I Love You… But…

Love usually comes with conditions, expectations and images of how we want another to be. We say to someone we love them, we care for them, want to be with them, all the while what is expressed comes loaded with conditions of how we want them to be. If they are how we want them to be then we say we love them, although it is not a love that is unconditional. It is conditional. We have a level of judgement that comes with the love we are prepared to show, share and give to another.

We want to be loved but are not prepared to drop our guard and truly love another, unconditionally, in full, warts and all. I observe people say how much they love someone, followed by a ‘but’ – I lovebut when they are not in their essence, living who they truly are, I cannot be around them.

There is a level of acceptance we do not allow; we have expectations of another to be a certain way for us. We do not allow or create a reflection for them to live all that they are. Instead they are met with conditions. It is these conditions that create tension; even though it may not be said, it is felt through our movements.

There are many times I have felt a tension from someone, not knowing if it is something I have done, or not done. They may not have said anything but I can feel in my body there is something not quite right. For many years I sat with this feeling of awkwardness; it would at times be very uncomfortable, usually with myself analysing what I did wrong to make another feel so distant. There was always a dissecting of what I did or could do to make things better.

It was not until recently and after many years of attending Universal Medicine presentations and sessions that I have come to a deeper understanding of what is at play – games that our spirit loves to indulge in regularly, for it, our spirit, is cunning: it is a side and part of our being that likes to keep us in the overwhelm and complication of life, along with the avoidance of feeling what we know to be true.

It likes to keep us as a participant of as many games as possible, planting seeds of doubt, second guessing and blaming. We are extremely good at judging others. We have at times a massive lack of acceptance of ourselves and our own grandness, which in turn is reflected and often directed at another.

To recognise, accept and love another in full, as the amazing grand being they are, can be difficult for us. Our spirits love to keep us in a level of competition and comparison. It loves nothing better than to play it small, or to keep another as less, to stop at any cost true love being expressed, lived, moved and reflected.

What I have come to feel is a deeper level of acceptance for myself, and to see others as equal beings; that no one of us is ever or always perfect. We are after all in a human body, a form that is far removed from our natural state of being. That in itself is the first hurdle.

The lies we live are being fed to us and choosing to reflect this to all is a hard act to keep up! The façade at times becomes exposed, although our spirit is quick to jump back in the game as soon as truth begins to rear its head. Clever, manipulative, sneaky and extremely creative, we have set up many distractions and addictions to keep us busy, all in the name of avoiding Love – that is until we begin to expose them for what they are.

Moments constellated to connect deeply with another, to show a true way, a reflection of Heaven, our Soul tapping on our door, reminding us of where we all come from. A place where there is no judgement, comparison or jealousy; a place where true love, equality and brotherhood reside and originate. No bastardised versions of truth as there is only one truth, one Soul and one God and an acceptance of all equally so.

Yes, this is another plane of life, an existence many of us do not recognise yet, but one that lives within us all. That plane of life is getting closer and closer to our planet Earth every day. It is being felt; people are beginning to question life, how they live and why they live the way they do. They are feeling there is more to themselves and others.

We are being given an opportunity to feel what it is to truly love ourselves and others, without conditions, expectations or judgements; an allowing and acceptance of each other, a deep love that we have not expressed on earth in this life or for some thousands of lives.

We cannot deny what is on offer. We cannot avoid what is being felt.

Love, as we have known it to be, is not working. When we are told we are loved by another, without it even being said the BUT is felt. It is that ‘but’ that leaves us feeling empty, seeking true love and yet not thinking we know what it is. If that were the case, if we did not know what true love was, would we be questioning the love we have lived thus far?

For me, my relationships have changed enormously since becoming more open to and exposing my spirit’s game plan: switching the focus from others to me, opening up to the love that is on offer, knowing that I am forever supported and loved… that it is not a love I can get from outside of me. No one else can love me unless I first allow the love I am to flow in and through me.

My spirit loves nothing better than to keep me in the doubt of “Do they love me?” – wanting love to be proven and shown, instead of showered upon me from the Heavens.

True love is not something anyone else can give me: it is already living within me. I have up until this time not allowed myself to access, appreciate or live it. So when I hear someone say, “I love you… but… “ what I recognise is the lack of understanding and the judgement, no true acceptance or appreciation of another. It feels enormously harmful. I myself am not yet completely free of this but as I become more aware of the energy at play I can see it for what it is and the harm it can cause.

Our lives are lived on a very superficial level, occasionally dipping our toes into the shallows of Heaven. We play it safe, allowing our moves to be governed by a leading hand – a hand that has its own personal agenda, the hand of our spirit – whose aim is to keep us away from re-connecting to our one true source, our Soul.

We have a choice to choose which hand moves us – the hand of God or the hand of the spirit. The hand of God is what guides us back to Soul, to a life lived in true connection, where we can love, reflect love and see all as equals.

We have an enormous opportunity and responsibility to look in the eyes of another, to connect to the love they too hold deep within them, to offer a reflection that ignites in them a deep pondering, a time to reflect and question which hand it is guiding or moving them through life.

To truly love another is to love unconditionally, connecting to and feeling ones essence, then when you say “I love you,” you truly love them.

By Nicole Serafin, 46, Woman, Self Employed, Wife, Mother, NSW, Australia

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259 thoughts on “I Love You… But…

  1. Using but, is like being on a swing; you go forward then go backwards and there is constant movement, but for the moments you stop and go the other way. All of this motion, but you never go anywhere!

  2. Removing all the conditions we have created about life is a truly liberating experience and completely changes the way we are in the world.

  3. We all know love deeply but when we put conditions on love then it is no longer love because true love has no conditions, expectations or reward, it just is.

  4. This is such a powerful statement Nicole…’We have a choice to choose which hand moves us – the hand of God or the hand of the spirit.’ Knowing this, and true love is all within all of us, we can stop the old constructs we have had about love in the past and feel the truth you have presented for us.

  5. Every single one of us has built a concept around the word love because we all have ignored the energetic meaning of this word, have come up with our own interpretation and are throwing it around. When energetic truth is concerned, there are no semantics, each word means something and holds a vibration. But when we ignore the energetic truth, we are left with one word (love) meaning from “i would do anything for this person” to “I can hit you but I still love you”. – How can we abuse somebody we love, and still claim that we love them?

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