Kate McClymont cries ‘Cult’ in a Case of Journalism without Investigation

It was with considerable disbelief while online at work this past Monday, that I discovered the headline, “‘Sleazy’ millionaire ‘cult leader’” tagged in my newsfeed to a photo of someone I know very well to be anything but these defamatory and insulting words. Which for me instantly begs the question: what is it about the media today that it is so willing to print lies about someone without researching the facts?

Why is it that in the so called ‘investigative journalism’ industry there is an obvious and rather blatant ‘guilty until proven innocent’ attitude and approach by the very profession that journalists choose to serve their community with?

Is the incessant need to be recognised for delivering the big story that hooks people’s attention so intoxicating that journalists don’t stop for one second to properly investigate the subject and topic – and their sources?

Was it considered that attaching such vile and damaging words to someone you don’t know, have never met, never spoken to, never interviewed, never interviewed his clients, friends or family, never observed or attended an event to see how he conducts himself and what sort of person he actually is, could have an enormously damaging and far-reaching negative effect?

But I guess it makes more sense that in this case the journalist is a self-professed gossip. In fact, I came across this quote:

I’m just an incorrigible gossip. Incorrigible gossips make great networkers – Kate McClymont (1).

Kate McClymont, Investigative Journalist, Sydney Morning Herald
Kate McClymont, Investigative Journalist, Sydney Morning Herald

I find this quote rather disturbing considering Kate McClymont identifies herself as an investigative journalist for the Sydney Morning Herald. One wonders what was actually investigated when the story was being researched? The truth? This quote quite honestly and arrogantly suggests otherwise.

The story by McClymont is mostly a regurgitation of a notorious woman’s trolling and lies who herself is actually the defendant in an upcoming defamation trial, and including that of other journalists who have ‘researched’ from the same source. As for the rest, well it reads as shallow gossip; a one-sided story with zero interest in wanting to uncover the truths that are waiting patiently to be told.

Such is the tragedy of the corruption of journalism, and here a pertinent opportunity to share the following from renowned media educator and business owner Rebecca Asquith:

“When fake news is published unencumbered we find ourselves in an information market flooded by counterfeit currency – a kind of ‘monopoly money news’ with no true value. This devalues the entire news industry and threatens the core function of journalism in a healthy democracy. If we can’t trust the news, what is its value beyond titillation and distraction. What is its purpose beyond perpetuating an illusion of freedom through false debate?​” (2)

I have been a student of Universal Medicine since 2004. Over this 14-year period I have done my own investigative journalism on Serge Benhayon and I am only too forthcoming in reporting the truth of who Serge Benhayon is.

Serge Benhayon is none of the things Kate McClymont shared with the world. Far from it. In the 14 years I’ve had the pleasure to be in his company – and that is easily hundreds of opportunities to be in his presence – he has displayed a depth of integrity and care for people, wisdom, humbleness, respect and zest for life that I have not witnessed in another, unless of course we include his family. I have also spent countless hours in their company – in the professional sense of course – including attending personal complementary health sessions with them, and they, like Serge Benhayon have inspired me beyond words to make positive changes in my life, particularly around my health and lifestyle.

Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine
Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine

It is public knowledge that 80% of chronic disease in the world is lifestyle related. Meaning that these diseases are preventable. I trust that all good investigative journalists are aware of the state of people’s health, the lack of wellbeing and escalating and out of control rates of illness and disease.

So many people today are propped up with pharmaceuticals or at the very least reliant on a substance: be they alcohol, caffeine, sugar, entertainment, drugs, drama or even gossip to get them through the day.

Since 1999 Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, in the business of complementary health, have been supporting thousands of people to make remarkable turnarounds in their health and wellbeing. Universal Medicine is in fact changing the tide on the current statistics of illness and disease.

It would be a great service if an ‘investigative journalist’ did report on such matters as this would be worth sharing with the world, so others could read, learn and have access to the information that myself and many hundreds of other attendees of Universal Medicine events have access to.

However labelling Serge Benhayon as a ‘cult’ leader and attendees of Universal Medicine events as cult members would be the more convenient and suitable headline to get tongues wagging in order to receive the accolades that many journalists seem to deem more important than reporting the Truth.

The truth of Serge Benhayon is a story that will be told one day, and it will have heads and hearts turning, unlike the witch hunt that is currently taking place.

It is incomprehensible to me that the enormous health benefits and everyday miracles (and the knock-on effects that this is creating) in the local and global community, due to the selflessness dedication and love of people that Serge Benhayon has consistently shown since 1999, has instead been twisted into the dark tale that has been presented in media hyped articles such as this which have been based on selling a story, but not on the facts.

And I do not stand alone with this perspective.

Serge Benhayon has been a role model and inspiration to myself, along with thousands of people who have been inspired by his work, for a very long time. In fact, I have observed one of the many knock on effects to be the large number of people who have started their own complementary health business as a direct result of experiencing the true healing and wellbeing benefits of the Universal Medicine Therapies for themselves.

I am one of those such people and invite any journalist to take a look at my website. In fact, I invite you to come for a session and experience for yourself the quality and integrity of what is on offer.

Vanessa McComb
Vanessa McComb

The incessant demand for rotten headlines and so-called news ‘stories’ from us – the general public – further poisons any remaining remnants of the Five Core Principles of Journalism (3):

  1. Truth and Accuracy
  2. Independence
  3. Fairness and Impartiality
  4. Humanity
  5. Accountability.

Anything less than the above is blatant bullying.

Journalistic bullying that blatantly intends to defame, damage the reputation of and shut down the voice of truth and the actual facts – including articles such as this that have falsely thrown around labels such as “‘cult’ healer” or accusations of leading a ‘cult’ (which by default makes thousands of others like myself a ‘cult’ member), – can only ever be evil at play.

There is a journalistic responsibility to do the work required to share with the community the facts, and there is equally a responsibility for us as the general public to pull the press up when the true facts are not being delivered.

By Vanessa McComb, Principal Advisor and Complementary Therapies Practitioner, EPA (Esoteric Practitioner’s Association) accredited


  1. SMH Subscribers. (2018). SMH Live: When Gossip Becomes News – SMH Subscribers. [online] Available at: https://subscribers.smh.com.au/events-offers/smh-live-gossip-becomes-news/ [Accessed 25 Jun. 2018].
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Vanessa McComb Vanessa McComb is a lover of true health, esoteric philosophy and most importantly people. Naturally curious about the energetic laws that make up the universe as we continue our forever orbit around the sun.

You can learn more about Vanessa McComb at her personal website: www.vanessamccomb.com

Serge Benhayon Serge Benhayon is an author and presenter and the founder of Universal Medicine. You can learn more about Serge Benhayon at his personal website www.sergebenhayon.com

Follow Serge Benhayon on Twitter @SergeBenhayon or on Google+ +SergeBenhayon

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419 thoughts on “Kate McClymont cries ‘Cult’ in a Case of Journalism without Investigation

  1. “I’m just an incorrigible gossip. Incorrigible gossips make great networkers”. Well, it depends what kind of network we want to belong to – my feeling is that this IS probably what gives her success as a networker, which to me just proves the whole supply and demand of it all. If we want to hear gossip, if we want to be part of that network, if we are fuelling it with our own gossip…then yes, off course, people like her will flourish. But, if we as a society decided that we didn’t want to be a part of gossip rings, we didn’t want to fuel the demise and judgement of others, then journalists like this would have no network to work. Gutter journalism no longer a product of momentary value. Game over.

  2. It is revealing and shocking how flippant and dismissive with life and responsibility we are… for an investigative journalist to celebrate their love of gossip is like a lawyer talking about how much they enjoy lying… the opposites of the true responsibility and quality of both these professions.

  3. The circulation of lies and gossip does not truly inform another only entertain and stimulate so one does not have to feel what is truly happening in ones own lives.

  4. I can’t believe this one article is an isolated case. The need for sensationalism in the media, that emotionally hooks people in whatever way they can, has become the norm. And sadly, we the readers/viewers have allowed this in society. Those who need the drama and gossip keep feeding it but worse is those like me who can see what’s going on and silently turn away. I love that the dishonesty and corruption is being called to account so clearly in this blog.

  5. A great first step is to admit we are the architects of our world as it is today. Every corruption we see exists because it suits us in some way. If we truly want change and clarity we need to cancel the arrangements that we have made with comfort and deception.

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