My Expression Counts – A Divine Job  

A few weeks ago, a person I only ever see a few times a year told me about how seeing me expressing a song on stage a few years ago had such a strong impact on her life and lifestyle choices. I was totally surprised by her sharing and asked her what it was that had such an effect, and what kind of effect it was.

She explained how she was very impressed by the way I got on the stage with such ease and joy, without any fear or fuss. She went on to say how great it was for her to witness someone up on the stage so powerfully and freely expressing; someone with such innocent joy and at the same time a contagious, sassy sparkle. Continue reading “My Expression Counts – A Divine Job  “

SOUL WISDOM – Divine Magic at Play!

In the modern world as we know it, a great emphasis is placed on things learnt, information exchanged, knowledge acquired and productivity optimised, and this practice has been in motion for a few hundred years, ever since the birth of the Industrial Revolution. Continue reading “SOUL WISDOM – Divine Magic at Play!”

On Understanding True Purpose

It is fair to say that at some point in all our lives, we have had someone there urging us on to get a job done: it could have been a school teacher, our parents, or our boss. The fact is that throughout life there is a core part of our relationships with each other that involves generating and ensuring the movement of our bodies towards an end result – such as a school project, the grass being cut at home, a financial deadline for your company. These are a normal part of life and we all seem to know pretty well how to respond to them with the physicality that we hold. Continue reading “On Understanding True Purpose”

Letter to My Body

Photograph by Iris Pohl. “The body is the marker of all truth.” (Serge Benhayon)
Photograph by Iris Pohl. “The body is the marker of all truth.” (Serge Benhayon)

September the Nineteenth in the Year Two Thousand and Sixteen, London, United Kingdom

Dear Body,

There has been no other like you who has stuck with me through thick and thin, never to give up on me, yet ironically the very one I had used and abused like I would no other!

Who else would down those small or copious amounts of alcohol, a substance defined by our very own scientists as poison, and force it onto the liver, your sweet organ of harmony, whilst you patiently kept processing the killer substance? No other kind would do this. And yet we (I) call ourselves an intelligent species. Continue reading “Letter to My Body”

The TRUTH and Facts about Serge Benhayon & Universal Medicine

I am a woman with a family who works as a teacher, an everyday person, and an active participant in life. I am a strong, caring and an educated person who is not easily led. Or in the beautiful words of my husband, “No one is going to make this angel do what she doesn’t want to.”

I’m not a fool and am someone who speaks when she feels to. I can say I love life, know who I am and know the importance of true reflection and understanding… and all this was re-ignited in me because I crossed paths with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

This happened just over 9 years ago at a time when I can honestly say that I, and the life I was leading, was a shadow of who I truly am and the potential I know I have to bring to life today. Continue reading “The TRUTH and Facts about Serge Benhayon & Universal Medicine”

Truth About Serge Benhayon – FOR THE RECORD

So you might of heard of this man Serge Benhayon or you might have read some stuff about him.

Well this blog is FOR THE RECORD. In others words let’s get some real stuff on the worldwide web, which will leave you in no doubt who this man, Serge Benhayon, is.
Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine
Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine

There is now plenty of nonsense written about this man and there is heaps of pukka stuff. Pukka means real in my world and this man FOR THE RECORD is the real deal.

OK – so you search on Google and you find a handful of people with and without fake names bad mouthing this man. Your choice – you can read it and come to your own conclusions or you can read a blog like this which is straight truth in a no nonsense manner which sets the record straight. Continue reading “Truth About Serge Benhayon – FOR THE RECORD”