How a Dog Taught Me About the Poison of Jealousy

Have I felt jealousy from another? Have I been jealous of another?

At a recent Universal Medicine event we were asked these questions, and we were given the opportunity to explore the way we have been affected by jealousy and its insidious poison. Continue reading “How a Dog Taught Me About the Poison of Jealousy”

Celebrating our Strengths

As men, it is as if we are brought up to be in a dog pit – constantly competing to be the top dog, always needing to show our superiority in whatever way we can so effectively we will not get crushed by the world or by others. Continue reading “Celebrating our Strengths”

Unique Expression

Recently I had a really sore throat, making it very painful to talk. I realised being unable to talk was actually a blessing as it revealed something about the way I talk and my unique expression that I have been struggling with for years. Continue reading “Unique Expression”

Comparing Myself to Others

I recently participated in a retreat presented by Serge Benhayon, founder of Universal Medicine. As part of the retreat we discussed comparing ourselves to others in groups, and asked ourselves a series of questions to feel how comparison affects us on a daily basis…

  • Why do I compare?
  • What intention is behind comparing myself with others?
  • How do I actually feel when I start comparing myself to others? Do I see myself as better or less
  • What effect has comparison on myself and on the other person I compare myself with?
  • Do I feel closer to myself and to the person after comparing, or does this create a distance?

Continue reading “Comparing Myself to Others”