The Changing Face of Frugality

Where does frugality come from? Is it good or bad? Is it something that is entrenched in the way we are raised and determined by our parents’ outlook on life and their financial standing? Is it lingering from times of war and depression? Why is it so entrenched in Christianity? Is it only about money or does it permeate much deeper than dollars and cents alone?

These are questions that have arisen over recent times as I begin to realise that I have lived my life with no true connection to who I truly am, just a reduced version of the real me that I now know is an avoidance of the responsibility I have to bring my true power to everything I do. This way of living life is the polar opposite of how it can be and as I unpick each layer built up to cover my true essence, I look into the nooks and crannies of what has influenced me throughout my life.

I grew up in very modest post war means, living in Government supported housing. My father had fought in WWII and was employed in a longstanding job, as many did in those days, but as I see it now, well below his capabilities.

Our life was simple – we never owned a car – so I caught the bus to school and we walked everywhere we could, and I still enjoy walking wherever I can. Otherwise it was public transport and groceries were delivered from the store in the city out to us in the suburbs. Growing up, nothing was wasted yet there was no feeling of abundance except at Christmas time, when we would buy a Christmas hamper with all sorts of goodies, including some we didn’t like, and Dad would buy a live chicken from the nearby chicken farm, and slaughter it for us for Christmas Dinner.

I started dressmaking at a young age, and remember being very proud of my outfit for my Year 8 School Fair (age 13), where I met my first boyfriend. From then on I made nearly all of my clothes including swimsuits, business attire and then my wedding gown. I remember that it cost me $33 for the fabric and pattern, when something similar would have cost many hundreds of dollars, if not more.

Frugality had permeated my way of life, and it was partnering up with my then undetected lack of self-worth, to become something different. It was about minimalist living, saving as much as possible and doing as much work as possible, negating what my body may have been telling me. There was no thought of taking a break and most long weekends were for doing bigger projects around the house.

Along came the children: one, two, three! I loved being pregnant. I loved having babies. I loved being a wife and mother. But somewhere along the way I lost loving me and it was about everyone else. The changing face of frugality extended to not even considering there should be some time devoted to my self-nurturing. Every moment was filled with chores and projects; so much so that I recall feeling so accomplished that I could squeeze even more into my day. Frugality became about short changing myself from the abundance that I truly am.

Making the family’s clothes, growing vegetables, baking bread, cakes and biscuits and every meal from scratch, learning how to be the family hairdresser – all this, even when I went back to work. This face of frugality was intertwined with every decision.

So, you may ask, in how many ways can one see frugality differently? Here are but a few I have discovered:

Being frugal with:

My time –

Doing things as fast as possible, and not in the quality that I now know to be me in activities such as:

  • Housekeeping
  • Shopping
  • Cooking
  • Gardening
  • Walking and exercising
  • Doing tasks at work and returning to my desk by cutting corners and bumping into edges.

My tenderness –

  • Not cuddling my babies off to sleep, but letting them settle in their cot so I could get on to the next task (I definitely did not want to ‘spoil’ them, as the belief was in those times)
  • Not pegging and folding washing in a tender way, but as quickly as possible
  • Applying creams, lotions and makeup at lightning speed.

My expression –

  • Not speaking up about how I feel
  • Not sharing with others the many ideas that pop into my awareness
  • Swallowing hurts
  • Not allowing myself space to grieve the sudden death of my mother when I had a new baby, a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old to care for.

Fast forward to my introduction to Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon, who bring everything back to love. I have been re-introduced to true abundance and am still grasping how to live that every day. Why would I not take the time to gently and lovingly apply cleanser, toner and moisturiser to my face, lotion to my body – how much extra time and tenderness does it take? Being frugal is being turned around, yet again, and I am learning to spend time with me in preparation for each day.

From an untrue use of frugality towards true abundance – discovering pockets where this twist of frugality is hiding and calling it out – is an ongoing process and I’m learning from others much younger than me to not short cut my own needs (being frugal) to satisfy another.

Abundance abounds through my devotion to self-nurturing and self-love, which leads to self-worth through appreciation and confirmation of who I am. Abundance abounds, and I am learning to allow myself to feel it with every breath. No more ‘that will do’ when I feel to do something differently. I just made myself an omelette, so I took the time to pick some parsley from the garden, to take some (previously prepared in the true nature of frugality) kale and onion from the freezer, to include some roast vegies from the fridge and some spices too. Frugality and abundance working together!

By NP, an elder with great wisdom to share, and more yet to discover, Australia

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784 thoughts on “The Changing Face of Frugality

  1. Could the difference between frugality and abundance be our quality and intention in the way we do things in? Not necessarily slowing down but being more self-loving and nurturing in the way we care for ourselves, knowing that will naturally flow onto being that way towards others or choosing to squeeze more in at the expense of ourselves by overriding our feelings in the need to tick all the boxes to look good.

  2. Frugality can definitely represent us holding back and being stingy with either ourselves or others.

  3. I am very grateful to the presentations by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, where I have learnt the importance of love, and how love cannot be rushed, but is rekindled by a deeper connection to our essence, and once we reach that feeling of love, we understand that we cannot short change ourselves because we are worth so much more than we often settle for.

  4. We approach frugality with a tightness in how we are with us and in doing so we cut corners with ourselves. And reading this I can feel how I am frugal with how I am with me, my time with me and how I haven’t always allowed the space to see and feel what I need and to take the space to do so. A learning here to examine how I am with myself, truly generous or tight.

  5. From the very reduced version of life we live to realizing and embracing the fullness and abundance that the universe and our divine nature is is quite a leap in consciousness that then transpires into the practicalities of life; then it is the true abundance being lived no matter how rich or poor one is.

  6. The reality of accepting things and that will do to truly bringing all of oneself to things is so beautiful to feel and this in itself brings an abundance to life.

  7. I keep coming back to this article because I do not feel I have totally understood the word frugality, or am still confused by the various definitions used for it. I see that holding back is being frugal with our qualities, what we have to offer in life, our openness to share ourselves and/or material wealth. I also see that there is beautiful quality of responsibility in not being extravagant and indulgent. Thank you for this opportunity to explore further and to develop clarity.

  8. When we are frugal with ourselves, our words, our love, with compliments, appreciation or respect there is a tight feeling of contraction and the atmosphere feels warped. However, when we are open and giving with everything we are feeling and do not hold back there is a feeling of freedom and flow which allows us to breathe freely. One is a way of exerting control, and the other is total acceptance and surrender to the truth of the moment.

  9. It literally does not pay if we cut corners in our own health and well being, in the care and love that we express in our relationship with ourselves and, in truth, in whatever we do.

  10. Allowing space in my day has been one way that has helped make an impact on those frugal behaviours and attitudes that I would have with myself.

  11. Yes, I love no longer accepting ‘that will do’ and often find myself stopping and re-doing something because the way that it was carried out was not with the beautiful quality it can have when I bring all of me and my love to it.

    1. Me too Janet. I love those moments of heightened awareness when I realise I have cut a corner (cut care off short) and go back to attend to something with greater respect and responsibility.

    1. What I find amazing about connecting to the love that we are is that I realise the infiniteness of it; that it does not just fill up my body and stop at my skin but that it fills interactions with others and space… properly cool and indicative of a universal plan that is beyond my comprehension.

  12. “Growing up, nothing was wasted yet there was no feeling of abundance except at Christmas time,” this expresses my childhood also NP, there was always a feeling of “borrowing from Peter to pay Paul”. Your blog brought home to me how growing up in this energy certainly permeated many areas of my life, more than perhaps I had before considered, thank you for your blog, it has given me food for thought.

  13. We have an excess of technology, screens and non stop motion in the world, and it seems a very sparing amount of true rest, repose or retreat. Today’s version of ‘stopping’ is watching television, gaming or going online, and this is having a huge impact on our society.

    1. Great point, Susie, and a very important insight into the state the world is currently in. It is of scary interest to explore what this trajectory will look like in 10 years.

  14. We can be frugal with ourselves, in the amount of love that we choose to give ourselves and then live with and express. Anything that we focus on that is not love will take us away from the love we could otherwise be building. To do so is to be frugal in the amount of love we are willing to have in our lives.

  15. NP, I love your humbleness and openness to learning from others, including those younger than you and your willingness to make changes. I also like how you are sharing your wisdom and experience with others through this blog and I am sure in other ways too. This sharing of experience and openness to learning whatever our age feels very beautiful and like a true way for us to be with ourselves and each other.

  16. If we curb our expression and what we have felt that is there to be said or shared with another, we devalue ourselves and short change others.

    1. cjames2012 that is very true, we think about money and poverty and cutting back but in many ways we can be frugal with the love we hold ourselves and others in, often far more damaging than not spending on that next night out.

  17. A great understanding of what is going on and what the world dictates as to our expression and the written word. Learning to express fully what we feel in our own expression is very empowering and supportive and something to learn to appreciate and love for ourselves.

  18. I love how you have brought your understanding of frugality to your ‘Tenderness’, your ‘Expression’ and your ‘Time’ here NP. They are all things that I can also relate to. To be aware of the areas in which we do hold back is the first step towards changing our relationship with frugality, and enables us to open up to the abundance of what is always on offer for both ourselves and the recipient.

  19. “I look into the nooks and crannies of what has influenced me throughout my life”.
    This is quite a process to do this, and one that is quite worthwhile. It can be super challenging, and super rewarding to do this, as we can find things hidden in these nooks can crannies that we did not know that where there. At the recent Universal Medicine Australian Retreat, we delved into a few and a standout for me was looking at recognition and how much does recognition play out in your life? There are the obvious ones about looking for approval, to be seen a certain way, to be liked, disliked etc… and then when you shine a light into the nooks and crannies, you can also see the more subtle ways we search for recognition, often stemming from an idea that we are not enough.

  20. I can really relate to this insidious ‘frugality’ you describe in this blog and how it can creep into our lives through religion and parenting and social norms etc. I can feel how it plays out of a denial of the abundance that is possible and becomes self-fulfilling in that you try to be frugal with time, energy, money love etc and then well that’s what you receive – less of all of the above and then wonder why your life does not feel as amazing as it could be. So the key as you say very well in this blog is accepting the grandness, the gloriousness, abundance and power that is there all the time waiting for us to allow and connect to and this occurs in all the little details of life in our every day.

    1. Yes.. accepting the greatness, the and grandness and the abundance of the universe that we’re all a part of isn’t a one-off big-reveal moment, but in the detail of every moment.

  21. Re-reading this has really supported me to clear out some things I have been hanging onto in case.. in case of what? If I need something in the future, I’ll go and buy another one.I would never have found it in my attic anyway because it was such a jumbled mess! Out goes frugality, in comes abundance, yeah. We know we have all we ever need.

  22. It is so liberating when we break out of the imposing consciousness of right and wrong and good and bad and discern for ourselves what feels true for us.

  23. Thank you for sharing. I use to be more frugal before than I am today and the quality of my beingness was well different back then than what it is now. Although food for me has been an issue in how i am using it for example. The quality has changed a lot, but the quantity still needs to be addressed sometimes as I tend to use it to fill an emptiness or a way to entertain myself as opposed to truly nurture myself.

  24. I love the way you have taken frugality much deeper than just being about saving money. It is an energy that pervades everything, especially how you are with yourself. It says in a judgmental tone, ‘that’s wasteful’ or even ‘you don’t deserve that’. Its a hard way too be with yourself and denies the abundance that our lives can have in them, just by being loving and open with ourselves.

  25. “I’m learning from others much younger than me to not short cut my own needs (being frugal) to satisfy another.” How beautiful this is NP, to be open to learning such wisdom from those younger than you. We have so much to offer each other, irrespective of our age – something that would quite possibly have been frowned upon when you were younger, but is something that we all miss out on if we stay stuck in the belief that children and younger people are exactly that and therefore don’t know what older people know.

  26. I realise from reading this blog that in a weird way, I can be frugal and hold back in the way I dress, holding back nicer outfits for another day, a special occasion, better weather, when I had more time. But in reality its just holding myself back from really expressing myself

  27. The ‘that will do’ attitude that a lot of women carry is very degrading of the sacredness of women.

  28. Abundance versus frugality what an amazing sharing especially when it all comes down to love. A delight to look at and see our choices and beliefs in life and the freedom and responsibility that can really become our living way flowing with appreciation and joy.

  29. Abundance versus frugality what an amazing sharing espcially when it all comes down to love. A delight to look at and see our choices and beliefs in life and the freedom and responsibility that can really become our living way flowing with appreciation and joy.

  30. Just the other day I was recalling that I have always had enough, sometimes only just, but I have. I never lost my home or my business and there is so much love and support out there. I am not suggesting being reckless, just to appreciate.

  31. A lot of frugality stems from World War two when there was not enough to go around and many things were rationed. I have never really adopted a frugal stance preferring instead to work hard to create abundance instead but I have lived with those who take the frugal option and what I noticed was that we can seemingly be frugal about one thing but confusingly extravagant in others. This inconsistency never made sense to me.

  32. My parents raised six children so there was always a feeling of never enough and living from week to week which created a lot of tension and stress. This belief of there being enough I took on and has impacted all areas of my life – only in exposing this deeply ingrained belief have I been able to re-imprint it and now trust that I will always be taken care of – you just have to look at nature and see the abundance of beauty.

    1. Trust has played a huge part in re-imprinting my beliefs regarding lack, my childhood circumstances were very similar to yours jacqmcfadden04 and learning to trust the abundance of God and that all is provided when I am open to it, has been life-changing.

  33. NP I remember this ideal and belief
    “Not cuddling my babies off to sleep, but letting them settle in their cot so I could get on to the next task (I definitely did not want to ‘spoil’ them, as the belief was in those times) ”
    I decided that ideal and belief was a load of ‘tosh’ and very often would cuddle my child off to sleep not all the time but when I felt it was needed to give my child and myself a restful night sleep. The other old wives tale was letting the baby cry no matter what it was good for them… says who? That was another ideal and belief I didn’t follow but followed my own senses of what was going on with the child.

  34. Another thing I have found with frugal living is the great guilt one feels if we step outside the boundaries we have set. Frugal living, without discernment, becomes control.

  35. I love the combination of frugality and abundance, for both are essential for a balanced life. Wastage of money is so common these days, but as you say an abundance of self-care is an essential and often not catered for requirement.

  36. ‘Along came the children: one, two, three! I loved being pregnant. I loved having babies. I loved being a wife and mother. But somewhere along the way I lost loving me and it was about everyone else.’ – NP, you are describing a reality that is the norm for the majority of our female population – we have learnt to make it about everyone else, regardless of being a mother/wife or not. There’s a lack of female role models to reflect the importance of deeply loving and caring for ourselves.

  37. I am finding how speaking up and having conversations is clearing out so much of what I had been holding on to. I hadn’t associated it with being frugal before, but dropping that pattern has encouraged more expression and more value for myself. Once something is said, it can be discussed and sorted out, it naturally brings the abundance to us.

  38. It is a work in progress to call out behaviours where I short change myself in order to place the needs of another before my own, a behaviour that feels as though it has been with me for lifetimes. But living the role of being a mother to three children in today’s world is a big one but at the same time I cannot but appreciate the incessantly offerings every single day to heal the lack of self worth – frugality in my life.

  39. Frugality can be another shade of individuality, a way to stand out and be special in that very particular thrifty way.

  40. I have been finding that even when my relationship with a word is true and my use of the word is precise, I have an expanding relationship with what is presented. This means even if I can look back at an experience enhanced by that relationship in the past, a repeat of the exact scenario today would usually be limiting and capping of my expression and unfolding. We are forever expanding and so is our interaction with and understanding of life.

  41. I love this I really relate to doing everything quickly and really how much time is saved ever by doing something in haste it’s horrible energy especially compared to doing something with tenderness and love.

  42. I like how you have pointed out different areas that frugality is playing out for you and can very much relate to many of them and starting to see other areas in my life where there has been a holding back as well.

  43. Sometimes I have felt great abundance at the same time as frugality, like when I really need something and its at a really good price, or I can get it second hand or something like that. By the same token you can spend a lot and feel mean with yourself about it, hence a discomfort, so its really about how it FEELS I recon.

  44. Having lived a life where both material abundance and the lack of it has been experienced, I can definitely say that a true and substantial sense of abundance comes from the wealth of love being expressed from one’s inner-heart where the soul resides. This affects all relationships and therefore makes life a playful abundance of love and glory. The only challenge then is to accept this and know it to be in fact not only very real but the truth of who we all are.

  45. Ouch – it’s listing out how frugality exists in how we are with our time, or with our expression that opens up this blog and really makes me feel how I’ve lived (am living) with this. Frugality is so often related to money, and yet in truth the word relates to how we restrict ourselves in our expression in all things.

  46. When I think about the word frugality and look at the world where some people have so much and a lot have so little and all the money and resources wasted on weapons and all that is associated with war, I realise that there is totally enough on this planet to support us all if we learnt not to be frugal with our love for each and every one of us, therefore if we were sensible and didn’t make things only to be used once and didn’t overeat and waste food we could make this word frugal a thing of the past.

  47. There is such a large difference between not wasting and being frugal – “Frugality became about short changing myself from the abundance that I truly am.” It feels like such a short change.

    1. The allowing of abundance of love, it seems crazy that we would avoid this at all costs for most of us, right… it is crazy. What I am getting is that more love means more understanding of the responsibility we have and that is what most of us are avoiding.

      1. So true, we don’t want to be the ones left holding the baton, knowing it may be us that brings it home. That level of responsibility is what we avoid and find such pernicious and irresponsible ways to do it.

  48. I am rich when I feel the cells of my body alive and vibrant, as a fire through my body – energetic aliveness and connection with my divinity.

  49. It is quite a learning when we look into the nooks and crannies of what has influenced us in life. I am aware how “that will do’ permeated into my life with anything for myself because of a similar background to how is described here. It was about short changing myself then, but the change felt now when we care for ourselves deeply and love ourselves true, it makes us appreciate so much more the enormous abundance we are.

  50. “Swallowing hurts” – yes to instead express [not swallow, gloss over, ignore ] hurts with understanding over judgment or anguish, is central to our evolutionary path of self-knowing. Only when we know ourselves minus our hurts do we embrace to be able to express more truly.

  51. “I look into the nooks and crannies of what has influenced me throughout my life.” I love this sentence NP, as it is so easy for us to dismiss these small things that we deem to be irrelevant in our lives, but in fact over the course of time these seemingly insignificant details that we have dismissed eventually accumulate to influence what we do and how we think, and go on to create bigger and more complex problems within us and in our lives.

  52. ‘Abundance abounds, and I am learning to allow myself to feel it with every breath.’ How gorgeous NF. Love the feeling in your words!

  53. ‘I’m learning not to shortcut my own needs to satisfy another’ – this is so key to the wellbeing of everyone, not just ourselves.

  54. I enjoyed the use of abundance in reference to ourselves; are we in the fullness of who we are and enjoying and nurturing that, or putting ideals like frugality first? It’s a great blog NP, there’s lots to consider because we have the post war frugality and then we could say we now have a consumerist/throw away culture. Valuing what we have and taking good care of it, alongside valuing and taking loving care of ourselves first is a responsible way to live.

  55. Something happened today that amounted to a claiming of myself and immediately allowed more space for my self-love to follow and appreciate myself and all that I have already brought to the situation. Interestingly, I bought myself some flowers when in the village shop, I say myself as both my husband and I will enjoy them as always, but it felt like a direct display of the increased self-love which has been supporting my day and although modest, it was an expense I wouldn’t always have made so knowingly for me.

  56. Do we value ourselves in all that we do or do we cut corners, hold ourselves back and play little?

  57. I loved reading this again as it drives home the importance of understanding ourselves without making ourselves good or bad, or right or wrong and how it does not take much to embrace ourselves in full and tap into the true wealth that can be found within, where nothing is a struggle.

  58. Selling ourselves short and settling for less stems the flow of abundance that we naturally have within. But it is always there, bursting at the seams with love, just waiting for us to tune in and turn it on.

  59. ‘That’s enough now’ ‘that’s your lot’ these are the type of thoughts that put us in a mindset of limitation, scarcity and frugality. Like a jar of jam we’ve been eating for over a year we have just a small amount out of fear, and thinking we need to ‘make do’ to survive – but it just isn’t true, all there is, is the plentiful universe and you. The love in it – can never run out.

  60. ‘But somewhere along the way I lost loving me and it was about everyone else.’ – You are describing a very common experience, we lose ourselves and make it all about what is going on and ‘needed’ on the outside.

  61. A beautiful understanding of true abundance and the reality of frugality as a mentality we take on and live and how we can change everything if we choose to and embrace the love and divinity we are joyfully and magically.

  62. There is a fine line between frugality and being truly economical. I am becoming more and more aware not to waste anything,especially energy – learning how to use energy lovingly and thus economically. My latest lesson is to not make a ‘problem’ out of anything – one part of me likes to indulge in a problem to get a form of ‘relief’, but now that I am renouncing that propensity to make a problem, I am able to maintain the flow of energy through me in greater volume. This is true economical, if not frugal, is every way.

    1. That is a great point Lyndy – being aware not to waste anything as opposed to putting it in the category of ‘holding back’ or extreme frugality. Two very different expressions.

    2. Hi Lyndy, I appreciated your discernment between frugality and economy, and also to not waste energy. When I look back over my life the things I have followed through on when they didn’t feel right at the beginning have led to massive amounts of energy being wasted. There is a true economy in simply listening to and honouring our feels for what feels true and what doesn’t.

  63. Pondering on this, we can be frugal with forgiveness and acceptance. We can choose to hold on to a grudge and not let it go. We can be cruel to ourselves and each other while choosing to not accept our imperfections or our mistakes. If we allow ourselves forgiveness and acceptance it allows a flow in the body instead of the tightness, and we can feel love instead of pain. We can be generous with ourselves in this way.

  64. Simplicity is allowing the majesty of everything. Frugality tries to ration God. But rather than bits we end up with none.

  65. The majority of people in the world have been raised to be frugal with their expression of love etc, so it is considered abnormal when anyone comes along joyous in the way they go about life. This blog has so opened my eyes to the game I have enjoined – playing less and all that entails.
    It’s time to embrace and enjoy the abundance together and let the world see the wisdom, love and beauty that is in each and every single one of us – no longer holding back our true expression because of the insidious influence of frugality we have previously allowed to shape the way we lived our lives.

  66. The reason we want to limit how much we are open to is that feeling the abundance in life means being open to all that comes with it; love, universal wisdom and the whole truth.

  67. I have noticed this frugality attitude that has seeped into my life and how I live. For me it plays out as not accepting or thinking I deserve abundance in life and consequently surprise surprise when I think like this my life mirrors this back to me by not being as abundant as it could be. It is fascinating to consider that our beliefs which govern the way we move in life can sow the seeds for what we get back from life.

  68. “Abundance abounds through my devotion to self-nurturing and self-love, which leads to self-worth through appreciation and confirmation of who I am.” I love this it is a great reminder to love, love, love ourselves more, drop the self criticism, drop the harshness and take that time to totally appreciate ourselves.

  69. And we can be frugal with our appreciation of self, in this vein we can never, ever be enough.

  70. I have just read a sobering newspaper article in which it states that more and more schools in deprived areas in the UK are having to support families in poverty, given the financial cuts to local services. In some cases, schools are having to buy clothes and shoes for children and to feed them as they are literally starving. The focus on league tables is out the window in simply supporting children to survive. Images of Victorian workhouses and destitution spring to my mind, which seem to have become a 21st-century reality again. One head teacher in this article even commented on how small the children in her school appeared to be compared with children from more affluent areas. Being frugal or not for these families isn’t really an option. When you can’t feed yourself or your children, to me, this is beyond frugality and begs me to question what we are doing as a society when the divisions between the haves and have-nots have become so stark once more.

      1. The collective emptiness is chasing the bucks and jumping on the hamster wheel, making life about competition, betterment and function rather than loving relationships and quality have meant that we jump over each other to get to the finish line we have created (and when we get there is it ever enough?). It is interesting how we have come full circle again. What, if anything, have we learned to be back where we started more than 150 years ago?

  71. The answer to whether frugality is good or bad for me depends on the intention behind it. If it comes from a fear, lack of self-worth, self-sacrifice, even a punishing of self then it is like a poison to us. If the frugality is responding to your genuine circumstances and current needs then it feels very supportive and practical. Not needing to buy things to fill an emptiness in you or to indulge a desire feels very freeing to me. But in general, I would say the frugality I have observed normally has a more critical harsh edge and comes from a lack of worth.

  72. True abundance, self worth and Universal Medicine are bringing this back into our lives and celebrating ourselves for who we are. “Abundance abounds, and I am learning to allow myself to feel it with every breath. No more ‘that will do’ when I feel to do something differently.” We are offered a real gift of abundance in our lives with the love, grace and honouring of who we are.

  73. Making do with what we have is something that we can push to the extreme, as we can with indulgence, but in a sense they are both denying the same thing, what it is that is actually needed.

  74. Not letting people in and allowing them to see who we are, ensures that we are kept separated and not in the flow and abundance of the universe.

  75. ‘These are questions that have arisen over recent times as I begin to realise that I have lived my life with no true connection to who I truly am’ – I am amazed at what can be revealed for us once we are open to reconnecting to our true selves. When we truly allow it we have the power to read ourselves like an open book.

  76. I love the feeling of abundance, that you share that is there for its all through self-nurturing and self-love. As soon as I feel a ‘that will do’ moment, there is a buzzer that goes off in my head to make me stop and not accept it, so I can choose to come back to the fullness of abundance.

  77. Being frugal means we are measuring how much of something we feel we deserve, including love… so in truth it is all about our own self-worth, or lack of.

  78. The beautiful thing in life is, that everything reflects everything. Having someone behaving with money like the author described, will be highlighted in other areas in a different way, but in the same energy. If you once understand, that everything is connected and our behaviours are a mirror of one energetic root cause, you can read people so clearly and can support them to get out of them. Finding solutions to handle behaviours will only work temporary. Really healing the root, will then allow on many levels a true change, as the author could experience herself beautifully.

  79. Always feeling that financially security has eluded me, which meant I would always try and hang onto what I had, but in doing so, became quite frugal… That has now turned on its head, and I now love to be generous, as it feels so very expansive and freeing.

  80. Frugality can lead to a form of behaviour that is held back. If we do not give ourselves the love that we need or indeed allow it in from others, then there is no ability to allow love out or be loving towards others. There is a hardness and a defense instead.

  81. I love the notion of making use of what we have and not letting things go to waste. Many people are swamped with possessions that make life more complicated and less enjoyable. That said it is impossible to be frugal with love as it is abundant and it is actually a waste not to express it.

  82. With… ‘Abundance abounds through my devotion to self-nurturing and self-love, which leads to self-worth through appreciation and confirmation of who I am,’ say goodbye to a frugal way of living!

  83. It seems to me frugality has an energy that can keep us small and from the abundance we are all capable of having once we get it right and start living for everyone and not just ourselves. There is a place for frugality as I can’t stand waste but not where love is concerned.

    1. Kev I too agree ‘there is a place for frugally as I can’t stand waste but not where love is concerned’ but I have come to realise that when I get het up about waste, I am, in that moment being frugal with love.

  84. ‘Not sharing with others the many ideas that pop into my awareness’ – I realise when I do this, I am stepping away from those around me, removing myself every so slightly by choosing to keep my ideas, feelings, thoughts to myself in that moment. Sometimes it may be more loving to do so, but often it is not, I keep them inside as I feel if I share them, I will not be heard, rather dismissed. However, in truth I cannot know how the other person will react, if I don’t even give them the chance I am denying them of the opportunity to be more open and to choose to connect with me. That is something I should always have the grace to offer another.

  85. “Frugality and abundance working together!!!” Then we are focused by choice to reconnect to our inner-most, which brings abundance and at the same time we are frugal by choice all those things that disconnect us from that divinity.

  86. NP i love this piece of writing; how you have clearly distinguished the unworthiness, the loveless ideals and good in frugality and counter to this the claimed and embodied celebration of abundance – Eternally thankful for the gold that is Universal Medicine.

    1. The gold that is Universal Medicine and every single person involved with it’s teachings – people presenting, living and to their best ability willing to put the teachings into practice.

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