SOUL WISDOM – Divine Magic at Play!

In the modern world as we know it, a great emphasis is placed on things learnt, information exchanged, knowledge acquired and productivity optimised, and this practice has been in motion for a few hundred years, ever since the birth of the Industrial Revolution. Continue reading “SOUL WISDOM – Divine Magic at Play!”

On Understanding True Purpose

It is fair to say that at some point in all our lives, we have had someone there urging us on to get a job done: it could have been a school teacher, our parents, or our boss. The fact is that throughout life there is a core part of our relationships with each other that involves generating and ensuring the movement of our bodies towards an end result – such as a school project, the grass being cut at home, a financial deadline for your company. These are a normal part of life and we all seem to know pretty well how to respond to them with the physicality that we hold. Continue reading “On Understanding True Purpose”

Lesson for LIFE & Beyond – The UNFOLDING PATH

We have all had those days when we sit, ponder, and take stock. When time literally stands still for us and it is in those moments that we get to deeply feel the graciousness of life as if it has not been felt before.

I had one such deep, ‘taking stock’ moment the other day on a beautiful London morning, reflecting on where I had come from and everything that I had come to within myself, the paths that I had walked and the choices I have made. Continue reading “Lesson for LIFE & Beyond – The UNFOLDING PATH”

The TRUTH and Facts about Serge Benhayon & Universal Medicine

I am a woman with a family who works as a teacher, an everyday person, and an active participant in life. I am a strong, caring and an educated person who is not easily led. Or in the beautiful words of my husband, “No one is going to make this angel do what she doesn’t want to.”

I’m not a fool and am someone who speaks when she feels to. I can say I love life, know who I am and know the importance of true reflection and understanding… and all this was re-ignited in me because I crossed paths with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

This happened just over 9 years ago at a time when I can honestly say that I, and the life I was leading, was a shadow of who I truly am and the potential I know I have to bring to life today. Continue reading “The TRUTH and Facts about Serge Benhayon & Universal Medicine”

Esther Rockett is no Expert on Universal Medicine – A True Family Story about Universal Medicine and Parenting

Esther Rockett has been making false accusations about Universal Medicine across a huge range of topics with zero qualifications, experience or actual information and facts. Yes, Esther Rockett, self-appointed ‘child safety advocate’, ‘cult expert’, ‘health care activist’, and who also seemingly pegs herself as a ‘patient advocate’, ‘freelance writer’, ‘consultant on relationships, religion, social media, culture, the arts and human rights and justice’ – did I leave anything out??? Oh yes… ‘expert’ on child psychology and learning development as well as Universal Medicine parents and children.

Esther Rockett, self-appointed ‘child safety advocate’, ‘cult expert’, ‘health care activist’
Esther Rockett, self-appointed ‘child safety advocate’, ‘cult expert’, ‘health care activist’…

Regarding the latter, Esther Rockett has made baseless and meaningless accusations against the parenting practices of those who attend Universal Medicine events and choose to live the religion The Way of The Livingness. Esther Rockett has no qualifications or experience for her assertions about Universal Medicine students and their parenting, however, like in all other areas where Esther Rockett demonstrates her complete lack of expertise, this does not hold her back in her ridiculous commentary and completely false claims about what Universal Medicine presents. Continue reading “Esther Rockett is no Expert on Universal Medicine – A True Family Story about Universal Medicine and Parenting”

Charities exposed for Cold-calling: What is True Charity?

How charitable is cold calling?

Eunice Minford
Eunice Minford

You may say, “what a ridiculous question, it’s obvious there is no charity in cold-calling,” yet we have recently seen how a number of large charities in the UK think it is appropriate to ‘cold-call’ people to raise money for their charities, including Oxfam, Save the Children and Cancer Research amongst others.

They employ companies to do the dirty work – and dirty work it is indeed. The undercover videos (1) (2) accompanying the recent media article – “VICTORY! After Mail exposé reveals shame of charity cold call sharks, PM pledges tough new laws to tackle ‘boiler room’ tactics targetting the elderly and vulnerable” – published by the Daily Mail UK (3), show the tactics that are used to get people to part with their cash. No one is spared from being given this opportunity to donate including elderly pensioners and those with dementia. Continue reading “Charities exposed for Cold-calling: What is True Charity?”