to remember that the gut is full of nerve endings and the heart has its own neurons, so in effect its own nervous system, independent from the brain. It is being learned that the intelligence of the body is far greater than the brain.

  79. Thank you I have been reminded of posture as I read your blog and how magic it is in reconnecting us to a clarity and uprightness that aligns us to a much more vital way of being. Awareness and appreciation of posture is a great way we can support ourselves, it takes only a few seconds to readjust and reconnect.

  80. Controlling our thoughts or even changing our thoughts so we are thinking in a more positive manner may seem like a really good thing to do and may even produce a “positive change”. But is this true when our whole body contains the same intelligence and the intelligence is ignored for the betterment we are obtaining through thinking positively.

  81. It is our mind that ties us up in knots and not our body. When we listen to the body life becomes very simple.

    1. Hah! This so clearly shows the illusion of getting wound up with the antics of the mind and then having the mind to think up strategies to making it better.

  82. It is amazing to experiment the whole changing the body posture thing when I have a negative thought. The thought really is halted when I change position, stand or sit more upright… it’s like an eraser rubbing out the mark. I can either redraw the same mark, or make a different one depending on how I chose to move my body next.

    1. I love trying and experimenting with it as well Rachel – my mind still cannot comprehend or compute it but the thoughts are not there anymore. It is in these moments that I can find myself actively seeking them and trying to recreate them which shows me that I am starting to see my part in wanting them rather than simply blaming things outside of me. So then I have to ask why would I want to be anything less than the love that I am. What would it actually mean if I took full responsibility and lived the love I am in full without any holding back. It is definitely worth pondering on that each movement I am given an opportunity to bring my all or not.

  83. What is so mind-blowingly simple is how taking care of our bodies enhances our whole experience of life – our relationship with ourselves, with others, with life.. the more we truly look after ourselves, the more at ease we start to feel, and more deeply connected to ourselves and everyone else.

  84. What makes one cell more intelligent than another when each is so incredible in how it knows exactly what it’s function is, how to replicate itself, divide and repair?

    1. This is a great lesson in equality, not championing one over others, but seeing they all make up the whole, are interdependent relying on each other, and if we don’t care equally for them all then the parts we neglect or mistreat will end up destroying the whole.

  85. “We place enormous importance on the brain and excelling in education and excelling in our chosen careers through mental recall.”
    I always found this a bit funny when at school the big deal about learning stuff, learning stuff thats in a book, and how ‘great’ a student was if they knew what was in the books.

    1. Spot on John, intelligence in our current society is seen as that which one has learned from an external source, and there are no accolades for the intelligence that is innate to the body.

  86. We want to detach for our body because it tells us everything that we need to know about life and how we could live it – and we do not want to take that responsibility. And the more we listen to our body, the more refining it asks for.

  87. Honoring that energy exists and that we can feel it is huge because for most of us we have not been educated to understand energy in it’s true meaning. We are taught that energy can light up a light bulb for instance but it is all external. We are not taught that energy is flowing through us constantly and that it is this energy more than food that impacts us every second of the day.

    1. I love this Simon, it highlights how much bigger we make the brain than it truly is. We take one part of the body and champion it above all else, all the while we have a whole body that knows so much more.

      1. Yes, beautifully expressed Simon and when we champion one aspect above the whole, as you say Esther, we miss out on so much as we are the sum of the parts, not pieces.

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