Kate McClymont cries ‘Cult’ in a Case of Journalism without Investigation

It was with considerable disbelief while online at work this past Monday, that I discovered the headline, “‘Sleazy’ millionaire ‘cult leader’” tagged in my newsfeed to a photo of someone I know very well to be anything but these defamatory and insulting words. Which for me instantly begs the question: what is it about the media today that it is so willing to print lies about someone without researching the facts?

Why is it that in the so called ‘investigative journalism’ industry there is an obvious and rather blatant ‘guilty until proven innocent’ attitude and approach by the very profession that journalists choose to serve their community with?

Is the incessant need to be recognised for delivering the big story that hooks people’s attention so intoxicating that journalists don’t stop for one second to properly investigate the subject and topic – and their sources?

Was it considered that attaching such vile and damaging words to someone you don’t know, have never met, never spoken to, never interviewed, never interviewed his clients, friends or family, never observed or attended an event to see how he conducts himself and what sort of person he actually is, could have an enormously damaging and far-reaching negative effect?

But I guess it makes more sense that in this case the journalist is a self-professed gossip. In fact, I came across this quote:

I’m just an incorrigible gossip. Incorrigible gossips make great networkers – Kate McClymont (1).

Kate McClymont, Investigative Journalist, Sydney Morning Herald
Kate McClymont, Investigative Journalist, Sydney Morning Herald

I find this quote rather disturbing considering Kate McClymont identifies herself as an investigative journalist for the Sydney Morning Herald. One wonders what was actually investigated when the story was being researched? The truth? This quote quite honestly and arrogantly suggests otherwise.

The story by McClymont is mostly a regurgitation of a notorious woman’s trolling and lies who herself is actually the defendant in an upcoming defamation trial, and including that of other journalists who have ‘researched’ from the same source. As for the rest, well it reads as shallow gossip; a one-sided story with zero interest in wanting to uncover the truths that are waiting patiently to be told.

Such is the tragedy of the corruption of journalism, and here a pertinent opportunity to share the following from renowned media educator and business owner Rebecca Asquith:

“When fake news is published unencumbered we find ourselves in an information market flooded by counterfeit currency – a kind of ‘monopoly money news’ with no true value. This devalues the entire news industry and threatens the core function of journalism in a healthy democracy. If we can’t trust the news, what is its value beyond titillation and distraction. What is its purpose beyond perpetuating an illusion of freedom through false debate?​” (2)

I have been a student of Universal Medicine since 2004. Over this 14-year period I have done my own investigative journalism on Serge Benhayon and I am only too forthcoming in reporting the truth of who Serge Benhayon is.

Serge Benhayon is none of the things Kate McClymont shared with the world. Far from it. In the 14 years I’ve had the pleasure to be in his company – and that is easily hundreds of opportunities to be in his presence – he has displayed a depth of integrity and care for people, wisdom, humbleness, respect and zest for life that I have not witnessed in another, unless of course we include his family. I have also spent countless hours in their company – in the professional sense of course – including attending personal complementary health sessions with them, and they, like Serge Benhayon have inspired me beyond words to make positive changes in my life, particularly around my health and lifestyle.

Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine
Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine

It is public knowledge that 80% of chronic disease in the world is lifestyle related. Meaning that these diseases are preventable. I trust that all good investigative journalists are aware of the state of people’s health, the lack of wellbeing and escalating and out of control rates of illness and disease.

So many people today are propped up with pharmaceuticals or at the very least reliant on a substance: be they alcohol, caffeine, sugar, entertainment, drugs, drama or even gossip to get them through the day.

Since 1999 Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, in the business of complementary health, have been supporting thousands of people to make remarkable turnarounds in their health and wellbeing. Universal Medicine is in fact changing the tide on the current statistics of illness and disease.

It would be a great service if an ‘investigative journalist’ did report on such matters as this would be worth sharing with the world, so others could read, learn and have access to the information that myself and many hundreds of other attendees of Universal Medicine events have access to.

However labelling Serge Benhayon as a ‘cult’ leader and attendees of Universal Medicine events as cult members would be the more convenient and suitable headline to get tongues wagging in order to receive the accolades that many journalists seem to deem more important than reporting the Truth.

The truth of Serge Benhayon is a story that will be told one day, and it will have heads and hearts turning, unlike the witch hunt that is currently taking place.

It is incomprehensible to me that the enormous health benefits and everyday miracles (and the knock-on effects that this is creating) in the local and global community, due to the selflessness dedication and love of people that Serge Benhayon has consistently shown since 1999, has instead been twisted into the dark tale that has been presented in media hyped articles such as this which have been based on selling a story, but not on the facts.

And I do not stand alone with this perspective.

Serge Benhayon has been a role model and inspiration to myself, along with thousands of people who have been inspired by his work, for a very long time. In fact, I have observed one of the many knock on effects to be the large number of people who have started their own complementary health business as a direct result of experiencing the true healing and wellbeing benefits of the Universal Medicine Therapies for themselves.

I am one of those such people and invite any journalist to take a look at my website. In fact, I invite you to come for a session and experience for yourself the quality and integrity of what is on offer.

Vanessa McComb
Vanessa McComb

The incessant demand for rotten headlines and so-called news ‘stories’ from us – the general public – further poisons any remaining remnants of the Five Core Principles of Journalism (3):

  1. Truth and Accuracy
  2. Independence
  3. Fairness and Impartiality
  4. Humanity
  5. Accountability.

Anything less than the above is blatant bullying.

Journalistic bullying that blatantly intends to defame, damage the reputation of and shut down the voice of truth and the actual facts – including articles such as this that have falsely thrown around labels such as “‘cult’ healer” or accusations of leading a ‘cult’ (which by default makes thousands of others like myself a ‘cult’ member), – can only ever be evil at play.

There is a journalistic responsibility to do the work required to share with the community the facts, and there is equally a responsibility for us as the general public to pull the press up when the true facts are not being delivered.

By Vanessa McComb, Principal Advisor and Complementary Therapies Practitioner, EPA (Esoteric Practitioner’s Association) accredited


  1. SMH Subscribers. (2018). SMH Live: When Gossip Becomes News – SMH Subscribers. [online] Available at: https://subscribers.smh.com.au/events-offers/smh-live-gossip-becomes-news/ [Accessed 25 Jun. 2018].
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Vanessa McComb Vanessa McComb is a lover of true health, esoteric philosophy and most importantly people. Naturally curious about the energetic laws that make up the universe as we continue our forever orbit around the sun.

You can learn more about Vanessa McComb at her personal website: www.vanessamccomb.com

Serge Benhayon Serge Benhayon is an author and presenter and the founder of Universal Medicine. You can learn more about Serge Benhayon at his personal website www.sergebenhayon.com

Follow Serge Benhayon on Twitter @SergeBenhayon or on Google+ +SergeBenhayon

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518 thoughts on “Kate McClymont cries ‘Cult’ in a Case of Journalism without Investigation

  1. It’s as if the media have full reign to do and say what they want at the expense of everyone else. It’s like this hidden threat to keep us in line and in effect it is saying to us, if you put your head above the parapet we will see you and come after you. It’s pure evil.

  2. It is so easy to gossip and point the finger, but to live one’s truth in every move we do is quite another story.

  3. Truth sticks out in the House of Lies. The House is built with lies, on lies, to house more lies. Calling oneself an investigative journalist while doing no meaningful research other than regurgitating lies might have some comic value on a fictitious level alone, but in reality, it is nothing but pure evil, a total abuse of one’s position, and utter disrespect and disservice to humanity.

  4. This style of journalism (or churnalism) creates an almost panic and hysteria which then develops a life of its own that’s completely the opposite of what the truth really is. Where is the humanity in this way of reporting?

  5. I was talking to someone yesterday about a story that had come out in the media in my local area. The comment from my friend was “you can’t trust anything the media says”. How far have the media stepped away from what there purpose is, people loose the trust in something that is supposed to keep our democracies honest and robust. Unfortunately they prefer now to entertain, which includes sensationalism. However we also buy into it. So it with the buy in that we say yes that’s what we want.

  6. It is truly shocking what the media are currently allowed to do. Like there are literally no ethics, laws or regulations in place and people are given a license to do or publish what ever they like and it is through knowing Serge Benhayon and the absolute vile lies that are have been published about him that I have really got to see just how ugly, vile and insidious this industry is. This has got to change.

  7. There is nothing that anyone who has not met Serge Benhayon can say that can sway me to go against what I know in my body to be true. It seems to me that most of the journalists who write about Serge Benhayon use each other’s articles and cut and paste to suit a particular angle they want to portray. Have they ever taken the time to sit down with him and discuss his views on Religion, Philosophy or science or the world in general? Probably not. I know that before meeting Serge Benhayon I was an emotional wreck, ten or so years later I have sorted myself out with the support of Universal Medicine, I am very steady in myself, I enjoy my work and every day. How many people in the world can honestly say this? And why wouldn’t we want to live this way now we have been given a clear choice.

  8. No doubt we could discuss the 5 journalist principles until the cows come home, but the one that stands out for me in reading this today is humanity. Where is the media’s humanity when they don’t print the truth and when they completely bypass the fact that they will hurt people through what they say and how they say it. How they create innuendo without saying something directly and they believe sources that don’t like someone, to simply get their story. There is no humanity in this..

  9. When did journalists stop investigating? I know that there has been many budget reductions over the years, but this is certainly not an excuse. When did journalists align to serial cyber-abusers who have taken a dislike to someone, and write there stories from there information? With all the changes in journalism over recent time, this is an opportunity for journalist to step it up in the quality of what they print and share. What we are seeing is what happens when they don’t.

  10. Having watched this media circus since 2012 it has really shown how corrupt journalism is these days. I hardly bother now with the news or ask – whats behind the person writing that story? What is the energy feeling them? one of truthfulness, honesty, transparency for everyone to have a clear picture of a situation or for their own personal gain and inflation or to support their own interests?

  11. “Why is it that in the so called ‘investigative journalism’ industry there is an obvious and rather blatant ‘guilty until proven innocent’ attitude and approach by the very profession that journalists choose to serve their community with?” Just to add that I think that even when the person in proven not guilty in the end the harm is already done and almost never properly corrected in a visible place in the newspaper.

  12. It is for us to call out the bullying mite of the news profession and to say it as it is; after all, we are the ones who have accepted and encouraged the news to be based on gossip and not fact, so we also have to look at the areas in life where we do that.

  13. Serge Benhayon carries the utmost respect, care and decency for all people; the ethics he has brought forth and instilled via the many esoteric healing modalities carry the highest amount of professional standards I have ever known borne through energetic responsibility and energetic integrity. This man, Serge Benhayon is the epitome of true love, and to say or document that he is a “‘Sleazy’ millionaire ‘cult leader’” , is nothing but an absurdity and a complete and utter lie.

  14. When considering the enormous percentage of illnesses that are avoidable with improvements in lifestyle, and the commitment and track record Serge Benhayon has for supporting his clients to reclaim a state of wellbeing in their lives, you would think journalists like Kate McClymont would show even just a shred of responsibility in checking their facts before spewing forth what is clearly a report filled with untruths.

  15. The witch hunts took place hundreds of years ago and today as you rightly say Vanessa these accusations, defemations and lies are exactly the same quality but executed through the media with no accountability for the reckless and harmful threats that they attempt to bring people down. Isn’t it about time we evolved together and not keep people stuck in the past.

  16. The word cult is very cunningly used, but easily seen through. It’s no different than calling someone a name without any understanding of them as a person. This is exactly what some journalists such as Kate McClymont are doing, ‘story telling by name calling’.

  17. Well something isn’t stacking up here, how come Serge Benhayon’s business Universal Medicine has recently been put into the category of ‘The Hall of Fame’ – I understand that this is a completely new award recognizing a business that has won a particular category three times in a row at the recent Lismore Business awards ceremony.

  18. Its way overdue that we the public call all journalist to account for the way they manipulate the news for their own profit and gains. Cutting and pasting, regurgitating lies is not true journalism anyone can do this. So does this tell us more about the society we live in? I believe it shows us that we the public have got so worn down that we just don’t care about anything beyond our personal life we are so reduced. If this is true then what is it telling us about the way we live today.

  19. Very sad that journalists, in this case Ms Kate McClymont of Sydney Morning Herald, take on from others this gossip, regurgitating lies and defamations against Serge Benhayon and his family – without truly investigating the facts that are there and very obviously to see, and without ever having attended any of the courses, workshops, retreats or presentations – only for the sake of sensationalism, recognition and self gain, but without truly considering the harm they cause to Serge Benhayon, his familiy and everyone related.

    I am one of the thousands who have turned around their life completely by attending courses, workshops and retreats, by listening to the presentations and teachings of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine on the Ageless Wisdom and by applying what I have learnt, and what absolutely makes sense to me, to my daily life. I work full time, I am self determined and I am not dependent on anyone. Since I have met Serge Benhayon and have started to work with what is being presented my vitality has constantly improved (some years ago my GP said to me: ‚Whatever you do, continue to do it’ as she knew me from a state of being that was determind by withdrawing, depresssion, heavyness, insecurity and total exhaustion). Last but not least, I can not remember the last time when I felt so great in my body, so much more alive and me, like I feel today..

    1. I agree Pia. It seems that some journalists are obsessed with the sound of their own stories and competing with one another to write the most sensational headline and use the most sensational words and yet completely ignore the fact that there is now a small but growing number of people who are making changes to their lives that have having life changing effects.

  20. I love the call to accountability in this very powerful article. A call that speaks to every person who silently stands by and watches the inhumane acts of a media circus as it pulls apart at the very fabric of social decency and respect.

  21. Let’s face it today journalists can make big bucks off of the backs of ordinary hardworking people, and we would have to look at the supply and demand to get a true picture of what is going on. But they are missing a huge payout here by dismissing Serge Benhayon as a ‘cult’ leader with ‘followers’ because there is a huge story here waiting to be told by every member of the student body. To get a feel for how they live and the changes that have taken place, you only have to look up websites such as this one. It’s nothing short of miraculous given how ill and miserable the rest of humanity is at the moment.

  22. I heard a talk about health advocacy and how useful the media can be to stir up public discontent and uproar. I have seen examples in public health the media have given a voice to a group. The problem is when the media pick and choose what they will get behind and when they don’t investigate what they are writing about. Another concern is this. What if the public health issue is down to what we the consumer are choosing, and we do not want to stop doing it? We are happy to occasionally get riled up about something that is someone else’s fault, but we are not going to take to the streets to highlight our diets, lack of exercise, etc. Don’t forget the media are consumers too and just as irresponsible with their health as the rest of us.

  23. The legal system would not get away with applying a ‘guilty until proven innocent’ approach or passing off the ludicrous and superficial search on the internet for information as a so called ‘proper investigation’ so why should we accept it from our media?

  24. The truth is we all deeply know what is true and what is not. For us to not stand up and live what all of us know in our hearts is true, is testimony to the fact we are subscribers to a way of life that does not belong.
    As such there is the example here of what is printed and spread around in newsprint without the questioning by the journalist, the newspaper or the readers as to what is in fact of any truth or not.
    No wonder a man of such integrity, care and a lived level of responsibility who presents for others a different way of life to the ‘norm’ we have subscribed to is painted as a villain in the so called news.

  25. I have been pondering on our responsibility as consumers of media. Whilst media have the responsibility of the quality and accuracy of what they print, we consumers have a responsibility to ‘read’ not only what is written but in how it is written and the underlying energetic quality of what is being presented and then call to account when they don’t do their job. Seems like we all have a bit of work to do here.

  26. Journalism is no longer for the people and about the people.
    This type of ‘gossip’ is vile and it continues because there is a demand. Those who like fake news and get hooked in it, continue to buy into what the media has to say.

    I know Serge Benhayon and he is not a cult leader or any of the ugly stuff that has been said about him.
    Yes he is a millionaire and so what.

    I am a no nonsense woman who walks the talk and loves Truth.
    My biggest inspiration is this incredible man who has given me my life back. I doubt very much with my health issues and other problems that I would be alive today.

    Serge Benhayon works for humanity and those who have no idea what he does really would benefit from studying him, his family and his organisation. They are real role models and what I call “living the future now”.

    Scholars of the future will one day study this man, this website and others related to Serge Benhayon and KNOW without any doubt they were leading the way, as the world had lost the plot.

    I cannot go around stopping the lies but what I can do is continue to live in a way that confirms to all those I know and meet each day that there is another way to be and live in this world. I got that from Serge Benhayon and I am deeply dedicated and committed to making sure until my last breath that I continue to write about this man.

    Its been 12 years and I have no intention of giving up. Our world is in a serious mess and I for one will do my bit and that means living a life of Responsibility which is a life of true consistency.

  27. What you expose here is how little we care for integrity and truth in this world. Where have we come to that a so called journalist can call herself an incorrigible gossip and still keeps / holds her job as a journalist.

  28. What a great foundation the 5 principles offer a journalist: Truth and Accuracy, Independence, Fairness and Impartiality, Humanity, Accountability. In fact these qualities ought to be present in whatever we do. The fact that most of these qualities are absent in the majority of what our media is circulating as news, ought to be question for all of us, the public. Without our demand and patronage this could not and would not continue, so why have we as a society been championing this?

  29. I keep wondering how many stories I read in the news are actually true, or indeed have any sense of truth. So far those stories that I know the truth about that are reported are way off that truth. In most cases the complete opposite.

  30. Fake news is indeed a counterfeit currency, but the real telling story here is the fact that people still buy it – most people do not want a bar of the truth, as they prefer to live a life that is false and based on false news. Until such time that they are ready to take their blinkers off and be willing to see the news, the reporters such as Kate McClymont and the world events for what they truly are.

    1. Your use of the expression ‘counterfeit currency’ is really powerful – when the police are chasing this crime, their biggest concern is once the currency gets into circulation, the speed at which it thens spreads and how hard it is to track down and then get rid of. The way the media and the internet multiply spread fake news multiplies this issue a zillion-fold.

  31. I saw a journalist comment yesterday on how concerned they were over an entertainment network taking over a media company that is seen as very respectable in terms of journalism.
    They expressed concern over what may happen to journalism and the freedom that it has and yet I have heard no concern expressed by those with the reputation to quality journalism, with those journalists who copy and paste the work of others who rely on questionable sources for their information; those who clearly want to tell a story so slanted away from the truth that what they are telling is a lie; those who are not even interested in printing responses that are true. Why is there no concern in the industry about what is happening internally?

  32. There are those that unfortunately don’t need a ‘personal’ return to attempt to destroy someone’s livelihood… just the drama that ensues is enough to fuel their behaviour.

  33. Journalists should be reporting on the amazing opportunities provided by Serge Benhayon for lives to be turned around. Not the ‘miracle cure’ type of hype, but the sound investigative journalism that provides a true way forward for humanity, as we struggle against what has been set up to keep us avoiding the truth.

    1. I agree Narelle. Its interesting when we look at these articles or stories they are all very one sided. Never has any journalist asked or looked into the lives that have been turned around. All they need to do is read these blogs as a case in point and the comments that have been written to see that there is a whole other story that has not been told.

  34. Journalism that presents a one sided story (that is also false) is treating the public as cretins. No one is a cretin, but if we don’t speak up then we will be used and abused, till such time that we hold the courage to stand in the light of our making and say no to what is not true and embrace that which is, in other words, the love that we are made of.

  35. We have a funny attitude to money, it is okay to make money in a bank or selling technology but not healing. Supposedly when you offer healing it should be free, even if you have committed to preparing your whole life for that healing work, in how you live, the energy you choose etc..I have no idea how much money Serge Benhayon has, but I do know he works tirelessly supporting people who are in real need of support, alongside all the work and business he has responsibility for. If we do a worthwhile job in society we should get a far wage for it, simple. Business is about people, relationships, connections. People who have wealth do not have to have got it through devious or selfish means, it can come from making it about everyone and supporting humanity.

  36. I had an interesting conversation with a man from another local village he was out walking home to the next village and I was on my way home from a beautiful evening walk. We stopped for a chat and he was curious to know about the ‘cult’ that gathers a few times a year and what they do? The word ‘cult’ gets bandied around when people are seen to act outside the ‘norm’ of the rest of society. I explained that I attended the presentations and workshops of Universal Medicine, and as he has known me several years now did he believe that I behaved in a ‘cultish way’ what ever that means? And then explained what happens at the center a few times a year and why. Then we went on to discuss the current affairs in the world and he agreed that it was in a mess. This man has seen in action in war so he knows of the atrocity and the utter waste people on both sides, to me war is futile as nothing truly gets resolved it just festers below the surface, until it boils up again. As we parted to go our different ways he turned back to me and said I will be much more respectful from now on and will not use the word ‘cult’.
    This was a lesson on how easy it is to sit in our tall ivory towers and judge other people, thinking we hold the high moral ground. I seem to remember reading somewhere that Jeshua said
    “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone” The men that had bought the adulterous woman to Jeshua left because they were all with sin. And so are we all because we are quick to judge others but not ourselves.

  37. Well said Vanessa – and what you say here “It would be a great service if an ‘investigative journalist’ did report on such matters” is true – surely (and I work in healthcare) given the stresses and strains on our healthcare systems that are creaking at the seams not being able to care for all those in need – it is vital that we know and understand stories where people en masse (hundreds and hundreds) have turned their health around – not just to be better, or improved, or learn to live with a condition but to completely eradicate conditions that were supposedly long term (this has been my experience).

  38. When we do not live on a day to day basis a given standard of respect and care for self and others, then this spills into everything that we do. You may try to have a facade to show a different character, but in the end this will get exposed. However, the contrary is true too where a person holds deep love and care for self and others, and with this no matter how much rubbish is printed in the papers, this cannot taint someone who holds a steady hand of love. What it does do it expose the vile energy that wants to taint another as opposed to being here to support and grow and evolve each other out of this mess.

    1. I agree Henrietta, our movements, actions, intentions, are based on how we have been living up to that point, you can’t simply say I have more integrity (or even that I live to a code of ethics or integrity) – if you are not living it or have not made the changes to your daily living choices.

  39. Vanessa, I love how you have spelled out the Five Core Principles of Journalism:
    Truth and Accuracy
    Fairness and Impartiality
    It appears to me that Kate McClymont has not placed these as her core values. But I would say this extends beyond journalism itself – What if this was to be applied to life in general and not just journalism….how different would our world be. But then how is it that Kate McClymont has strayed away from such principles that we inherently know within us to be true?

  40. Gosh, I didn’t know that, ‘Five Core Principles of Journalism ‘ existed. How sad that Truth and Accuracy/ Independence/ Fairness and Impartiality/ Humanity/ and Accountability are not adhered to, for if they were how different our journalism would be today. How corrupted has it now become!

  41. To be offering the truth about our life style choices as Serge Benhayon has been doing for years deserves to be celebrated and shared and not a day too soon for it is so needed all around the world as our state of health is in crisis and the healthcare systems are bankrupt. Why would anyone want to attack that? The world is full of money grabbing get fit quick strategies and weight loss pills and so forth that are truly doing a heap of harm yet no one writes about them. Crazy. But then they don’t threaten the out of control booming human indulgences do they!

    1. Great point Matilda – any change in the world as it is today comes from the way each and every one of us is living our daily lives. When we deepen our responsibility even in the seemingly smallest of things this can have a ripple effect in our own lives and in others too. It’s too easy to stand on the edge and judge or criticise others – and it changes nothing. When we take responsibility in our lives that’s when the change begins.

  42. The tragedy of journalism in western countries is that it is being corrupted from within its own ranks, under the guise of free speech not through a ruling government or a regime. The tragedy is how blind we are and how we tolerate this and that we choose to be blind.

  43. Every ‘junk’ website that we ever visit, feeds this supply. And it isn’t just the overtly ‘junk’ ones – the ‘highbrow’ news sites can be even more poisonous because they hide behind that ‘authority’. We need to discern very carefully, the source of our news.

  44. ‘Formally stated, Newton’s third law is: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. The statement means that in every interaction, there is a pair of forces acting on the two interacting objects. The size of the forces on the first object equals the size of the force on the second object.’ (www.physicsclassroom.com/class/newtlaws/Lesson-4/Newton-s-Third-Law)

    “‘Sleazy’ millionaire ‘cult leader’”. So, if we apply this headline about Serge Benhayon and the truth about Newton’s Law… the equal and opposite could be true… ” Inspirational world teacher supports thousands of people to change their lives”
    Which one is true? That’s for the reader to decide!

  45. “I’m just an incorrigible gossip. Incorrigible gossips make great networkers” – Kate McClymont (1) – perhaps, and perhaps for a while to some extent but they/gossips also make great big fat liars too.

  46. It’s important to note that what Kate does is not representative of all journalists/journalism, but unfortunately she has chosen to play the sensationalism game.

  47. Truth and accuracy of a news article requires the journalist to discern the truth, integrity and accuracy of their source first otherwise no matter how much they craft and present the story it may be based on a foundation of lies and distortions.

  48. The incessant news cycle and need for new stories is caused by the demand for stimulation and entertainment and has little to do with unbiased and true journalism.

  49. I would agree that in the ‘investigative journalism’ industry there is an obvious and rather blatant ‘guilty until proven innocent’ attitude. The media seem to have become quite lawless or feel themselves to be above the law, acting as judge and executioner of people who they haven’t even interviewed. The motto seems to be that anything goes ‘so long as it sells’.

  50. Just putting the word ‘sleazy’ in the headline alone has set the tone for the entire article and leaves the reader with no choice to make up their own minds through well documented facts. This is not a special case, this is simply an example of day to day journalism.

  51. Where has our media got to where abuse has become ok to publish; where it’s ok to demean someone in what it is that they write? It’s very concerning to think that if a journalist or a media organisation take a dislike to you that they can pretty well make up whatever they like and their only source of information is other media stories that are based on lies. It’s also concerning that we consume this without question or discernment.

  52. Thank you Vanessa – and it is imperative that we change the tide and that ‘There is a journalistic responsibility to do the work required to share with the community the facts, and there is equally a responsibility for us as the general public to pull the press up when the true facts are not being delivered.’ As you say we are all equally responsible.

  53. The 5 core principals of journalism are fully lived by with the astounding integrity of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine but in this example these 5 principals are nowhere to be found at the Sydney Morning Herald. Instead, what so often replaces these principals are: lies, deceit, sensation, distraction, bullying, & greed.

  54. Awesome Article Vanessa, very strong and to the point.
    I was utterly astounded when I read the tagline “When Gossip becomes News” what a preposterous concept. The SMH has stooped to new lows merging gossip with news; they have nothing to do with each other. The role of Journalism is to report the facts in order to dispel the un-researched gossip not engage with it or contribute to it or pile even more lies on top of the lies that are already there.

  55. How can anyone in and with honesty write about someone they have never met? My question to Kate McClymont is have you ever met Serge Benhayon in person and actually interviewed him? Have you ever met anyone from the student body and interviewed them? If the answer to these questions is no then you have no authority with which to write such an article. The fact that you have written such an article shows the distain you have towards your readers that you expect them to believe what you make up just so you can sell a news paper with words that catch peoples attention, to me that’s a pretty low way to earn a living.

  56. You see those magazines with Hollywood gossip and people willingly buy them despite the fact that almost everything printed within is clearly a lie. We think our ‘mainstream’ media is different and more wholesome – but it’s not true. They just package up the manufactured sensationalism to entertain us. Why oh why do we continue to buy?

  57. Like most people who think that what they think and believe is from their own making, Kate McClymont is not different or special to that but in her activity we clearly can see that this is not true. We are puppets of creation or the servants of truth and that is the choice we do make and thereafter it makes us to act to what the creation or the truth gives to us. This construct or better said, contract, we make with life drives Kate McClymont to work for creation to keep it as it is and cannot afford Universal Medicine or Serge Benhayon to openly live in it.

  58. Thank you Vanessa, for sharing so openly the real truth about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, but more so yourself, the way you live and have made your life to be in full transparency of where we all belong and one day have to return to. A way of living that starts with decency and respect for all people living on this planet and in which we are all one and the same, and above all completely equal. A great way of life that is equally on offer to Kate McClymont but that she clearly has resistance against.

  59. “The truth of Serge Benhayon is a story that will be told one day, and it will have heads and hearts turning”. The story of Serge Benhayon is making heads and hearts turn from the inspiration of those who are taking responsibility for their lives in The Way of The Livingness. It is a reaction to this truth that is being bandied about by so-called journalists.

  60. Kate McClymont claim to fame is that she is an incorrigible gossip. This does not feel a positive thing, it simply means she regurgitates whatever she wants to without any discernment of the truth at all.

    1. And we have to be clear on ourselves too, as she shows in the extremes what gossiping is and the evil that comes with it. When we do it in (the we think) small, the gossiping I mean, we are actually adding to the same.

  61. ‘Is the incessant need to be recognised for delivering the big story that hooks people’s attention so intoxicating that journalists don’t stop for one second to properly investigate the subject and topic – and their sources?’ – Anything to have that shot of ‘fame’ and recognition, any consequences, even if dire, are irrelevant.

  62. We really need to heed just how self-serving ‘investigative journalism’ industry is. They have so much influence that to practice ‘guilty until proven innocent’ and often not report or very mildly admit any inaccuracies can and does destroy lives. Often they peddle their wares under righteousness and the good for all but it is just a mask for self-centred self-gain. The harm of this is not to be underestimated and I know the more honest about this the less energy I give to perpetuating the cycle of demand and supply.

  63. I can’t help but feel there should be laws against improper investigational journalism – when the actual facts are not properly conveyed and instead a biased or opinionated story is run someone’s whole life and livelihood can be instantly destroyed – surely to destroy someone for the sake of a good story should be a crime?

  64. If a person finds some kind of solace in gossip then so be it. To me, gossip has nothing on the true connections with both myself and other people I have found thanks to Serge Benhayon. Who needs gossip when life is full of love, truth and harmony?

  65. In the end it comes down to whether we want to take responsibility for what we, the general public have asked for. Kate McClymont would not be able to do the gutter journalism that she does if people did not want it. The only reason why anyone wants that sort of journalism is because we don’t want to take responsibility for our own lives.

  66. Surely a most fundamental part of journalism is research. And even the laziest and most superficial level of research…even if she only spoke to perhaps ten people who had actually met Serge Benhayon or experienced one of the healing modalities that he has brought to the world, would at the very least stop her in her tracks. Or would it? Is this absurdly naive idealism? And in fact is the truth that people like this are so rotten, so in the absolute spell of self, recognition and so utterly uncaring as to whether their keyboard is a weapon of destruction or evolution that even 100 testimonials that offered an alternate view to that which they were peddling wouldn’t change their course?

    1. Yes, what I’m learning that in pursuit of a story that fits their agenda, that of selling papers to those demanding a level of rubbish that doesn’t trigger any form of self-reflection or responsibility, no amount of truthful testimony will be considered but more like ignored.

      1. Journalism, medical research, sponsored science, politicians….they see what they are looking for. But then isn’t that what all of us are doing…because we are all part of this and we are all feeding and fuelling it. If we all chose to only see what we are willing to see, then is it any wonder that this is the journalism that we then get. Hard to blame them – “but, I’m just giving you what you live”

  67. “I’m just an incorrigible gossip. Incorrigible gossips make great networkers”. Well, it depends what kind of network we want to belong to – my feeling is that this IS probably what gives her success as a networker, which to me just proves the whole supply and demand of it all. If we want to hear gossip, if we want to be part of that network, if we are fuelling it with our own gossip…then yes, off course, people like her will flourish. But, if we as a society decided that we didn’t want to be a part of gossip rings, we didn’t want to fuel the demise and judgement of others, then journalists like this would have no network to work. Gutter journalism no longer a product of momentary value. Game over.

    1. Yes Otto, and her flourishing in this way shows that this is not abut the person herself but about the whole industry she is a part of and that we, as consumers have asked to become what it is today. Are we ready to take this kind of responsibility?

      1. It is very important to realise that it is bigger than the individual – making it personal keeps us blinded from what is actually at play. This is a hugely useful tool for so many areas of my life; if I am able to see beyond my, or the other person’s individual agenda, then I have a chance to understand what the root of anything might be, and from there is the possibility of true change.

  68. It is interesting how many journalists including Kate McClymont are not writing about all the little and big miracles and life changing beautiful things that have happened to so many of the students of Universal Medicine over the years – now this would be a newsworthy story as opposed to printing complete fallacious lies about a group of people who are dedicated to living true and lasting change in the world and setting an example for our communities and society to be inspired by.

  69. Journalism with no investigation…is that even journalism? Would you not expect that a thorough investigation of all information available was first conducted, rather than relying upon just one single source that has also not done any major investigations? An article written based on pure gossip and Chinese wispers is certainly not what I call journalism. And is certainly not ethical and living up to the standards of the code of journalism. To me it appears that Kate McClymont has certainly not abided by any code, any ethics and any integrity yet in today’s world she can get away with this purely because of the complacency of the public.

  70. This is a great question that has been needing an answer for a long time – ‘what is it about the media today that it is so willing to print lies?’ It would be great to have this question deliberated by the industry itself, to support the individuals within it who have dropped their own industry standards of decency and truth.

  71. It is revealing and shocking how flippant and dismissive with life and responsibility we are… for an investigative journalist to celebrate their love of gossip is like a lawyer talking about how much they enjoy lying… the opposites of the true responsibility and quality of both these professions.

    1. I fully agree with what you reveal here Matilda.This ‘journalist’ only truly denigrates herself with her self proclamation of being an incorrigible gossip… certainly nothing to be sincerely proud of nor a legacy or inspiration for others to follow.

  72. The circulation of lies and gossip does not truly inform another only entertain and stimulate so one does not have to feel what is truly happening in ones own lives.

  73. I can’t believe this one article is an isolated case. The need for sensationalism in the media, that emotionally hooks people in whatever way they can, has become the norm. And sadly, we the readers/viewers have allowed this in society. Those who need the drama and gossip keep feeding it but worse is those like me who can see what’s going on and silently turn away. I love that the dishonesty and corruption is being called to account so clearly in this blog.

  74. A great first step is to admit we are the architects of our world as it is today. Every corruption we see exists because it suits us in some way. If we truly want change and clarity we need to cancel the arrangements that we have made with comfort and deception.

  75. ‘I trust that all good investigative journalists are aware of the state of people’s health, the lack of wellbeing and escalating and out of control rates of illness and disease.’ – Question is, how do they manage and further convey that awareness?

  76. Since observing sensational and titillating accounts about Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon published by such journalists as Kate McClymont I look at every item of news with a huge pinch of salt, knowing that there could be a massive personal agenda being played out which has resulted in the final article. How can anyone call themselves an “investigative jounalist” and an ‘incorrigible gossip’ at the same time. Seriously, our media needs a huge overhaul.

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