Reflections from Everyday Life

I love to clean my own car. One of my jobs at home when I was a young teenager was to clean the family car at the weekend and I loved getting soap everywhere, all over myself and the car and then being allowed to use the hose to wash it all off and would occasionally squirt someone from the family who happened to be nearby. Our neighbour would ask me occasionally to clean his car too and would pay me the equivalent of my weekly pocket money, so that was always a bonus.

But I have been super busy recently and my car was quite grubby. This didn’t feel good, so I decided to use a car wash place nearby. This wasn’t an automated car wash, but a small local business set up by some enterprising young men to hand-wash cars. As I drove up, I was met by two smiling guys who sprayed clean water all over my car while I waited in the queue.

I moved the car forward to the next station and jumped out of the car. This must have been unusual because the next two young men looked startled that I didn’t want to stay in the car. Then I looked around and observed that most people sat in their cars texting on their phones, looking at their messages or listening to music. I told the guys it was the first time I had been and wanted to watch and chat to them, so they put me safely in a corner where I wouldn’t get wet. Then they systematically worked as we chatted together and they soaped my muddy wet car. As I watched them something started to happen to me… my own body felt like it was getting a deep clean too. I moved my shoulders and my body tingled and relaxed as I watched these men move harmoniously, anticlockwise around my car. I have observed a symbolic correlation between the car and my body: if the engine is my heart and the wheels are my limbs, the bodywork is my physical exterior, and the interior is my pulse inside. There was a release of tension inside me that I had been previously unaware of – it let go and disappeared.

Whilst I was there, I decided to have the inside of the car cleaned too, so one of the guys moved the car to the next station and talked to me as he hoovered the inside and the floors. He was from Albania and said they were all immigrants from different Eastern European countries. They had all come through difficult times but now they all loved working together. They didn’t ever squabble, they have an equal wage and they were all very appreciative to have found good work. He laughed and said how work kept him fit, with no need for the cost of a gym membership. He worked quickly and efficiently, and my car gleamed and shone when it was all done.

What did I learn from this?

  • There are always opportunities to connect to people in our everyday lives. Our interactions with whoever we meet at home and at work is what can expand us in our day: from the car washing guys to the butcher, we can be open to developing our relationships.
  • No matter what situation presents to us in life, there will always be a learning from it. Understanding that we always get what we need as a lesson for learning stops any reaction or victim mentality.
  • Working is good for us and people are the biggest commodity in a company. Staying interactive and working keeps us involved in life. When we make life about the people we meet, it allows us to share our reflection and them to share theirs.
  • It is very healing to observe people working in brotherhood together. We used to live together in harmony many, many lifetimes ago and can feel the joy of this when we see its return – something which Universal Medicine illustrates by example very clearly.

I thanked them all and they stood and waved as I drove away. When we are openhearted with others, it gives them an opportunity to be open with us too. I felt I had received a lesson in equality and brotherhood and also had a huge cleansing myself…

And had a gleaming, sparkling car to drive!

By Gill Randall, Complementary Esoteric Practitioner, Physiotherapist, Wife and a Woman returning to who I am, Oxfordshire, UK

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401 thoughts on “Reflections from Everyday Life

  1. What possibly could be mundane about life when you experience this getting a car wash?! I reckon it is our willingness (or not) to be open to life that matter most and perhaps our lack of this is what makes life so bland and dulled.

  2. Beautiful Gill; ‘No matter what situation presents to us in life, there will always be a learning from it. Understanding that we always get what we need as a lesson for learning stops any reaction or victim mentality.’ It is really helpful to remember this to stop us getting caught up in issues and dramas and instead simply learning from what occurs.

  3. Gill, I love this and have found this to be absolutely true; ‘Working is good for us and people are the biggest commodity in a company. Staying interactive and working keeps us involved in life.’ I used to work inconsistently now and then and find that now I am committed to work and have a full working week, that I feel more vital and joyful and that I love working with people.

  4. I’m super inspired to tend to and clean my car and all that it offers, its lovely when we take care of ourselves and our bodies and lfie. The feeling of love we offer ourselves is indeed very inspiring.

  5. This makes me doubly aware of how important each and every job we do is as important as another especially cleaning peoples cars for them. Once in a while we take our car to an amazing car cleaning place and it comes back looking new even though it is over ten years old, they take real pride in the outcome and it is easy to tell.

  6. Wonderful to know each time we step out the house or someone visits we’re presented with a reflection from which to more deeply understand ourselves and life.

  7. Work can be such fun and it’s great to feel the rhythm and purpose with it in how we can be with each other and how we can support each other as we work. I love working and this is not something I would have said some years ago but now I do, as I’ve become more myself in how I live and the choices I make, I really enjoy the rhythm and foundation that work supports me with in my day and the opportunity to meet and work with many amazing people.

  8. Awesome, Gyl, just awesome. Love that you made it all about connection this proves life is always about opportunities – we only need to choose them.

  9. So true: ‘Working is good for us and people are the biggest commodity in a company.’ If we would admit what life and work are really about: evolving to be more love and that this is what a company and manager are first responsible for instead of earning money, we would have a different world and a completely different working environment. Of course we have our own responsibility in this process.

  10. I love the idea of a manual job being a reason to not need to pay gym membership! It is so true because when you are present in your body and consider all movement as purposeful, nothing is wasted.

  11. There is a car wash such as this where i live where I have always been impressed by the way in which the guys their work. As in this blog they work quickly but with keen attention to detail and in teams so that the car goes from one person to another at different stages of the clean. We can learn so much from observing how things are in life and engaging with other people.

  12. There really is something in this having a clean car or work vehicle really does make a difference in how we feel. I spent a couple of hours deep cleaning our kitchen on the weekend and this felt amazing to walk into and then start cooking in. The care we take when doing anything has an effect on everything.

  13. It is unusual these days to see someone take the opportunity to chat whilst waiting in a shop. More often the moment there is a gap in our day, we are straight onto our phones. We all want connection but we are not going to find it in our devices. It is through a simple conversation or just a smile between people.

  14. ‘Then I looked around and observed that most people sat in their cars texting on their phones, looking at their messages or listening to music.’ we are seeking opportunities to disconnect from life rather than to connect with it and unfortunately doing rather well. I cannot exclude myself from this but have recently observed just how much we turn to a smart phone or other device when we have spare time, even in the company of others, rather than engage in conversation or simply allow time to just be without doing anything.

    1. Yes Michael I’ve observed the same in myself: often checking my phone rather than checking in with my body or others around me. When we become overly attached to technology, it distracts us from the everyday nuances of life and miss opportunities to be fully present with others in the here and now.

  15. This is truly a great life lesson – “No matter what situation presents to us in life, there will always be a learning from it”. Once we see life as a HUGE BIG SCHOOL that we are forever learning in, it can become quite the amazing place to live in.

    1. In truth we are ‘forever students’ – how every much we ‘think’ we know, there is always so much more to discover, learn and live.

  16. Having a clean car makes me feel differently, it’s like I’ve just had a bath, but on a bigger scale. My life feels ordered, it’s a foundation with which to meet the world with.

  17. ‘No matter what situation presents to us in life, there will always be a learning from it. Understanding that we always get what we need as a lesson for learning stops any reaction or victim mentality.’ Yes, this is a great learning for us because we are so used to blaming everyone else and feeling like a victim of circumstance when all along it is our own choices that make things happen.

    1. Whenever anything goes wrong with our car, we are being offered a very clear message relating to our body – how cool is that.

    1. Agreed Vanessa, no issues, no problems. Connect to that feeling we know of who we are inside and our body speaks loud and clear as to how we are living at that moment.

  18. I love cleaning my car and also getting it cleaned. I use to do it myself weekly when I wasn’t working full time but now it’s more like every three weeks and getting it done by the local car wash by the gym. It always feels like a clearing inside out my body when I do it.

    1. So true, a beautiful clearing – when I clean my car myself, which is my preference, the love and tenderness with which I’ve cleaned my car flows right back to me, like a tender hug.

  19. A gorgeous wave of appreciation, openness, joy and dedication to the all is set into motion when we choose to express such qualities with others ourselves. Of course we can just as easily foster the exact opposite by choosing to keep ourselves as a separate individual, hidden behind a protected heart and demonstrating a lack of care and connection. Our choices shape the world we live in.

  20. Getting others to do jobs like cleaning our vehicles can be super supportive if we have been super busy, way better to get it done than not done or if it pushes us towards being exhausted, especially if the people we get do such a fine job.

    1. I agree, Kevin, I used to get stuck asking for help thinking I wanted to do everything myself, but sometimes it supports us all to learn we can all work together and support each other.

    2. For years I cleaned my own car and didn’t mind doing it, but did not love it. I’m thankful and appreciate the men from mainly Eastern Europe who now provide this service and do it with such willingness and purpose that it’s joy to be in their presence.

  21. “I thanked them all and they stood and waved as I drove away.” Appreciation is such a simple offering and yet profoundly felt by everyone.

  22. Making work and life about the people I can connect with changes the way I move through life, instead of just a focus about getting things done and completing tasks, life becomes much broader and more about the quality of my interactions.

  23. So many people are scurrying and hurrying through their day, heads down on mobile phones or completely contracted into their minds that there is no sense of connection with others. Stopping to connect and communicate with others, even for a few minutes is a beautiful connection for all.

  24. Beautiful sharing gill, how amazing it feels to share the space with others, knowing that we are all providing a service all the time, whether it be through physical work or communication. Our every move is a moment of service. To open up and allow others to share is awesome.

  25. Working is good for me and I would not want to miss it as I know from experience that work brings purpose and gives me the possibility to evolve in life.

  26. I recognise getting inspired by seeing people working in brotherhood, something you do not come across that often in our time. It is a way of being and working together where respect and decency are the minimum standards to work from and higher standards will develop.

  27. What an immense gift it is when we experience such simple and rich reflections of love in our normal daily activities. We don’t need to go on a pilgrimage to experience miracles, they can happen right under our noses if we are willing to see them.

    1. Yes it asks us to re-assess what a miracle is doesn’t it. Rather than some outrageous thing we feel we could never achieve, we are all likely to be experiencing mini miracles all over the place!

    1. We all know it deep within and we all want it but because it is rarely reflected in our nowadays societies we think it does not exist anymore, that it is something from the past and will not fit in the way we work anymore. But this blog shows us a spark of light in this respect, the spark of brotherhood that is lived and expressed and from there can grow into more as it inspiring to see and be with.

  28. With many things such as having the car cleaned, having your hair cut of your house decorated the effect of the person doing this for you is significant – well worth considering how we are connected to them and the quality of that relationship.

    1. Yes that is very true. We can just brush over it or we can take a moment to consider how open we are to seeing everything as a treasure worth honouring. I suspect it would bring more attention to detail and less mishaps all round.

  29. I read this blog a couple of days ago, and following that I went to get my car cleaned too. You’re right, the guys working in these hand car wash places work very hard, they all jump in and get the job done, not trying to cut corners or leave it for someone else to do. It’s great to see real teamwork. In our sophisticated offices and research funded organisations there are so many theories about what makes teamwork efficient, how to improve team work but it’s evident in the basic levels that teamwork can only work if there’s care and commitment between the people involved. If that’s in the foundation of what we do, then teamwork is guaranteed

    1. Great point Viktoria, there are so many team building exercises people do in offices to get people working together, but the relationships developed and the commitment to doing the best we can is the foundation to build on.

  30. We get to learn so much from the work we do, and reflected so much from the work others do. Like all other aspects of our lives they are a constant opportunity to observe and understand life.

  31. There is something so sweet, simple and powerful about the symbology of our cars representing our bodies. And we can learn so much about how we treat ourselves from how we treat our cars. I really enjoyed reading this article. Thank you, Gill.

  32. I remember my dad cleaning the car so meticulously I thought he was a bit over the top and when he got me to do it he would inspect it and point out misses, looking back now and knowing what I know I give him large respect for this.

  33. ‘No matter what situation presents to us in life, there will always be a learning from it’. This is a great attitude to have, and one that allows us to seek and understand the lesson, so that we can change or refine, any old pattern or behaviour that no longer serves.

  34. ‘Working is good for us and people are the biggest commodity in a company.’ I agree, I have no intention of retiring and if I can’t work then I’ll volunteer, it brings me into contact with people

  35. Everything about life is a reflection for us to learn from, accept, understand, confirm and appreciate qualities about ourselves. What we see and feel in one is simply a representation of what is going on or part of the many.

  36. ‘Working is good for us and people are the biggest commodity in a company’ – working together with others with purpose is a very gorgeous experience – it’s how we innately want to live and work together. However, we can allow our self interests to get in the way, which disrupts the natural harmonious flow that exists in brotherhood and unity.

    1. For most of us, ‘work’ implies something that we have to do – either as a way of earning money, or as a means to an end, finishing a project, studying for exams etc. However, if we change our perspective to one of wanting to work – which I definitely do, I love having purpose in my life, it completely changes not only our attitude towards work, but the quality in which we carry out our work.

  37. “Staying interactive and working keeps us involved in life. When we make life about the people we meet, it allows us to share our reflection and them to share theirs.” And this is what so many people need these days – connection with others and purpose in life is so important for our health and well-being.

  38. The thing about reflection is that we always have an opportunity to express the harmony, love, truth and brotherhood we all want this world to be … if no-one reflect this, then there is no-one to be inspired by. Each one of us can inspire and be inspired – constantly.

  39. ‘People are the biggest commodity in a company’ … very true Gill and something I feel is often dismissed these days in place of profit and KPI’s. It seems people are not valued and often seen as expendable – theres always someone else who can take their place … but in this, how much are we valuing ourselves? From your sharing Gill it feels like these guys very much appreciate their work and value each other and the service they can provide – love the equality too.

  40. “When we are openhearted with others, it gives them an opportunity to be open with us too.” I love the simplicity and truth of what you share here Gill. Love ignites love, as deeper into the Fire we go.

  41. This blog has given me some serious cause for reflections. I took my car to be washed yesterday, and the team that did it had changed. The new people there did a substandard job, it smelt like they’d been smoking cigarettes and I noticed big scratches on the bonnet. This gave me a big stop to consider how I had pushed to get the car clean that day for fear that I wouldn’t have time to do it later on, that I had been uncommitted to my work in the process – and so the cleaners were too, and how I’ve been going through life just looking at the surface zoomed out thinking it’s all good, instead of taking responsibility to pay attention to the details and feel the truth of what’s going on. Amazing what every thing everyday can show us.

  42. A great daily reflection offered in my life is the unwavering reflection of truth that Natalie Benhayon consistently brings whatever the force of adversity that is aimed at her. Thank you Natalie, your reflections have inspired me to keep bringing more honesty and truth into daily life and interactions with others.

  43. A beautiful reflection of our everyday lives and the importance of connecting with people and the joy we all feel in this as our appreciation and love is allowed to be felt.

  44. I love to clean my own car too and often do. But recently, I took my car to the car wash and had the whole works done, inside and out, and their final touch was to add a hanging smelly under my mirror. When I drove away I felt like I had a brand new car, and was well worth the 10 pounds it cost.

  45. It’s also what you added to the mix Gill, you made full use of the opportunity to connect with the men as they washed your car. A lovely example of staying switched on wherever we are and offering love.

  46. Cleaning our car is a never-ending process and a part of life unless it is stored inside and only driven when the weather is beautiful. What would our life be like if we did the same to our body?

  47. There is often talk in England how a lot of the car washes here have been or are like slave labour and are run by gangs. People get trafficked in to work at them and are paid little and some are beaten and under threat. Imagine what the effect of this is and how the need for discernment is necessary in all we do in life.

  48. I had a similar situation yesterday when I connected with a group of elderly women who were doing rehab in a heated pool; to see their enjoyment (mostly!) of the activity, the very bossy ‘whip cracker’ (of the same vintage) and the ease with which they were communicating and supporting each other felt marvellous and very enriching. It is amazing what happens when we are together in harmony, whether that be at work, in rehab or anywhere for that matter.

    1. I totally agree. I have witnessed some amazing examples of people working together recently. Not only is it super cool to observe the enjoyment, ease and flow but it also makes me wonder why we bring in things to interfere with this… comparison and competition for example.

  49. I love how what we do on the outside we can feel inside – just like when I clean my house- and how we are within then can also emanate out. Learning that there are no pockets where we can hide away what isn’t loving.

    1. Yes Karin. No matter what the environment we are in, if we take the care to look after it, keep it clean and tidy, and be open to that which is there for us to learn from, the benefits that we are offered from doing so are magnified within us way beyond anything we could imagine.

  50. “As I watched them something started to happen to me… my own body felt like it was getting a deep clean too.” When we strip life back to molecular energy, we meet the irrefutable truth that everything we do affects every thing in the world, so it makes sense that when we lovingly care for something in the external world, the effects cannot help but ripple through our bodies.

  51. ‘Our interactions with whoever we meet at home and at work is what can expand us in our day: from the car washing guys to the butcher, we can be open to developing our relationships.’ – we should never underestimate how much can be shared in these simple and plentiful interactions in our day to day lives.

  52. ‘people are the biggest commodity in a company.’ The quality of every service offered relies on the person that brings it – the company is the sum total of the people working together.

    1. People are every company’s most valuable asset, yet how many companies truly operate with this knowing, understanding and appreciation for everyone that they employ? Not as a means of ‘showing off’ saying look at how good we are – but from a genuine care and love for every single person.

    1. I so agree, Paula, equally, I feel how dis-honouring it is when I’ve not allowed the space to clean my car. I can feel the hurt ever time I see and get into my car and hate feeling the dis-regard.

  53. The beauty in what you share here is that in every moment in life there is an opportunity to connect and be with each other and it is not what we do that defines us but how we are with ourself and each other that is of true value for us all.

  54. There is a car wash. And there is a car wash done in connection with others. Your car gets washed in both but the quality differs vastly.

    1. I love this. How many of us go through the mundane activities of life without that connection? It feels flat, purposeless and lifeless. Do things in connection and we discover the richness of life and that nothing is truly mundane.

      1. To me, this is what makes life joyful. There is nothing more gorgeous than to connect with someone, especially if you haven’t done so before. You get to feel an angle of life you haven’t met before, which adds one more piece to the overall puzzle.

    1. So true Willem, when we work together ‘in time’ it feels completely different, much more controlled, without the flow.

  55. I love this Gill – everyday life is always offering opportunities to enjoy a deeper connection with unknown previously people.

  56. When we appreciate every aspect of our lives, even the ones we think are mundane then we get to actually feel what is really on offer and who we get to meet along the way. That’s worth appreciating.

    1. Great you bring that up Natalie as I’ve noticed how the mundane gives me a real opportunity to bring more of me to it – so that I no longer see it as less or an annoyance to have to do, but an opportunity to deepen the way I do it. It brings the focus inward which feels very different way of approaching ‘mundane’ tasks.

    2. I have found the most amazing relationships in very ‘unexpected’ places – being open to life and all that if offers ensures we do not miss the magic that is there for us each and every day, including the wisdom that is there for us to learn in sometimes uncomfortable yet expanding lessons.

    3. Totally agree Natalie, like a constant stream of potential there for us to embrace when we appreciate the magnitude of each step we take.

    4. When we make life about the quality with which we go about our day to day lives, there is a beauty to be felt in everything that we do – no more mundane. Our focus is on the quality in which we are doing whatever we are doing and with that, we feel the love and a deep appreciation for our selves.

  57. Gill, this is beautiful; ‘Staying interactive and working keeps us involved in life. When we make life about the people we meet, it allows us to share our reflection and them to share theirs.’ Working feels important to have purpose and to interact with people. I have found that the more I work, the more purposeful I feel and the more vital I feel.

      1. The more we connect with people, the more joyful our everyday becomes as there is always a surprise in connection – every single day.

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