Reflections from Everyday Life

I love to clean my own car. One of my jobs at home when I was a young teenager was to clean the family car at the weekend and I loved getting soap everywhere, all over myself and the car and then being allowed to use the hose to wash it all off and would occasionally squirt someone from the family who happened to be nearby. Our neighbour would ask me occasionally to clean his car too and would pay me the equivalent of my weekly pocket money, so that was always a bonus.

But I have been super busy recently and my car was quite grubby. This didn’t feel good, so I decided to use a car wash place nearby. This wasn’t an automated car wash, but a small local business set up by some enterprising young men to hand-wash cars. As I drove up, I was met by two smiling guys who sprayed clean water all over my car while I waited in the queue.

I moved the car forward to the next station and jumped out of the car. This must have been unusual because the next two young men looked startled that I didn’t want to stay in the car. Then I looked around and observed that most people sat in their cars texting on their phones, looking at their messages or listening to music. I told the guys it was the first time I had been and wanted to watch and chat to them, so they put me safely in a corner where I wouldn’t get wet. Then they systematically worked as we chatted together and they soaped my muddy wet car. As I watched them something started to happen to me… my own body felt like it was getting a deep clean too. I moved my shoulders and my body tingled and relaxed as I watched these men move harmoniously, anticlockwise around my car. I have observed a symbolic correlation between the car and my body: if the engine is my heart and the wheels are my limbs, the bodywork is my physical exterior, and the interior is my pulse inside. There was a release of tension inside me that I had been previously unaware of – it let go and disappeared.

Whilst I was there, I decided to have the inside of the car cleaned too, so one of the guys moved the car to the next station and talked to me as he hoovered the inside and the floors. He was from Albania and said they were all immigrants from different Eastern European countries. They had all come through difficult times but now they all loved working together. They didn’t ever squabble, they have an equal wage and they were all very appreciative to have found good work. He laughed and said how work kept him fit, with no need for the cost of a gym membership. He worked quickly and efficiently, and my car gleamed and shone when it was all done.

What did I learn from this?

  • There are always opportunities to connect to people in our everyday lives. Our interactions with whoever we meet at home and at work is what can expand us in our day: from the car washing guys to the butcher, we can be open to developing our relationships.
  • No matter what situation presents to us in life, there will always be a learning from it. Understanding that we always get what we need as a lesson for learning stops any reaction or victim mentality.
  • Working is good for us and people are the biggest commodity in a company. Staying interactive and working keeps us involved in life. When we make life about the people we meet, it allows us to share our reflection and them to share theirs.
  • It is very healing to observe people working in brotherhood together. We used to live together in harmony many, many lifetimes ago and can feel the joy of this when we see its return – something which Universal Medicine illustrates by example very clearly.

I thanked them all and they stood and waved as I drove away. When we are openhearted with others, it gives them an opportunity to be open with us too. I felt I had received a lesson in equality and brotherhood and also had a huge cleansing myself…

And had a gleaming, sparkling car to drive!

By Gill Randall, Complementary Esoteric Practitioner, Physiotherapist, Wife and a Woman returning to who I am, Oxfordshire, UK

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664 thoughts on “Reflections from Everyday Life

  1. There is nothing more beautiful when we express our deep care and love for another. We innately love and deeply care and there is no limit to when and where and whom. We deeply care and it is only a matter of allowing ourselves to feel it and to not hold back.

  2. It is through people we are offered expansion and growth. Make life about people and life becomes filled with joy. Make life about self and we resist and avoid people – our life becomes insular to not support us to evolve.

    1. I love what you have shared here Caroline – “Make life about people and life becomes filled with joy”. And every day this joy is awaiting us, simply by taking the time to look around us and acknowledging all those amazing people in our lives, what they add to our lives and what we bring to theirs. Life for me, is definitely always about people, and then the joy simply follows.

  3. With the proliferation of technology based commnications and entertnainment we are losing some of our natural ability to meet each other in conversation for the first time. Great to reveal the potential of what is on offer when we don’t require an emojii.

  4. To be all of who we are innately, is everything. This is who we all are. We do not need to keep playing the reductionist game. We all know the game and know how to stop it.

  5. We are surrounded by reflections all of the time – we just have to be open to reading the truth of the messages that they are offering to us, from which we can learn so much.

  6. ‘Reflections from everyday life’ are what bring magic to every day … for me they are the inspiration that makes getting up every morning so worthwhile.

  7. Life is so much richer when we neither shut our heart, nor try to impose our pictures and agendas onto life, and instead allow what is offered to touch us deeply and engage with people with joy, curiosity and an open heart.

  8. “No matter what situation presents to us in life, there will always be a learning from it.” This is so true. It comes down to whether or not we are willing to see and then accept what that lesson is.

    1. So true Sandra, we need an openness, an awareness and a willingness to see something and make changes. But it’s not a problem because when we don’t get something, we’ll get another opportunity later.

  9. Gill, its very beautiful what you read from your car being washed. There is always more going on than we see with our eyes. Life is but one big reflection.

    1. So true Matilda … when we try to control life with our own individual agenda it is exhausting! Life has a flow, harmony and ease to it when we allow the simplicity of what is on offer to be our guide.

    1. It is interesting to connect to your car in this way. I am in the process of buying a new one and to me this new car is offering the reflection of what I am ready for and what my potential is.

  10. There is so much in life to enjoy as it happens around us – but all too often we turn a blind eye to it and miss the magic around! It is time we dropped the dullness and brought ourselves back to life with connecting to all there is around us, people, nature, and so much more.

  11. There is a myriad of ways that we can connect to people around us – it is not hard to find something in common, an understanding, a mutual connection. And this is beautiful indeed to experience.

    1. And it is so simple Henrietta, in everyday life, there are so many opportunities to connect with people. It enriches our lives and theirs when we meet eyes with someone and they twinkle, walking up the road, people passing on a bus or in a car, or in any interaction in a shop. Relationships build from these moments.

  12. Thank you for writing this blog post. You’re right, there are so many opportunities to observe and truly admire life. I hope to see more from you and that you have a good day!

  13. We are often so caught up in the events of the day and rush from one task to the next or even when we have a ‘quiet’ moment we linger in the past or plan / dream of the future, but what we are missing out on is the connections that are to be had, the space of simply being with each other, the acknowledging of the beauty in another, the joy of working side by side.

  14. I agree with you Gill working is good for us, so why are we replacing ourselves with robots? what on earth are we going to do with ourselves when the machines take over?

  15. I really appreciate when my husband washes my car with such care and attention to detail- it shines and glows brightly. A wonderful reminder of ourselves when we appreciate our true connection and allow the light to shine for all to see, and allow people in.

  16. I went to the car wash today, and altough I did stay in my car whilst it was being washed, I remained very still while it was being cleaned. I then got out so that the inside could be cleaned as well, and again remained vey still whilst I appreciated how hard all the men were working, and how well they worked as a team. When it was finished, I thanked the man who was taking the money, and told him how much I appreciated what they had all done. He smiled from ear to ear – I have been several times to this car wash and never have I seen him do this. He had felt the level of appreciation that had been offered. It is truly amazing the impact we can have when we simply remain connected to who we are and where we are from.

    1. Expressing true appreciation allows another to bask in the gorgeousness of who they are and in this we grow them and us too.

  17. What you allow us to feel here is that it is the caring for another that is what makes our day, that touches us deeply, that warms our hearts and ignites us and the outcome in whatever we do will be delivered but need not be the main focus.

    1. How lovely and true Esther, we may think we know what we are doing in a certain day, but the people we meet and connect with make the day very different and special from previous days. What may seem small and insignificant to us may be a lifestyle change to another that we aren’t even aware of, because of the reflection we have brought.

  18. It is great when we surrender and feel to what needs doing. I have often had a feeling to do something at the exact moment I needed to, like checking when my car MOT is due and getting a slot immediately at the garage, realising that was literally the last chance I had before going away, and I made it all because I trusted what I was feeling, and the amazing part is all with no drama, it was just perfect.

  19. I love being at a car wash- I experience exactly the same like you! It is a whole body experience and, as everything in life, there is more, why we choose to clean the car and when. Wanting to keep my car clean always shows me how much I care for my own body and that I don´t like to make compromises so much.

    1. There is not one day or one moment that does not allow us to further grow. How much you do is simply determined by how much we are willing to move on in every moment.

      1. We are constantly picking up cues from another’s gestures and body language, yet often we don’t consciously clock the signals and will override what we sense with the head and our thoughts.

    1. Everything is empty if we don´t meet each other in everything that we do. What makes it alive is the people and the connection, not the outcome or result. As the result is guaranteed by this interaction.

  20. ‘There are always opportunities to connect to people in our everyday lives.’ – How often do we miss an opportunity for learning and understanding, just because we were too ‘busy’ to connect.

    1. Of course Eva, distractions are so sneaky and destructive because they stop the growth of the conversation that could have been and therefore we stunt our own development and the evolution of others.

  21. The more you commit to things that are true, the greater the reflection that comes back to you. This simple law explains why so many of us prefer to hold back and continue to live lives so much less than that.

  22. A beautiful sharing and a joy to read what appreciation can bring to our everyday lives in everyday moments like this and the expansion with others that follows feels so joyful and loving.

  23. I love the ease and openness of your connection with the men at the car wash. We have all these rules these days about equal opportunity, discrimination etc which are all unnecessary when we simply treat each other as equals.

    1. How true, we are all naturally equal and it says a lot about how far we have strayed from it, when we have to invent rules and laws to behave in that manner.

  24. Our everyday activities are a great way to take stock, to come back to ourselves and to continuously refine and to bring any new understanding then to the rest of our day.

  25. ‘No matter what situation presents to us in life, there will always be a learning from it.’ – How true, a great reminder to never see ourselves as victims of the circumstances.

  26. I love watching and being part of brotherhood in action, when our family gets in a rhythm and clean the house at the weekend together, it feels like a dance, and flow…it is pure joy. (This is something we are practicing, and sometimes, challenges arise, but it is a genuine foundation we live with and I love the power, strength, unity and love in it)

    1. I agree Samantha. There is nothing more heart-warming or inspiring as seeing people working together in harmony. Simple jobs feel completely different when there is brotherhood at play.

  27. “When we are openhearted with others, it gives them an opportunity to be open with us too” – yes Gill and that’s when we realise too that underneath everything we are the same.

    1. It’s like a practice ground Zofia, the more we practice, the less we are hiding back our expression. Of course it may feel difficult and clunky to start with, but we are forever learning, so it’s ok.

      1. This is something I am learning too – transparency comes through practicing my own expression, no holding back.

  28. “No matter what situation presents to us in life, there will always be a learning from it.” What a great thing to remember and to support us through even the most challenging times in our lives. If we are open to always learning to accept the part we have played in any situation, we will always be supported.

  29. If we embraced every moment and reflection offered to us with a willingness to learn and grow, appreciate these as an opportunity to expand. Our days would simply fill up with joy no matter what we are presented with.

  30. When we are truly open to people and life, life opens up to us, and there’s magic to see and feel and be with – we’re designed to work and be together and doing that with an open heartedness connects us more deeply to ourselves and the purpose of life and how we are with it.

    1. Indeed and so what is the main role of the company leadership? To develop and support the people in whatever way that may look.

  31. An awesome reflection Gill, and to remember always that the connection we can have in each moment with another can make a huge difference in someone’s day, including our own. It may feel easier/safer/ more convenient to check out in device mode – rather than be open and connect with others, but does it leave us and the world diminished, we then want to check out from from the world because it does not feel true or welcoming or safe.

    1. Yes, it shows how narrow we have made life to be, missing out on or more so denying ourselves the beauty and learning there is to be had day in day out.

  32. Our whole world changes when we allow ourselves to be & be with people and allow them to be & be with us. So no holding back who we truly are.

  33. I love clean cars and I love cleaning cars….to the point where I used to be the one in my family when growing up to clean the cars most of the time or at least pitching in with my mum who also used to clean cars. And then in my own little family it was always me cleaning both my car and my husband’s car. I still do much of the cleaning but it looks like years down the track some of this has rubbed off on my husband and son and now they too enjoy this on occasion as well 😉 so who knows, we could say that loving up a car and ourselves can inspire another especially when you can share the joy of it.

  34. Completing things that really need to be done or completed is a process that feeds us back in more ways than we realise.

  35. I agree with what you say here ” It is very healing to observe people working in brotherhood together. We used to live together in harmony many, many lifetimes ago and can feel the joy of this when we see its return”
    An avid people watcher, i get involved, share too much, smile too much.
    Every day brings blessings, stardust too from heaven, we call bask in its glitter or get blinded.
    Easy choice for me, i’m Indian, i like my glitter.
    So glad i stumbled across your blog. 🌺Kind regards from Kavita in Sunshiny South Africa. 🌺

  36. I love how you got out of your car and connected with them and showed them another way. Plus you got to learn about them and them about you. So it was then not just about getting your car washed rather making it about people. And I know what you mean when I get my car washed it feels like my body is also getting a good clean!!

  37. It’s gorgeous when we let people in and truly appreciate them. When we see more than just a job title but the real us of who we are and what we can bring.

    1. It actually gave me a moment to stop and really appreciate what others bring. I can underestimate how it is the quality of something that makes all the difference to whatever is the action being performed.

  38. It is a wonderful support bringing children up doing chores and getting involved in various activities. It fosters a great opportunity for understanding of work, appreciation of care in what we do and gaining a sense of wider community.

    1. I agree Golnaz, children love to be included and don’t see jobs as chores but as joining in. It feels very important for their development that everything in life isn’t just handed to them on a plate, because life doesn’t work like that.

  39. It’s great to be open to the fact that every meeting is a blessing and a constellation. We may not always know why but we can feel that something has registered in the body that is bigger than us.

  40. I must get my car done really soon, it is such a great feeling, I am inspired to take more care to appreciate the workers at the car wash this time too, even though I generally do.

  41. A while back I used to park in a car park a couple of minutes’ walk from where I worked. I regularly (but not intensively) picked up litter along the pathway if I had a free hand to do so. One day I saw a young man in council clothing picking up the litter with one of those grabbers and I thanked him for doing a great job. He looked at me with tears in his eyes and astonishment that someone had even seen him, and said I was the first person ever to appreciate him for doing that. It is so important to see and appreciate people isn’t it.

    1. Appreciating people in our everyday is so powerful, especially when they are used to people walking by and not even noticing them. We always notice the mess others have left but not necessarily how tidy the streets are when the mess has been picked up.

  42. A four hour plane journey and just before landing I turned to the woman sitting next to me and opened conversation with her. It amazed me how much we shared and how we opened up our world’s (selves) to each other in a few minutes and today I still have the memory of that conversation with me. She was one of many people I connected with on planes, boats and trains each one made what seemed at first like a ‘long’ journey, not long at all, full of rich experiences.

  43. Each day, many different opportunities to relate to other human beings we’re given to us. We’re not just strangers passing in the day or night, each person is part of and equal to us, to become aware of this deeps our experience of life. We see more, feel more and find joy in the tiniest interaction with another.

  44. I love the four main learnings you got from this experience Gill. They can be applied to all of life. Thank you for the reminder.

  45. “Then I looked around and observed that most people sat in their cars texting on their phones, looking at their messages or listening to music.” Nothing new in this day and age but what a wealth of true connection we are missing out on.

  46. ‘I had received a lesson in equality and brotherhood and also had a huge cleansing myself…’ in our ignorance of what is around us we miss so many opportunities to learn like this. All we have to do is choose to be open to them and be accessible to people.

  47. Yesterday I spent three hours in the local mall while my car was being serviced. I did some shopping, having some beautiful interactions with staff and shoppers, and then chose to stop in a café right in the middle of the mall. It was a very telling experience, as I sat and sipped my tea observing those around me. Most were moving past, in a hurry to do so, heads down as if to say ‘don’t look at me’, and with very little communication with anyone around them. It was if everyone was in their own little world and wanted to stay that way. Then a man sat down just along from me, looking straight ahead as if he wanted to keep to himself too. But there was a moment when he turned his head as I turned towards him and smiled, and his face lit up with a beautiful big smile which I felt through my whole body. No words needed, but everything said in that moment; a price-less moment of connection to another human being.

  48. Everyday reflections are constant and inspirational … going for a walk yesterday, depending on my thoughts, a dragonfly, butterfly or swallow would cross my path – all offering inspiration in their own ways.

  49. The harmony and joy of connecting with others and our natural oneness is beautiful to experience and bring more and more into our daily lives as we focus and embody more love and understanding and our true purpose in life offered to us unfolds.

  50. Gill I agree that there is always an opportunity to connect to people in our lives. I was at the Airport recently and sat next to a man at one of the many cafes and he was taking up two tables which were full of paper work and I watched fascinated by the methodical way he was working. I realised he was working on his expenses and we had a great chat about expenses and the simplest way to do them. We both hate doing them but I took away some great tips on how to make them less complicated. We will probably never meet again but in the 30 minutes much was exchanged and I now have a great relationship with a loss adjuster for a multi- national company. I say that in the knowing that we will always remember our conversation.

    1. I loved reading your comment, Mary – a gorgeous reflection of the support that we can offer each other and how seemingly random connections with others, people we have never met before, are perhaps not random at all.

    2. I love this Mary, rather than ships passing in the night, you connected to the man in the cafe and experienced something beautiful as well as taking away some great tips. Life is full of memorable moments such as this, but only if we choose to make them so.

    1. Exactly Amparo, we support each other with connections and movements, and working together is what life can be all about. There is a real respect for what we all bring and by living in this harmony, anything is possible.

  51. Everyday life is often considered at this time, mundane, but what if that everyday life is in fact the everything that is needed, the everything that allows us to understand the everything and that with everyday life we are given all that we need to evolve and grow.

    1. Absolutely David … we make life way too complicated when in fact the simplicity of everyday life constantly presents wisdom and understanding to learn and evolve – and there is nothing mundane about this but total inspiration.

    2. Even the word ‘everyday’ implies repetition and with repetition there can be a tendency to switch off and just ‘go through the motions’. However, nothing is ever exactly the same just as our planet is constantly moving, everything is always shifting, if ever so slightly. Each and every moment offers the space for us to choose differently, to deepen, surrender a little bit more, share a little more of our selves, allow more understanding, walk with a deeper knowing of who we are ….. or not.

  52. Gill, this is really lovely; ‘Our interactions with whoever we meet at home and at work is what can expand us in our day: from the car washing guys to the butcher, we can be open to developing our relationships.’ Since reading this article I have been aware to not just be in function with people that I meet in my day, but to be open, to connect with people and to enjoy these interactions.

  53. ‘Understanding that we always get what we need as a lesson for learning stops any reaction or victim mentality.’ Something I am learning too, that there is no need to compare with each other or to get jealous, we all have our own lessons to learn from.

  54. In the winter it can become a chore to keep your car sparkling clean with the weather. With procrastination the easy job gets harder to do, the longer we wait. If you drop an egg, it is easy to clean it up, what if you waited a week or two? Could this also be the same for our undealt with issues we leave to deal with later?

  55. In the building I work there is a cleaner that is always welcoming me with a broad smile. Like he does with anybody. He does his work with joy, and that radiates to everybody he meets and the things that he touches. Touched with joy and love. Working like that is not in the job but in the way somebody chooses to live and work. Working with joy is a choice.

  56. There is a beauty in every situation we find ourselves in – nothing is by chance, everything is constellated for a purpose.

    1. I love to feel the purpose in everything in daily life too Paula. There is a reason we take a certain route that we think we have just decided to do, or park in a certain car park and then ‘bump’ into someone we have been thinking about. Nothing is a coincidence we think we can dismiss, we don’t want to miss the constellations that have been set up in our day.

  57. It is so beautiful when I meet people who are open and ready to connect but this is far more rare than it could be… and I feel how we miss each other!

    Every time I meet somone who is simply sharing who they are I am reminded that this is our greatest responsibility… to share the love that we each are here to be.

    1. It is very sad, and a telling commentary on the state of humanity, that it is very rare for someone to be “open and ready to connect”. It seems to be more and more common to see people walking with their heads down, either looking at their phones as they walk or simply looking at the ground, in no way wanting to look up to see what’s unfolding around them. I love those occasions when someone looks up, meets my eyes and smiles at me, as I smile at them. A real, joyful moment for both of us.

  58. Our cars can tell us so much about what is going on in the way we regard ourselves. Connecting with those who work on them for us reflects how we use them in life and therefore also how we use our body in life.

    1. The more open we are to being aware of these reflections, such as with our cars, we realise that we are actually being offered reflections constantly, throughout our day, in everything we’re doing, it’s just that we’ve been too blinkered to notice.

  59. As a teenager and young woman I loved to work, always did and still do. Work took me into many worlds and gave me extra-ordinary experiences. I shopped for neighbours, washed cars, picked fruit, cleaned homes, delivered post, looked after children in children’s homes, each one unique in its own way, introduced me to very many beautiful people. Without knowing it, I was being schooled and gained from these experiences far more than I did from the formal education system I once valued above all else.

    1. Very beautiful, Kehinde. It’s interesting how much emphasis our society puts on having knowledge when it’s our ability to communicate and connect with each other that is the key that keeps everything flowing.

  60. I love reading this Gill and that the young men in turn embraced you connection. It’s like many of the grocery stores now, there is just as many ‘self service’ stations as there is person operated ones. I head for the people as love the interactions and what unfolds in each new conversation. Some long some short however all beautiful.

  61. There is symbology around us all of the time … in nature, our home, our car, people and events – all there to support every one of us to learn and evolve together. How truly supported are we all.

  62. I love point three in the list of bullet points – we learn so much from work that it’s great to be connecting with people when they are working or we are working. This feels like true purpose – not looking at a mobile device.

  63. “There are always opportunities to connect to people in our everyday lives.” From asking the delivery guy how they are when dropping off a parcel to chatting to the lady at the till while she processes the groceries, we are offered so many simple opportunities to take life a little bit deeper, share a moment of connection and bring some magic to the day.

  64. I really enjoyed what you have written here Gill as I had a similar experience. Recently I had the loan of a family members car, needing to use it for quite a few weeks.
    Before giving it back I wanted to give it a really detailed wash and groom inside and out for her and it felt so lovely doing so. Like you it felt like I was receiving a deep wash and groom myself and so was my family member. I was feeling very aware of the symbolic correlation as I worked.
    The car felt and looked very sparkly and light after that and so did I.

  65. How confirming of the love we are in essence when we genuinely open ourselves to each other and simply share who we are. We find that we are no different and that within our love is what unifies us without question.

    1. It is that openness that unifies, you are right Carola. Choosing to stay open is what makes all the difference, instead of going for the option to shut down whilst hanging on to our hurts.

  66. ‘There are always opportunities to connect to people in our everyday lives. Our interactions with whoever we meet at home and at work is what can expand us in our day: from the car washing guys to the butcher, we can be open to developing our relationships.’ This is so true Gill and crucial. I used to think that because I worked from home without much physical interaction with people there was not much opportunity to build relationships, yet that was completely false as I began to embrace every type of exchange – phone, email, text, letter, with clients, suppliers, builders, tradesmen and colleagues, as holding this potential.

  67. Love what you share, simple and so true. I was at the airport yesterday waiting in line for the security check. I started a conversation with one of the guys about my bottle of water. I found myself meeting a sweetheart. When I moved to the next guy I met someone with a great sense of humor that we both started laughing. Since that moment I realized I am just moving from one connection to the other. It is my choice to be open for the opportunities that present themselves for meeting all these people.

    1. Caroline, these opportunities are right under our noses to connect to people whether we are dog walking, at the airport, in the shops, or walking down a street. So many people turn their gaze away, especially in big cities, but we don’t have to join their disconnect game.

  68. It will be a great day when everyone on this planet can appreciate fully the work we all do no matter what it is, every job is equally important and the monetary rewards should start to reflect this more.

    1. How interesting it would be if we did away with ‘money’ altogether and returned to a way of living where everyone has a trade and payment is made in kind. It feels a much more loving, simple and equal way to live – having a more level playing field where everyone is equal rather than the tiered system we have today with a few people having enormous control and dominance through their wealth.

    2. It would be amazing Kev and we could start appreciating more if we haven’t already because I agree that every job is equally important and this is what will expand business, appreciation.

  69. ‘Staying interactive and working keeps us involved in life. When we make life about the people we meet, it allows us to share our reflection and them to share theirs.’ One thing I have always enjoyed about working and volunteering is the people I meet. I agree, when we make life about people everything feels in perspective and life is fun.

  70. Our daily reflections, ie the quality we reflect, is a gift for every person we meet and the nature we reside in … so how important is the energy we choose to live our lives.

  71. Life is a constant learning and every moment has an offering for us to reflect upon, to learn and evolve – how super supportive is that?!

  72. Our ‘everyday’ offers so much gold in every moment, every connection, every task … there is no place for boredom in life!

  73. There is treasure in everyday life, if we are willing to see it. Just look at our everyday travel to work, same route, same mode of transport, but do we check the quality of our movements, thoughts, observe the differences from the day before or go in to
    automatic, much to learn in these repeated movements. The beautiful reflections can be in the apparent mundane… and are in fact in everything everyday.

    1. Same, same, but different – I love how the same trip I do to work everyday is always different – the volume of traffic varies, as does the quality in which people are driving their cars, myself included. I see the same people walking along the footpath at roughly the same point on my journey every day, I know when they’re running late! I feel like I know them a little, even though we have never met.

    2. That’s lovely Samantha, it is a real treasure to feel how our daily life reflects so much to others. This is a quality we can sometimes ignore and take for granted but is important to be aware of because it is observed and felt by everyone.

    3. “There is treasure in everyday life” Yes there is Samantha and life is never mundane when we relate to it in this way.

    4. And what is so inspiring Samantha is that even though we may travel the same route, same mode of transport every day, no two days ever constellate the same – there is always something different for us to reflect on every single day.

  74. Gill I’ve very much enjoyed your playfulness with the process of your first-time car hand wash, I bet the guys did too! – it clearly allowed them to open up and share.

  75. Reflections come to us at all times and in all places. No one of us holds the whole and so we need all of us to experience the whole. From this understand it is easier to see why we should not hold back in our own expression and should always be open to the reflection of others. It enriches life to a depth that is not from this world.

      1. So true, we are always watching and noticing how another moves and responds, we can either be inspired or dismiss – the key is in the observation.

    1. Great reminder thank you, yes, so why hold back bringing our All when we are all needed to make up the whole? Great way to appreciate everyone, like every snowflake or every star in the sky.

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