Taking a Gentle Breath

Have you ever been really busy and caught up with something that is all consuming and feels very important – to discover later that it was actually not that important at all? We can feel quite ‘taken over’ and energetically, it can feel like we are being driven by an energy and a force that is not us.

Can this be true?

I have been feeling recently how we can change this feeling of the forceful energy which is not us by simply taking a breath, a pause from whatever frustrates us, annoys us or sees us getting caught up in someone else’s emotions. We can easily get very caught up and become so involved in something, where it seems imperative that we are fully understood. Emotions and great angst can be overwhelming if we are misinterpreted and we can be constantly trying to prove a point, so we are not misunderstood.

I used to feel a great injustice if the outcome had not been what I had intended, and I realised that I could only ever sort out my side of the story and not actually control what others thought. A friend once said to me that what others thought of me was none of my business.

It is often easier to see the failings of others rather than the failings we have (which are often one and the same). When others get indignant, we may observe that they:

  • become quite imposing
  • act in a forceful way
  • blame others for what has occurred
  • grumble and moan about it quite negatively
  • swear or speak aggressively
  • exaggerate their story to fit their version
  • catastrophise the whole situation.

Could it be that I behave sometimes in the same way? I really did not want to feel this – but it was true. I decided to try to change it in a few ways that didn’t work too well either. I tried to reason with myself that this behaviour was completely unreasonable, and I should let the issue go, but it would simply niggle inside me if I didn’t express what I was feeling.

Then it occurred to me that as I breathed in, in a quality of my choosing – gentleness – then I could actually surrender to myself and let things pass. By simply breathing in and taking a gentle breath, this pause allowed some magic to occur. There were true physical changes in the body to connect to:

  • my clenched jaws released
  • the tension in my shoulders disappeared
  • my face relaxed
  • my indignation dissolved
  • the particles in my body wiggled and tingled
  • my mind settled and the issue diminished.

I found that Love for myself and Love for others was more important than any issue I was hanging on to.

Taking a pause and re-connecting to our breath, that breaths us out of any situation, feels a life changing lesson. Could it be that every time we react to something, or hold onto the tension, we are notching up an illness in the body for our future ill health? When we know this truth, why would we continue the same behaviour?

We can choose to take a gentle in-breath, (as presented by the Gentle Breath Meditation™) and surrender, so no matter what situation we find ourselves in, in the world, the pause gives us a moment to either continue in the same way and reject the lesson on offer – or to stop and learn from this and with that, we stop repeating the pattern and evolve.

By Gill Randall, Complementary Esoteric Practitioner, Physiotherapist, Wife and a Woman returning to who I am, Oxfordshire, UK

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767 thoughts on “Taking a Gentle Breath

  1. ‘Have you ever been really busy and caught up with something that is all consuming and feels very important…’ Yes absolutely. I did that today with work and I took on the stress of others and wanting to get work done. My body feels tight, painful and tired. It so, does not pay to get caught in busy and doing!

    1. I can relate to this Rachel. I am beginning to recognise that this form of busyness and doing stems from seeking recognition and at the end of the day it leaves me feeling tired because it comes from an energy that is draining instead of from an energy that is revitalising.

  2. When ever I am out of sorts and know something is not quite right the gentle breath offers the space to stop and re-connect to myself and from there I can feel what my next step is, rather than carrying on in the same way and getting more entrenched in the issue.

  3. To create space by virtue of the breath we breathe is the key to finding our way out of the mess we have created by living less than who we truly are.

  4. The picture painted here – of what can happen to any and every one of us – when we let ourselves be caught and run by an energy which is contra to us in stillness, joy and harmony, is really ugly. This is also uncomfortable to witness in someone else or experience from within if it is us acting it out.
    Very wise move to make support ourselves in ways that help us remain steady and loving regardless of the many challenges that could otherwise hook us along the way. Taking a pause to make sure we are breathing in a quality that supports us is a great one for that.

    1. Love the confirmation Golnaz, it is true, it is ugly when we push on forwards our own way, making an individual path and making others do the same. We are designed to support each other.

  5. Our breath is overseen a lot more than we give consideration to. Breathing is so vital for our life – without breath we will not be alive, yet we disconnect from it and for the majority of the time, we actually forget it is there. We rely on the fact that it just happens naturally, that it’s automatic and we don’t need to think about it. But in the moments where everything is going haywire, the only thing that can bring us back to feeling steady, is breathing our own breath. To feel the air going through our nose, into the breathing tube, down to the lungs is the most relaxing feeling in the world, a feeling of contentment one where we can connect to ourselves and with that nothing on the outside can feel bigger, or scarier for when the inside is solid, the storm on the outside cannot touch.

  6. I have brought attention to my breath many times and in doing so have changed force to love, Rasping anxiety to steadiness. It is a practice and a choice and it can change lives.

    1. Great question Joseph. Is it because we have gotten so used to running on a fuel/energy that is not of a true quality and end up accepting this lesser form as the norm, therefore our quality of breath is a reflection of what energy we choose to run with.

  7. My experience of the Gentle Breath Meditation has shown me the extent to which we are so greatly influenced constantly by our environment and equally the potential we hold to free ourselves from that influence to reclaim our own essence and to hold that stillness irrespective of what is going down around us. Deeply liberating and joyfully re-empowering.

    1. Great observation, we do get or can get caught up by what is occurring around us. I have noticed if a door is closed abruptly, a chair scrapped, a disruptive abrupt hand wave felt, for example can all if I am not being aware of the impact, as in not checking my breath, have a big impact on me, hardness and protection come in and I can lose my steadiness.

  8. “It is often easier to see the failings of others rather than the failings we have (which are often one and the same)”. What a great lesson this would be to teach our children from the start. So many problems could be avoided if we lived with this awareness.

  9. The Gentle Breath MeditationTM was the starting block for me in coming home to myself and becoming more of who I am, this has changed my life enormously – I am more confident, more appreciative, more playful and joyful and make a much greater difference in the world as a result.

  10. Yes, there really isn’t a good reason to hold onto anything, anything at all, for when we let go of everything our lives are free to flow again and the true riches of truth can come towards us.

  11. If we live with an energy (force) for too long we can believe that this energy is us, it feels ‘normal’ to us and when almost everyone around us is running on a similar vibration we tell ourselves that it must be how it is, for me it was only when I started to commit to doing the Gentle Breath Meditation http://www.unimedliving.com/meditation/free/meditation-for-beginners/introductory-gentle-breath-meditation.html that I realised how unnatural the way I was living really was.

  12. I’m learning to clock when I have a thought come in and then react to by wanting to check out or seek relief from. It’s not the obvious forceful energy of having a go at someone but a retreat from life, life’s too hard, too much, I’ve given all I can, that’s enough, don’t ask more from me.

    But me slipping away into the background allows the horribleness in life to have free reign and a party in my absence. That’s not cool.

    So I’m learning to take a moment, to come back and know what I thought was too much for me to handle actually isn’t. It starts with a what if I can stay present? I’m giving myself the chance to see I can stay present way more than I thought I could.

  13. The Gentle Breath Mediation was a profound stop for me in my day when I first experienced it at workshops and presentations by Serge Benhayon, I can honestly say that it revolutionised my life.

    1. I agree. At the time my mind could not understand how this simple technique was doing what it was doing yet my body fully knew that it was very natural. And with a few more opportunities I was able to understand that I was simply coming back to me, my natural rhythm which was very simple. It was simply letting go of all the things in life that I had placed in the way to not be with my natural breath, movements and rhythm. Now I’m able to bring this quality to many areas of my life rather than life changing my quality.

      1. I love it Johanna, you have made a great point how you can hold the quality of you rather than life changing your quality. How often do we accommodate to life and others, when there is no need to, because we can stay with our breath. It’s really empowering and life changing.

  14. “I found that Love for myself and Love for others was more important than any issue I was hanging on to” Beautiful and an amazing piece of advice and learning for us all.

  15. The gentle breath is a beautiful gift to bring us back to who we are and not let our reactions to life get in our way and disrupt the love we innately are.

  16. One of the most singularly powerful tools I have ever experienced that has over the course of time empowered me to develop a deep steadiness within my body that enables me to meet the diversities of life with an genuinely open heart and mind. Such an enormous difference to the shy and withdrawn person I used to be before coming across The Gentle Breath Meditation.

  17. We can take breathing for granted as something we just do, but when focused on, and in a quality via the nose it can be like the greatest tool in the box to be supporting us through life with.

  18. Your whole blog Gill is like a gentle stop. Bringing the gentleness of breath into situations feels like a very simple and effective way to bring myself out of reaction and back to my essence, and give myself an opportunity to stay more steady with myself. Thank you for the inspiration.

    1. Thank you Melinda, I love how powerful the gentle breath is for everyone who tries it. I have discussed it with lots of people who are often sceptical initially but then are totally blown away when they give it a go.

  19. Ah I love that old chestnut, exaggerating a story to fit my version. I usually do this when there is a part of a situation that I don’t want to reveal or take responsibility for.

  20. I used to to be a super stressed anxious person but thanks to the gentle breath meditation I was able to re establish a foundation within myself of a true quality of stillness and steadiness. A quality that comes from within and not outside

    1. That’s amazing Joshua. this shows that we don’t have to live with stress and anxiety, there are tools we can apply to support us to stay connected to ourselves and to stillness that doesn’t come from outside but from within. One of these tools is the Gentle Breath Medication and it is so supportive.

  21. I love this, it is so simple; ‘I have been feeling recently how we can change this feeling of the forceful energy which is not us by simply taking a breath, a pause from whatever frustrates us. I did this yesterday when there was a lot going on which felt quite overwhelming, I took a breath and felt my feet and came back to feeling more steady and not in a rush.

    1. Beautifully said Rebecca, in that moment we of following the whole breath we get to feel and be with the body and be present.

  22. Relationships bring up constant challenges and reflections, particularly when we are different in terms of background or attitudes. This feels very true: ‘We can easily get very caught up and become so involved in something, where it seems imperative that we are fully understood. Emotions and great angst can be overwhelming if we are misinterpreted and we can be constantly trying to prove a point, so we are not misunderstood.’ We don’t need to prove anything, harmony comes from living together with our differences, not by trying to change each other.

  23. I have tried many different breathing techniques and meditations but nothing has come close to the quality I feel when practicing The Gentle Breath Meditation. What I have found extremely supportive is that it’s not just the experience of the moment of when I am breathing, its the clarity and quality that I then go about my day and how the more I surrender to the stillness within it is a quality that is sustainable until such time I choose to disconnect, react or contract away from.

  24. I have been though son very tricky situations in the last few years and I have generally handled them with grace and steadiness….not because I am special but because I breath my own breath and if it does not feel steady or supportive then I come back to the gentle in and out process and observe.

  25. Breathing in & out is something the body does innately however the quality of each and every breath is our responsibility. And it is a responsibility that when chosen connects you instantly back to your inner heart.

  26. I have also found the same thing that if I’m in a negative train of thought I can’t talk or think myself out of it but focusing on the quality of my breath does really change how I’m feeling.

    1. Can it be that we are influenced by something unseen when we go into our heads, because what you say Andrew is so true, the difference from negative thoughts to being consciously connected to the body is quite extraordinary.

  27. Breathing your breath, for your wellbeing, is a hughly supportive choice. It is simple, free and deeply empowering.

  28. I had a lot of support in the weekend to understand something I have been stuck on for a very long time and the aha part was I had the same experience issue I was so indignant with about this other person. It has been so freeing to just bring it back to myself.

    1. I love it Vanessa when the ‘penny drops’ and we get some awareness over something that has been feeling a sticky situation. All we can ever do is work on ourselves so the gentle breath is so empowering to bring us back.

  29. When another has an issue with something I have said or simply being in my presence sometimes I am to breathe gently and lovingly and say nothing and sometimes love is for me to speak and express how I feel; it is the latter that I am exploring – to bring all of me and stand up to, not fight the force.

    1. I have experienced this as well, holding love is a quality we live and when go into fight and defensive behaviour we are not with Love.

    2. Thank you ladies, it’s a great conversation, I can relate as even after a situation has occurred I may go into defensiveness running it through my mind, however it’s a sign I’m in separation to my love and my gentle breath is a way back to myself.

  30. I love the confirmation my body presents to me when I connect to myself with a gentle breath. For me, it is like my body fills up with sparkles, that starts in the chest and expands like a wave to all extremities that washes over me!

  31. It’s amazing when we turn the spotlight on ourselves and feel what there is to feel through being honest with oneself and one’s body. Sometimes that can be a big ouch, but until we get that awareness we don’t really change anything.

  32. I love to feel when my breath and breathing is gentle from otherwise being in an anxious or stressed quality that I feel restoration taking its immediate effect inside me and in this feel settled.

    1. It is so confirming of our natural state, I find the closing of my eyes slowly really helps and instantly supports me to come back to my breath rather than be consumed by thoughts.

  33. Yes, you’re right We can get caught up and we can let go with just a simple breath. The secret is in whether we want to get out of it. Sometimes the drama we are in, the rush and so on are actually something we like and regardless of how much we say that we don’t there’s something that we get off on, be it recognition, be it pride – a stimulation that keeps us going. If we truly don’t like the feeling in the body a simple breath is all it takes to bring us back.

    1. That is the confounding part Viktoria as we may feel the damage our behaviours do to ourselves and want to change, yet find ourselves repeating the same things. There can be an aspect of us that is addicted to some part of how we are, seeking distraction, stimulation, identification, etc.

  34. I am now bringing more focus to my inbreath during my day, doing a check-in with myself to see if I am breathing in…. having observed how much I hold my breath when around groups of people.

    1. Yes interesting to observe how our breath can change around different situations and people. I have noticed my thoughts can have an impact as well.

    2. The blog and comments have provided much support for me today, the more I read what I’m realising is with whatever is going on “Am I breathing me or the situation around me?” The breath is such a simple part of life we may overlook the power it has when we choose to breathe in a quality to supports our connection to ourselves.

      1. Yes the checking in throughout the day is simple but to choose the simplicity of the gentleness of our breath is another thing. When I am really caught by the tension and pressure of my work it is not always easy to say no to what goes on around me by focusing on my breath. To reconnect to my breath requires self-love, a for always deepening process with every choice we make to breathe our own breath.

  35. Imagine if we presented at the doctors and let them know, ‘I’m sorry, I’m just too busy to breathe’. Any illness we were experiencing would be explained by a simple lack of basic oxygen. It sounds absurd but isn’t that really what many of us do, when we hold back the whole breath and truth?

  36. We can’t escape breathing but we often choose to not be aware of it, dismiss it, or take it for granted. By simply focusing on the quality of the in breath and out breath through the nose we can change how our body feels in an instant. The same cannot be said when breathing through the mouth… the difference between the two is quite remarkable.

  37. Understanding the impact of The Gentle Breath Meditation and that once practised a bit, it literally takes one breath to release reactions to life, like anxiety, stress, tension, frustration, means I have to accept/embrace the fact that we are the masters of our experiences and that we have a choice always in our relationship with others and life.

  38. The power of surrender and stillness from our breath is amazing beautiful and life changing when we take responsibility for how we breath and our stillness within reconnected to with our every breath we choose.

  39. Breathing is something we naturally do, but how many actually hold their breath in when without realising when we find ourselves in a challenging situation or in confrontation. I know for myself when I feel anxious about something, I contract, which restricts the flow of my in-breath. I am now giving my inbreath a lot more attention!

  40. “I found that Love for myself and Love for others was more important than any issue I was hanging on to.” – I love this.

  41. It is amazing how when I choose to make a loving choice or breathe gently that all those held onto so tightly theres nothing in me in that moment that wants to keep perpetuating the blame, defence or judgement.

  42. Your example proves that change comes from the body and how we move it, in this case how we breathe. Expecting the mind to change its ways without this physical foundation does not work and never will.

  43. Wherever we breathe from our connection to our essence, we then have access to the wisdom of our Soul that which is ever-present, where all makes sense. This is the universal intelligence that when honored guides us to know what is true and what is not, in order to live the power of who we truly are.

  44. How we choose to breath is one thing in life we are assured of no matter what is happening. Claiming that and choosing to breath how we wish instantly sets the foundation for self-empowerment.

  45. How we choose to breath is one thing in life we are assured of no matter what is happening. Claiming that and choosing to breathe how we wish instantly sets the foundation for self-empowerment.

  46. I got to see last week how much I hold in my breath when I was in the pool. I was asked to just float and breathe out under water, well my whole body relaxed and I felt much more in the flow. It was very symbolic of how much I hold my breath in during my day.

  47. When we make things about being good or bad right or wrong we are left with an energy that is in disregard to the love we all innately are, so could it be when we are true it is us in connection to our essences and at-least being honest about how we are especially with our breath as it is a dead-give-away?

  48. How often do we let ourselves fully breathe and feel the depth of our lungs and sense our ribs expand? Is it any wonder that we tend to feel shortchanged by life, when we hold back from allowing ourselves to feel our whole beauty?

    1. The power and surrender that can be felt in just one breath are utterly profound! Imagine if every breath was as connected and how this would change our interaction with life?

    2. Beautifully expressed Joseph. The more we surrender to who we are, live and breathe all that we are, the more we discover the joy, magic, power and purpose of what life and all of us is about.

  49. When someone spoke what could so easily be very hurtful statements I was reminded that these statements were only opinions – someone else’s opinions, they had no substance in and of themselves. The truth, on the other hand, just is, and we can feel it so.

  50. How powerful is it to be in the middle of a full-blown reaction and to know that we can simply choose to breathe gently and totally change the situation from the inside out. Just reading this blog and breathing gently I can feel the changes occurring within my body.

      1. So often we feel we are at the mercy of the outer, that we have no control over it. What we do have control over, however, is whether to react or not. Whilst sometimes it may feel like it is not a choice, it really is. Knowing that all we have to do is to breathe gently to bring ourselves back is very simple. Not only can it affect our own bodies, but it has an impact on the energy of the entire room clearing it instantly.

  51. I am a huge fan of the Gentle Breath Meditation, it was not until I started to make that connection with myself that I was able to recognise that there is so much more to me and to life than I knew before, even though it was a ‘good life’ even then. It has enabled me to truly connect to the love inside me and to recognise it in others and all around us as a starting point, which is huge and something I didn’t know I didn’t truly know.

  52. It is so true how the quality of our breath changes depending on what is happening with us in life. Bring the focus back to breathing our own natural breath and the rest of the body relaxes and works more harmoniously.

  53. I see this as allowing ourselves the space to surrender more in our bodies. Something I would not have considered in the past- but I can say that my day is full at the moment – and so I can feel the need to balance things with more space to discern the quality we are living in.

    1. I agree HM, it is interesting to consider that space is not emptiness, but actually we can feel how allowing ourselves and others some space makes a huge difference and gives us the opportunity to simply be ourselves and focus on a breath.

  54. There is such a shift in the way we are able to handle things or how we feel when we choose to breath in with the quality of gentleness.

    1. Everything changes when we breathe our own breath rather than breathing the situation, the other person’s state of being or the circumstances we find ourselves in.

  55. We hold onto so much in the way we breathe. The quality of our breath determines a lot about our life. I have found that if there is something I do not want to let go of my breath is equally not as deep and natural as I have known it to be.

    1. Hi, Joshua, I know that feeling well, when something is tough I certainly can tighten my breath and breathe in a way that is not me, just reading this post made me realise how much I hold onto when I do this and the tightening that gives.

  56. How we see ourselves and treat ourselves is how we are with others. The more loving we are with ourselves, the more loving we will be with others.

    1. So True Jennifer, Love is like a wave when it washes over us it also washes over others. So now we have a choice to deepen the Love and feel the warmth of ocean of Love we can be in or stay on the beach? Or wait for the tsunami of Love, which will sweep all back to the Love we all come from!

    1. Exactly Joseph, one point that gives away so much for us all to embrace or not embrace. To see if we really value truth and love.

  57. I am starting to really understand what all this reacting is doing to my body and to the planet. We fuel everything we hate by reacting so it really doesn’t make a lot of sense to keep reacting. Actually stopping and observing and increasing loving habits of caring for my body, breathing with a quality rather than not at all helps put in the pause for sure.

    1. Exactly Vanessa, the effects on our bodies that we often don’t notice at the time, are huge. I am starting to feel more deeply how tension affects the body and our movements, and having a pause and returning to our breath supports the process to return to the body as well.

  58. There have been times when I found it very difficult to take a moment of pause and a gentle breath when I am already in reaction and I am being driven by an energy, a force that expresses frustration, judgement, anger, rage etc. What I find most supportive is to take moments of pause and connect to my breath and my body throughout my day so that I am steady and connected to me when situations arise. I find I am less reactive, able to see life with more clarity and feel more able to handle any situation and this is through applying love, gentleness and space to my day. It is the quality of my livingness that will hugely support me to be more loving and less reactive. So, how we respond to life comes back to the quality of our livingness.

    1. Giving ourselves the space to observe our reactions without any self-criticism is huge, because increasing this awareness is the way to support ourselves and learn how those patterns have trapped us for so long.

  59. Breathing is such a taken-for-granted fundamental that we don’t consider there can be a way to breathe that supports the body to be settled. Breathing through the nose (gently) or through the mouth affects the body in a completely different way.

    1. I agree Rachel because our breath is right there with us we can take it for granted, but it is a powerful tool to bring us back to ourselves and to support the health and wellbeing of our body. We can live connected to our soul and God through our breath, that’s pretty powerful!

    1. Brilliant Doug, very well said and it all comes back to quality in everything, our breath, the way we move, the way we express, and every aspect of life. We are either moving in flow with God’s plan or against it.

    2. I agree Doug, we not give our breath enough attention so caught up we are in all the distractions and comforts of life which is when we struggle with life, remaining stuck. When we feel the gentle breath in our bodies, we feel in God’s divine flow.

    3. How we breathe affects how we move. How we move affects how we express. This is fundamental to life and to living with others, working with others and being with others. The breath might be a simple thing, but it affects the quality of all our interactions, words and thoughts. Considering the might of it, it would make sense then to pay attention to how we are breathing.

  60. the power of the gentle breath meditation is beyond measure, it was the tool that supported me to realise just how ‘caught up’ in the drama of life I was.

  61. A gentle breath says everything and returns us to who we are inside with a stillness and steadiness that is much needed in the world today.

  62. Gill, I experimented with this yesterday – taking moments to breath gently and move gently in my day if I felt I was rushing or had got caught up in any issue. I found that I was steadier and felt more joyful in my day as a result.

  63. When I connect to myself and start to breathe gently I start to feel all the areas in my face that I’m holding tension.

  64. For me the Gentle Breath Meditation™ as presented by Serge Benhayon has been transformational. Through my consistent practice of it, it has enabled me to be consistent and steady in my life rather than the emotional yo-yo I was prior to its practice.

      1. And more depth. I never stop being amazed how it does keep deepening and that there is forever more to explore, appreciate and understand.

  65. Stopping to take a gentle breath allows us a moment to re-evaluate our reactions to life and to then move forward in response to the truth we feel in our bodies.

  66. Serge Benhayon delivers gold every time he presents, and The Gentle Breath meditation is a very powerful tool for healing and for living our truth.

    1. Absolutely Joseph, it is our responsibility to check in with ourselves and reconnect when we feel the slightest disconnection because I find when I ignore the early signs from my body I am more likely to go into reaction.

  67. “I found that Love for myself and Love for others was more important than any issue I was hanging on to.” This, in complete simplicity, expresses the power of Love.

  68. ‘Taking a pause and re-connecting to our breath, that breaths us out of any situation, feels a life changing lesson.’ We sometimes create situations which feel awful but can so easily choose to return to a normal feeling from bringing focus back to the quality of our breath.

  69. Gill, taking a gentle breath to re-connect feels super supportive. This article is a great reminder for me to do this when I feel myself getting caught up in issues and stresses.

  70. I am deeply appreciating re-reading your blog this morning, Gill, reminding me to take a gentle breath. I have been waking earlier than usual with a lot of anxiety in my body. Whilst I am trying to juggle a lot of different projects at the moment, I’m feeling how my anxiety is self imposed, coming from a lack of control as I am learning to let go and take things one step at a time, rather than an incessant need to know I have everything under control. I’m also aware of an energy that is trying to pull me away from my steadiness, suggesting I can’t cope and it’s all too much. It’s only too much if I allow it to be so, this is the wisdom I receive from taking a few gentle breaths.

  71. “I found that Love for myself and Love for others was more important than any issue I was hanging on to.” How gorgeous is this and very inspirational … life is about Love and ‘all of us’.

  72. So often I can find myself getting unnecessarily caught up in a situation being totally taken over by anger, angst, frustration or whatever else may come up, when a gentle breath and true expression can save all that grief.

    1. So true Kev … it is indeed grief in that it is so harmful on our bodies and often undermines our self-worth. However we always have a choice – react or express our truth without reaction.

    1. These pause moments offer us an opportunity to re-connect with the bigger picture, not just what is going on in our little patch, but the infinite exquisite constellation that we are all a part of, reminding us of the importance of bringing our all in each moment.

    1. And the more we allow our selves to feel the enormity of this self imposed abuse, the more able we are to once again live from our heart and deepen our love.

  73. Getting caught up and taking on board other people’s stuff has had a really big impact on my health. Learning to breathe my own breath in every situation and observe is key for my health and well being. At first people may not like this but I know people like this around me and I go to them because they are consistent and true. Navigating through life people who stay true are God sends.

  74. This is where the gentle breath meditation has served very well in my life. Where I had found that connecting to my breath is bringing me back to myself, that last marker I have come to before (level of connection to my body and my truth). So thank you for reminding us of our breath. A great tool is the The Gentle Breath Meditation by Serge Benhayon.

  75. The Gentle Breath brought to us by Serge Benhayon transformed my life. Simple engaging with the gentleness of my breath supported me to heal the hardness in body. Thank God for Serge Benhayon.

    1. “Simply engaging with the gentleness of my breath supported me to heal the hardness in my body.” How many of us live with this hardness every day – overriding our bodies and pushing through to ‘get the job done’ and often making life more complicated than it needs to be … when the simplicity of breathing gently can re-connect us to our bodies, allow us to listen to the messages it regularly sends us, and in the process, the hardness melts away – its amazing how the body supports and heals itself.

  76. Reading this makes me realise that it is key that our focus is on love and acceptance rather than on being right; ‘I found that Love for myself and Love for others was more important than any issue I was hanging on to.’

    1. There is a real simplicity to life when we make it about love, we can let go of everything that’s not love and be part of God’s magic.

  77. There is nothing stopping us taking a gentle breath and re-connecting to ourselves and the moment we are in, except for ourselves… our choice not to. Is it this simplicity that disarms us and brings up resistance?

  78. Gill, I love the simplicity and practacality of what you are sharing in this article. Taking a gentle breath – a pause and letting go and surrendering feels like a very loving way to deal with situations and issues that arise.

  79. Being aware of our breath is being aware of our state of health – it is a reflection of what is going on inside our bodies…emotional and mental included.

  80. I love how simple it is when you say, is this discord worth more than love? Even when I’m grabbed by whatever has taken me off course, asking this honestly the only answer is no and to return to breathing my own breath.

  81. When the Gentle Breath is first introduced it is often met with reaction because it is so very simple and yet extremely powerful … and as a society we seem to prefer complexity over simplicity!

  82. These are very wise words… “what others thought of me was none of my business.” We can waste so much time and energy assuming and judging others without knowing the truth of what they may be feeling or thinking… it is a pointless exercise.

    1. I agree – it’s our responsibility to be as open, honest and true to who we are as we are able to be. How other people react or choose to ‘think’ of us is their choice and will in part be influenced by all the choices that they have ever made, which have absolutely nothing to do with us.

  83. ‘we can change this feeling of the forceful energy which is not us by simply taking a breath, a pause from whatever frustrates us, annoys us.’ This is great, I can feel how easy it is to react to something that happens or to something that is said to us, rather than pausing and taking a gentle breath and coming back to us. Responding in this latter way will then be much more true rather than coming back with an emotional reaction.

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