To Observe and Not Absorb

Recently I have started to appreciate the energetic changes in myself, and how I work with people. I was reflecting on my career in health and social care and thought back to the days I used to absorb everything. I was literally a human sponge for any emotion that was flying around; the more intense, painful and heavy the emotion, the more I seemed to attract it!  Continue reading “To Observe and Not Absorb”

The Need to Control vs Self-responsibility

Lately I am noticing that when there is something that needs to be resolved and I don’t feel in control of the outcome, I start to harden in my body and become stressed. Continue reading “The Need to Control vs Self-responsibility”

No Longer Living with the Expectations, Stress & ‘Doing’ of Working as a Hairdresser

I have worked as a hairdresser for most of my life, a role I found to be always busy and in high demand, and one where I placed extreme expectations on myself. Not only did I do this in the workplace but also at home, even though at the time I believed that for me work and home were two separate things. Continue reading “No Longer Living with the Expectations, Stress & ‘Doing’ of Working as a Hairdresser”

To Rush or Not to Rush: That is the Question

Recently, in a session with an Esoteric Healing practitioner, I was asked the question: “What would it feel like to not have the rush in your body?”

This simple question has changed my life because I knew the answer was – it feels delicious when I am not rushing.

Continue reading “To Rush or Not to Rush: That is the Question”

Living From My Inner Knowing

It is early in the morning, a candle is burning next to me and I am surrounded by the magical stillness of the woods amidst which our house is located. I can feel the world around me waking up, a noise every now and then, some traffic on our little country lane, the first glimpse of dawn…

My body is warm, gradually preparing for the tasks of the day and feeling so yummy today. Still, something in me tries to suggest that I am wrong as I have not done what I had thought needed to be done this morning. Continue reading “Living From My Inner Knowing”

Expectation – the Lead Balloon affecting the True Me

Recently I became aware of what felt like a lead balloon dropping onto my lap. It was the heavy weight of expectation. This is an expectation that I am responsible for, as it is what I have put upon myself. Once I began to feel the weight of this lead balloon, that weight that had often been there suddenly became very intense. Let me explain some of the expectations I’ve put on myself… Continue reading “Expectation – the Lead Balloon affecting the True Me”