Vitality of a Daffodil

‘Vitality’ is an interesting word. Where does it come from, what is its origin?

The first four letters as the root, describing ‘force’ or ‘energy,’ gives it away somewhat. For example, the pre-fix ‘vita’ as it appears at the commencement of many words, such as the word ‘vita-mins’, is often an addition favoured by food production companies when naming many biscuit type items, professing to be of benefit to the human body by supposedly offering a source of renewed energy that could potentially result in an expected rise in vigour, exuberance and physical strength… or perhaps even sharper mental capacity.

But my feeling is there is much more to this ‘vitality’ caper. My own experience of many years of oscillating energy levels would declare that there is oftentimes a missing link so to speak – something that is more ephemeral but solidly known within the particles and cells of each one of us, if only we would take the time to connect to that deeper well of wisdom within.

It seems to me, as a consequence of my own past wayward choice of experiences, that in order to build this vitality in my own body there needed now to be a deeper connection to my own awareness of my being, more honouring of my body and a greater appreciation of the depth of my sacredness and divinity. This is achieved by my being more in alignment with the energy of Love, which to me is the reflection of God’s grace, not only to be found through a deepening connection within, but also in the all-embracing energy that surrounds each and every one of us.

On reflecting on my previous ways of living within this life, I have often wondered whether or not there was vitality in evidence as I regularly and vigorously walked between the tufts of sword grass on the undulating dunes and down the sandy path on my way to a wild ocean at Tallow Beach, without any true connection to my body. Or whether the man who seemed to enjoy his set routine of jogging up and down, back and forth, relentlessly, while spitting over his shoulder as he strove to master the miles, was actually displaying vitality.

Indeed I then wondered whether there was more evidence of vitality in the sparkling eyes of a dear old soul I sat with recently as she lay in a hospital bed, accepting her moment in time in connection to God. And it became strikingly obvious to me there was more vitality/Life/Light evident in those precious moments of connection that we experience than on any vigorous beach walk or jogging track that is void of any true connection whatsoever.

My reflection on this scenario would beg the question then, is vitality the evidence and reflection of the Light that dwells within each of us, rather than a ‘force’ that displays how fit we are physically? Could it be that the vitality, that is the life within a seed that causes that seed to flourish, indicates that this element of vitality is more than a thing, per se? Is it possibly the evidence of ‘being’ – being in connection with Truth and Love and indeed, with all things of the Universe?

In our current era it would appear that some of the essentials to support this reconnection to our very being-ness is the choice of our lifestyle, the choices of our food and basically whatever it is that passes between our lips, including even the tone of what and how we express.

As I edge towards the end of my 70’s decade and embrace my ageing with the joy of this newly revealed re-connection, I can offer that even though the body displays a wearing out if you will, as does a daffodil display at the end of spring, there is a well of divine life held within the bulb as there is within us all, for the new season or incarnation revealing the potential (if we are prepared to connect to it) for true vitality all over again.

By Roberta B. Himing, Student of Life, Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

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176 thoughts on “Vitality of a Daffodil

  1. I can honestly say, I cannot ever remember a runner that their face did not express pain and misery. In a gym with bodybuilders, Is there joy or disapproval on their face when looking into the mirror? In our pursuit of vitality, are we running away from ourselves because we believe we are not enough? Have you ever seen a runner, in the cold or heat with a twinkle in their eye?

  2. Everywhere we look around life is about vitality, of keeping our bodies going when it only requires our connection to ourselves and that vitality is there. Has the whole word and it’s meaning been bastardised and linked to physicality?

    I know when we are connected, the true version of vitality and joy presents and in this, the fitness is to life in other words, we have the vitality to continue to serve humanity without any hesitation.

  3. Have you ever started a fire with flint and steel? You strike the spark into a bed and then need to gently put breath into it to nurture the flame that resides within. Is not vitality the spark that lives within all of us and the fire that we and others can feel the warmth that emanates?

  4. ‘in order to build this vitality in my own body there needed now to be a deeper connection to my own awareness of my being, more honouring of my body and a greater appreciation of the depth of my sacredness and divinity.’ There is a vast difference between pushing through in life, believing yourself to be fit because you go to the gym regularly and pay a little attention to what you eat, and gently nurturing, which is also done through exercise and food but done in a way that is responsive to where the body is at at any one time, whilst also paying attention to how we express, how we acknowledge and honour our feelings, engage with others and how we work and rest.

    1. I can recall pushing my body at the gym and it was great at the beginning and yet, I couldn’t link that demand on my body to the frequent colds/flu’s I often experienced. Vitality, like you said, is responding to the body’s call as that is what is required at that time. It is forever changing.

  5. Despite being ten years older I have far more vitality now than I did years ago – all to do with changes in my choices in many areas of my life, I also have more joy and contentment. And still more to come! It feels like I’ve had many incarnations in this life – let alone what’s to come in future lives. .

  6. I agree that vitality comes from a connection to one’s Soul and not how many laps one does or the food they do or don’t eat. Yes, certain foods can make me feel tired, heavy, etc. but it’s also further separated me from connection. Our physical choices aren’t just physical, they are energetic and as such come with an energetic result as well.

    1. There needs to be a degree of separation in order to eat foods that numb and dull. Being even one degree off is not on the money and can therefore take us off at an angle that can become quite steep if we don’t arrest it. We need to be more aware of the severity of the energetic consequences of our choices that you talk of Leigh.

  7. Roberta, your gorgeous ways with words do so bring alive the text you write. Thank you for this picturesque way of expressing yourself and the sharings you have from the wisdom you have lived.

  8. “there is a well of divine life held within the bulb as there is within us all” – this really says it all, as it is not what we do but who we are that brings the vitality when lived in full.

  9. Beautiful Roberta – I was recently with someone very ill and what was inescapable to me was that despite their physical state, there was a quality in their eyes, their smile that was deeply beautiful and full of life. It made me realise that this vitality you mention isn’t a healthy thing so much as a connection to our light within – it’s this that makes our heart sing.

  10. Yes, we need to say enough so we can walk a way that shows others there is another way. No need to do any fancy courses or get letters after our names, simply a willingness to bring honesty to what our body is sharing with us in a moment by moment way.

    1. A taboo subject brought to life with such a true way of expressing and so it reveals that no matter what we are dealing with if we have a connection there will be a true purpose to anything that we do, be that working or playing or approaching death and dying.

      1. And why wait till the end of life, what if we don’t know when that will be so at the close of each day we have the same focus?Completion and letting go of attachments would leave both us and others more free to express without expectations and we could all move on with less baggage.

  11. …’is vitality the evidence and reflection of the Light that dwells within each of us, rather than a ‘force’ that displays how fit we are physically?’ That is a yes from me and when I hold this fact in my interactions out in the world I can sense this light in everyone. And when I do I understand equalness. This is a great foundation to build on.

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