Taking a Gentle Breath

Have you ever been really busy and caught up with something that is all consuming and feels very important – to discover later that it was actually not that important at all? We can feel quite ‘taken over’ and energetically, it can feel like we are being driven by an energy and a force that is not us.

Can this be true?

I have been feeling recently how we can change this feeling of the forceful energy which is not us by simply taking a breath, a pause from whatever frustrates us, annoys us or sees us getting caught up in someone else’s emotions. We can easily get very caught up and become so involved in something, where it seems imperative that we are fully understood. Emotions and great angst can be overwhelming if we are misinterpreted and we can be constantly trying to prove a point, so we are not misunderstood.

I used to feel a great injustice if the outcome had not been what I had intended, and I realised that I could only ever sort out my side of the story and not actually control what others thought. A friend once said to me that what others thought of me was none of my business.

It is often easier to see the failings of others rather than the failings we have (which are often one and the same). When others get indignant, we may observe that they:

  • become quite imposing
  • act in a forceful way
  • blame others for what has occurred
  • grumble and moan about it quite negatively
  • swear or speak aggressively
  • exaggerate their story to fit their version
  • catastrophise the whole situation.

Could it be that I behave sometimes in the same way? I really did not want to feel this – but it was true. I decided to try to change it in a few ways that didn’t work too well either. I tried to reason with myself that this behaviour was completely unreasonable, and I should let the issue go, but it would simply niggle inside me if I didn’t express what I was feeling.

Then it occurred to me that as I breathed in, in a quality of my choosing – gentleness – then I could actually surrender to myself and let things pass. By simply breathing in and taking a gentle breath, this pause allowed some magic to occur. There were true physical changes in the body to connect to:

  • my clenched jaws released
  • the tension in my shoulders disappeared
  • my face relaxed
  • my indignation dissolved
  • the particles in my body wiggled and tingled
  • my mind settled and the issue diminished.

I found that Love for myself and Love for others was more important than any issue I was hanging on to.

Taking a pause and re-connecting to our breath, that breaths us out of any situation, feels a life changing lesson. Could it be that every time we react to something, or hold onto the tension, we are notching up an illness in the body for our future ill health? When we know this truth, why would we continue the same behaviour?

We can choose to take a gentle in-breath, (as presented by the Gentle Breath Meditation™) and surrender, so no matter what situation we find ourselves in, in the world, the pause gives us a moment to either continue in the same way and reject the lesson on offer – or to stop and learn from this and with that, we stop repeating the pattern and evolve.

By Gill Randall, Complementary Esoteric Practitioner, Physiotherapist, Wife and a Woman returning to who I am, Oxfordshire, UK

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423 thoughts on “Taking a Gentle Breath

  1. ‘Taking a pause and re-connecting to our breath, that breathes us out of any situation, feels a life changing lesson.’ This is huge and something I keep returning to whenever I’m feeling stressed about something. I’m noticing today how much, when someone asks for help, I immediately want to respond and give them what they want. I don’t like the tension in someone else being anxious about a situation they would like resolved. But what if they need to feel the tension of their situation? Coming back to my breath, what’s present and not doing 100 things in my head is vital to me keeping well and healthy. If I let the situation in and breathe from it it’s no wonder I feel ill because the situation isn’t harmonious.

  2. What is lovely about the Gentle Breath too is that it can connect us to that fiery feeling in the Inner Heart. If we focus there, in the centre of our chest, we can feel it and allow that to become our anchor, letting the body access a wisdom that the lower mind likes to have jurisdiction over, in fact the lower mind most often has different ideas altogether, ideas that take us away from the truth of the Inner Heart.

  3. The moment we react we are out of the sphere of God in which there is no right or wrong, no judgement or harm. And it is a choice to disconnect with that in build connection we have with God as from our birth and when we disconnect with it, the right and wrong and the harm and judgement will enter into our lives.

  4. “I found that Love for myself and Love for others was more important than any issue I was hanging on to.” And that is all that it takes, to shift the focus. We learn that everything we do and all that we do is most important but nothing is of worth if it does not serve a more harmonious and loving world.

  5. What I have noticed is that when I get too involved in situations it then begins to register in my body with things like waking up too often in the night, not being able to switch off from the situation or I can feel a hardness in my chest and in my upper arms. Then when I initially go into the Gentle Breath I notice that it feels difficult to do but after a while, I can feel that it is working and changing me from the inside out. It brings me back to steadiness and back to myself.

  6. “…Love… is more important than any other issue.” – and we are so far away from being and living the love that we are that we need to start with our breath, a gentle breath, to reconnect to it until it is the natural innate rhythm of love that makes us breathe who we are again.

  7. Whenever I feel any tension rising in my body which is usually signalled by my jaw tightening, my stomach clenching and my breath becoming shallow, I instantly choose to connect to the gentle breath, and within a couple of focussed breaths the tension begins to drop away. It doesn’t matter where I am or what I am doing, returning to the natural gentleness of my breath is one of the most supportive tools in my tool-kit for life.

  8. I find the Gentle Breath Meditation so supportive and whenever I find my self a bit racy or anxious I stop and reconnect with my breath and find it so lovely to reconnect to a stillness, gentleness and myself and is also lovely as I go to sleep. A real gift I learnt from Serge Benhayon many years ago.

  9. Gill what a perfect timing for me, I have been feeling some tension and reactions coming at me, and it was lovely to read your blog to get me to just stop and connect to my breath. Knowing when I breath my on own breath things change.

  10. When we lose that connection to our own natural breath we usually have gone into a survival mode of fight, flight or submission. In this nervous state we have disconnected from our own innate knowing and wisdom.

  11. It does seem to be very easy to let ourselves get taken over by overwhelm, anxiety, frustration, justification, or any number of things that set us in a spin of mental circulation that usually strengthens the problem. The thing is that the gentle breath meditation is so simple, so accessible and so life changing that it puts the easiness of staying with the problem into perspective. One breath at a time we can literally change our whole inner, and therefore outer, landscape.

  12. There are so many breathing techniques out there that tell us how to breathe, as crazy as it sounds, it looks like a majority of us have forgotten how to breathe our own breath and therefore, something so simple as breathing is something we have to relearn. This makes me wonder what else have we forgotten? I could mention a huge list of things, for example: forgetting who we are, why we are here, how to love, how to be responsible, who God is, how to walk, how to express and the list goes on and we can probably fill a whole book.

  13. Living is breathing; living one´s own life instead of being lived by life equals breathing one´s own breath instead of breathing the situation we are in.

    1. This makes so much sense Alexander. So, the quality of our breath reflects the quality of our livingness and vice versa.

    2. And when we do breathe our own breath in whatever situation we find ourselves in we can observe what is going on very clearly and see what is needed, no more, no less… it makes life very simple and very rich with learning and understanding.

  14. The beauty about our breath is that we all have it and once we understand that we can determine the quality of our breath, we have the key to any situation we encounter. The more we practice to breathe gently the more settled within ourselves we will become and the less affected we become by what is happening around us.

  15. It’s amazing how quickly returning to a truly gentle quality of breath supports us to let go of reactions to what is not true or that has exposed something for us and offer us through acceptance a return to perspective on what it is we feel.

  16. Every time we have a reaction to something it catches and takes our breath away… which is where, why and how the gentle breath is very restorative for the body and in its ability to re-connect

  17. Becoming acquainted with my own breath has made it a great barometer of how I am feeling and how I am going in my day my day. I can tell when I’m getting ahead of myself and anxious, or have eaten something that has raced up my physiology, which can be felt in my breathing. It’s an invaluable marker in my day.

  18. And reading this I took a breath and melted my shoulders and tension away again just as you describe here, what an amazing tool to work with our breath in the Gentle Breath Meditation.

  19. Your lovely blog about the gentle breath meditation Gill reminds me of another saying by Serge Benhayon, that reminds us that there is nothing more beautiful than being with ourselves, when we are in this spacious harmony we expand our awareness and it feels so delicious.

    1. Wow Joseph, so powerful what you’ve shared and also exposing at the same time. No wonder our world is currently full of false versions of the truth because we are as a collective race avoiding evolution and the evidence is so clear.

  20. I finding more and more that when I am working that if I am not conscious of my breath it is very easy for me to slip into race mode which lets a sort of anxiousness creep in that effects everything I am doing.

  21. A beautiful reminder that we always have a choice when those moments when frustration or judgement arise.
    Settle within with a gentle breath or get caught up in further reactions of blame or dominating another.
    “I found that Love for myself and Love for others was more important than any issue I was hanging on to”.

  22. “I found that Love for myself and Love for others was more important than any issue I was hanging on to.” – a pertinent reminder for me today, thank you.

  23. I have found it quite incredible the changes and the release that can happen in the body during the Gentle Breath Meditation and it goes to show how much we are bracing and holding ourselves in hardness during our day to day living, often not even conscious about it.

  24. “A friend once said to me that what others thought of me was none of my business.” This is an interesting statement Gill. How often are we concerned about what other people think of us? And this happens on very subtle levels. Therefore if we care concerned about this then how much of ourselves would we be compromising?

  25. When feeling anxious, it’s quite incredible to feel how powerful it is when taking a gentle in and out breath. The body responds in an instant and it’s like the breath sends a command to the nervous system to calm down and stop racing.

  26. With getting a deeper understanding of the importance of breath for being who we are I am curious about the terms we have around breath: ‘Out of breath’, You take my breath away’, ‘breathtaking’, ‘to hold one´s breath’ etc – it shows that we know how breath changes our state of being or vice versa. hence it really makes sense to make use of the science in our favour, i.e. breathing our own breath to be ourselves.

  27. Gosh yes, learning to be observing life with a degree of detachment rather than being absorbed in everything I do has been such a God send in my life. And I thank God (while I’m on the subject) for the Gentle Breath Meditation, which has given me the opportunity to feel the difference.

  28. My body loves to breath, fully, gently and presently. How I approach my day, react to everything that happens affects my breath, but my body always loves to breathe and is only too ready to go for it when I remember not to constrict it.

  29. I like that piece of advice that it is not our business what others think about us. It seems to cut out having to take on other opinions about us and leave us space for more appreciation and living who we truly are.

  30. Even when we are doing really well and are with ourselves most of the time, moving into repose can deepen and expand our expression before, during and after.

    1. There is no endpoint in being with us. A true relationship never knows any limits or achievements, it knows there is always more to say Yes to- the moment you said Yes.

  31. What you are talking about is great, it is true responsibility, quite often this is not something we are wanting but rather prefer to do whatever we want and behave however we want. The less I indulge in emotions the more I am able to feel how out I am when I do, and how this actually feels horrible.

  32. Giving ourselves moments during the day to pause, to connect with our body with our gentle breath, certainly offers the opportunity to make adjustments, to see how we may have been carried away or in tension about something. Eventually we get to see that the whole day could potentially be one moment – doesn’t mean the tension disappears, because it wont. We constantly live in tension, but the way we go about living in tension, and still remain WITH our connection is what makes life look ‘Same Same but Different’.

    1. We can accept the tension when we are connected to our breath and body. It is much easier to observe without getting caught up or entangled in it. From this observation point, we give ourselves the space to work out what the tension is/where it is coming from. In the simple nomination of it, the tension starts to lose its grip.

  33. I often get caught up in moments where I lose myself in thinking something is really important and stress out for no reason what so ever, when all I could have done is breathed gently through the whole moment and avoided the unnecessary stress.

  34. I find I get caught in thinking that something is really important and all-consuming when I have lost my connection with myself, where I know my worth and purpose. I then fall very easily into thinking I need to do something really well or really fact to prove myself or be of any value in the world. I can feel when I am doing it because I feel tense and driven. I also notice I can sometimes use this business as a way to keep people out – a form of protection.

  35. I love bringing awareness to my breath and feeling how my rib cage rises and falls as I breath in and out. This to me is such a valuable way to come back to my body connection and especially when I breathe in a gentle way it is amazing to feel the effects throughout my whole body. The hardest part of all of this is simply remembering to do this! 😉

  36. Offering ourselves a pause every now and then is very important, otherwise we continue running our life in a momentum that’s very difficult to keep up with. The pause helps us look at this and see if there is another way. No pause..no see.

  37. It can be very consuming to worry about what people think of us. This can drive us to do crazy things in order to control how people perceive us but when we deeply love and care for ourselves, honour who we are and how we feel the need for people to like us drops away. Because when we deeply love ourselves, nothing outside of us can make us wobble.

  38. Bringing a focus back to our breath is an important part of staying connected and therefore could it be possible to always have a focus on how we are breathing and thus the effect it is having on us?

  39. This is very much the point, we can choose and in that choice magic happens, we are able to observe life far more and doing so react so much less, this feels amazing and very supportive for the body and life.

  40. The points you have laid out as examples of someone getting indignant are spot on and we recognise them so well because we know them within our own range of behaviours in one way or another.

  41. It’s really interesting when we pause and see what wobbles us in observing another person, is most the time something we do somewhere in our lives. For example, I would react to when people make a drama out of small things at work, and then I discovered I don’t do it at work but I do that at home. Just stopping to breathe gently offers us so much and all those around us.

  42. There is a saying ‘take a breath’ and it is true, it offers us stop moment to pause and feel what is really going on and are we taking something on.

    1. Offering ourselves a stop moment and pause is deeply loving and very supportive. It is very difficult to react when we are in our gentle breath, so it is hugely important to check with ourselves what is the quality of our breath.

  43. “Emotions and great angst can be overwhelming if we are misinterpreted and we can be constantly trying to prove a point, so we are not misunderstood.”
    The need to prove a point or worry about being misunderstood is an interesting one. I know when I am fully with myself I am able to stand back and observe a situation, but if an issue escalates there is that need to prove something or keep going over something to make sure the other person has heard and this causes further unneccesary tension.

  44. Life is very simple really… we can choose to breathe our own breath, or let life and everything going on around us breathe us – it is only a choice away.

    1. There are benefits in choosing the latter – it can be exciting and involving but ultimately it is exhausting.

  45. We don’t realise how powerful, profound and yet so simple, breathing our own breath can be… until we stop and take a moment or three to breathe gently.

  46. The Gentle Breath Meditation brings a settlement to the body that is very stilling and harmonious… a magical place to be with ourselves, with Soul.

  47. Once you get used to living with the unclenched jaw, relaxed shoulders, etc it’s even more apparent when you are away from yourself. I know that’s how it is for me. This gentle breathing is a great touch point to check in with how you’re feeling. The simple things are often the best!

    1. How true, we don’t realise how much impact the stressors of life have on us until we start to set ourselves free from this these conditions, the difference is truly liberating.

  48. Taking that moment, and just bringing the attention back to the breath is a great touch point for me – the effect on all sorts of my body’s systems of that reconnection, of feeling the body settle, the mind let go of whatever it is running with, and the heart opening up. It takes only moment and means the world.

  49. Yes, Gill, the Gentle Breath Meditation brings us back to a moment of choice – to continue in the same reaction or momentum or create space to return to the body and a true sense of what is at play.

  50. That feeling of the body surrendering is amazing…you think you are feeling relaxed to begin with but then you sit down to do the gentle breath meditation and you get to realise a whole new level of relaxation is actually possible. And then if you allow the body to surrender, this is a whole new ball game again…wowza…

  51. I get caught up all the time in what I am doing or the things around me…but the one thing that brings me back in an instant is when I can bring awareness to my body through the gentle breath. The gentle breath really does bring the body alive again, and this is such a gift to give ourselves for it brings us back to realising how simple life can be and that there is a purpose to being here and all that we are here to express.

  52. Breathing is rhythm, a rhythm we cannot escape just as we cannot escape the other natural and at times self-created rhythms. Honouring the fact and choosing such rhythms that are harmonious to our wellbeing and those of others may be one of the wisest and healthiest things we can ever do.

  53. Thank you , Rebecca. You have reminded me that when I can stop and check in with myself. (take a gentle breath), It allows me to really see and feel what is going on and then I can make an appropriate response.
    And understanding that it really does not matter what people think of me was a game changer for me.

  54. “I found that Love for myself and Love for others was more important than any issue I was hanging on to.”. The body and the inner heart know this, but it’s the mind that puts up the fight. When our breath brings us back to the body it’s easier to feel settled and reconnect to the love within. It’s a lot of work though but so easy as we carry our breath with us, how we breathe gives us the empowerment to choose our inner quality (stress or stillness).

  55. When we become caught up in outcomes we lose our connection with ourself but taking the time to simply breathe in and out gently has an immediate impact as it brings us back to our body and the wisdom that is always available to us.

  56. When i first tried the gentle breath I could feel just how different my body felt, today I appreciate the fact I can feel more and more of this harmony in my body as I go about my days.

  57. I love that you mention indignation and that it dissolves when we mind our own business, i.e. breathe our own breath and let others just be.

  58. It does not matter what we do or don’t do there will always be people who like it and those who don’t so we might as well be and enjoy ourselves and give others the same respect.

  59. ‘Could it be that every time we react to something, or hold onto the tension, we are notching up an illness in the body for our future ill health?’ This summarizes in a nutshell how important it is to choose to breathe gently when we go into a reaction. Reactions are just not supporting our health and, to expand on that, the health of others. The Gentle Breath is a lovely bridge to to reconnect and feel where the reaction was all about in the first place.

  60. Watching my breathing is a simple and effective way to increase my awareness as a change in breath has significance and can easily be overlooked.

  61. It is great to read about you coming back to your breath, because this is one of those parts of life that is constant, one of those things that remains with us throughout our days, so it perhaps would be wise to pay attention to its quality as much as we can, for maybe this is the real place where our days begin.

    1. Absolutely and we can so often take it for granted but it is beautiful what Gill is presenting how it can be such an amazing support on our journey through life.

    2. Brilliant Shami, I love what you’ve shared. I realise how often I forget to check the quality of my breath and how this affects the quality of my connection with others as well.

  62. Taking a gentle breath may seem insignificant in the onslaught of pressure, stress and tension, but when applied as taught by Serge Benhayon, it’s a truly powerful tool to have in your dealing with life tool box.

  63. When we choose Love our issues become insignificant and no longer run us, the Gentle Breath Meditation is an amazing support in this and letting go of the tensions of life that build up if we do not acknowledge and take responsibility for our part in them.

  64. You ask can this be true that we can be driven by a force that is not us. I have witnessed this a lot recently and I would say there is not a doubt of the truth of this phenomenon. Indeed I would surmise that it is indeed quite a common occurrence but one which we have been reluctant perhaps to see and admit. The intensity of the world has been increasing over the past few years and this phenomenon is on the rampant increase. We can all feel that it is no longer the person that we know so well. Just looking in the eyes confirms this.

  65. Thank you Gill. I’m going to try this tomorrow when I am confronted with the end of the day at home which seems to be my let down of the day. I think I’m going to need more than gentle inbreaths. I’m also going to need constant nomination and renunciate that uncomfortable feeling that brings me to a behaviour that brings my whole day down. My movement, feeling my body, as well as my purpose + The Gentle Breath will resurrect me from this age-old-dark behaviour.

  66. The pause and reflect moment is so key – to have the choice to feed something or evolve to be more. A true healing when we choose to evolve.

  67. The Gentle Breath Meditation sure is a life saver and a life changer – it is so simple that it is easy to brush off as not possibly being effective, but effective it is and it brings the body alive in feeling and from there there is no end.

  68. Taking gentle breaths invites our body to become gentle too and then our expression also has this same quality.

  69. “I tried to reason with myself that this behaviour was completely unreasonable, and I should let the issue go, but it would simply niggle inside me if I didn’t express what I was feeling”. I had exactly this situation happen recently where I kept feeling niggles of irritation about the way someone had behaved. What I found was important for me was not denying or pushing down the feeling I had but allowing myself to feel why I was in the reaction. This permission to feel was what was important to me after the event. As was shared in the article, working it out in your head just takes you further into the problem. Taking a gentle breath during the interaction is something I didn’t do (I suspect I was in shocked breath holding!) and would have been a powerful way to return to the simplicity of being and not needing to be heard.

      1. Yes, contrary to what we are told… our hearts have all the answers we are ever searching for – not our minds!

  70. “It is often easier to see the failings of others rather than the failings we have (which are often one and the same).” Indeed, this is a huge eye opener for us to accept Gill, but one that is so vital if we are really to change how we relate to people in all our relationships, and not to avoid those ones that we find most challenging.

  71. ‘the pause gives us a moment to either continue in the same way and reject the lesson on offer – or to stop and learn from this and with that, we stop repeating the pattern and evolve.’ – How true, the pauses we give ourselves are invaluable in the sense that they offer us the opportunity for deeper awareness and the ability to read and learn from whatever may be at hand.

  72. The Gentle Breath Meditation has been transformational in developing an awareness and quality of presence with my body and movements, and a more gentle and caring way of being that I had not allowed myself to feel as I was constantly feeling lost and seeking answers from the outside rather than connecting to myself and the wisdom and truth I feel from my inner heart.

  73. “….. no matter what situation we find ourselves in, in the world, the pause gives us a moment…” Yes – a moment to feel where we are at and if we choose to continue in the old way – or make a difference and choose another way. The world is in such a rush these days a pause gives us a stop moment to really feel what is going on.

  74. Our breath, like everything else in life, has an energetic quality, which either comes from love or something that is not love. The Gentle Breath Meditation allows us to choose love as the source of energy that breathes us forward by inviting us to re-connect within to the love that we already are.

    1. This is the simplicity and magic of our breath. It seems like breathing is something we do just to keep living, but choosing the way we breathe is the choice to be caught up in drama or not – to be love or not.

  75. And the habitual fall to sleep in the early days was a regular occurrence for a few of us who kept everyone awake with our load snoring! This was because of how we had completely exhausted our bodies and needed to deepen our understanding of the disregard we were living in.

  76. “…as I breathed in, in a quality of my choosing – gentleness – then I could actually surrender to myself and let things pass…” It is remarkable how the body responds to surrender and is able to let go of the tension and control when we choose and focus on taking in a gentle breath.

  77. ‘A friend once said to me that what others thought of me was none of my business.’ This is amazing and something I can do well to ponder on. If I concern myself with feeling and staying connected with my essence, yes I may feel disturbances within others but if I say that is their business and continue to stay connected and respond, then I’m less likely to contract away from expressing what is there to be expressed – whether that’s through words or just staying with me. This is very difficult to do when I worry about what another is thinking and become focused on them and lose my connection to me and what was there to express for everyone.

  78. I have recently been feeling how much i struggle to let go when falling asleep and realised that during my day, I never take the opportunities for stillness, repose, surrender. I go about my day at full speed, and then slam on the breaks before bed, only to find myself too unsettled to sleep. So now I am slowly bringing in a few moments a day where I just take a moment to slow down and be with myself.

    1. So true Rebecca, our disregarding ways become a distraction and we get exhausted so as a way back we can deepen our connection to our essences and focus on our Loving movements in all we do and those stop moments are a part of our Loving rhythm.

    2. This is such a cool learning Rebecca, to bring gentle breaths into the rhythm of your day. I love to do this, like whenever I wash my hands, or before a meal, learning to take those mini breaks of a few seconds is so supportive to us.

      1. It can feel like those moments are nothing, a waste of time to bring our attention to them, but I always find it makes my day slow down and feel less on top of me to even just take a breath as I make a cup of tea

    3. No wonder we can’t sleep when there has not been a rhythm of pauses and moments of settlement during the day. It’s like dousing something hot with cold water and expecting that the temperature change that very instant.

    4. Rebecca you have summed up so well how many of us are, going at full speed without the support of moments of reconnection to build a gentler pace throughout the day.

      1. There is so much for us to learn by connecting to ourselves throughout the day. We can go around on auto-pilot and switched off, or we can notice the many tiny signs which confirm for us we are on track.

      2. Yes, these moments of reconnection change everything, my life has changed beyond recognition because I have begun to observe my breath and body.

      3. The word pace is a really good way of visualising the day, because even our hearts have a period of rest between beats even if it is just a fraction of a second. I am exploring building a pace to my day I can sustain, one that is measured in the sense of has a steadiness to it.

    5. This has to be true for most of us Rebecca… going about our day in full speed and then demanding the body sleep because we get into bed at night. It makes sense to go slow and steady and much more supportive for the body and for our sleep.

      1. This is such a clear example of the being that drives and demands of the body at the body’s expense.

      2. Reading this Rebecca, if the body was a car, it wouldn’t last long before needing being repaired if we were to drive it like we can drive the body. It’s no wonder we have illnesses when we wear the body out so much, but I can also feel the beautiful rhythm we can live by with the gentle breath instead.

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