Sleaze, Sensationalism and Kate McClymont… Journalist or Professional Gossip?

I just read Vanessa McComb’s article – Kate McClymont cries ‘Cult’ in a Case of Journalism without Investigation – in response to what seemed to be a copy and paste article by Sydney Morning Herald investigative journalist Kate McClymont. This was the first I had heard of this article as I tend to avoid the corruption and sensationalism that typifies the media these days. When I read that the headline ‘Sleazy, millionaire, cult leader” had been tagged in a newsfeed to Serge Benhayon, founder of Universal Medicine and complementary Esoteric practitioner, my first and only thought was that they really had the wrong guy!

Kate McClymont, Investigative Journalist, Sydney Morning Herald
Kate McClymont, Investigative Journalist, Sydney Morning Herald

‘Sleazy’– now there’s a word that sets fear into anyone, especially women who are considering going to see a health practitioner. I remember when it was first recommended I see Serge Benhayon to address the underlying energetic/emotional aspects of my physical condition, which had become very obvious to me.

At this time I held a mistrust of male practitioners, as I had had some ‘sleazy’ experiences with a medical doctor as a young child. On those occasions everything appeared ‘above board’ but energetically I knew (and much later I discovered my parents did too), that something was not right. So you could say my radar for ‘sleazy’ being disguised as ‘professional’ was fairly well tuned!

At my first session, it was clear that Serge Benhayon lives with more understanding, integrity and respect for people than most men or women ‘have in their little finger.’ I felt safe, cared for and deeply respected in a way I had not experienced before, even by those who ‘love’ me. This care was the ‘real deal.’ The best way to describe Serge Benhayon’s manner and quality is to say it felt ‘clean’ and pure, and left me feeling the space to just be myself – something that we all miss from our childhood. Ironically, this purity of intention over time was a powerful reflection for me and a catalyst to change areas of my life that lacked this same integrity.

Headshot of Serge Benhayon standing alonside a brick paved wall
Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine

‘Millionaire’ – I have no idea how much money Serge Benhayon has or earns, so he may well be a millionaire, along with the other 1.16 million millionaires in Australia alone (1). Accusing someone of being a millionaire thesedays is like the scene in one of the Austin Powers movies where Dr. Evil’s ransom of 1 million dollars – which would have been huge in the 1960’s – is laughable in our current times.

That aside, what I have observed over the last 2 decades is a man who is dedicated to humanity like no other, works insanely long hours by normal standards but with a joy, purpose and ease like no other and has touched myself and countless others with unconditional generosity that I have never experienced before.

Things like providing healing sessions and accommodating cancer patients for free before his working day as a practitioner commences says a lot about this man. And unlike many charities, Hollywood celebrities and philanthropists, there is not an ounce of sympathy or ‘do-gooder’ energy to be felt! Again, the purity of Serge Benhayon’s intent is rare and refreshing in this day and age.

‘Cult-leader’ – much has already been said about this in the media and addressed by the UM (Universal Medicine) Facts team and many other blogs by students of Universal Medicine.

From my own experience, I can say that before Universal Medicine I was part of the biggest, most bullying cult around. It’s the one that tells you what is normal and acceptable. It tells you from a young age that what you feel is wrong, making you doubt and question the loveliness and inner knowing you naturally have as a child. And as with all cults, the backlash when you try to leave is ferocious. No tactic or action is too vile for this cult.

One thing that stands out from my early sessions with Serge Benhayon is that he very simply supported me to re-awaken my ability to feel the energetic quality of an object, event, word, or action. He simply asked me to close my eyes and feel two objects placed in front of me, one at a time. With one object I felt hardness in my chest and head, like I was being imprisoned in my own body. With the other, a feeling of ease, openness and lightness returned.

Fiona Lotherington
Fiona Lotherington

From that moment on I have used my body as a barometer of what is true, loving and healing for me, and what is false (even though it may be dressed up as the truth).

This ability to feel is what allowed me as a young child to know who I could trust and who did not have pure intentions. Restoring this natural ability that we all have is one of the greatest gifts I have received in this life.

It is this ability and trust in my body, along with the unwavering consistency I have observed from Serge Benhayon and his family, that has actually freed me from the societal ‘norms’ and allowed me to feel for myself what I align to. I have never heard of any cult leaders who remind you that you know how to discern energetic truth from everything else on offer.

There is no need to defend Serge Benhayon, as he has nothing to hide and those who have peddled or entertained lies will be exposed in time. Because of his utmost integrity and dedication to serving people, I know I will never see Serge Benhayon being chased by ‘A Current Affair’ on behalf of outraged, ‘ripped-off’ clients, as has recently happened in the example of Lance Martin (one of the main pedlars of these sensationalised lies). The media’s copy and paste stories written by so-called investigative journalists such as Kate McClymont could not be further away from the truth. What Serge Benhayon lives and represents is precious and if I had my way, this would be what makes the headlines – and a story worth reading.

Are there any journalists out there willing to present the true story?

By Fiona Lotherington, Team Leader and Complementary Health Practitioner


  1. Pash, (2018). Australia now has 1.16m millionaires, according to Credit Suisse’s Global Wealth Report. [online] The Sydney Morning Herald. Available at: [Accessed 6 Jul. 2018].
Fiona Lotherington Fiona Lotherington has a passion for healthcare and education, and working with people to reclaim their natural stillness and freedom of movement.

You can find out more about Fiona Lotherington at her personal website:

Serge Benhayon Serge Benhayon is an author and presenter and the founder of Universal Medicine. You can learn more about Serge Benhayon at his personal website

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468 thoughts on “Sleaze, Sensationalism and Kate McClymont… Journalist or Professional Gossip?

  1. I completely agree that words like love, pure and clean sit very well with Serge Benhayon and words like sleazy say much more about those that write them and have nothing whatsoever to do with Serge Benhayon. He is the complete and utter opposite of that and like you has inspired me to ever greater levels of integrity.

  2. While we, the public, keep putting out a demand for, paying toward, clicking on, reading and in our own conversations circulating unverified facts for entertainment or for sounding clever, there will always be people and industries providing the gossip we seek. The problem is most of us will only wake up to see the horrendousness of what we are propping up when it comes round and we or someone close to us are the ones at the end of the sting.

  3. ‘Are there any journalists out there willing to present the true story?’ The more I understand the nature of Journalism, observe their modus operandi and the corruption of the media, I know for sure that a journalist presenting Truth is ‘as rare as hen’s teeth’ – it turns out the truth is: that’s not their job.

  4. I agree Fiona, restoring my natural ability to feel has been one of the greatest gifts I have received in this life.

  5. In the end it comes back to everybody’s discernment whom one consults and not, I for one feel deeply blessed to know Serge Benhayon and be able to attend the many workshops and presentations by Universal Medicine.

  6. ‘One thing that stands out from my early sessions with Serge Benhayon is that he very simply supported me to re-awaken my ability to feel the energetic quality of an object, event, word, or action.’ One of the most valuable lessons I have learned from Serge is energetic discernment. Until I met him I could not articulate what I was feeling in much detail, simply not having had the practice of it. It has become second nature to me now to walk into a house or a building and clock the energy of it – the same with a person etc. So it has become much easier to read a situation, to understand what is going on without reaction and I am therefore much less likely to take things on and get affected by them.

  7. I think I was in the same cult as you were, Fiona. The one that totally castrates its members and convinces them that that is normal. It has many sects within and one often spends life times moving from one to another thinking they are free. No. That is the cult. And the one who exposes this fact gets called a cult leader? Seems that many just can’t get enough of being in that cult and accept all the abuse that goes with it as part of the package. Hard to believe that is what humanity truly want but there we go.

  8. That which is lived speaks louder than the words that are twisted to oppose it. Sadly it is often the case that we are far more willing to believe the spin created by journalists hungry for a headline that sells, rather than being willing to peer deeper at the mess we are in so we can take the necessary measures to arise ourselves out of it.

  9. It is so telling and so revealing to see how the media manipulates, twists and lies. And we as a society have created this demand. Lots to be pondered on here.

  10. The title of Kate McClymont’s newspaper article reeks of ‘tall poppy’. There is something not right about life when we cut someone down who is doing well, rather than seeing the reflection on offer.

  11. We are all very astutely programmed to be able to recognise when a human being is decent or not, just like we can smell gone-off fish, we can tell when a person is lying or not. Thank God for Serge Benhayon and the teachings of energy, his example of living energetic integrity that and my own willingness to develop this awareness – for this knowing is there with me not just in the halls of Universal Medicine presentations but everywhere in the world.

  12. I have been noticing this nasty behaviour of the press recently in the coverage of the current court case involving Serge Benhayon. The words the press are quoting and focusing on are deliberately loaded and highlighted to try and attract attention and reaction in the reader/viewer and to mislead people from the truth. They are not simply reporting the facts but are painting a version of events that is obviously biased and one sided to fulfil their own agenda rather than serve the public.

    1. I have observed the same thing. There is actually nothing printed about the court case itself and nothing about the offences themselves. It’s all about who can make the most dramatic headline, with the most dramatic words. Never mind that a man and his family, friends and clients have been spoken about on the internet in the most offensive and hurtful ways. Already we are seeing what the media is made of, very clearly. And don’t be fooled by those dressed up in fear and balanced reporting.

  13. Anyone who calls Serge Benhayon “sleazy” has clearly not met the man or made any attempt to ascertain the truth, I’ve met many sleazy men in my life and Serge Benhayon is the exact opposite of that word. It’s completely unacceptable to band around words like “sleazy” and “cult-leader” without knowing for FACT that what you are saying is the truth and nothing but the truth.

    1. We all know what ‘sleaze’ feels like – it is very difficult to hide it and therefore I can also say that I have never detected even one moment of sleaze from Serge Benhayon towards anyone.

      1. Absolutely – it’s like slime all over your body and you feel it as an unauthorised imposition. Whereas Serge is the most respectful, gentle and un-imposing person – the complete opposite to anyone “sleazy”.

  14. Having been to many healing courses presented by Serge Benhayon, something that is always ensured is maintaining a persons dignity with covering and with the way hands are positioned on the body. Serge goes through this in great detail, with a great level of care. I have never had a session with Serge but I have had many sessions with other practitioners including his sons and the way I am cared for in a session is always highly respectful, decent and never would I say ‘sleazy’.

  15. I have been watching the media with interest lately and what I have observed is how something that is true is taken completely out of context, which is essentially converting it to a lie, so it can then be championed as ‘the truth’ and used against the person who said it.

    1. With that, we take that ‘truth’ and then use that to judge and even condemn another. So much so that that takes on a life of its own. The person has little re-course from here, because a person has been found guilty via the court of public opinion, without a shred of true truth.

    2. You could ask – why are people so intent on destroying one another? This is especially apparent in the media but also in everyday life it’s occurring every moment of every day. I’m quite sure we are the only species on the planet that revels or participates in the destruction of a fellow brother.

      1. Choosing individuality time and time again will keep us delay in the one truth that we are all here to evolve together.

  16. These false accusations that are written in the press, have been a stop moment for me and many others to just stop and appreciate all that Serge Benhayon has brought to the world these last 20 years. By living in harmlessness with the all he has reflected a different way to live, that we do not have to accept the status quo but actually have the power and where with all to change the direction of our lives if we so chose. Me and thousands of others have chosen to work on the hindrances that stopped us from living a full and vital life. I can say it has been worth all the hard work and effort. But this doesn’t suit everyone, but just because it doesn’t suit everyone doesn’t mean to say that they have a right to stop me from living in a way that I find more enjoyable. Live and let live.

    1. I agree with what you say here about all Serge Benhayon has brought the world in the last 20 years and I too have chose to work on my dysfunctions and hindrances in the light of his inspiration. It is very revealing when people choose to attack this directly, under a false name or via the media as in truth there is nothing to attack, only a loving way. Hence the media fabricate stories to create the drama that the majority of society are asking for so that they do not have to feel their responsibility to look at the same.

  17. ha ha yes being a millionaire is not such a big deal these days and in fact you would worry about a business man who was not worth that.

    1. I often find it interesting that people are critical of Serge Benhayon making money from his business Universal Medicine. Is this not the sign of a successful business, that people can feel the quality of what is on offer and are willing to invest in this?

  18. Thanks Fiona for sharing the ridiculousness of the lies spread about Serge Benhayon and the calculated way the headlines are developed by the media. I studied Media Studies in high school and we would analyse articles and see how emotive words were used to manipulate readers and things noted unnecessarily in articles such as someone’s race to incite racism. “Sleazy, millionaire, cult leader” is the same manipulative tactic I studied, but in this case the depth of the lies are unbelievable. I find it hard to believe that journalists learn a code of ethics. There is obviously no true authority the public can receive support from to take complaints to when such lies are published, if there is they are a toothless tiger because the corruption in the media is astonishing. One thing I love about Serge is he won’t compromise his integrity, his values, or his expression of the truth. Thank God I have him as a point of inspiration in my life because there are certainly none in the media.

  19. “There is no need to defend Serge Benhayon, as he has nothing to hide and those who have peddled or entertained lies will be exposed in time.” The most transparent man I have ever met, whose personal conduct and lived integrity sets a new benchmark to aspire to, a benchmark that goes way beyond our current understanding of what it means to conduct one self with absolute honesty in every aspect of our lives.

  20. Fiona this is such a great blog that address what needs to be addressed as in the past we may of sit by and let someone abuse and use defamation against them but when you meet a man like Serge Benhayon how truly has the absolute purest intentions, deeply committed and loving towards humanity, no matter who you are just everyone equally so and then to read such lies, I know I certainly won’t accept this. It has exposed for me the media and the way it operates and manipulates what they want and it has confirmed why I have not been interested in the media as deep down I knew this was what was taking place.

  21. ‘Journalist or Professional Gossip?’ Could this not be a question for the whole media industry to ponder on? Where is the integrity and consideration for the public and the ones who are written about?

  22. Whilst on the surface it may seem that sections of the media are focusing in on Serge Benhayon and are saying anything they wish to affect Serge and his family, but really what they are doing by constantly printing these style of stories is actually speaking to us all to say, “this is what happens when you no longer tow the line of how life has been made to be. If you step out of line we will find you and do the same and we can say anything we like, simply because we can”.

      1. Indeed under the guise of exposing corruption and protecting others, unsubstantiated reporting is nothing more than its own abuse of power and position.

    1. And so it is that we can also say what we know, what we feel, and what we know to be true, and the thing is that truth as a resonance to it that is unmistakable… When… One has the opportunity to actually hear truth

    1. So true Matilda we create the demand for gossip and unsubstantiated journalism when we buy it, read and watch it without discerning for ourselves the quality of the reporting.

  23. This is the side of serge Benhayon that is not shared. The truth and the whole truth. What a shame that this so called journalism chooses the angle they want to go with and then completely ignores the truth.

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