A Place to Settle – Appreciating my Body

I was preparing for work this morning and feeling appreciation for the beautiful bed, the brilliant mattress and for the chairs I have, how comfortable my car is, and then I felt something else. I realised how absolutely delicious it is being in my body. And when I say being in my body I mean sitting in it, feeling my legs, toes, arms, chest, spine, all of it, and how deeply stilling it is. No matter where I am, I am learning it is the greatest place I know where I can settle.

Now this may seem weird – one could say we are always sitting within our body, but how present are we when we do that? I know for myself I was always distracted from feeling my body – with thoughts, fidgeting, a raciness that paced around my body from the whirl I lived my life in, and a restlessness to the extent that at times I’d have restless legs that would move and jerk seemingly of their own accord. So I was not sitting within my body, nor was it regenerative, restful or still: in fact I really did not want to feel my body as when I did I would realise how tired I was, and how anxious I was, which would send me into even more of a spin.

And then recently, working with a group of people in a hospital we were talking about body awareness and one of them said, “I don’t actually want to be aware of my body – as I know if I do feel it, that it’s a slippery slope, as my body is not feeling that good.” I would have agreed with this person some years ago… and said exactly the same.

So what has changed, and how can we come to realise and appreciate just how delicious and regenerative it is to settle deeper within our body?

Fourteen years ago I attended a Universal Medicine workshop where Serge Benhayon was presenting. One of the things Serge presented was:

“Your body is always ready and very willing to communicate with you. Be very still, feel and listen.” (1)

Whilst it can feel a bit hairy to begin with, choosing to be aware of the body does become a beautiful inquiry into life.

Initially in choosing to listen to my body, I was confronted with the momentums of the way I had been living, and I didn’t like realising how disregarding I had been, and how exhausted my body had become. But day by day, bit by bit, I began to take deeper care of myself and my body. I started listening more intently. I experimented with different foods, hydration, posture, the clothes I wore, whether I needed a pillow on my car seat, and in fact over time I looked at every detail in my life one by one: no push, no drive, just a simple daily inquiry into one thing, and then another the next day.

Through this I started developing a relationship with my body in a way I had never done before; one where the more I listened, felt and then adjusted things, the more my body would show me what else needed my attention.

Over time, I started to realise that I liked feeling my body, and I liked being more and more present with myself in my daily life. More so, I started to realise that beneath the whirl of rushing around being busy, and the constant anxiousness I could feel in my body, that there is a place of stillness, of settlement, to be felt when I surrendered more deeply into my body. What’s more, the beauty of this is that the settlement and stillness can be there everywhere I go, and is not dependent upon a mattress or comfortable chair.

How many of us also search for the comfiest mattress, cushions, chairs, car seat etc. because we are looking for a place to settle? Whilst all those things are supportive and much needed – what if the place to find that settlement we crave is right under our very nose?

By Jane Keep, London


  1. Serge Benhayon. (2011). Esoteric Teachings & Revelations. 1st ed. Goonellabah, N.S.W.: UniMed Publishing, p.316.

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986 thoughts on “A Place to Settle – Appreciating my Body

  1. Where is the most comfortable place we can be? In our body. I love this for it is absolutely true. For living a responsible and joyful life as a human being this is fundamental.

  2. It is super interesting to actually observe how much energies try to get us out of our stillness. Everything is designed to get us into a hurry and motion. Once we truly understand the game, you can prepare yourself better and stop earlier, that is my experience. We are in our greatest power when we are connected with our body. The moment I am faster than that (might it be actual movement or thoughts that speed you up) I focus much on conscious presence to make the moment come to a stop bit by bit.

  3. The more still I am with myself, the more I am not looking out and get affected by the outside. It is only the non connection inside, that needs the outside a certain way. It is a great exercise: the moment we want the outside to be a certain way -stop and look immediately inside to that lost connection.

  4. Thank you Jane… That revealing comment that someone said that they did not want to tune into their body because of what they would feel, is something that I hear so often, as my work involves opening a doorway for people to feel their bodies more… And extraordinary as it may be to hear, so many people do not want to tune into their bodies. There is so much healing to do for us all, because our bodies are our instrument of expression.

  5. I would of agreed with the hospital person as well a few years back. But these days I feel more unsettled when I am not settled within my body rather than finding a form of numbness in the unsettlement and calling that settled.

  6. The more I live my life with love, the more loving I become of my body simply for what it holds and what I can feel inside: the essence of my inner being and soul. One cannot help but adore the body when there is the light of the soul that is being connected to, and the opposite the case when this connection is not occurring.

  7. The ultimate settlement and stillness is within our body. If we see how amazingly works by its divine design we come to realize how deeply supported and loved we really are.

  8. When I feel my body in this moment it is not that great to be in it. I noticed that I went into a stress energy today which made my body harden and feel painful. But it is my birthright to be very loving to myself and my body. So my body gives a great reminder to give myself that loving attention.

    1. How wonderful is being open to our body as you did Sylvia. There is an unconditional love and infinite support inside, no matter what.

  9. “Your body is always ready and very willing to communicate with you. Be very still, feel and listen.” These are such profound words by Serge Benhayon, yet they offer us a way out of the mess we may feel our body is in – if we honour its messages, maybe to slow down or stop even for a few minutes, rather than keep on pushing through as so many do.

  10. “I realised how absolutely delicious it is being in my body……. No matter where I am, I am learning it is the greatest place I know where I can settle.” Beautiful Jane. knowing that wherever we are we can feel at home in our own skin.

  11. Choosing to open up our awareness completely transforms our life in the way we relate to our body and deepen our relationship with it so that in honouring and appreciating what it is communicating we are able to connect to the wisdom it offers us to be truly guided and supported through life.

  12. Thanks, Jane. I too have been enjoying what you share here – ‘the beauty of this is that the settlement and stillness can be there everywhere I go’. That sense of settlement gives me a feeling of constant home-coming which is an amazing antidote to anxiety and stress.

  13. Ha ha before I started reading this blog I said to myself I need to find a pillow that supports me as the 2 pillows I currently use are not correct. This is a really beautifull blog that offers the reader space to just be and feel where their body is at and the relationship with their body. What I got to feel was although through the teachings and from attending Sacred Esoteric Healing Courses held by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine I can appreciate how much more in my body I am I also got to feel the next level of this in how I can take this deeper ✨

    1. and isn’t that it Vicky – there always is more, and an ever deepening – and a new pillow today and the body may require a new way of moving, eating or sleeping tomorrow – so whilst we settle more deeply into our body, it is more honouring not to get caught in ‘settling’ for something e.g. a daily life choice, when there may be a further new way.

  14. What I find constantly inspiring about the body is how when I am willing to “be still, feel and listen” to it is I am then shown more, like it is saying ‘ah now you are listening and paying attention feel this and this…” I find the more I act on these signs the more I develop a way to live that allows me to feel the settlement or unsettlement and enjoy all the body shows and it is feeling.

  15. The most beautiful car, house, partner or life counts for next to nothing if we are disturbed in our inner sense. We console ourselves with rewards but we’d be so much better off if we admitted that it sucks.

    1. yes well said. And, when we go for the things on the outer, and they don’t work out – we blame others or we blame the things rather than asking ourselves what it is that is truly going on or missing in our lives.

  16. How many of us are able to say that we feel totally at ease in our own bodies let alone absolutely delicious, we generally spend our lives doing so much to avoid feeling what we have actually been doing that constantly harms us, even things like stress and maybe not using a pillow in the car if we need one. To honour what we feel is such a gift we can give ourselves.

  17. This makes absolutely sense.. For what are we doing in a body without settling deeply in it? That would simply make no sense. All else is exposed, we are living in a body without deep inner-settlement, no wonder it doesnt work.

  18. it is true that very often we tick the physical comfort box to make us feel settled – when in fact what if there were a deeper settlement possible. I love what is shared here Jane and the opportunity we have to go deeper and surrender to a stillness in the body.

  19. Jane, I agree with this; ‘No matter where I am, I am learning it is the greatest place I know where I can settle.’ What I am finding is that if there is a challenging situation then feeling into my body – feeling my feet on the ground and noticing how my legs feels for example really supports me to stay present and to not go into my head and so this supports me to deal with the challenging situation more easily and without going into reaction.

  20. How many of us, especially as we get older can say as you have said here Jane how absolutely delicious is to be in our bodies? I mean when I truly stop and feel my body, I feel this ache or that pain and know that I live with the consequences of a life where I haven’t respected how beautiful delicate and tender my body is. Having said that, I would hate to be in my body now feeling what it would be like if I hadn’t met Serge all those years ago and changed the path of destruction I was on. I look forward to the day when I too can say how absolutely delicious it is to be in my body.

    1. Yes, true. Im 56 years old and rumour has it that as we age our bodies become decrepit and get worse with age etc – yet I feel the opposite – more vital and far greater health and well-being with age. And if I do feel rotten or achy etc then I know something about the way I am living isn’t working so it’s simply an indicator to change the way I am living.

  21. The body is naturally designed to be in harmony with itself – when we stop overriding its messages with an ever busy mind that separates us from a true connection with our body.

  22. It is true Jane, that as we re-adjust to what our body is calling out for, it offers the opportunity to return to a deeper level of communication with it.
    “the more I listened, felt and then adjusted things, the more my body would show me what else needed my attention”.

  23. The power of our body is immense, the messages, the wisdom are undeniable yet we somehow manage to deny the truth of them.

  24. A beautiful support and sharing Jane ” there is a place of stillness, of settlement, to be felt when I surrendered more deeply into my body. What’s more, the beauty of this is that the settlement and stillness can be there everywhere I go, and is not dependent upon a mattress or comfortable chair.” something we all crave deeply within and can never find on the outside.

  25. “What’s more, the beauty of this is that the settlement and stillness can be there everywhere I go, and is not dependent upon a mattress or comfortable chair.”
    I was on the London tube the other day and it was sooo very hot and we were all crammed in like sardines yet I could feel a strength in me that came from an inner stillness that could feel beyond the confines of the stuffy carriage.

    Really we can take stillness anywhere – it is always up to us whether we connect to that or enjoin the opposite.

  26. This gorgeous Jane and it is so true. Through developing a loving and honouring relationship with my body I have discovered therein is a wisdom and a stillness, that I had been overriding. And the more I surrender to this communication from within my body the more I feel the joy of the stillness that is always there, without fail, to live in connection with. Of course, there is no perfection in this but more and more I can see how and why I step away from this connection for when I do the unsettlement speaks louder than ever before offering a clear indication that what I am moving with, is not really me.

  27. I think there is a perception that people just don’t want t go there and feel things – but when we actually do – when we say yes – sure a lot comes up – but we build a relationship with our bodies from that point that is fundamental. The more I say yes to the messages from
    my body – the more I feel it building to support me.

  28. ” What’s more, the beauty of this is that the settlement and stillness can be there everywhere I go, and is not dependent upon a mattress or comfortable chair.” We take our body with us wherever we go – so surely it makes sense to listen to it and appreciate it.

  29. ““Your body is always ready and very willing to communicate with you. Be very still, feel and listen.” To hear the messages of the body is very simple, the difficult part is not allow the mind to override what we hear.

  30. We can take our bodies for granted and when it suddenly tells us it’s not happy we are forced to listen to it. Imagine what it woukd be like if we were listening to our bodies all of the time then surely this relationship will support it to be vital and harmonious.

    1. Good point Natalie. Often we are only forced to stop when an illness comes our way. But how often when we are well again do we continue to listen and adjust our lifestyle accordingly? Or do we return to the same old ‘normal’?

  31. I know from my own experience and working with the body that few of us are aware and connected with our body, we know it is our foot but do we feel our foot equal with our head and thoughts? We allow our thoughts to pervade our quality of being without checking the quality of our thoughts. Our body knows, it is a place we can live a full and rich life from, or ignore it.

    1. yes true. I used to rush around every day – and when I had a shower for instance Id look down and see a bruise or cut on my leg, or arm – but have no idea how I even got the bruise or the cut as I was so busy in my head not paying attention to my body. Nowadays if I so much as bump my toe or arm it feels painful – so, in the heady days of rushing around I wasn’t even feeling the pain, let alone the awareness of the way I was moving.

  32. The beauty of Universal Medicine is the relearning to come into our bodies and living from here which i see reflected to me from Serge Benhayon and his family and is inspirational, showing it is possible and the wisdom that comes with this listening, understanding and true settlement from within.

  33. I find this is a great piece of writing to re-read and a support in returning to the simplest yet one of the most powerful tools for support we have – our own body.

  34. Yes, it is right under our nose…and far away from our stinking thinking brain 🙂 I remember so clearly feeling stillness in my body and the feeling of ease and the lack of drive. Then I checked out of my body for a moment and the stinking thinking checked in and wondered if I was depressed because I didn’t have the drive and get up and go to race around like a headless chicken any more and instead felt to do what was manageable in my day!

  35. So true we need to have a detailed 24/7 relationship with our bodies and truly appreciate all that it is communicating to us, whether we feel amazing or not in that moment, its all communication.

  36. True settlement comes from knowing the body is a vehicle through which the light of the Soul can be not only accessed but also expressed.

  37. Jane I would agree with you coming back into my body is the yummiest feeling and without a doubt the greatest place to be. I am learning that the more I surrender the more settled I feel.

  38. I understand not wanting to feel your body and it is great to be honest about that. I used feel like this also, my relationship with my body was disharmonious, I was separate from it, head and body not as one. I am reigniting that relationship and in doing so I am learning to love and care for it and now I do want to be much more aware of it and in doing so a responsiveness and a joy of being is becoming the norm in life. I am loving being in my body.

  39. I am very inspired by this blog and as I get older the more I have to treat myself with love and self-care. I was brought up believing that self-care and self-love (not that the actual words were used) were self indulgent and to even think of putting yourself first was almost a deadly sin, so to develop self-love is an ongoing beautiful experience and a shedding of another ideal and belief.

  40. If I get caught up in the whizz or anxiousness of a situation then re-connecting to my body can dissipate the tension. What an amazing life tool – thank you Universal Medicine.

    1. Further to this – it shows the insanity of “stress balls” – the exact opposite of what is needed. Instead of bringing oneself to a place of stillness and stop for just a few seconds, we move (and thus expand) the angst in a different way. But I can totally understand why they’d be so popular – people preferring to just keep moving rather than feel and take responsibility for where they are truly at. I may not use stress balls, but I have definitely often chosen a similar escape route.

      1. Agree – there are so many of those things like stress balls – and tons of apps now that have all sorts of solutions to ‘stress’ – yet none of them reconnect us deeply to our body – which is where the settlement begins.

      2. Distraction can come in an infinite number of flavours so we need to be prepared to be honest about where we are at and why we are making every single choice/movement.

  41. A place to settle the real gold in life and true livingness “Your body is always ready and very willing to communicate with you. Be very still, feel and listen.” A beautiful sharing for all and a real inspiration.

    1. Yes and to clarify that being settled in your body does not mean being inactive or disengaged from life. In fact there is more engagement and more connection to what needs to be done because there is less nervous tension trying to quell the unease that is felt in the body.

      1. Yes great point and in fact the opposite – as many years ago I used to do buddhist meditation – sometimes for hours, and also on the side of a mountain away from daily life – and none of it worked – in fact I got very sick at that time as I was not engaging with life or my body… the truth is the more we are settled in our body in life and the more in life we are in our body the more settled we feel.

  42. I have found Esoteric Yoga, has been the modality that has shown me, and allowed me the grace to discover the fact that it is my body, the can take me into absolute settlement. No piece of music, mantra, will power, mind over matter meditation does it. Esoteric Yoga takes you straight to the source of stillness, and this is laying there awaiting one to reconnect to it. All we need is already within – Our body is definitely something to appreciate.

  43. Jane, the relationship you have with your body feels very healthy and lovely. This feels like our natural way of living – where we value and appreciate ourselves and honour our bodies, taking the time to adjust things to support ourselves.

  44. Jane, I love this inquiry and the simplicity of listening to and honouring our bodies; ‘I experimented with different foods, hydration, posture, the clothes I wore, whether I needed a pillow on my car seat, and in fact over time I looked at every detail in my life one by one’.

  45. Serge Benhayon’s quote that you have shared in this article is astounding. And when I stop and hear the word ‘always’ I know there is something so amazing to deepen my understanding with.

  46. We treat our body like an Airbnb. Somewhere we can turn up when it’s convenient. It’s time we realised we need to move in for good and make it our domain and palace.

  47. Its not always the easiest thing to begin to really feel our body, because we do start to feel how our bodies feel through the choices we are making in how we are living. We start to feel the consequences for everything. But it’s a very important start because this is what invites change to our wayward behaviours and this puts us into our own drivers seat, for we are no longer at the mercy of our behaviours – some could say addictions.

  48. To this day I still love to go with an impulse to be with the stillness as Serge Benhayon first taught me some years ago now – “Your body is always ready and very willing to communicate with you. Be very still, feel and listen.” I have also shared this with many others who have appreciated it.

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