Feeling Our Way Through the Static Fog of Life

Our current norm as a global society is one where we are virtually saturated with a kind of static haze of ideals, beliefs and distractions that cloud our ability to see the underlying truth of any given situation that we encounter. Now, this is not a new phenomenon, as for thousands of years we have had various institutions, from religious, scientific to educational and even the current entertainment industry, telling us what the nature of our reality is here on Earth, what we should believe in and why, and lulling us into a false sense of contentment by the myriad of entertaining allurements that are literally available by the touch of a button. All adding to the ‘fog’ that keeps us from the Truth, albeit a cloud that all of humanity must take responsibility for creating and contributing to on a continual basis.

The best image I get to describe this current state of affairs is that of the old-school TV set from my youth, that many times would only show a partially visible image behind a screen filled with what looked like pixelated static or ‘snow’ when I was trying to tune into a station that was out of range of the TV transmitter. Either this visual or that of a similar situation with a radio station should suffice to allow one to see what I am attempting to portray here: when we only rely on our normal five senses, we will inevitably be ironically ‘blinded’ by the static ‘snow’ that is enveloping us on a daily basis, the same way Eskimos can sometimes experience this snow blindness in the Arctic regions of our planet.

But what if we all had a simple method of filtering out these ‘static’ signals and tuning into what can only be described as a natural ‘Truth-o-meter’ that no ideal about the way things should or shouldn’t be, and dogma or belief of right and wrong, could sway in its accuracy. A device that cuts through the seemingly endless array of diversions and desires that sell us a life full of indulgence and relief from the deep separation to our inner essence that we all feel deep down to some degree. This then feeds the need for more ‘static’, thus creating a vicious cycle that we all have to take responsibility for creating in the first place.

What I am referring to here is simply our natural, innate ability to feel from our inner-heart, which once connected to via techniques to move our awareness from our heads into our bodies, like the Gentle Breath MeditationTM or Esoteric Yoga, bring about a profound shift in not only how we view the world, but how we move through it without getting lost in the constant barrage of stimulation that is all around us and seemingly increasing on a daily basis.

My experience with this way of approaching life has been an ongoing process of refinement, making it now a practice throughout the day to check in with myself and sense that beautiful inner essence in my heart by a method of feeling my eyes delicately close and open while breathing gently through my nose and relaxing the muscles around my eyes and face, as I re-align and feel a growing warmth in my spine. The results of this simple exercise have been an almost instantaneous sensation of calming and settling in my body, which not only stops any movement towards stress, but also takes only a few seconds to accomplish. It’s like a coming home… to my true self!

Sometimes it has been almost alarming to see just how lost in the ‘static of life’ I have gotten when I made the choice to listen to and be driven by some ideal or belief about how I should be working, talking or walking and began to move my body in a way that was not harmonious with its natural rhythm, but was instead being manipulated almost like a puppet by this energy. Because that’s what we are talking about here, a form of energy that is fed to us and which we choose to align to, that keeps us in a constant state of motion, rather than the stillness that can easily be attained, which can then move us from that established settled state of being.

Even though there may exist a barrage of energetic distractions in the world, there is nothing stronger than the magnetic pull back to our Soul when we make that choice to reconnect to our essence. We have given up on the inborn knowingness that this natural resonance with our True Self is always there, but have instead bought into a notion that indulging in all those forms of entertainment are what will bring us happiness. When in fact, by doing so, we are actually aligning to something that is pulling us further away from the love, joy and harmony that we all deep down are craving and which naturally and innately is found within each and every one of us. This also can explain why using ‘willpower’ to stop addictions never seems to work long-term. Because by focusing so much on what we don’t want in our lives, we are actually resonating on an energetic level with that issue, thus ironically attracting it to us once again; and before you know it we find ourselves in the same rut of self-destructive behaviour we were trying to avoid!

We are literally saturated with this ‘white noise’ kind of energy via the various media outlets, advertising and entertainment industries that can pull us out of that precious connection and make us go a bit ‘mental’ and blind us from feeling the Truth our bodies are always communicating. Even detaching from staying present with our body and what we are doing in any given moment can generate a sense of fuzziness in our heads that seems to come from nowhere, but is in fact literally called into our consciousness from a pool of energy that is lacking love and harmony, making it difficult to focus when we choose stimulation over stillness. This then leads to the unsupportive behaviours in our life we tend to later regret.

All we have to do to cut through the miasma of life to the Truth and Love that we all are truly looking for is to take a brief moment to return to our body, and feel that gorgeous glow that is always emanating from our inner hearts and waiting patiently for us to re-connect to. For if we are willing to spend hours surfing the internet, we are surely worth that extra time to stop, feel and connect to our bodies, sensing the space that can expand within us when we do so. The Love that is there inside us will always burn brighter than any ‘fog’ that may surround us, providing that beacon of Light that will guide us all Home.

By Michael Goodhart, Aircraft Technician, B.A. Psychology, Lover of Nature and being playful with life, North Carolina, USA

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49 thoughts on “Feeling Our Way Through the Static Fog of Life

  1. Try to analyse from your mind and a million possibilities present – debatable, diverse and complex. Live from your heart and there’s just a simple and swift truth waiting there. Living life is the art of choosing this simplicity over the ridiculous complexity that we create.

  2. ❤️Thank you Michael, Love❤ is that innate-ness that we are all searching for and our essences😇 are calling continuously for that level of Love❤. So let our movements be our guiding light or a beacon in these times where many are searching for the Truth 🦉.

  3. “Even detaching from staying present with our body and what we are doing in any given moment can generate a sense of fuzziness in our heads that seems to come from nowhere”, is so true and it is something we need to realise more and more. This fuzziness is a distraction for sure and if we are not consciously aware of what is occurring for us, we are lost not just for that day, but for a longer time then we realise.

    Any thing we do that allows us to connect to ourselves, be it feeling our eye lids come down or, feeling the breath entering our nose, is the opportunity to reconnecting to ourselves. I would much prefer this than having this barrage of something that is always upon us.

    We will always have an antidote to anything that is upon us, we just need to be open and willing to take responsibility and keep that consistency going. That’s how we can stay true to ourselves and our soul.

  4. Thank you Michael, we feel so much more when we are aligned to the pool of energy that is from the Universe and or God, which is one and the same and our breath is the simplest way to start our return to being re-connected to our innate essences that is equally within us all.

    1. The pool of energy humanity much prefers to connect to is the one that keeps us separated from each other. The pool of energy I rather be with more often, is the one that serves God, the Universe and humanity. There is a difference, and it starts with a simple act of returning to ourselves and the others will follow, if they so choose to do so.

  5. Recently I took the dog for its early morning walk and there was mist in the meadow and it reminded me of the fog of illusion that surrounds us so that our reality of life is not what is in truth. I also noticed how the mist moved so that it looked as though the mist had gone from some places and I could sense the freedom of that and then the mist would reform and grow dense again and that pretty much summed up what I feel in life that we can have moments of clarity and such awareness and see and feel life as it really is, but then feel quite dull and slow in our awareness as the fog returns. When the sun rises it burns off the mist and that is what in the end will burn off the fog of illusion that we live in, the absolute power of the heaven will not be denied.

  6. The more we are open to feeling the way in which we make these choices to only see and engage with the ‘static fog’ for ourselves and let go of the need for contentment or comfort offered, the more the extent of its proliferation in the world becomes apparent. The choice to then live according to something else, our true essence becomes simple.

  7. Absoulutely Michael, if it was a simple matter of will power we would all be religious and thus we have to understand the virtual reality we are surrounded by so we can stay Soul connected and bask in the realisations of The True Religious way of Living as you have shared.

  8. That is an interesting statement to make Michael because we started with Hieroglyphics which as you say was a way of encompassing with symbols far more than the written word. Words have become weapons of mass destruction because the energy they can be said with can leave an energetic imprint within our bodies which can fester for years slowly destroying us.

  9. I agree Matilda these last few days my body has felt very settled the massive amount of nervous energy I have been living with is slowly melting as I deal with the hurts I have been carry around but afraid to deal with. By unpicking these hurts and seeing them for what they are just smoke and mirrors to keep me away from my true self allows my body to go into a settlement that is exquisite to feel, to the point where I can let go of the hurts of not ever being heard or taken seriously as a child.

  10. To be honest Melinda I spent most of my life numb and checked out on life. When I looked around me everyone felt the same so there was no reflection that there could be anything different. It wasn’t until I met Serge Benhayon and attended the workshops and presentations that I realised I was very much checked out and then there was the choice to stay in the fog of being checked out or start making different choices. I decided to make different choices and I am relearning how to take more care of myself, the more I take care of myself the more aware I become, the more aware I become the more I want to take care of myself. I am on a beautiful cycle of return to a true me.

  11. That fog has a very numbing and dulling effect, you can see it when you’re out and about, people walking looking solely at their phones can often feel totally checked out, some are also physically stumbling or can seem quite mesmerised, and the long term effects of that can be felt also even when the phone (or other distraction) is not present, as the person feels like they are not there in themselves but somewhere else. It’s a marked difference between being present and with ourselves, or distracted and disconnected.

  12. Connecting back to our bodies, brings back clarity and simplicity, ‘I am referring to here is simply our natural, innate ability to feel from our inner-heart, which once connected to via techniques to move our awareness from our heads into our bodies’.

  13. I agree with you Michael when you say

    ‘Our current norm as a global society is one where we are virtually saturated with a kind of static haze of ideals, beliefs and distractions that cloud our ability to see the underlying truth of any given situation that we encounter.’
    We are constantly lied to at every level of life, I feel we have become fat and lazy on these lies we are fed so that we do not question any more what we are told we just go along with whatever we read, listen to or told. It seems that no one is questioning what is actually going on in life we seem to be going down a Rabbit hole with no escape route.

  14. Know that we come from and all are pure love and that this sit within us all of the time – settling into stillness and checking in regularly keeps us connected to this and the ‘white fog’ ceases to have any power.

  15. There’s so much fog it’s easy to peer through some and think you see clear only to discover it’s just some more fog of a different kind. It’s here we discover it’s our heart that has the best eyes.

  16. How many times during the day do we chose stimulation over stillness by reacting to what stimulates us to stay in the emotion rather than stillness. It’s as though we are being goaded into a reaction until we snap and produce the reaction the energy is wanting because then it has got what it wanted a feed of emotional reaction. If we were to come back to our senses we would understand that there is an energy that actually feeds off our emotions which is why it is constantly seeking to get us to leave our bodies to look outside of ourselves rather than stay within ourselves our inner stillness where we are untouchable.

  17. What if the fog and with it its confusion and lack of clarity is imposed upon us to ensure that we don’t get to experience truth in our lives? Thus ensuring that the life lived is a lie?

  18. Thanks 🙏 Michael the depth of LOVE 💕 you have shared 👨‍👨‍👧‍👧 I provides a platform 🚞 for us all to advance.

    1. Loving the playful symbology here Greg. You are ahead of the times, as I feel we will some day return to using symbols to communicate, as they hold so much more information in a small package, and are not limited to the almost cumbersome lineal way in which modern linguistics work. There’s a lot of truth in ‘a picture’s worth a thousand words’, and they can convey a whole package of wisdom.

  19. Another gorgeous piece of writing Michael. Could all your articles be collated into a book? This morning what touched me was the simplicity of choosing stillness over stimulation and letting that be a regular check-in throughout the day.

  20. Reading “Feeling Our Way Through the Static Fog of Life” made me feel how we have kind of freeze framed life, it has indeed become kind of static when in truth it’s not that at all. Life is a a livingness, it is alive and responsive, it is both constant communication and a spectacular intelligence but we have thrown the heavy and restrictive cover of beliefs and pictures over it and caused it to feel suffocatingly static.

    1. Alexis, your comment is another example of the beautiful collaboration that occurs on these blog sites, with all the angles of expression sharing a unique take on life, as I had not previously considered this take on the title of this blog hinting at how we can become stuck and stagnant in life when we stay attached to an ideal or belief (in this case, that a good life is one of constant entertainment and stimulation). Although I wouldn’t say I am like this in any overt way, what I have become aware of recently is just how subtle this tendency can play out, by having a beautifully expansive experience in a relationship, and then holding onto an attachment that I needed to match that experience later, which was in a way putting pressure on myself to ‘perform’ or impress the other person and experience the same ‘fireworks’. But what if we approached life in a manner that we just simply stayed connected to our bodies (as Mary mentions above) and expressed from there, which would allow life to flow without any need for it to match those pictures we have of how it ‘should be’ and would sure let go of the disappointment and stress that comes from the investment in it looking a certain way.

      1. I deeply appreciate what you have shared here Michael and what I also appreciate with these web sites is that it gives everyone an opportunity to express how they are feeling and support each other to explore our attachments to life and for me to realise how sedentary and singular we have made life when actually there is a multidimensionality to life we are missing out on. As we expand our awareness it diminishes the fog of illusion we are surrounded by.

  21. The trouble with being in the fog is that it is an alignment, an alignment that guarantees more fog and when we’re in the fog it doesn’t look like fog, it just looks like ‘life’. It’s only when we start to move our bodies in a different way that this then starts to switch our alignment to an energy that supports us to start to see that there is a fog and one that we’ve been enshrouded in our entire lives.

    1. To me the fog is an energy that we are all entrapped in and we do not know this until we gain a level of awareness that allows us to catch a glimmer of something different. The fog lifts as our awareness grows so that we can then feel when we get caught up in the fog and then we can make the choice to come out of it or not.

    2. Beautifully expressed Alexis, ‘It’s only when we start to move our bodies in a different way that this then starts to switch our alignment to an energy that supports us to start to see that there is a fog and one that we’ve been enshrouded in our entire lives.’

  22. It is worth walking thorugh the fog holding ourselves lovingly. No matter how uncomfortable or noisy the outside world may be there is a way to observe and feel from our body in which we can discern what quality is presenting in front of us and from there respond. Observing life in this way, with no judgment reminds me how we all once were as children, feeling with clarity everything with innocence and detachment. This ability is not lost, it’s within us to come back to all the time.

    1. It is amazing to connect back to the clarity and simplicity with which we observed life as children and to then realise that this is not a lost skill, simply something that has been set aside. We can re-unite with it in any moment.

  23. Yesterday evening I chose to honour my body by listening what truly needs in terms of food but also being aware of my movements. The rest was profound and the waking up this morning so delicious. I felt very aware of all surround and inside, deeply tender and warm with myself. This was a reminder for me about how grateful our body is when we are gentle and loving with it. Having an experience like this it’s quite magical, nothing that any entertainment could provide.

    1. Entertainment offers us the momentary distraction from the underlying gnawing agitation that we all feel as a result of not being connected to the truth of who we all are. Most of the things that we consume and engage in in our lives serves the same purpose. Once we’ve re-connected to the sublime deliciousness of who we all are then most of the things that we used to fill our lives with simply drop away because the last thing that we want to do is distract ourselves from how we’re feeling.

  24. I noticed that when a friend of mine gave up smoking they put on a lot of weight as they then ate food as a substitute to the comfort of the cigarette. To combat the extra weight they started running and entered competitions for mountain running, 5k’s 10k’s and then marathon’s. when their body collapsed due to the intense training, they then took up Hang Gliding. There was never a moment where they stopped to evaluate their actions and the impact it had on their bodies and this is what happens with so many of us we just go from one distraction to another without pausing to consider why there is a distraction in the first place. And as you say Michael even though these distractions look different they are all fueled by the same self- destructive behaviour.

    1. Mary I too followed the same pattern as your friend, simply replacing one numbing behaviour with another, what blindsided me was the belief that my behaviours were getting healthier and healthier. I replaced smoking with the gym and then replaced the gym with strenuous yoga and then strenuous yoga with ‘going inside myself’, I fervently believed that I was improving my health only to realise that I had been going absolutely nowhere, all I’d been doing was temporarily covering up the intense agitation that I felt in a variety of different ways. Nothing that I did was any ‘better’ than another, they all served the same purpose and that was to temporarily stop me from feeling.

      1. This is to me why these blogs are so necessary Alexis because we get to see how alike our behaviours are and can then start asking the questions such as why are we behaving in this way, what is the driving force behind our seemingly normal everyday life? When we start to ask questions then we realise our ‘normal’ life isn’t so normal after all.

  25. “For if we are willing to spend hours surfing the internet, we are surely worth that extra time to stop, feel and connect to our bodies…’ Many people are so deep in the fog and the busy momentum of life that they may not even remember that place of warmth, stillness and love within that we knew so well as babies and children. I know I had in many ways forgotten also until I came to Serge Benhayon’s work, and began my return to myself with the support of the Gentle Breath Meditation and the Sacred Esoteric Healing Modalities. The blog quote I’ve included here highlights the deep disconnection we also have to our own self care, to our own self awareness, and the way in which we invest time to keep us in the spin and not with ourselves.

    1. A friend of mine recently said they had disabled a lot of the APPs on their phone they were using as a way of surfing the net to distract themselves from the intensity they were feeling. When they did this they realised how much time they actually had that they could then spend doing somethings they wanted to do for themselves such as taking more care of themselves, its amazing how much time we actually do spend keeping our selves in the spin of distraction. The question has to be what are we distracting ourselves from?

  26. It is very lovely how you present that it’s possible to live another way out of the fog and constant barrage of mess, media and frenzy the world wants to tug us to, but we can choose to return to live in the harmony and connection we know in our bodies and still stay in the world without being affected by it. Thank you, I love your writings.

  27. I like your comment regarding will power – will power is like mind over matter. You can try to make it happen and convince yourself of this but it does not actually address the underlying issues.

    1. The term “mind over matter” is so common, and it’s like a dominating approach, with the mind attempting to subdue the body to what it wants. What I keep remembering is that everything is energy, even matter is energy, so an approach of what kind of energy we align to, ie, love or not love, can offer true change as opposed to us using domination or determination by will-power. We may be surprised also to find out that the mind is what often gets us into situations we want to try to change with will-power, whereas the body (the so-called matter) has been communicating and signalling lovingly to us the whole time.

  28. We can let ourselves be lost in the static – realising this is indeed a confronting moment because we get to realise what we have been missing out on.

  29. A gorgeous sharing Michael – and loving how many postings have been coming from you recently. This static you talk about is something I too am very familiar with and it is what we initially find distasteful and yet when we endure it long enough we forget what it was like to not have it and it becomes our new normal, which does not need to be the case as you so beautifully have shared.

    1. We may initially find the ‘static fog’ distasteful but we very quickly become connoisseurs of the stuff and active participants in it’s manufacture. If we didn’t align to a consciousness that wasn’t true then the fog would pretty much clear over night and we would be left standing there in full day light wondering why on earth we chose to keep it going for as long as we did.

      1. So we must be getting something out of it and from something that occurred recently I feel what we, this part of us we call the spirit gets delay we/our spirit are in delay of returning to our soul and we /spirit will do anything to stay in control even if it means trashing the body this part of us our spirit doesn’t care because it knows it’s immortal and will just get a new body to incarnate into and go again. our physical bodies are disposable.

      2. Our spirit has absolutely no regard for the human body whatsoever, as you say Mary the spirit sees the body as a totally disposable and replaceable commodity whereas the soul knows that the human body is it’s vehicle in this lifetime.

  30. “It’s like a coming home… to my true self!” When we reconnect to the joy of the inner-heart we know truth.

    1. And when we ‘come home to our true selves’ we simultaneously come home to the truth of who we all are, The United Consciousness of God. One Body, One Consciousness, One that is All of Us Combined.

  31. It’s amazing to know that the key to the doorway through “The Static Fog of Life” is actually held within us and so we don’t have to go looking for it outside of ourselves. It comes from the simple and self-loving choice to reconnect to who we truly are through our gentle breath. And in my experience, it doesn’t take too many breaths for the fog to clear and I’m out in the clear daylight once again.

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